The Circle Of The Grail

The Circle Of The Grail

Following The Dragon Path

by Heather Clewett-Jachowski

Journal Entry, August 2010:  It is a cold starry night around 11:30 pm.  Off in the distance, over a small hill about a mile away, I hear what sounds like bongo drums being played in a circle.  Boom, boom, boom.  A pulsating, throbbing sound, getting closer, getting louder.  Then like a metallic shark in the landscape, a Puma helicopter rises above the hill and accelerates towards me.  Circling overhead again and again.  Diving lower and lower towards me, towards the crop circle I am standing in.  Towards the ‘scorpion’ crop circle in the famous East Field of Wiltshire England.  All around me there is an electrical sound like high tension wires buzzing on a damp day.  I instinctively circle around the Puma as it spirals closer and closer to me.  Then I see it, an orange sphere of light off in the distance next to a hedgerow.  In the local pubs, they call it an ‘amber gambler’.  It looks like it is alive, breathing in and breathing out.  Getting smaller in diameter and then larger again.  The Puma turns towards the hedgerow, but the amber gambler disappears into thin air, giving the impression that it is somehow smarter than the helicopter.  I smile.  In tonight’s aerial game of Cat and Mouse, the mouse (wins) again!

Wiltshire, England, has been home to most of the world’s amazing crop circles for over 30 years.  These artworks of simple beauty and complex geometries have always been interwoven with great mysteries.  The 2010 crop circle season was no exception impressing its own enigmatic creations into England’s fields including spectacular new 3-D designs.

Crop Circle "Worm Hole"

Crop Circle "Cubical Cross"

Now it is the end of the season, only a few days before I leave England and head home to Sedona, Arizona.  I am sitting in a quaint little pub called the Waggon and Horses in Bechampton.  A near perfect England summer day is coming to an end, and the sun is approaching the horizon bathing the landscape in a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors.  I do a lot of my thinking in this pub, mainly because one of the two energetic ‘dragon’ lines, the Mary line, goes straight through it. The Mary and Michael ley lines snake their way across the English countryside following a linear heading, ‘old straight track’ as it is sometimes called, from Land’s End in Cornwall to Hopton in Norfolk.  This trajectory, the average of the two lines courses, is known as the Michael alignment.  Some legends say these lines are the source of all the magic in the English landscape.  Many modern day researchers,  identify them as the Ida (Mary), Pingala (Michael), and Sushumna (Michael alignment) lines of the Yogis.  I can testify based on my many experiences that, wherever these lines intersect with human made structures or crop circles, magic happens!  The Michael alignment also has another name born of mysterious legends.  In ancient times it was called, ‘The Dragon Path’.  For thousands of years in England, these fascinating creatures of power and magic, the Dragons, have been intertwined with the legends of St. Michael and St. George.

St. George

Thus, with a pint of Guinness and inspiration from the pulsating, shimmering, bluish energy of Mary, I decide to write down all the clues from this season to see if I’ve overlooked something: The 3-D crop circles near ancient Hill Forts, the ‘missing’ crop circles in Wiltshire, Dragon Prints, the Knight Templar’s Holy Grail quest, and the Mayan calendar cycles of time.  Another season of patterns in the field, and another year of great mysteries.

As the sun sets,, nature becomes quiet as if it must give way to the place between light and dark. The simple yet complex patterns of downed and standing crop woven into unique 3-D shapes push themselves back into my conscious mind.  I begin putting the pieces of the 2010 season’s puzzle together.  Feeling a sense of timelessness, I recall how the past, now, and the future kept dancing around each other in this season. How these cycles of time, circles of time, were forcing us to change our relationship to what we thought we knew about crop circles.

For example, the Dragon prints from 30 years ago resurfaced this season.  To make sure we didn’t miss this point, the CircleMakers created a heart-touching crop circle consisting of two spectacular intertwined Dragons at Stanton St. Bernard on August 8, 2010. This circle was located just a few minutes away from a field peppered with several Dragon prints.  How strange it is that it’s only been in the last 5 years (which is the precise time I’ve been traveling to England and visiting crop circles) that I’ve heard about these prints. I believed these little prints were just a crop circle ‘myth’, but the 2010 season proved me wrong.

Dragon Crop Circle

These Dragon prints, which are small circles usually containing all of the bio-physical anomalies of authentic crop circles, such as blown crop nodes, elongated crop nodes, bent crop stems (as opposed to broken crop stems), etc., were appearing in many places this year.

