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Philippo Franchini  The Musical Alchemist



Blog: Between the Notes

Inner Listening

Introspection, contemplation, meditation—these are all terms for a practice that leads our attention toward a heightened awareness. Inner Listening is the foundation for developing this awareness. The different impulses, traits and conversations we all have within us have their own vibrations and sounds…and this cacophony is often the first thing we notice when we turn our attention inward!

How do we harmonize all this inner jumble???

Consider that all emotions and thoughts we have every day, every moment, ultimately arise from Silence. Many people have had special experiences where time seemed to stand still and all was peaceful. The Nada yogis say we can learn to dive into this stillness by listening to ever more subtle sounds. We can do this by beginning with soothing outer music and gradually turn our focus to the inner symphony of our own body.

Once we go beyond our own body’s nervous system, we can venture beyond thought, to merge in the Anahata Brahma or “unstruck sound.” Anahata Brahma  means is the Cosmic Word -the Om or Amen.

In this video I introduce some of the Rasas (flavors) of different kinds of music. The Rasas represent different frequency levels, and introduce a sound meditation that can be practiced to develop more inner sensitivity.

Breathe slowly and deeply as you do this and harmonize with the Cosmos (aka your Sonic Self!)


Philippo Franchini

The Musical Alchemist

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