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March 2013

Henry Seltzer


The Astrology of March features Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto. Mercury is still in retrograde from late February, and only escapes its retrograde shadow on the 6th of April. Therefore the entire month of March will be one that partakes at least to some extent of the usual Mercury Retrograde symptoms of missed connections, communication mishaps and mechanical breakdowns. These interesting phenomena can usually be traced to false assumptions or overlooking something on the part of our own mental apparatus, and do not seem to much affect those persons born with Mercury retrograde natally.

Venus, relationship planet and the astrological archetype of beauty and the arts, is also highlighted this month, now in Pisces and there conjuncting Neptune. The March 11th New Moon in Pisces also conjuncts Venus, so that a softer and more compassionate take on inter-personal connection is even more than usual on our minds and in our hearts. Additionally, with the Mercury retrograde period ushering in a more thoughtful attitude, the focus of our meditations will likely be the very nature of our world as a relationship planet, as well as on our various relationships, our soul’s life blood.

The same New Moon that features Venus is accompanied by Mars leaving Pisces and entering into its own sign of Aries, there to come into closer and closer conjunction with Uranus as the second half of this month unfolds. This brings a series of sudden surprises and an extroverted counter-point to the internal energy of the Mercury retrograde. The possibility of accidents cannot be ruled out so that it is best to proceed with caution. We might continue our month-long meditation by focusing on the many ways that we bring one-pointed and self-motivated activity to the altar that relationship provides. When we more closely look, and look truly, we are able to recognize where indeed the very structure of our lives must radically transform.

Meanwhile, Jupiter in Gemini, ruled by both Mercury and, in esoteric terms, Venus, is once again the focus of a yod formation  from Saturn and Pluto – as was found at the time of the Winter Solstice on the 21st of  December, 2012, and also in the chart for the New Year. Saturn with Pluto represents the radical transformation of structures; our own, and in the life of the surrounding collective. The Jupiter emphasis lends an optimistic air to the proceedings as we continue to explore what we need to do – both individually and as a society -  to make the necessary life changes that will enable us to get through this pivotal year, recognizing it as one important turning point of a turbulent decade.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also very prominent in this month’s configurations, being increasingly aspected by Jupiter, and by retrograde Mercury as we make our way through March. This indicates a primary focus on the challenges as well as the rewards of this period. We are caught up in a struggle to accept the necessity of massive change.  There is also the realization that, as we do go along with the flow of the cosmos working itself out through our lives, our relationships must also undergo continual adjustment and repair. It is important to recognize that change opens the door to healing, and is vital, representing the only way that we will be able to make our necessary transition into wholeness.


