Ending the War with Your Body: An Interview with Blossom Benedict by Corinne L. Casazza

Ending the War with Your Body:

An Interview with Blossom Benedict

by Corinne L. Casazza


How many of us have waged war on our bodies? In an endless circle of trying to eat right, end illness and just feel better in general, we’ve tried everything, listened to the advice of countless doctors and experts and still ended up frustrated. What if we listened to the inherent wisdom of our bodies instead? Blossom Benedict did just that and it allowed her to heal. She now teaches others how to listen to, understand and follow the clear signals our bodies are sending us. Her upcoming book, Ending the War with Your Body is due out next year.

Blossom was no stranger to illness. She had a digestive disorder, a thyroid condition, and several knee surgeries by the age of 16.  A singer whose vocal cords had been ruined by disease, she felt “like my body had let me down and was sick of going to yet another specialist only to find they couldn’t solve it either. I saw everyone, plus made all the lifestyle changes: juicing, cleanses, meditation, diets, even gazing at the sun… Nothing worked!”

Learning to Listen

In searching for answers, Blossom tried conventional and alternative therapies. She only came to rely on her body’s wisdom as a last resort. Introduced to a set of tools that included questions, she became curious, wondering, “What if my body knows what it requires? What if it’s the only one that knows what it requires?”

Blossom had no idea how to listen to her body. “These questions were the first time I was introduced to the concept that your body actually has consciousness. From there I began the journey to learn how to have a conversation with my body. How to listen to it. It’s been remarkable.” Her symptoms disappeared once she gained her body’s wisdom.

Blossom recommends people begin by having a conversation with their body. “Acknowledge that your body has consciousness. I started asking things like, ‘Body do you want to eat this?’ In the beginning I couldn’t hear the answers. The more I asked, the more information I got.”

It took her a few months to stop judging and instead keep asking her body what it required and what it wanted her to know. She found her body had been giving her very clear, loud messages, but she hadn’t been listening.

The Questions

Blossom asked her body what it would like to eat, to wear, and even who it wanted to have sex with! She said, “We think that we wear clothes, but our body is the one who actually wears the clothes and feels them on our skin and looks good in them. Our body has the perspective on all these things.”

She recommends learning muscle testing to hear the answers your body is giving you. It’s also important not to fixate on the answer. “If you’re not getting information, ask another question. The question itself is magic. Just by asking, you are creating space in the universe for something to show up that’s different than what you had concluded.”

One of her favorite questions is “Who does this belong to?” It was the first question she was introduced to and it really shifted things for her. “I didn’t realize I was picking up people’s judgments about food. I’d ask, ‘is this mine?’ If it wasn’t, I’d just return it to sender.”

Release Judgment

Another powerful way to receive information from your body is to start noticing your judgments. “The more judgments you can let go of, the more information you’ll get, and the more awareness you’ll have.”

A judgment is anything that has a point of view attached to it. Blossom realized she was judging her food constantly and it was limiting her ability to understand what would work for her. “Every time I had a judgment, I’d say to myself, ‘that’s an interesting point of view.’ I love that phrase because it got me out of thinking that judgment was real or true. I could see that was just one way of looking at it.”

Go with Gratitude

Be grateful for your body. “Gratitude and judgment cannot exist in the same space. Gratitude is magical. Begin with anything you can be grateful for, like feeling the wind or the rain on your skin. Focus on this rather than on what’s not working.”

The practice of gratitude enables you to find more and more to be grateful for. “The more gratitude you have, the less judgment you’ll have and the more you can create what you truly desire.”


For More Information

To learn more about Blossom’s tools to connect with the wisdom of your body, visit her web site at: EndingTheWarWithYourBody.com. Here you’ll find a free 90 minute webinar.

About Blossom

Blossom Benedict is an international speaker, facilitator and transformation coach who has facilitated workshops in 12 different countries and touched thousands of lives with her dynamic presentation of life-changing tools to end the war with your body. She has a regular radio show called Lightness of Change on the Puja Network.

Corinne L. Casazza is a freelance writer based in Boston. Her latest novel Walk Like an Egyptian is available at Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com. She is currently at work on a non-fiction book.

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