The Art of Conscious Business Management

The Art of Conscious Business Management

by Susan M. Obijiski, L.M.T., R.M.

Sedona is a place of spirituality and beauty. We welcome the changes it evokes in us. We live in the moment and work to achieve fulfillment. But this alone will not help us achieve business success.

No matter what type of business you own, you must manage it with conscious attention. Whether you are a holistic healer, a jeweler, clothier, an artist or a musician your business requires practical focus.


Set priorities. Make a list of the things you want to do. Be honest about the importance of each goal. Ask, “How will this add to my bottom line?”, “Will this attract customers?”

Spend Money Wisely

Small business owners have limited resources. Do your research. Find out where and how to best market and advertise and what products, services and equipment will best satisfy your clients.

Find a Partner

If you are not great at business, get smart. Get a partner to help organize and make the right decisions. If a partner can keep your business growing, it is a benefit you should consider. Perhaps you can barter services to pay your business consultant.

Understand Your Target Audience

Do you really know your customers? You will never capture 100% of the market. Figure out who will buy your products and services and market and sell to those people.

Run your business with conscious focus. Pay attention and stay focused. Think about what you are doing, every day, for every business choice – no matter how small!

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