Transformational Astrology February 2015 by Henry Seltzer

astrology-septTransformational Astrology 

by Henry Seltzer

A Retrograde and Visionary February

The astrology of February features Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Mercury is of course implicated through its three-week retrograde that lasts to the end of the month, when you take the time passage represented by its “retrograde shadow” into account. Because the onset of the Mercury retrograde, in mid-Aquarius, followed the Aquarius New Moon by only one day, and with Saturn in the picture as well, this has been quite a powerfully introspective time. As 2015 gets rolling thoughtful people everywhere cannot help but wonder where this global society is heading, with terrorism on the increase, including the state-sponsored variety, and the rising threats of global warming, environmental degradation and income inequality. As we look more closely into these issues we perhaps may find that they all come back to the human psyche and its evolution toward what the relatively optimistic amongst us would like to imagine is a “Wisdom Culture” in the making; although how to get there is the enormous challenge that we face in our times. We might be able to recognize that it is only by the spiritual evolution that is distinctly possible on the part of each one of us that the world will be relieved of its suffering, and that the time for action is indeed getting short.

These reflections have their cosmic equivalence in this month’s astrology, with a prominent Jupiter and Neptune in contrast with Saturn, newly entered into Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign. The meaning of the Jupiter archetype, also Neptune, has its positive flair and its belief in possibility over the necessity to hold back, so that the contrast with the sense of limitation provide by stodgy old Saturn is quite palpable. Jupiter is greatly emphasized now, being solitary, especially at the timing of the recent New Moon, in one half of the Zodiac. All the other planets in the Aquarius New Moon configuration come after Saturn, occupying the four signs that follow Sagittarius in Zodiacal order, through Aries. This makes Saturn the “leader” of this planetary pattern. Saturn is emphasized in this New Moon chart in other ways, being square to Neptune and Mars and sextile to the Sun and Moon, while Jupiter is also featured in the Full Moon chart for February 3rd. Neptune in its own sign of Pisces is the ruler now of Mars, as he conjoins Neptune at the timing of the New Moon while Saturn squares him.

When Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter face off in this way there is a corresponding struggle within the psyche for taking an optimistic-idealistic stance and yet also a conservative approach. Then, too, Uranus and Pluto are powerfully invoked in this month’s configurations as well, being aspected by Jupiter in the New Moon chart, and by the Sun and Moon at the timing of the Leo Full Moon.

We are therefore entering into, with this monthly cycle, an introspective period of time when we are both pulled forward into new ways of thought and belief while at the same time struggling to maintain our balance in the midst of the recognition of limitation and an upsurge in conservative empowerment. This is a tricky monthly cycle to be sure, and one in which perhaps the only real choice is to put our reliance on the activity of a benevolent cosmos to pull us through, to the extent that we can manage that feat of faith and transcendent imagination.

