May 2013

Henry Seltzer

The Astrology of May features Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and two eclipses. Mercury runs through Taurus during the first part of May, being conjunct to the May 9th Solar Eclipse taking place in the 20th degree of that sign, which also conjuncts the South Node of the Moon and makes a quintile aspect to idealistic Neptune. Mercury then enters Gemini, the sign of its rulership, on the 15th, just in time to host the Sun for the powerful Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of May 24th, the third eclipse in just this one thirty-day period, encouraging us to think as well as feel our way through.  Eclipses are more intense lunations – as recent headlines also indicate – making these transformative times that we are currently managing to live through even more poignant and accelerating the drum beat of change.

The big news this month is the converging of Uranus and Pluto for their third encounter of the close kind. This happens on May 20th. There were two previous exact hits last year of their revolutionary and pressure-packed square, out of a total of seven, with reverberations echoing down to the final years of these “Turbulent Teens.”  We are, all of us, caught up in the vice of change and we might as well acknowledge this simple and straightforward fact. No one will emerge in the same condition as they started. The culture itself will undergo massive and radical transformation before we are finished, or else we are finished in quite another sense of the word. We must hang together now in collective action that is both local and ultimately global, or we will dangle separately.

Not only is Uranus in Aries amped up, bringing unique ideas and out-of-the-box strategies to bear, but also Pluto is emphasized in Capricorn, representing societal structure, which indicates that the very bedrock of our individual as well as our collective lives must transform. What is dysfunctional and outmoded in our approach will have to be pruned away. This is also the sign of Saturn’s rulership, and as this two-month period unfolds, Saturn in fading sextile to Pluto begins to make an increasingly close trine aspect to Neptune. We can dream big during this period, and we can also see our dreams come crashing down to a more practical level. When that happens the recommendation is that we do not despair. It is rather – having utmost faith in the universe, whether termed Spirit, or higher Self, or angel guidance – that we choose to rebuild as necessary.

The otherworldly Neptunian archetype is not only aspected by the May 9th New Moon eclipse but also is extremely activated by the May 24th event, when the Sun and Moon in exact opposition make a T-square to Neptune. This is a time when idealism holds sway, and when this can and will be confused with illusion, potentially tinged with self-deception or even outright deception that we might encounter on th part of others. The upside of all this Neptune energy is that we can more fully appreciate that we live in a magical and multi-dimensional world, where everything that we see and hear tells only a small part of the story. As the poet William Blake reminds us, “How do you know but every bird that cuts the airy way, is an immense world of delight, closed by your senses five?” And we ourselves are like those birds, when we can suspend disbelief and open our minds to the parts of ourselves that allow us to dream.


