Interview with Colette Baron-Reid

Interview with Colette Baron-Reid on her new book The Map- Finding the magic and meaning in the story of your life.

Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally renowned intuitive counselor, educator and best selling Hay House author who helps others recognize and connect with their own intuition, potential and purpose.  Powerful motivational speaker, charismatic broadcast personality, and acclaimed performer, storyteller and recording artist, Colette uses her extraordinary spiritual gifts to empower her clients to live a life that is ‘awake and authentic’ and to create a reality that is spiritual, deliberate and meaningful.

Four Corners was excited to chat with Colette regarding her newest book The Map. Join us on this fun conversation:

Four Corners: You start off in the introduction speaking about the Inner Compass of Spirit- how does this differ from intuition?

Colette: It doesn’t. As a matter of fact, it’s just another way to tune into your own intuition. Although I do believe the higher source is the tool for intuit. There is a series of intuitive exercises [that help] you to see life in a magical and metaphoric way. Access this information because it’s all intuitive. It’s an invitation to explore your world symbolically. If you put anything as true north, everything else is skewed because magnetic north is the point from which we actually take our journey. We are magnetic to spirit, so we need to line up to that so everything else falls into alignment and we’re not lost. (Including the mundane.) By doing so, we have a greater depth of experience.

The compass point is a navigational tool. It’s all about map making; stepping into a three dimensional world that is all described in metaphor that will give you so much more than just language.

FC:  The Ghostlands, the Goblin, the Chatterbox, the Wizard of Awareness… these are all fun, creative characters that illustrate some very serious and important sides of ourselves. I almost feel like I’m walking in a fairy tale. Can you share with how these came about?

C:  All of them come from my exploration of mythology fairy tales, folklores, the hero’s journey – the archetype. They are exploration in a creative way. The bone collector particularly comes from The Woman That Runs With The Wolves, a fairy tale about a Hispanic woman who collects the bones of wolves at dusk. Bones are symbolic because they cannot be destroyed. She sings them back to life and becomes a maiden. It’s the idea of re-animating. It’s the part of us that knows we have integrity, but when we’re wounded, a goblin is born and it claims our innocence.

To identify with the very well known parts of human condition, these are serious but we can be creative with where we are in life. Our landscapes come alive and we are not looking in the mirror with the persona that we have a contract with. Now look outside of yourself and see where you inhabit, where does your journey take place? What does that look like? There’s a myriad of ways to look at oneself.

FC: Tell us about Map Shifters.

C: Map Shifters are people that come into your life. Your experience with them causes your life to be altered. Certain people come in and you have an invitation in that moment to join this journey. Your maps align in that moment. Or, on another note, they may invite you back to your recurring landscape where you still have something to learn. When a person comes back to invite you to look at your treasure, they’ve brought you a great gift, even if that gift is suffering.

I don’t believe we always have to be in joy. Life is everything. We don’t want to stay somewhere all the time. Nothing is ever going to remain the same. The story of life is about continuity. All of us want to believe we’re doing good things and when we’re conscious we’re just more aware, it doesn’t make us better. Divine consciousness is neutral. It doesn’t reward us because we’re good, we just feel good. We are responsible for our thoughts, beliefs and reactions. We need to be present to all of it. Take yourself out of the idea of reward. It’s our experience of [it] that’s either rewarding or punishing. It’s our perspective that shapes our world, and yes, our intentions also. It’s really more about what is hidden and unseen in the psyche than it is about setting good intentions.

FC:  I personally struggle with the faulty Compass of Logic, as I am sure many of our readers do. I appreciate the exercises you provide on how to further tap into your Compass of Spirit. Can you expand upon this for our readers?

C: When we look at a mechanical view of the world, we have an expectation that something is going to work out a certain way. If I do this, I will get that. But we can’t see the invisible synchronicities of the world. We all have a tendency to assume something is going to work out because we did A, B, and C….

Logic and reason are important decision-making components. But right brain actions are important. We can’t look at life mathematically- we need to turn results over to spirit. The intuitive pathways don’t exist in logic and reason. Logic cannot be our only compass.

FC:  I appreciate this book as the guide that it is, to help everyone through their inner journeys to self-discovery and through the journey of life. What I particularly resonate with your style of writing (and you as a person) is that you’re so down-to-earth and genuine that you’re able to clarify some rather abstract concepts to people who might not otherwise be open to them. How do you feel you’re able to do this so well?

C: This book took me three years. I started out in my left-brain, chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole.

I’ve finally found my authenticity. This is a result of my seminars. “To every pot there is a lid.” So I hope people resonate with this. I wrote this with more authenticity than anything else.

FC: Are you going back on tour?

C: No, I am not.

FC: Tell us about your current & upcoming projects.

C: I’m doing a certification coaching process so I’m going to certify people based on the methods I used in this book. I’m also doing readings full-time. And a teen oracle deck is coming soon, part astrology, part oracle, and part numerology.

I’m also conducing seminars for the weight loss for people who feel too much. A new class starts in February. This is a sharing based course, but it helps people who have difficulty with intuitive empathy that shows up in weight gain. So the focus is less on weight and more on feelings. It’s a metaphysical approach for those that have big weight swings and need to manage their clairsentience without focusing on food.

Thank you so much Colette, for taking the time to speak with us!

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