Dragon Prints

In mystical England, the legends say that Dragons, in a state of Samadhi, are still guarding the Dragon lairs of West Kennet Long Barrow, Avebury stone circle, Silbury Hill, and many more sacred sanctuaries. All of these sacred sites are on, or very near, the Dragon path.  Is it possible that these little prints are the Dragons of antiquity waking up from their long sleep, and walking through the landscape?

While I sit and ponder in the quaint little pub, another unique feature of the 2010 season comes to my mind.  The crop circles were ‘missing’ from their usual resting place in Wiltshire, England. They were replaced by Dragon prints. I recall that in early July two questions kept coming to me.  Where had the crop circles gone? And, why had they disappeared from Wiltshire?

In retrospect, I know that the crop circles of 2010 were almost exclusively nestling themselves in the protective embrace of England’s ancient Hill Forts. Archaeologically, there is evidence that people lived on some of these Hill forts in the early Bronze era, which is around (3200-3000) B.C.  This time period called to mind the Mayan Calendar since this is the date when the 4th Sun, or world, ended and the 5th Sun began.  According to this calendar, we are rapidly approaching the end of the 5th Sun on December 21, 2012.

Daydreaming away, I find myself reliving the first two weeks of August 2010 and the events that helped me ‘see’ outside of linear time, and connect the dots of the 2010 season.  I am back on the Stone Avenue driving from the Avebury stone circle, which is called the Serpent Temple, to the Sanctuary. The Stone Avenue follows the Michael Dragon line towards the head of the Serpent or the Sanctuary.  It is the first day of August 2010, and it is already nearing the end of the 2010 crop circle season.

It’s been a strange summer in terms of the crop. At the start of this summer, England was weeks behind in crop growth due to a wet and cold May. , Incredibly, in the beginning of August, the crop growth is weeks ahead of normal harvest schedule due to a heat wave in June and July. To the left and right of my car, the golden fields of wheat and barley are being shaved bare. Already harvested fields are now being tilled, awaiting their upcoming, well-deserved sleep and renewal in the long cold winter months. Even at this point, I was wondering, what was going on? Was I missing some clue?

Driving the Stone Avenue, I still did not see (all of) the connections, but I had an odd feeling in the pit of my stomach. A feeling that’s like having a hunch there’s a surprise party planned for you, but not knowing  when it’ll happen.   I had this surprise party butterfly feeling and it let me know that a major hint was just around the corner.  A dose of patience, and then, finally then, I would see all the connections of the 2010 crop circle season. I always tell myself that every crop circle season is like a big game of Clue. However, instead of looking for who did it, which room they did it in, and how, it is much more of a multi-faceted, multi- dimensional game of who, what, where, when, and especially why.

It’s like I am flipping through a calendar day by day.  In my mind’s eye, I am carefully studying all the notes scribbled down on each day.  When I arrive on August 13, 2010, I stop flipping.  On this day a magical crop circle at North Down, near the Bechampton Roundabout, was imprinted in the field.  A relatively simple but very elegant crop circle, with a beautiful lay, and a design that looked like a chalice or grail cup.

Grail Cup

The formation was placed exactly on the Michael alignment, the Dragon path, that runs from Lands End to Hopton.  Again, I see myself standing in the middle of the grail cup formation and following the alignment towards Avebury.  Following it even further, I come across Temple Farm, one of the first English strongholds of the Knights Templar. The Dragon path goes through the grail cup formation and through Temple Farm! It connects the two. Of course that is it. I feel a nervous sensation in my stomach. The formation is telling me to connect the dots by following the Dragon path, and to recall the grail legends of the Templars.

One of the most famous stories, found around the globe in one form or another, is about a knight questing for the Grail. In the western world we call the story, Parsifal and the Holy Grail. Parsifal is this dashing-looking young man who eventually becomes a knight, and spends his life questing for the Holy Grail.  Parsifal finds his way to the grail castle and meets the Fisher King, only to make his first mistake.

When Parsifal is presented with the opportunity at the castle to ask the right question, he says nothing.  Nothing at all.  Parsifal doesn’t ask any question, let alone the right question. Because of that, he spends many long years slaying dragons, saving maidens, and searching for the Grail. Finally towards the end of his life, when Parsifal is exhausted and feels as if he has lost his soul, he is guided to the grail castle one more time with a little help from his friends. This time at the grail castle, Parsifal asks the right question: “For whom does the Grail serve”?

Moving my thoughts away from Parsifal and back to August 13, 2010, I fast forward to the time of leaving the grail cup formation with Bert Janssen, my husband and a renowned crop circle researcher.  As we were walking out of the field, a tall, young, strapping lad with shoulder length reddish- blonde curly hair, and brilliant star-like blue eyes came bouncing over to us like an excited Cocker Spaniel. “Bert” he said. “Bert Janssen, I have a great treasure to show you.”

