What is Ascension? By Dyan Garris

What is Ascension?

By Dyan Garris

Ascension is a much misunderstood concept. When we think of the meaning of ascension, we may tend to think in terms of the Mayan prophecies regarding 2012. But whatever conclusions we have drawn from those is not necessarily what ascension means.

Let’s talk about the term “ascension” first. Ascension is really about transforming the lower into the higher. That is it.  It is nothing to be feared. Everything in the universe changes and shifts. Nothing stays the same.  Ascension is a normal, natural process that we’ve been engaging in for all of eternity, perhaps without knowing it.  It has nothing to do with our conception of “death,” but has everything to do with life.

Very simply put, if we can take the energy present in the lower chakras and transform that energy into energy that can be integrated and used in concord with the upper chakras, there you have energy for transformation, and thus, ascension.

Ascension is a full integrating of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It’s a way of living as a whole person instead of just as a physical entity.  Often, people forget that they are not separate from their spirit and focus instead on the physical. But the ascension process we are now engaged in requires that we live differently.  It requires us to live as “one” within and without. It requires us to re-learn to co-create.  It requires that we call all of our scattered energy back to us. It requires that we live as empowered beings who remember our divine right to create and remember our connection to each other, to ourselves, and to Source.

Part of the reason people become so frightened by the ascension concept is that we have come to equate “transformation” with some sort of “death.” And we are biologically designed to avoid death. So, it is natural that we would have some resistance to the concept of ascension on a very base and primal level. But in order to function and survive as a species, ascend we must.  Just as an infant grows into childhood and eventually adulthood, so it is with ascension.  It is that natural of a process.

If you understand the paradox of the illusion in which we live here on the Earth plane, you can perhaps appreciate the paradox of ascension as well. Things are not always what they seem and there are many illusions present in the physical realms. In fact, no matter how real living here may seem, it is all an illusion.  Our basic task in the achievement of ascension is to see through all illusions, return to understanding, and return to being able to live and function in the real reality.

So many people are facing difficult challenges at this time in all areas of the physical realms.  This is not to punish us, but to assist us in the ascension process. We cannot stay stuck. The old must be released as we learn to fully embrace who we are. Know that these are simply steps on the ascension staircase. Everything you think you know must now transform.

There is another paradox there, if you choose to see it, because the process of thinking takes place in an upper chakra and thinking should therefore be a “high” process coming from a high place. But certain kinds of thinking can definitely keep us stuck in the lower, more physical realms.  It’s akin to someone “out-thinking” themselves. Our thoughts can keep us stuck, particularly if they are all about root chakra issues.

The Mayan Prophecies

Let’s simplify these. This ancient civilization kept a calendar based partly on astrology and partly on astronomy and partly on their ancient wisdom.  In their writings, for whatever reason, this calendar came to an end in December, 2012. Many people take this to mean the end of the world will occur at that time, or that we will have an apocalypse, or that this refers to the end times referred to in the Bible.  This is speculation.

However, in December, 2012 our sun will move into the very center of our galaxy with the planets around it forming a sort of “new ray.” This does not necessarily mean that our world will end at that time.  One thing it does mean is that things that have previously been hidden will come to “light.”

So what we’re working on now is simply shifting our energy fields to be able to accommodate the new energy that will literally be “beaming” to the planet at that time.  Will it kill us if we don’t shift? No. However, if we refuse to shift, the discomfort we feel presently as we engage in the process that we are currently in, would be greatly magnified and perhaps unbearable in an energy field kind of way. Think of it this way: Would you be uncomfortable if your mind developed to maturity and adulthood, but you still found yourself physically present in the body of a child?

Transforming Energy

Remember, it’s all about being able to transform the lower into the higher. What does that mean exactly? If you understand which energy resides in which chakras this will all make more sense.

For example, the energy of money resides in the first or root chakra.  If you can begin to understand that money is energy instead of real power, you can begin to use that knowledge to transform your entire existence.

The real power of transforming the energy of your thoughts, goals, dreams, and desires, for example, is in the ability to understand energy and then how to make it work for you as a “flow.” As long as you hold on to the belief system (root chakra) that money is power, you keep yourself completely stuck and unable to transform. When you let go of that illusion that was taught to you, you can begin to clear a pathway for the energy of money to flow to you.  When you do that, you’ve effectively taken the lower (money and your concept of money) and transformed it into the higher (pure energy).

And if you take any other energy, you can do exactly the same thing. If you know, for example which chakra the power of creation resides in and how to operate it, you can transform your life.  And the same holds true for all other energy contained in all of the other chakras.

These are not difficult concepts or tasks. What is lacking is basic knowledge of how energy works and how energy works in terms of ascension. Once we understand this and remove our distortions, ascension becomes very natural. And life – no matter where you are – becomes very easy.

Dyan Garris is visionary mystic, voice recognition psychic, and trance channel medium who reads directly from the Akashic Records. Her specialties are manifestation and chakra balance and teaching people what is missing from the way manifesting was taught. She has created a Spiritual Toolbox™ of products that work together for integrative living. This includes a multiple award nominated CD series with several #1 charting songs.  She is also the author and artist of Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards and several other books, including the award winning finalist and bestselling book “Money and Manifesting.” Garris is the owner of The Sedona Psychic Fair and The Phoenix Psychic Fair.  Website:  www.voiceoftheangels.com

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