Meditation CD: Essence of Divine Self with Patti Murphy, music by Ken Clark Reviewed by Corinne L. Casazza

Meditation CD:

Essence of Divine Self

with Patti Murphy

Music by Ken Clark

Reviewed by Corinne L. Casazza


Essence of Divine Self has three guided meditations designed to help you merge with your divine self and reach a higher consciousness. It also includes three tracks of instrumental, meditative music by award-winning keyboardist, Ken Clark.


Track 1 — Introduction

Patti clearly outlines the steps she’ll take you through and what you can expect while listening to the CD. The meditation tracks all serve to completely relax and rejuvenate you before connecting you with the energies of your Divine Self.


Track 2 -Divine Self Meditation

Patti takes you on a journey of meeting and merging with your Divine Self and reminds you that you can call on your Divine Self anytime. This meditation clears your energy field and has you resonating with unconditional love before it merges with your Divine Self. I found my heart expanding exponentially as the meditation progressed. I was also flooded with warmth through my crown.


Track 3 – Healing Garden Meditation

This guided meditation takes you to a place of enchantment – a sacred garden where you’ll meet up with your guides. Patti’s direction makes it easy to visualize your surroundings. You’ll connect with whomever has a message for you in the present moment and have a different experience each time. I first met with beloved Master Jesus who gave me guidance about my writing. On my second trip to the garden my deceased love ones including a favorite pet were there to greet and encourage me.


Track 4 – Relaxation Meditation

Here, the energy of the rainbow light is woven all around your physical body relaxing every cell and fiber of your physical being before connecting your mind, body and spirit and merging with your Divine Self. If you had a stressful day, this meditation will serve to unwind and completely relax you. I reached an incredibly blissful, very expanded state. If you are open to receiving messages, there’s plenty of time at the end of the track to do just that. I received guidance about both my writing and my most intimate relationship.


Tracks 5 – 7

These are instrumental tracks designed for you to journey or meditate on your own without vocal guidance. After experiencing the prior meditation tracks you may be ready to travel on. The music on these tracks also assists you in relaxing and elevating your consciousness. You can use any or all

of these tracks to do so. You may find it interesting to see where your Divine Self will take you. I used these tracks to ask questions I had been wondering about in my daily life.


Essence of Divine Self is available on CD baby, Amazon and ITunes. I highly recommend it!


About the Artists

Patti Murphy has been an intuitive counselor for 12 years. Her mission is to bring enlightenment to others along with expanding their self-awareness and personal empowerment. Patti’s focus is giving her clients a service to help themselves heal and have a positive shift within their mind, body, and soul.


She uses her special brand of intuition and humor in her readings, reiki, and hypnosis sessions. Her abilities enable her to read energy for her clients. This includes connecting to deceased loved ones or bringing forth clarity and guidance. All that’s necessary to benefit from a session is an open heart and an open mind. To learn more about Patti, visit her web site at


Ken Clark has been an organist, music director and involved in music programs at many churches and

spiritual centers, including Unity on the River and The Nicheren Shoshu Buddhist Organization.  Ken has toured worldwide and has won the New England Blues Society Keyboardist of the year in 2006, 2009 and 2011. His work has earned him many awards and reviews in publications such as the Los Angeles Times and Jazz Times. His CD “God has a Plan for You,” features gospel music, Ken’s spiritual compositions for all faiths. For more information about Ken, visit his web site at


Ken and Patti share their New Hampshire home with Ella Clark, Dakota their dog and feline friends Max and Moses.

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