Transformational Astrology

February 2012

Henry Seltzer

The Astrology of February features Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus and Neptune. The red planet is now retrograde in Virgo, and similar to a Mercury retrograde period in this present condition of Mars, usually representing aggressive and ego-oriented urges, there is instead a tendency for going internal and mulling over our normal actions and activities rather than just doing them. Saturn, also retrograde as of February 7th, loosely aspects Mars as it stations and closely aspects Neptune, so that the contrast between life in the physical plane, represented by Saturn, and life in the multifarious inter-dimensional spaces beyond the purely physical, represented by Neptune, now in its own sign of Pisces after the third, is very much upon us now, adding to the meditative posture symbolized by a more internalized Mars.


Meanwhile the revolutionary energy of Uranus is also very much with us as this second month of 2012 gets underway. Uranus, quite as much as Neptune antithetical to Saturn, therefore takes us out of ourselves and our surface concerns.  The recent New Moon from the last ten days of the previous month in Uranus’ own sign of Aquarius closely aspected both Uranus and Jupiter, whose combination brings out the rebel in us all, and also brings forward the potential for surprising events to unfold that change our basic set of perceptions of the world around us.


February 14th, Valentine’s Day, when everyone is out buying chocolates and flowers, coincides with the Last Quarter Moon and with Venus square to Pluto, and therefore this year will represent more of a mixed blessing. We will be searching under the covers of our motivation with regard to relationships as well as patterns of outward aggression, and along with the joyful and celebrity sides of sexuality and romance the various shadow sides – jealousy or factors of power and control – could easily emerge. This is especially true since Chiron is also prominent. We might be able to bring to consciousness certain aspects of our earlier wounding that, just when we least expect them, continue to crop up in our present day situations.


As the cycle begun in late January with the Aquarius New Moon concludes, the one beginning with the February 21st New Moon in early Pisces is powerful as well in that it trips off the same triumvirate of outer planet energies, namely Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Taurus. Brilliant ideas continue to be the norm rather than the exception, with the extra added benefit of Neptune’s compassion thrown in. Venus is still flirting with both Pluto and Mars so the relationship dynamic remains a bit dicey, but there will be plenty to think about as we look more closely into events in the physical plane, seeking to discern the inner soul-level meaning.


All through this month, these cosmic forces are at work on us, helping us surmount the fences that have been holding us back for far too long from taking our rightful place at the forefront of our own spiritual evolution. This month represents a fitting introduction to the strongly transformational period of time that is shaping up for late spring, when Uranus and Pluto make their exact pass, the first of seven, on the square aspect that has been building between them these last several years. We will be older and definitely wiser on the other side of this powerful spring and summer.


ARIES (March 20-April 19). Chaos and confusion can yet breed wisdom, Aries. This is a time of back-and-forth movement rather than straight ahead. Although you are full of energy in some ways, you find yourself pausing in mid-flight to reflect on where you are going. This is in fact an excellent time to look to the inside for answers to questions you perhaps until recently didn’t know to ask. There has been building a strongly intuitional level within you, and it serves you well in this time of inquiry. Some facets of your worldview might be crumbling but there is much to be gained as you open to inner guidance. You suspect there is more to your life than you have been letting on; and you are attempting to suss out what is really going on here.


TAURUS (April 20-May 19).  You are operating in a hazily optimistic and future-oriented mode these days, Taurus, and seeing just how far that can take you. You are yet simultaneously very focused on your work in the world and bent on taking big chances in order to maintain your momentum there. In some ways like those cartoon characters that are dueling right off the edge of the cliff, in one way you are feeling frisky and free, but only when you choose not to look down. In another part of yourself you might be discontent, and not only a little, over how far you are removed from everyday concerns. But since it’s working for you, you do not have to dissect what exactly reality consists of, whether it is on or off that cloud; it merely is.


GEMINI (May 20-June 20). Everyone around you is joining hands, Gemini, although not necessarily in the physical. You are tempted to shout “alle alle outsinfree” just like in the childhood game. A mystical nature overcomes you at times so that the other-dimensionality of the outer universe is no longer just a rumor. You are, from the security of a deeply felt place of inner refuge, discovering new worlds not so much to conquer as to enliven and even to embrace. All this would be wonderful were it not for the nagging thought that you must somehow still take care of real-world business. This is not as much of a problem as you think since you are simultaneously occupying at least two realities at once. Try clapping your hands three times and softly whispering “make it so.”


CANCER (June 21-July 20) There is no time like the present, Cancer. Some form of spiritual evolution awaits and the moment to act is getting near to hand. Transformation is truly in the air for you these days and you have as well a deeply felt intuitional basis to draw upon that gives you needed guidance. You have been building up to taking some huge leap of faith that will propel you forward and, yet, still you hesitate to make the move. As you mull over your situation in the midst of this powerful month you are able to recognize that while prudent caution is a healthy reaction, you might need to look more closely. If it is only fear that is holding you back you have no real choice but to forge ahead.


LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) You are particularly attuned to partnership these days, Leo, and may be taking a break from feeling as though it is all up to you. While working it as a team, you are yet very capable as well of subtly taking charge when the situation calls for it, but in so doing you are obeying, rather than commanding, the forces of nature that are flaring up like solar flames all around you. You feel mystically inspired and yet more fully present. It is one thing to get a sense of direction from your own single mind and quite another to get that same feeling in concert with another, but you are managing to pull off both of these feats without even breaking a sweat or flexing an obvious muscle.


VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) You are working the mystery, Virgo. This month you are acknowledging more fully the powerful road of self-development that you have been on lately, and taking it another step further into conscious choices. There are still knots to unravel. You are getting deliberate about making a spiritual pilgrimage to the center of these conundrums and conducting a town-hall meeting within your own mind and heart on how best to accomplish this daring feat. Others are important now and they shake you out of your winter slumber and urge you to get on with what you started. These significant persons in your life are there not only as fellow conspirators but also to remind you to open up to all that you are and to all that you can become.


LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) The season of surprises has not ended, Libra. If anything your flirtation has become even more intense with unexpected offerings on the part of the cosmos that surrounds and nourishes you. Sudden moves in response are almost second nature by now. You are called to service and to more vibrant self-expression, but not from the standpoint of merely ego involvement. The universe is affording you an opportunity these days to make radical changes in your life and in the way that you do relationship with others, and to make these in line with inner promptings that you can no longer ignore; these take you into better alignment with your highest intention for yourself, or with at least as much of that soul-purpose as you are currently able to acknowledge.


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Your world is out of joint, Scorpio, and only you know the way out of the trap that has been set for you. The nature of these times, and of your deeply felt intuitional responses, requires a fundamental shift. Where some of this will play out: home and family concerns, and finding your emotional sense of security within yourself. The good news is that your release is fully within your own grasp when you have the necessary fortitude. The bad news is that it does not come easily or entirely without pain. Of course you stand to lose some part of your normal waking identity in order to gain that which will outlast this least part of yourself, and hides you from who at base you truly are.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) It’s a long road that has no turning, Sagittarius, and you are beginning to find yours. You are also finding your footing in the midst of difficult and often troubling times, buoyed by the notion that with enough faith you can move mountains. Life may be quite a roller-coaster ride at present and it is truly a difficult passage from where you are now to what you must eventually become. You operate on this thin rope both for the sake of the collective and for yours alone. Being possessed of a fount of brilliant ideas and imaginings now, you are nevertheless in an excellent position to make vast headway over the next few weeks and months. The result is that you will hardly recognize yourself come the summer, and maybe that could be an acceptable goal.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) It’s a paradox and a conundrum, Capricorn. Your future is coming toward you now at express-train speed and yet you still feel stuck. You are energized around career and public acclaim and at the same time feeling like you need to re-think everything in the light of an orthogonally oriented process that brings in the mystical. Then too, part of the problem is the mud that clogs up your pathway forward which may in fact be calcified from old ways of thought and of action that have long outlived their usefulness but linger on. The road ahead is arduous and yet something is nevertheless destabilizing your comfort zone and calling you to venture onward. What is it? And how do you burst through the barriers and get with it?


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) Another day is dawning, Aquarius, and this time there’s plenty of heat but not quite enough light. A new beginning for you in this your birthday time of the year turns out to be something of a mixed blessing, since although you have the impulse to forge ahead right now and make the most of it, you might find yourself hesitating in your forward momentum. You could blame it on the complexity of what you are trying to accomplish. There is an amalgam that you seek made of outer necessity and inner desire, of cheerful compliance with the powers that be and yet soul-level attunement to what makes your heart sing – and you won’t be satisfied with substitutes. Compassion for yourself and for the state of the world demands no less.


PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) Dream on, Pisces, and recognize that your dreams might easily morph into so-called reality and… vice-versa.  This is definitely a time to look more closely at your life in three dimensions even as a surge of energy takes you quite beyond them. Your resources, including financial ones, have been fluctuating for weeks now, with surprising pay-offs as well as shortfalls so that there is no discernable trend. Now in this present month the drama of it all fades to less importance compared to finding out why your basic sense of security has been so affected by what is after all only a concept. Relationship is another area that is subject to a more intense scrutiny than usual as you mentally meander through surface events in search of the deeper – and more truly vital – meaning.
Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs is available on his website. Holding degrees from MIT and the University of California-San Diego, Henry is a popular speaker and also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at

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