Harness the Power and Meaning of Your Dreams

Harness The Power and Meaning of Your Dreams by Writing Them Down

by Cynthia Richmond

“I had the most amazing dream, it was right there until I woke up and then it evaporated!” Our nightly dreams can be fleeting. They can also offer such helpful and important guidance that they are well worth trying to retain. There is a way to train your brain to hold onto dream material and it’s not hard to do, nor is it expensive.

The magic key is to write your dreams down. Keeping a dream journal is a hugely satisfying endeavor and the very act of making them important enough to record helps the unconscious mind realize their value, thus pulling them out of sleep more often.

Asking yourself a few extra questions will make your dreamwork even more useful. Note anything unusual about your day. We often dream about the day we’ve just lived, but it can be hard to remember weeks later when you took your pet to the vet, or paid that parking ticket. Writing it down with the date will make it easier to determine if your dream is related to your activities.

The subconscious mind uses our dreams to mull over conflicts and concerns. Perhaps the lack of conscious-state distractions makes this time especially advantageous. Nearly everyone has had the experience of waking with an answer to a question they went to bed pondering. Additional sources may influence our dreams as well. Many indigenous cultures hold the tenant that our souls or spirits can leave the confines of our physical bodies during sleep and that they can visit with the spirits of ancestors and the living as well. Numerous people report having dreams of departed loved ones, including messages shared in these visitation dreams. Others, including a great many in the Holy Bible, have been given messages by angels in their dreams.

Innovations in science, the arts, sports, medicine and spiritual evolution have all come from dreams. The Periodic Table of elements was organized in a dream.  Billy Joel and Paul McCartney, among many other composers, dream lyrics and melodies. The test to prove that insulin was effective in the treatment of diabetes came in a dream. Many people have dreams that dictate personal diagnosis and healing suggestions. Additionally, most religions have pivotal dreams in the forming of their sacred structures. Intuition and spiritual inspiration have come to countless people in their nightly nocturnal dramas. So I invite you to begin writing yours down. Ask yourself how you felt when you woke and jot that down as well. For me, remembering, journaling and working with my dreams is like taping into our spiritual source. My dreams restore me, they inspire me and they offer welcome guidance.

Here’s to the dreamers and to Eleanor Roosevelt for saying “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Cynthia Richmond is a therapist, author, educator and speaker. She has been on nearly every talk show on television, has read more than 55,000 dreams and writes for newspapers and magazines.





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