Review of “The Adventures of Blue Belly and Sugar Shaker” by Corinne L. Casazza


Review of “The Adventures of Blue Belly and Sugar Shaker”

by Corinne L. Casazza


Reviewed by Holly Bishop

What do you get when you cross a beautiful, stubborn red head with a local mobster, a too-good-to-be-true real estate deal and an unearthed skeleton? You get The Adventures of Blue Belly and Sugar Shaker by Corinne L. Casazza, a playful tale about two BFF’s whose lives are turned upside-down when they discover they each have newly acquired “super powers” they don’t yet know how to control.

Sugar’s super power is the ability to read the energy of people and places. And best friend Blue can manifest objects at will. That’s right, she just thinks about something and it shows up. These two characters struggle with their gifts just as they’re handling some other challenges—namely, the loss of a viable real estate business for Sugar and the theft of all the dresses in Blue’s bridal salon. On top of that, Sugar can’t decide if she’s more attracted to her wealthy, powerful mobster partner or her less affluent, but very handsome, hammer-wielding ex-boyfriend.

Sugar’s determination to solve these problems will put her courage to the test. Blue Belly, Sugar Shaker, and the men who care about them will have to dig deep to get Sugar out of trouble and restore sanity to their discombobulated lives.

Casazza has penned a fast, fun read (209 pages on Kindle). This entertaining tale with a whimsical storyline also reveals some real gems about the arts of manifestation and reading energy.



The Adventures of Blue Belly and Sugar Shaker is available on Amazon Kindle. You can find it here:

For more information about the author, visit her web site at, her Facebook fan page at: or her Amazon author page at:

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