Moon Phase Astrology – The Lunar Key to your Destiny. by Raven Kaldera

Part 4

Moon Phase Astrology

The Lunar Key to your Destiny. by Raven Kaldera

Astrology - The Lunar Key to your Destiny

Soul’s Redemption
The Gibbous Moon

After the personal crisis of the Quarter Moon, the soul finds itself in a pit created by its own response to hard choices. On the Gibbous Moon, we tend to the work of personal redemption, doing whatever we have to do to climb out of that pit. The Quarter Moon is the Mess We Make, and the Gibbous Moon is the Price We Pay To Clean It Up. Each archetype will start a role that is both something they have the aptitude for and that is a challenge for them, and in moving through it they will find their way upward; they will work hard to perfect something precious to them. We are still struggling on the Gibbous Moon, but it is a struggle toward a goal and not merely a fight to keep from slipping backward into a pit. It is a time of applied, conscientious effort in the face of obstacles.

There is a focused feeling to the energy of the Gibbous Moon. After all the bad-and-good thrashing about of the Waxing Quarter, the heart begins a slow climb to a calmer and steadier place. Nothing is all-good or all-bad now, it’s just . . . necessary. Doing what is necessary is the hallmark of this phase.

Trickster’s Moon
The Gibbous Moon in Aquarius

In the Gibbous Moon phase, the Aquarius Moon realizes that people respond well to humor and learns the magic of the Trickster. The Trickster is present in all cultures, and he lives in a special, enchanted place. Even in the most repressed and dangerous times, he appears like the court jester who was able to speak hard truths to the king that his courtiers dared not say, so long as he cloaked it in joking around. The Trickster makes people laugh, so he can say hard things and teach them subtle lessons. He also learns not to take himself too seriously and not to be afraid of being seen as a fool. This is where Aquarius, the opposite of image-conscious Leo, is able to let go and be ridiculous if it will get the point across to the masses. The Trickster does street theater rather than revolution and finds that it is just as revolutionary.

The dark side of the Trickster archetype is that sometimes Tricksters are penalized for their words. Sometimes denial is so thick that nothing will be heard, and it falls to the Trickster to be the one to speak the truth even when they know that they will not be heard, that they may well be killed for it. I once read a tale of a Native American tribe on the northwest coast who were being cheated of their furs by white traders who dazzled them with cheap trinkets. The female sacred trickster of the tribe dissuaded them from their greed by setting up a crude stall near the traders, where she loudly hawked dung, rocks, and sticks. The people turned sheepishly from their enthusiastic acquisition of cheap trinkets . . . and the traders killed the trickster. This punishment happens in myths, too. It’s part of the deal: the safety that the Trickster counts on is paid for by being the one to risk it when even he or she will not be safe, but the truth must still be spoken. Why must it be spoken, even if the speaker will be silenced and nothing will change? Because someone in the future might hear the tale passed down, and understand, and make the change. On this Moon, the Aquarius Moon truly learns what it is to sacrifice for the future.

On the Trickster’s Moon, we tell tales of trickery that worked, that brought justice when nothing else would, that got a lesson through a hard head. We do street theater, if that’s in our repertoire. If nothing else, we attack a problem in an unusual way, brainstorming for something that’s never been thought of before.

People born on the Trickster’s Moon want to change the world, but when they try to do it grimly and seriously, they always end up feeling clumsy. They are at their best when they can think up an original and slightly ridiculous way to get it done–the way that nobody expects and that only they can pull off. This is beyond thinking outside the box; it’s thinking in a universe where there are no boxes. There is a faint echo of the Leo Clown’s Moon in Trickster’s Moon people, at least when it comes to being the class clown, but where Leo does it to please the audience and get attention, Aquarius does it for the message . . . or they should. It’s not their cosmic job to do it for applause. They need to risk the truth-telling, or it will all go wrong.

Trickster’s Moon people may be attracted to “crazy wisdom gurus,” and they are at their best when they’re spreading their own whimsical message through venues where it will sink in subtly, without being noticed. They will also be the truthspeakers who sacrifice themselves, pointing out the Emperor’s nudity. If they’re skilled, they’ll manage to do it in a way that skates them by any repercussions . . . but if they can’t skate by, they’ll be driven to do it anyway, for the sake of the Truth.

Raven Kaldera is a Northern Tradition Pagan shaman who has been a practicing astrologer since 1984 and a Pagan since 1986. The author of Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner and MythAstrology and coauthor, with Kenaz Filan, of Drawing Down the Spirits, Kaldera lives in Hubbardston, Massachusetts.

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