New Enlightenment with Paula Muran

An interview with Paula Muran

Q: You recently created A New Enlightenment tell us about what “new enlightenment” is?

A:  A New Enlightenment is the accumulation of my 25 years of teaching and study, along with what I learned on my path to self-realization.  It’s a contemporary awakening program using the principles of enlightenment.

Q:  How is A New Enlightenment different than other programs?

A:   I focus on “Know the Self.”  I believe when we know our inner self we eventually feel comfortable enough to let down our guard, become less defensive and angry, and naturally the mind finds tranquility.

teach that to come to wholeness we must stop creating separation and personal judgment. I introduce people to an entirely new way to live their life.

Instead of perpetuating the ongoing attachment to the “negative,”  separation and fear that is so abundant in our culture, I teach people to embrace their fears.  Yes, to actually love fear.

To cease separation we must balance the energy of our experiences. For instance, if we dislike fear we must dislike love. If we love, love we must also love fear.  Otherwise we keep creating separation.

It’s difficult for the ego mind not judge experiences. It loves to find fault in everything we encounter.  When we take the judgment out of the equation the experience is just an experience and we can enjoy it.  Once we use an adjective ( like frightening) to criticize an experience, we have made a judgment. This changes the energy around the experience (positive or negatively) and it affects us in some way.

Q:  You talk about the importance of belief systems and emotional and mental patterning- how they impact our lives and impede our path to awakening.  Tell us more?

A:   Our lives are carved out by a series of mental thoughts and emotional feelings that create beliefs, perceptions and behaviors.  Patterns get created from the repetitive nature of experience and learned behaviors from earlier life experiences.

These belief patterns affect every aspect of our lives: our relationships, who we are as a person, how we feel about ourselves, how we communicate. Many of the patterns formed by these experiences, including fears, unworthiness and doubt, block our true potential.
It’s difficult for us to see our own limitations – the ways our words and actions hold us back.   I wrote in my book Codes of Light in 2005 that our beliefs camouflage our divine self.

Q:  How do you help people access and release beliefs and patterns? How can people work on their belief systems and emotional healing?

A:  I am blessed with profound intuition. I can see beyond the illusion and into soul records and I’m able to see a field of consciousness around everyone. I call this field a grid, and it’s also been called the matrix.  When I’m in session or at events I can see into this field, it’s a vast database of information.  Every thought, experience and belief sets up on this field of consciousness.  I actually see a grid-like structure and can alter the grid field. This shifts a person’s conscious life.

I created a private healing session called Body of Light. The session addresses any limitation. Intuitively I see objects that represent ideas and behaviors from a person’s life that seek resolution and healing.  Fears, unworthiness, and doubt, emotional and mental belief patterns, create heaviness in our energy fields.

I work on core issues—from the bottom out and locate the original patterning. This takes me deep into the field of consciousness and into past, parallel and sometimes into future lives.

I can intuitively see into the unconscious mind and neutralize or rewrite the belief patterns that have caused frustration, limitation and unhappiness.

The key to healing emotionally and mentally is to locate as close as possible the issue. Once that is acknowledged then the energy can shift. Sometimes the emotional pattern shifts by saying a positive statement. Other times by moving the body or looking in a certain direction, these actions cause the central nervous system to recalibrate energy.

Q:  You have a special relationship with the spiritual deity, Sanat Kumara.  How did this begin? And who is Sanat Kumara?

A:   All my life I’ve talked to a father-like authoritative voice. As a child I had an imaginary friend that never left me. I grew up in Ohio in a typical mid-western Catholic family.

As a young adult I had a number of spiritual experiences. At one event in Manhattan a yogi said I would experience nirvana in this lifetime.  In Los Angeles in the early 1980’s I became privy to channeling.

The voice I heard as child began to channel through me.  One evening at a Bashar channeling, I felt a presence sit down next to me, and I wrote out on a pad, “you can now call me Sanat Kumara.”   That evening changed my life forever.

I learned some things about Sanat Kumara in the Alice Bailey books.  However, I learned the most about Sanat Kumara through Hinduism.  Sanat Kumara is an elusive being. Not wanting to be worshipped, Sanat Kumara’s influence is felt in silence, during meditation.

Sanat Kumara is known in every religion, especially in Hinduism as the Son of Shiva and the brother of Ganesh (elephant god), as the Holy Ghost in Christianity, and as the Ancient of Days in the Bible and in Metaphysics as the planetary Logos. Sanat Kumara is not a man or woman, nor a he or she. Sanat Kumara is a force field of unconditional love that has embraced Earth for millions of years.

I learned I was chosen out of 100,000 souls to be the emissary to Sanat Kumara. I do not actually channel Sanat Kumara, I have a direct link and information simply comes to me in a form of innate wisdom.  Over the years, we have become seamlessly merged.  Now there is one voice. In person people have said they feel a profound loving energy around me.

Q:  You have a new seminar called Sanat Kumara Intensive coming up in December.  What can people expect from this intensive?

A:  Yes, I’m very excited about the December Intensive. Sanat Kumara’s energy is most influential when people are in person with me.

All my life I have worked on the emotional and mental belief patterning.  In the early 1990’s I created a product line of gem elixirs and emotional aromatherapy sprays. The gem elixirs go into the cellular energy and release stuck energy.  Emotional Aromatherapy healing sprays do similar.

The whole premise of the ancient Veda texts is to “know the self.”  How can we “know the self” if we don’t work on beliefs?  To awaken or to live in expanded states of consciousness requires we detach from perceived limitation. Either we need to understand it or release from it. This allows the ego to relax its control.

The ancient yogi’s meditated because that is what they knew. Meditation is a powerful tool.  Given what we know today, it’s not the only tool to self-realization, and what I offer people is another way to peel the layers and get to expanded states of consciousness. 

On one visit to India, I was standing at a temple during a ceremony and a little Indian woman stood in front of me, holding a pink lotus flower.  As the priest chanted she began to peel the layers of the flower, one petal at a time.  This is exactly what I do.  I peel the layers to reveal the true Self.

These three days, December 7-9, 2012, is an immersion into YOU.  I developed the Awakening Process to create breakthroughs in people’s belief’s and core patterning so they experience life beyond the illusion of their own personal limitation.
The weekend is experiential and a powerful way to jumpstart the changes that are necessary to bypass any belief roadblocks people experience.

Sanat Kumara Intensive begins Friday evening at 7:00 pm in Scottsdale and ends Sunday at 4:00 pm.  My retreats encompass a variety of modalities, similar to these:

  • Inner work & Inquiry
  • Breathing techniques
  • Movement to shift energy
  • Powerful guided meditations and visualizations

People learn techniques they can use on themselves and with others to release emotional and mental patterns that keep them stuck.

The Sanat Kumara Intensive is a transformational experience to awaken to love and your true Self.

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