ARIES (March 20-April 19). This is for you a holy and a special time, Aries, as you continue the transformational thrust of recent weeks and months, and come to appreciate new dimensions of your experience. You have been traveling in your imagination outside of strict rationality, to places of which you are perhaps only indistinctly aware, and this timing might give you a more concrete idea of how to put your thoughts together in a way that allows for a combination with more traditional beliefs. You find yourself in an introspective stance early on. In the second half of the month your focus shifts somewhat, and you emerge more fully into the hustle and bustle of the so-called “real” world; yet still enriched and mystically informed by your sojourn into these extra-dimensional cosmic spaces that saints and sages call your true home.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19). You are entering into a very special and paradoxical month, Taurus, one that will carry you farther down the road of your mystical destiny. You are an over-achiever in outer world events, stemming from before the month began, although with Mercury retrograding through your career sector for most of this current cycle there is an introspective component to your attitude now as well. You have a cosmic invitation to take a more profound look beneath the surface layers of your personality. These last six weeks have seen a greatly increased focus for inner matters including home and family concerns, so that you are honoring all the parts of your psyche with renewed enthusiasm as you proceed toward getting a better grasp on the flow of your unconscious process. What might emerge is a larger sense of Self that you are increasingly better able to integrate.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is a somewhat difficult month for you Gemini, and you find it both rich and strange. You are looking more deeply into philosophical questions that have long been on your mental radar, giving them another go. In practical terms, you are appreciating that mentorship that you can find among familiar partners, and gracefully dodging differences of opinion presenting the illusion at least of conflict or criticism that holds you back. Communication is huge for you tight now, enabling you to get your own ideas flowing as you share them with your peers. As your changes unfold, albeit slowly, you are beginning to recognize that the familiar territory you have occupied is shrinking from view as you look back. You are finding a way to go more profoundly introspective, furthering natural explorations of your profound inner world.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) These times are getting to be quite intense for you, Cancer, and still you are holding on. This is a magical month of exploration into your hidden places below the level of full-on conscious understanding, that also has its happier moments of outer world pleasure and participation. You are in a rather strange combination of being at one with the world around you and also still hungering for a more profound approach. The material world has been good to you lately, and yet this good fortune might suddenly pale in comparison to investigating the deeper meaning of security and even finances. You are on a mission to discover the secret of success not in the eyes of the world, but in terms of you own unique personal satisfaction with the process of getting there.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is a huge time for you, Leo, in every way, a roller-coaster ride of a monthly cycle when exciting scenes flourish, and when you also must at times retreat from the intensity to peer inside yourself and make sure that you first and foremost tend your own garden. While not always easy, this month is full of important lessons to be learned from whatever difficulties you encounter. You are in a gratefully expansive mode, and yet full of contradictions as well. Partnership provides fresh energy with over-the-top excitement to go along with your general enthusiasm, though you are also likely to be abundantly aware of the drawbacks as well as the advantages of jumping ahead. You are conscious of a mystical wisdom that seems to rise up out of your deep places almost unbidden, providing that you can stay open to it.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This is an interesting and conflicted time for you, Virgo, as you continue on the path of recent excursions into partnership idealizations while pulling back from them also. This is likely to be a rather intensely introspective month, with your ruler, Mercury, running backwards in your sector of day-to-day activities and health concerns. Along with relationship, you are re-thinking many aspects of your life, and your life-direction, planning your path forward in a spiritually meaningful way that includes connection with others. You are also feeling cautious and conservative in your approach, at least on the outside and in conversation. Living the fantasy might not really be possible and yet what works is taking that idea forward as a concept to aim for and eventually to live up to. In some deeper part of your psyche, you are aware of being fundamentally optimistic about nearly everything.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is a powerful time of creativity for you, Libra, although yet also a somewhat difficult one as well, with optimistic assessments and introspective dialogues that lead you in circles. You will want to beware of acting too rashly. Even though you find that in any event you must act, the best course remains shrouded in mystery, so that you must feel your way. If this sounds complicated, well it certainly is, although not impossibly so. Artistic self-expression is the best opportunity for you now. You might regret that you cannot go as far as you would like to, although the upside is that you can at least contemplate some very far-out choices and add them to your list. Your idealism is to your ultimate advantage, once you learn to balance, and to wait for eventual breakthrough.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is a strange and cosmically rich time for you, Scorpio, one that allows for new horizons to unfold while still connecting to existing structure. You are extremely focused on real-world success with one part of your being and yet holding back from your fullest participation in regarding that triumph as a strictly outer world endeavor. This monthly cycle continues in new refinements the process that you began over the previous year. You are discovering in more personal ways all the ramifications of where it is that in your hearts of hearts you desire and understand that you need to go. You are being able to more clearly state your deepest truth regarding your pathway forward. Deep intuition plays an important role in this month’s activities, as you conjure up a sense of who you are in Spirit over and above what goes on in strictly material terms.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This is a rather intriguing month for you Sagittarius, one in which you are pulled to the inside. You are taking a pause from outer world involvement partly due to the requirement of getting a better handle on the necessary structure of your life and what wants to be bolstered as you climb the sides of a steep learning curve that is largely internal, and that has hidden painful elements to face and to traverse. While staying as grounded as you can, and in the midst of being held back, you are nevertheless breaking out in ways that liberate your soul. You are drawn to realms of philosophical speculation while also finding within yourself the determination to ride out the storm and persevere with that destiny that you came into this lifetime to fulfill.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) Your transformation proceeds apace, Capricorn, and as it does a type of inner awareness continues to serve you well. This is a month of greater conscious recognition of your true situation, and one in which you are also giving greater credence to the unseen world of your hidden complexes, which might actually come to the same thing. Other interesting and changeable factors, such as your finances, are occupying much of your attention also; these can actually be thought of as a distraction, since your true agenda lies in inner contemplation. This may be the reverse of what you have always supposed were your priorities. By exploring what is within you and thereby coming to a better understanding of who at base you really are, you allow yourself to sense where you are heading with your life, and this is more valuable than dollars.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is an amazing month for realizations, Aquarius. Thy have been coming along quite nicely lately and now this current cycle might put you over the top. Your communication is impassioned and sincere and speaks your ultimate truth for the way that you see the world around you. Your sense of yourself has reached new levels as you have, one by one, mastered your awareness of inner perspectives and priorities. This is a work in progress, although you might be farther along on this path of inner discovery than you have recognized. Your philosophic vision has never been stronger. As you concentrate on self-fulfillment you are simultaneously enjoined to take into account the social settings in which you find yourself operating…

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) You have come to the crossroads, Pisces. All of your recent inner work has brought you to this, a creative confluence of differing priorities. You are on the one hand fully present for yourself and others in terms of outer world pursuits, raring to go and to mingle, and yet with another part of your psyche you linger in the shadows of entirely internal preoccupations. There are issues there to face, perhaps equally compelling to concerns of prestige and social attainment. Your dedication to service to others, and to society itself, forms a bridge between these very different realities that are nevertheless all part of you and of your struggle to define yourself in terms of inner as well as outer accomplishment. As you feel into the broadest possible conception, you might perhaps come to see that the one informs and underlies the other.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website. His new book is about the planet discovered in 2006, Eris, beyond Pluto. It is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the astrological Eris.
Look for it this Spring. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at


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