ARIES (March 20-April 19). You are coming into your own, Aries, although you might not yet know it. The recent cosmic emphasis implies that in order that you take full advantage of your opportunities, it is more important than ever that you make fundamental changes in your mission statement. You are in a good place to aim carefully, and it is vital that, as you do, you take inner priorities more fully into account. With Mercury retrograde all month long, this is not the time to push ahead without carefully thinking everything over, and from several different standpoints. You win when you base your thoughts on your deeper feeling level, making use of the powerful intuitive information that currently floods into your being. There, true information is to be found whenever you can make space and allow it to come in.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19).  It is a brand new world for you, Taurus, as the winter of your discontent begins to fade and you enter into a springtime of renewed opportunity. You are benefiting from recent realizations regarding partnership priorities and how these affect your world view, and, going forward, on your life in general. You are mulling over your actual plans for a more vitalized soul future, but you are still learning how to navigate the incredibly powerful mix of energies that swirl around you. Next month will be a better time to finalize important decisions that are still coming into being – currently stewing in the reflections of a thoughtful March time frame. For now, you do well to continue to watch and wait, and enjoy your growing confidence as well as the trepidation of anticipated new birth.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This continues to be a powerful and an optimistic time for you, Gemini. You have been in an essentially optimistic place, despite being put through the wringer lately. The transformational beat continues into the heart of yet another intense year. You are coming now to a marked shift in your energies, with your ruler, Mercury, retrograding through your sector of career path and productive works. You are entirely serious about understanding your actual life mission, that which will make you not only successful but also happily so, and now is the time to solidify those gains, as you pause to collect yourself. On into April it will be soon enough you to be pressing ahead with a new mandate for a future that you can not only live with, but for.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) It’s an interesting time for you, Cancer. You know you’ve been through something major over these last few weeks, and it is still ongoing, although it might be hard to pin it down exactly what it is. Your emotional center has been rocked; there is an evolution that is taking place within you. The result over this current monthly cycle is a new world view and new vision for where you are potentially heading.  A deep exploration has come about without specific planning, as though a hidden passage through the center of the earth had suddenly opened up at your feet resulting in free fall. Where you will land only goddess knows, but it certainly won’t be Kansas anymore, or anything at all like the place where you began.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is an interesting month of introspection, Leo, with the retrograde of Mercury through your sector of personal evolution, and following the intensity of the last days of February when everything seemed to fall apart only to pull together again in new ways. You have been caught up, for many weeks now, in the exploration of your interior process, leading to a better, further, and deeper commitment to yourself. You are beginning to entertain, in a new way, the idea that you include Spirit as a normal part of your waking life. It suddenly becomes important that you allow family and relationship with others to rise nearer to the top of your priority list. You are digging deep over this month and the next, first preparing, as you refine your purpose; and then, finally, as you are ready, to act.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This is quite a time you are having here in the first few months of 2013, Virgo. Now, with six planets in your relationship sector, including Mercury in retrograde, you are deeply committed to partnership concerns, and also to refining and reformulating your viewpoint on life and love. This is a time of plumbing your spiritual depths, and regarding relationship, of both rampant confusion and also the discovery of ethereal beauty emerging, unannounced,  between the lines of everyday occurrences. You could also be discovering that you just can’t push the river, but must let it roll on with a life of its own to which you are merely witness. Even though tempting, you might need to put the attractive magnet of outer world pursuits on hold this month as you sort things out.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) You are seeking fulfillment amidst the ordinary, Libra. You are making a breakthrough to new levels of understanding, of yourself and of where in the world your life could be heading, although the details are more than a bit confusing, mystical and vague. Since Mercury is also retrograde until the first week of April, when you take into account the period of the retrograde shadow, it may be best not to try too hard. You win if you can wait to forge ahead with plans until you have a good sense of what you really want, down within the deepest centers of your being. One stage of this evolving process, when significant others enter even more into your picture, takes place with the Full Moon in your sign during the last week of March.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is an important time, Scorpio, when you are continuing to explore your inner world, and when you have also been feeling your way into a better relationship with your own personal power. When you think that you have the capability of exerting the most control is when, paradoxically, you have the very least. Over the course of this current month, your self-expression and creativity is blazing up in a new fashion that takes your deep unconscious process into better account, recognizing that at base, not everything you do is fully conscious. You are on the way to affirming your path forward in a very different way, one that rather than the misplaced conditioning of an era that has lost its relevance to your present understanding, takes soul purpose more firmly into account.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) You are on a roll, Sagittarius, but it is not all easy. As an intense winter makes way for spring via the dynamic transition point of the recent February 25th Full Moon, you are even more greatly focalized on important interpersonal connections. These include relationships with significant others, and also those with home, family and tribe; where you find that you are reviewing and renewing your priorities. There might be a better way forward than you have previously attempted. This is correlates as well to the psychological  basis of your security, and you might find that in the course of these investigations you are discovering what makes you tick, deep down inside. As you do, you gain a better grasp on a top-to-bottom integration that brings you into closer connection with others and ultimately, with yourself.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) This is an interesting time for you, Capricorn, especially for learning new things about yourself. A tremendous transition period has been underway for many weeks, affecting how you see yourself moving forward into the uncertainty of a changed and changing world, and you remain in the thick of it. There is a way that you have never fully explored what might be termed soul purpose to the depth that you are exploring it now. You are refining your perception of what this means in terms of life direction and how you can best respond. With Mercury currently retrograde, it isn’t the time to push the river. The moment for more concerted action will come mid-April. For now, it makes for the perfect time to write down your observations or to discuss them, and to quietly watch and wait.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is an important time of transition, Aquarius, as you more fully explore public persona and simultaneously your role as a creative and free individual. You are examining your position through the wrong end of a telescope, looking in a new way at the details of how you live your life, and it becomes an excellent time to journal or to meditate on these observations. You are very much in the physical world, and yet not really of it. While still remaining the proving ground of practicality, your world has turned into a symbolic statement of how you connect with others around you, and with your own inner universe. You see both these ideas in a kind of double-vision that will drive you mad if insist on simple logic rather than choosing a mystical approach, and simply enjoying the ride.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This is a powerful time for you, Pisces, one of meditative reflection and self-definition. With the timing of the recent very intense Full Moon in your opposite sign from the last week of February, and the simultaneous retrograde of Mercury through your identity sector, you have turned an important corner. While still engaged with the world, you are spending a large amount of your time simply thinking and feeling. There is a way that you are becoming more aware that, along with recognizing scholarly sources of information, there are vast realms of knowledge concealed within the intimations of your almost entirely unconscious deep intuition. Although you are gaily participating,  socially interacting, this void of profound silence within you might be the one thing that is really worth a listen.


Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at


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