He simultaneously puts one hand into his pocket to pull out a small box, and shook Bert’s hand with the other.  As he took out the box, he explained that he works for a company that digs big deep holes. Once these holes are dug, steel bars are hammered into the ground making a strong anchor for heavy, tall commercial buildings to be erected.

Bert and I looked at each other inquisitively. Both of us knew what the other was thinking. From the film, Monty Python And The Holy Grail, we were both hearing the same phrase, “Get on with it.”

Right then, the young lad exclaimed, “And this, is what I found in one of these large deep holes.” He opened the box with great care and secrecy as if the contents were extremely fragile and for Bert’s and my eyes only.  In the box under what seemed like an infinite number of layers of tissue paper, then wrapped in a red piece of silk tied with a white cord, was a Templar Cross made of metal.  Bit by bit I am beginning to see what connects all the dots of the 2010 crop circle season.

Templar Cross

This all happened just a few hours ago. Being in the grail cup crop circle, recognizing the Dragon Path alignment with Temple farm, and then seeing an old Templar Cross made of metal. Since then, I drove a mile north of the crop circle to the Wagon and Horses pub in Bechampton, sat down and started reflecting.  Now the sun has set, night is announcing itself and a full moon is rising. I am wondering how long I have been, like Merlin, living backwards in time and daydreaming about the 2010 crop circle season?  Seconds?  Minutes?  Hours?  I look down at the paper, and in great big letters I see that while I was daydreaming, and perhaps with a little help from Merlin, sprawled across the page in large bold letters is – “What is The Right Question?”

My mind begins to race.  It is true, the 2010 season was sprinkled with answers, but can it be that we need to look backward and forwards in time simultaneously for the right question? That we need to follow the Dragon path backwards to the Dragon prints of 30 years ago, backwards to the Grail quests of the Knights Templar, and backwards to the ending of the 4th Sun and beginning of the 5th sun, while at the same time looking at the present and what’s to come?

Like a mad scientist I am thinking so hard it feels like my head is about to ignite. What is the right question?  Is it as simple as Parsifal’s question?  For whom does the Grail serve?  If so, what is the Grail, and why are the crop circles of the 2010 season wanting us to remember something about it?  Where is the Grail? Are the Templars attempting to communicate with us through these beautiful, mysterious patterns in the fields of England?  What is it from our past, which like the Dragon prints, wants our attention by resurfacing in our 3-D reality now?

I need to go back to Wiltshire, England for the 2011 season.  I need to go back to the Dragon lairs of Avebury, and West Kennet Long Barrow. I need to reconnect with the ‘amber gamblers’ and the Michael and Mary Ley lines.  I need to ask the Dragons of antiquity, Merlin, and the CircleMakers:  What is the right question?  I need to re-experience the magic.

I invite you to travel with Bert and myself to England for the 2011 crop circle season. Come with us on our quest to experience the real-time mysteries while they are unfolding in the ancient and mystical landscape of Wiltshire, England.

You can find more information about the 2011 Crop Circle Expedition to England


See you in England on the Dragon path!

Heather Clewett-Jachowski, founder of InkaVisions, practices the ancient techniques of the Q’ero, the Shamans of Peru. With many years of intensive research, several energetic healing technique credentials, and a degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics, Heather guides and coaches her clients in re-establishing control over their own life design and to reconnect to their original perfect blueprint. By applying her combined healing techniques and knowledge, Heather elevates her clients’ life to sustainable balance and harmony, reactivating their purpose and sacred calling. • • 928.203.9122

4 Responses to “The Circle Of The Grail”

  • Sally Conway:

    What a beautiful and fascinating mystery, Heather! It feels like a self-discovery!

  • I love the article and enjoyed taken the pictures.
    Bert Janssen

  • Heather will be leading a workshop and emcee for the Finding the Gift in Shift Conference in Sedona.
    January 21-23 , 2010.

  • Chrissy:

    Hi Heather,

    Thanks so much for forwarding your article again. I enjoyed your article immensely.It was just brilliant! Loved the idea of 3D crop circles relating to past, present and future.The term “ambler gambler” is a new one for me.

    I would love to return to England again…will have to gently break that idea to the husband as he already thinks I am out there, and whacky to believe in crop circles. However, as you might already know,I am a pretty independent thinker.

    There are so many fascinating mysteries which intrique me.I think I may have mentioned that my mom’s maiden name was Temple and my ancestors were from Staffordshire.That fact alone makes me feel incredibly drawn to return as I believe there are no coincidences.

    Hope to attend the Gift in Shift so I will hopefully see you before too long.
    Many blessings. Fondly, Chris

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