Sacred Sexuality

Excerpt - Chapter 3

Sacred Sexuality

The First Trimester

In many ways we are now standing at the entrance to the temple. Here is where we fully engage the first step toward sacred union. Even though this chapter is devoted to sexuality, this is not the sacred union process; until we reach the end of this book we are still walking the path of full preparation to enter such an initiation.

In this first step the sexual act becomes a process of igniting the energetic pathways of the seven gates, leading toward the grand opening of the womb–the cosmic keeper of the grail. Because it is a gateway to profound realms and dimensions, the womb births new codes of evolution and progressive patterns of development into the human collective consciousness. In my opinion the womb births states of consciousness that actually shift the collective field. Therefore it is through women that the more elevated and conscious developments of our species shall be birthed. A man will be able to foresee the intelligence needed for our progression, but until he is in sacred union with a woman, his rate of progression will never know the speed and grace that is possible when they are together. The feminine principle is designed to ground us and bring forth the embodied Earth. When a woman consciously attends to this process, the results are awe inspiring.

When two people come together consciously, after the process of healing and igniting the seven gates as well as authentically transforming all gender wounds, then they can truly meet in sexual union, exactly as we once did in the metaphorical Garden of Eden. The threefold flame (power, love, wisdom) is the map of how to return to the living Garden of Eden, which has not gone anywhere, despite the eons we have been lost in separation since the Fall. Despite the tremendous ramifications of not embracing the feminine principle for so long, the garden still patiently awaits us. Deep inside we all feel an intensely lonely longing to return home, and we can by applying the healing balm of love to our shared wounds and loss.

If we fell together from the Garden of Eden, then surely it is together that we shall return. As we ate from the apple of wisdom (Sophia) we were granted the experience to know what the gods and goddesses know–that the nature of existence is both light and dark. In my opinion this is the same path that Sophia took, hence the apple being a symbol for wisdom. Sophia, the incarnate God the Mother, descended to Earth to save each and every one of her children, all human souls, from any further suffering and ignorance. However, during her descent she became disconnected and blinded to her true magnificence and lost her way back home.

Like us, she temporarily forgot who she was.

In the gnostic story of Sophia we are told that God the Father sent forth the Logos, the beloved aspect of himself, to find Sophia and to reunite with her in sacred union so that they could both return home and the heavens could be filled with the presence of the Holy Sophia once again.

In my understanding of “As Above, So Below” this story clearly shows us the way back home–be it Eden, paradise, or nirvana. The way is sacred union.

Bio: Anaiya Sophia is a qualified Kundalini yoga teacher and initiated priestess of the Rose Line, part of the Grail Lineage. She facilitates workshops throughout the world on all aspects of Sacred Union, Divine Marriage, and Womb Wisdom. The author of Sacred Sexual Union and Open Your Heart with Kundalini Yoga and coauthor of Womb Wisdom, she lives and works in The New Renaissance, a creative and mystical arts space that she runs with her beloved in Chalabre in southern France.

Sacred Sexual Union by Anaiya Sophia © 2013 Destiny Books. Reprinted with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

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