Truth and Faith Excerpt

From Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family

By Annie Burnside

Printed with Permission from Wyatt-MacKenzie  Publishing

Trust and Faith initiate a relaxation into the moment, a deep inner sense of ease, a knowing that all is well, a release of worry and fear, an openness to life, an acceptance of motion and change, a love of the unknown, a desire to be surprised, a belief that life itself is the ultimate blessing, a deep expectation that what life offers serves your higher good, and a complete surrendering to the divine flow of life. You may either crawl with the caterpillars or soar with the butterflies depending on your propensity for creativity in that moment, but there is always an absolute knowingness that all paths are sacred and highly regarded by Consciousness itself. You surrender to your co-creative reality with the Universe and become not only the creator, but a witness to your creations. Trust and faith may come to you all at once from a specific experience of divinity or may develop and deepen gradually as you embark on the journey within. Either way, you transcend from a place of inner hesitation and fear to a palace of inner peace. Over time it becomes apparent that trust and faith liberate you to live more fully, knowing that the Universe holds you in rapture as an integral tile in its beloved mosaic.

It is imperative that children understand the spiritual meaning of the word surrender. To the ego, surrender means to give up, shy away, or lose. Surrendering in the spiritual sense reflects an inner allowance and expansion for the infinite possibilities that exist in the Universe. The soul understands that to surrender is to merge with All That Is to call forth the highest outcome of any situation. Spiritual surrender also means allowing your own authenticity at all times. In this way, you live true from your soul and surrender to your own truth. In this sense, surrender is the path to liberation from a reality tethered to the approval of others. They must understand fully their part in the faith equation. They must hold themselves in a state of allowing and receiving in order for physical manifestation of their true heart desires to occur. Children can understand early on that they are powerful creators in their own right and must do their part to receive with openness and trust what they have called forth.

Stay open to all possibilities that come your way. Many times you ask God for something, but then only remain open for the exact answer that you think you need. So many times, in fact more often than not, you miss the surprises that the Universe flows your way because you are solely focused on one rather rigid and closed answer. The Universe can answer you in millions of ways. Be surprised, delighted, amazed and grateful for the magic that unfolds and enters your reality. Know without even a seed of doubt that God will clear the way for your deepest desires to manifest. The toughest part is getting out of the way and releasing all resistance, attachment, and judgment. Your job is to receive with wonder and grace the surprises along the way. Allow your path to unfold naturally with the universal flow of life and encourage this daily in your children.

I was on a long bike ride into the city not too long ago and found myself twirling (worrying) about a situation that involved an adverse interaction with another. The more I twirled, the more I could feel my energy become denser. I could feel that my personal power was literally draining from my energy field as I continued to focus on this situation in a negative way. The worry led to fear, self-doubt, grasping for an answer in my head, diminished vibration, a myopic focus, and an overall dimness and confusion. In this negative energy pattern, I could feel that my antennae were down and that the signal I was emitting to the outer world was weak. If music had been playing, I knew that I would not have been able to sense its higher vibration. Suddenly, I realized that it was time to make a different choice. I remember the exact location on my bike where I consciously shifted gears in my mind and stopped the detrimental twirl. I asked all of my spiritual friends for help and announced out loud to The Universe that I was totally receptive to an answer. I took a leap of faith and cleared my head while focusing only on my beautiful surroundings with gratitude and appreciation.

Twenty minutes later, I almost fell off my bike when I heard the answer which gave me the missing piece (peace) that I had desperately searched for in my head to no avail. The release was immediate. I could feel in every cell of my body a heightened energetic vibration. The free flow of joy was back, and with it an inner contentment, enthusiasm, and aliveness which had become unperceivable to me only minutes before. The world appeared once again shiny, crisp, unlimited, bright, and hopeful. My intuition was powerful and clear. I knew that this shift into alignment with my soul would mean fearlessness, fulfilling interactions with others, and goodness reflected back to me at every turn. When you are in your power and refuse to give it away to anything or anyone outside of yourself, you are able to trust the process of life and participate consciously and fully. Learn to detect the differences in your own state of being and teach your children how to assess their state of being, too. You are a beacon of light; only you can allow that light to be diminished or reside in its glow. Make it a conscious choice everyday.

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