ARIES (March 20-April 19). This is the time of your life, Aries, and you must employ it. Coming on the heels of a surprisingly intense start to the springtime, you have before you a great month for looking within yourself and for getting things done. You are exploring all facets of profession and career development, and as you do, consistently finding new wrinkles regarding your work in the world that bring primary focus to those issues that truly matter to your personal evolution, long-term. The rest you are increasingly able to let go. Your finances are on your mind as well, but, again, you win by picking and choosing only those aspects that further your personal evolution. Your ultimate goal is to be all that you can be and to become all that you can, in good conscience, become.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19).  This is an exciting time to be alive, Taurus. You are joyfully participating in higher meaning along with the plain and difficult task of walking your walk as you work your path. You are also finding stern guidance from mentors in your life, who provide one key to your movement forward. Your worldview could be even more dramatically shifting, as multiple epiphanies tumble into your awareness. Along with an openness to compassionate communication within your circle, you possess a powerful idealism as to outcomes and an unwillingness to let anything get in the way of your dreams. You are crossing over, and it makes less and less sense to deny it. In following the impulse of your heart you make it easier to integrate your deeper feelings and for others around you to do likewise.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is a subtly exciting period of time for you, Gemini, as you work your edge and explore the boundary between ideal and real. The first half of the month you are extremely tied to your inner world, engaging in a dreamy time that is also productive of new insight. Then, leading up to the Lunar Eclipse of May 24th in your opposite sign, you are fully re-entering the world of events and social interaction, with the additional advantage of the distinct memory of your time that has been spent in other-dimensional super-realities. You are finding that the more you look, the more you recognize the unseen world within you. The hidden realm within you carries more weight than you might have imagined, informing and underlying everything that you say and do.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is a potent month, Cancer, with the prospect of extra energy as future plans expand in innovative ways. You are cautiously optimistic as you make your move, and as partnership considerations in your life continue to transform. The eclipses of this powerful monthly cycle shore up the spiritual basis of how you see yourself progressing, and symbolize a more satisfying process that could nevertheless feel confusing when seen as a strictly mundane set of circumstances. Your worldview is expanding, although in somewhat nebulous ways. As you make definite advancement toward important life goals you are simultaneously distrustful of that movement forward. You must constantly ask yourself the all-important question of whether your angle of adventure matches your most profound soul purpose, and if so, then take that as a yes and forge ahead.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is a powerful month of new initiatives for you, Leo. Career and public life are truly up for you this month, with the attendant set of logistics and choices for making that happen. There is now more than ever the added subtext that of all your career choices it is only the professional path with plenty of heart that actually interests you; it is your soul needs that are the most urgently calling out to you. You posses an intelligent and forward-looking attitude that takes you far, especially when you allow yourself to recognize that your priorities are changing in ways that were previously unforeseen. It’s always possible to ignore the new mandate and continue with former habits, but the evolutionary pressure upon you is strong, so that you might just need to go with it.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) Your destiny is calling, Virgo, and it is a high-priority message.  Recent depth explorations have given you new perspectives, critical to your chances for true forward movement. Like the extra-high tide that comes only once, this opening can be seized at the flood for great and fortunate progress, or left unanswered. An idealized and almost dream-like experience of relationship is part of this. Even though the temptation is strong to follow the crowd, or your partner, you find when you check inside that you must remain true to yourself at all costs. Illusions glimmer, offset by critical voices within you, but these contrasting factors can be navigated successfully when you keep your eye on the prize. As your radically altered self-expression reveals, you are transforming at the core and there is no looking back.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) Your exciting voyage has only just begun, Libra. You are exploring the world around you through intimate connection with others and a powerful component of that process takes you right back to yourself. It is vitally important for you to recognize the degree to which you are becoming more familiar with yourself in these deeper places, and how that increase in understanding eventually morphs into enhanced feelings of personal security, and a better sense of your own home base. New perspectives come to you rapid-fire in the course of this month’s evolutionary journey of unfolding wisdom. They bring a glimpse of the ideal that you would very much like to aspire to, and might yet find the capacity for. An interesting amalgam of heart and mind takes you both farther out and simultaneously further in.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is an exciting moment for you, Scorpio. You are learning constantly these days, with not all of the lessons planned, although the ones that come crashing in out of the blue somehow still seem to fit. Your evolutionary path is new, and yet also partakes of traditional ways of looking at the world. You are adjusting to a sense of limitation, allowing for it and making it work for you. Key relationships in your life have also taken on a novel form of luster, with perspective changes that are major; some pieces familiar, with a different twist, while others entirely unique in your experience. This is all part of an ongoing metamorphosis that affects everything, and that allows your everyday practice to shine with a subtle light that illumines distant horizons of meaning.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This month represents your next step, Sagittarius, although at least initially things might look sketchier than that. There is a crux of transformational energy directed toward you and through you that allows you to make a significant move. This seems confusing at times, but actually represents steady momentum along the evolutionary arc of personal development that you have long been sensing. Relationship is a huge factor in this transition, and helps you to make space for both thinking and feeling your way through. You are challenged to make use of a growing sense of practical spirituality that is being presented to you by the cosmos, in order that you prosper internally. This creates a lasting adjustment to your relationship dynamic that allows your partnerships to breathe, and the rest of your life as well.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) The adventure continues, Capricorn. This is a difficult period in some ways, as deep transformational change is not an easy path. Acting in accordance with core-level principles becomes a studied artistic expression and remains a work in progress. You are finding that the urge to simply be yourself and for discovering what that might truly mean for you has crucial ramifications for how you set your future course. There is a way that you can remain perfectly happy, in spite of circumstances, in spite of everything; this is an elusive target, requiring a leap of faith. You are setting new standards for accomplishment, which have recently tended toward inner achievement prioritized over outer. Now, this month, you are perhaps beginning to admit this to your conscious awareness as an explicitly stated goal.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) You are turning to the inside, Aquarius, at the same time as you continue to bask in outer world achievement. As you come to understand your own deeper motivation, an evolutionary pressure builds within that inspires you to learn a new language of the soul. Communication and learning are your favorite things, and this is where you are truly at, as information  – amidst a series of profound changes – continues to pour forth from you and to you. The world of events and of outward presentation is one important key to who you are, and yet you are beginning to acknowledge that your performance also rests on another base; a reality orientation of a subtler kind. This one brings your hidden places to light and allows the dark and relatively unconscious parts of yourself to join in and to finally have their voice.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) An unusual season holds sway, Pisces. You are coming into yourself in some very novel and exciting ways, so that you discover a renewed sense of inner purpose. Security is there for you in plentiful supply, with a feeling of extraordinary confidence at the very core of your being that does not correspond to any easily recognizable cause. You seem to be clutching at the void and yet it is creative, graspable, only not in ordinary terms. You require a sort of double-vision to maintain your equilibrium now, a willingness to let the cosmos have its way with you; all the while the deal remains in effect that when you need to return to mundane affairs for this or that particular moment you will be able to.


Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at


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