How to Lose Weight from Your Couch
- By Laura Day

How to Lose Weight from Your Couch

By Laura Day

Although this may seem an incredible concept, as far as I am
 concerned, so are diets. If diets and diet books worked, there
 would not be a multi – multibillion – dollar diet industry. You can 
and will experience how you can address your body in a new and 
effective way. If weight is an issue for you, it is a symptom of how
 you want to change your life. By changing your weight you will 
change your life.
Intuition is an amazing tool for weight loss because it guides
 you to the right choices for you, as a unique individual, as well
 as addressing the physical and psychological reasons that you, as 
an individual, are blocking yourself from having the body you
 want. Many of these reasons were helpful to you once, but now, 
just by choosing to read this, you are clear that they are no longer 
helping you. You are ready for change.
When you look at any human body, even identical twins,
 you find that no two bodies are the same. No two people are the
 same. Intuition will guide you to find what you need, specifically,
 accurately, and effectively for your own unique shape. It will also 
guide you to the resources that are right for you. You will guide
 yourself to good choices. The irony is that I won’t be speaking a 
lot about diets and food, exercise, or any of those things that you
 would expect. You will be making deep, inner changes in yourself
 that will guide you to success. I know that many of you have really
 suffered from effort after effort, sacrifice after sacrifice, only 
to find yourself failing to live in the body that you want. 
Part of what you need to purge right now is the suffering, the shame,
 the self – loathing that failure brings. You tried. This is in itself
 a courageous act. Change, any change, is seen as a threat by all
 mammals. It requires new skills and a letting go of something 
that defines us and has helped us survive in the past. It is like a
 little death. Honor yourself for your effort toward change as you
 embark on real, sustainable change. The most valuable result of 
doing this program will not be weight loss—that will be just a
 side effect of the other changes you will be making. The treasure 
is the power, joy, and effectiveness you will gain in reclaiming
 yourself and the ability to create your own life and your own 
destiny. I have never known anyone who, when they really found
 the core of their being, did not fall madly, passionately in love 
with themselves.
I am going to get the diet recommendations over with, right 
here and now. The simple truth is that when you ingest fewe
r calories than you expend, you lose weight. When you ingest
 more calories than you expend, you gain weight. Period. Many
 underlying conditions such as depression or anxiety can have 
an affect on your energy level, and as a result your weight. You 
may find yourself guided to have these conditions treated by a
 doctor. Of course, genetics play a part in how we gain or lose
 weight; however, you may find that by changing the way you use
 your energy, you change the way your brain works. I know many
 formerly obese people from obese families who have addressed 
their genetic tendencies in a way that yielded excellent results. 
You are the only powerful force of change in your life. You can 
change now.
On New Year’s Day, many of us set ourselves up for failure.
 We decide to change things that we have failed to change in
 the past, all at once. Of course we just doom ourselves to more 
failure. Willpower only works when we can uncover and free 
our will. We will be doing this together, and in freeing your will 
you will free yourself from so many things you no longer need 
to carry around, one of them being excess weight. But I am sure 
that there are many more important and exciting things that will
 come to you in the process.
Remember that fat is stored energy, so transform it into useful
 energy. It is trying to protect you. It knows how you will protect
 yourself when it is gone. Let it know what you are going to use
  the energy for.

Excerpted from How to Rule the Word From Your Couch by Laura Day.  © 2010. Reprinted with permission of Atria Books.

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