Portrait of Soul- Transformational Poetry

Book Excerpt

by Byron Lindley

Book Cover

What Can I Give?

Weaving words together

like an artist blends color

on canvas with paint

I wish that I

could create

something so beautiful

as a monsoon sky

is to the mind

stay awake for a moment

listen inside

pretend for an instant

that all faculties of sense

are aligned with the heart’s

magical capacity

for intimate devotion

devoted completely

to something so sublime

as indescribable


as infinite divine

I lay down my life

in words on these pages

you see

this blessed medium

of art from my heart

is all I can find

all I have to give

because I have received

something so glorious

magnificent as

a captivating sunrise


that blows the limits of mind

past the furthest reaches

of a poverty intellect

destined to transcend

release the boundaries

my colors spill over

melt all together

blend into one

You are my love

and I’ll give it all away

to become

let myself unravel

long for my rope

to come undone

absorb my spark


into the splendor

limitless infinity

burning brilliance

of poetic reality

in Your ineffable sun.

About the author:

Byron Lindley is a writer and poet.  A spiritual awakening in 2003 brought about an intense opening and purification of the soul.  Since that time, a continuous flow of sacred energy has manifested primarily as sublimely inspired poetry.  He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Available at:  www.byronlindley.com

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