Top 10 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays and Stay Organized

christmasThe holidays can be stressful, our tips will help you relax and enjoy the holidays.

Here are our Top 10 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays and Stay Organized

1. On your phone start a note titled Holidays. During the year while you are out and about, as you see a gift idea, grab your phone and jot it down before you forget, or take a picture. Your phone is also a great place to keep the sizes for grand-kids, nieces and nephews; you will always have it handy.

2. Bake cookies and other yummy treats early in the season and freeze them. That way you can grab and go when you need a hostess gift or unexpected company stops by.

3. When you get out your holiday decorations, donate anything you no longer use or love.

4. Once you’ve finished decorating, take a picture so you can recreate it for next year.

5. Don’t schedule too much and make a plan. Instead of trying to “do everything” ask your kids what events and tradition are their favorites. You might be surprised!

6. Create a gift wrap station in a specific area. Keep the wrapping paper, tape, scissors and labels all together. Wrap the presents as you buy them.

7. Clean out the kids’ toys. Ask your kids what toys they longer use and explain that you will donate them to a charity. It’s a great time to do something as a family for people who are not so fortunate. It will also make room for the new presents.

8. Divide and concur. Share duties with other family members. Have one person in charge of breakfast and another one dinner.

9. Create a holiday binder. Pinterest has some divider pintables’, already designed for you.

Divide into sections:
• Favorite holiday recipes
• Gifts/budget
• Holiday card contact list
• Party planning (ideas torn from magazines)

When the holidays are over its okay to recycle the cards you received. Take a picture with your phone and use it as the person’s contact. That way every time your phone rings throughout the year you will see their picture.



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