Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation


Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation

(Available May 1, 2012)

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Book Synopsis:

Soul-Centered presents a contemporary, mainstream view of meditation in an 8-week program that delivers time-tested techniques and practical exercises to give the reader insight into the how’s and why’s of meditation so they can easily cultivate an effective daily meditation practice.

Inspired by and based on author Sarah McLean’s 20-plus-year spiritual journey, the book begins with insights into the five essentials necessary for successful meditation. Each of the eight weeks that follow explores a variety of meditation practices thoroughly supported by research, insights, stories, and self-awareness exercises. The theme of each week reflects a benefit that meditation cultivates: Awareness, Peace, Freedom, Compassion, Intimacy, Authenticity, Receptivity, and Nourishment.

The program is grounded in science and leading-edge research and features insights and inspiring stories from the author’s 20-plus-year journey as she sought the secrets of happiness and meditation and the keys to a fulfilling life. Her search took her to a remote Zen Buddhist Monastery to work as the head cook as well as to India where she lived and meditated in a traditional ashram setting. Sarah’s worked with some of the best modern-day meditation and self-awareness experts of our time and in the book, she shares inspiring stories of her own travels, transformation, and those of her students’.

Studies show that the practice of meditation alters the brain-specifically the areas that govern memory, empathy, and stress. By the end of the 8 weeks, readers will be confident in their understanding of meditation and their ability to meditate every day. They also will have become more self-aware, more peaceful, and more compassionate toward themselves and others. The easy-to-follow program inspires the reader to confidently cultivate a successful meditation practice and develop a new perspective: they become more self-aware, more peaceful, and more compassionate. It’s a way of life that can truly be called soul-centered.

Early praise for Soul-Centered

“Soul-Centered is entertaining, informative, and inspiring for even the most experienced meditator.” – Deepak Chopra, author, War of the Worldviews: Science vs. Spirituality

“Sarah McLean weaves an inspiring exploration on the essentials of meditation, giving the first-time meditator all the tools they will ever need to explore the potential of their own awareness.”- Debbie Ford, NY Times bestselling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

“Sarah moves us from our mundane lives to the depth offered by our souls. She’s a genuine teacher and a meditation goddess.”- Colette Baron-Reid, Intuitive Counselor and Life strategist, author of #1 bestseller- The Map- Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life

“Basically, meditation is pretty simple; but for most of us, it’s not easy. Sarah McLean’s vast experience and loving approach to meditation and teaching, makes Simple… Easy.” Lindsay Wagner, Actress, author, advocate

“Sarah McLean has written a book that makes meditation and its many benefits accessible to everyone, novice and expert alike. The simple program she provides on a weekly basis will help all who want to see real change in their lives to begin a lifetime practice. And what could be more motivating than the recent brain science she presents, bolstering the power of meditation to transform our lives.” – Marci Shimoff, author of the bestseller Happy for No Reason

“Soul-Centered is a perfect blend of scientific fact, spiritual philosophy and personal experience beautifully woven into a practical formula for everyday life! In a responsible, well-researched, and easy-to-use manual that you’ll want to keep at your fingertips, meditation pioneer Sarah McLean draws upon her personal exploration of the world’s spiritual traditions to give new meaning to the most basic experience of our lives—the focus of our awareness in each experience and every relationship. The exercises Sarah provides following each chapter provide a beautiful opportunity to anchor in daily life what she offers in the book.

“If you’ve always wanted the benefits of meditation, yet have felt overwhelmed by rigid traditions and techniques, then this is the beautiful book you’ve been waiting for. From engineers to homemakers, from politicians to healers, this book opens the door to the source of your deepest beliefs and sheds new light on every choice you will ever make in life. I recommend Soul-Centered for everyone that is ready to take their lives and relationships to the next level!”-Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author of Deep Truth, The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time.


Anna Jedrziewski , Retailing Insight, (formerly New Age Retailer) says:

McLean has practiced and taught meditation for decades. Gradually, she developed her own concepts about how to use meditation in real life, combining techniques from the various traditions she studied. The result was this eight-week program for incorporating mindfulness/meditation practice into a busy schedule. She calls it becoming soul-centered. The effects on a person’s life are often dramatic. McLean sites cutting-edge research in neuroscience which supports the direct connection between meditation and these benefits. Her program requires commitment to the practice, but the actual daily exercises are very reasonable, both in terms of time and mental effort required. Her personal life experiences, and her work with clients, have given McLean a solid sense of what readers will experience as they begin the work. She understands the obstacles and self-doubt that might arise for each individual, and gently offers guidance to help the reader through these challenges. Let customers know that she speaks to readers, not as a distant authority figure, but as a fellow traveler on the path to self awareness

About the Author

Sarah McLean, an inspiring contemporary meditation teacher, makes meditation accessible to everyone. She has spent much of her life exploring the world’s spiritual and mystic traditions, and has worked with some of today’s great teachers, including Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, Debbie Ford, and Gary Zukav. She’s lived and studied in a Zen Buddhist monastery, meditated in ashrams and temples throughout India and the Far East, spent time in Afghan refugee camps, bicycled the Silk Route from Pakistan to China, trekked the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia, and taught English to Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Dharamsala.

Sarah is the founding director of the Sedona Meditation Training Company (, and The McLean Meditation Institute ( educational companies offering meditation training, self-discovery retreats, and teacher training certification programs that have transformed thousands of lives, and have earned her the praise of her peers and students.

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