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Chapter 12 – Toning Practices for the Chakras

A human being can be likened to a fine musical instrument that must be kept in good condition. In order for a piano to project its beautiful sounds, it has to be tuned regularly and as well as possible.  As all of creation is in a state of vibration, with myriad frequencies, it follows that the principle of resonance is a fundamental modality for healing, using sympathetic vibrations that mirror what is to be healed. The object is to get the receiver, in this case the chakras, to recognize their sonic nature by sending out specific frequencies to which they will attune. This process is a kind of vocal homeopathy based on the principle that “like cures like.”

The most effective and immediate resonator we have is the voice. However, the chief obstacle in using the voice as the resonator is the very thing we want to alter—our psychology. There are many who are not comfortable with their voices or their breathing and are reluctant to make sounds other than ordinary speech. In such cases it is necessary to overcome the limiting idea that they cannot be self-empowering, and thus self-healing. While it is helpful to work with an alternative health practitioner at times, it is more effective to take control of the healing process on a daily basis through toning. The way through the obstacle lies in the heart’s desire for change, and with that the suspension of judgment about one’s voice. When the intent is sincere, the real self responds. For it is not the quality or power of the voice that matters, but a great desire for change. When that is present, the chakra will respond no matter how inadequate the voice might seem to be.

Toning the Consonants

The consonants L, V, R, Y, H, S, K, and M are drawn largely from the seed syllables of tantric yoga. The L through H consonants are extracted from the first five tantric syllables for the chakras, as explained in chapter 3. The S and K have been intuitively assigned to the brow and crown chakras, respectively. The M has great power as the concluding sound of all the seeds. The aim of using these consonants as sound entities in their own right is to gain more of their healing juices. It is comparable to extracting the vitamins and minerals from foods to obtain a concentrated form.

The practices with the consonants are described as sound rituals because the word ritual is derived from the Sanskrit word rita, meaning “universal order and harmony.” These rituals can be done for their own sake and benefit but will also help to intensify the consonant when used as part of the complete tantric yoga seed. The consonants, like consorts, are the complementary aspect to the vowels for toning the chakras. They are not refined like the vowels with their overtones, but they are effective in their power to cut through deep rooted impediments.

The following ways of toning the consonants are twofold, one that includes movements and sometimes a concluding sound, and one quite similar to that of toning the vowels. The movements created for this toning are to inspire, encourage, and direct the intention of the ritual.

Ritual for Toning the L Consonant (Root Chakra)

The meridians within the human body as given in Chinese medicine have two major channels. The yin channel starts at the perineum, travels up the front of the body, and ends at the tip of the tongue. The yang channel begins at the same place, goes up through the spine into the brain, and ends at the roof of the mouth. These two circuits can be linked by placing the tip of the tongue to the mouth’s roof. The whole circuit is sometimes called the “microcosmic orbit.” This is exactly what happens when the L, pronounced as AL, EL, or UL, is sounded. The tongue’s tip rises up to meet the mouth’s roof. Thus it is possible to circulate the energy around the microcosmic orbit while engaged in this ritual. The pulsations will be done on the sound of UL as in “ultimate.” Do it slowly so each UL takes about four seconds. Imagine the tongue to be a shovel digging into the earth as it moves to the roof of the mouth. L represents the earth element. As follows:


With Movement

Take a standing position with one foot slightly forward and the other off to the side, so that the two feet almost create a 90-degree angle. While pulsating the L sound, bend over the front leg as though you want to scoop up some earth. Bend forward only as far as your body will allow. Take the earth in your hands and lift it up. As your hands reach the level of the face, turn them over so that the earth falls out. Carry the hands on up above the head, palms facing the heavens on either side of the body. At this point the pulsation phase ends and a LAH is produced on a descending sliding sound to the bottom of your voice. During this slide, let the hands come down in a circular motion and stop in front of the genitals. Here hold a small ball of energy with your hands. This is the active part of a cycle.

While in this passive position holding the ball, very quietly and slowly pulsate the L to yourself. It is under the breath like a kind of muttering. At this point the microcosmic orbit can be put into practice. That is, hold the tongue in place at the roof of the mouth and experience a flow of energy beginning with the eyes, moving down the front of the body to the tailbone and then up the spine and into the head.  One circuit equals one sounding of UL.

Bio: James D’Angelo, Ph.D. is an American musician, composer, educator, and workshop leader based in the United Kingdom. Since 1992 he has developed and led therapeutic sound and movement workshops in Great Britain, Europe, and the United States, and he is considered an authority on sound healing therapies.

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Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras by James D’Angelo, Ph.D. © 2012 Destiny Books. Reprinted with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

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