Dawn of the Akashic Age

Book Excerpt

Chapter 6



by Ervin Laszlo and Kingsley L. Dennis

A new form of participatory consciousness has been emerging through our increased interconnectivity and global intercommunication. This is a distributed model that connects people horizontally in a more egalitarian way rather than through top-down structures. No longer do we have to remain the passive audience, as during the earlier communication revolutions of radio and television. The new model already with us is blogging, mobile phone text messaging, social networking, and engaging in similar forms of distributed social media. The dialogue is now shifting into a more active domain where people are putting themselves onstage and orchestrating their own connections, presence, and self-expression. At the dawn of the Akashic Age the civil body of the planet will really begin to grow and stretch its tentacles.

Externally we may seem to be a vast, distant, and separated collection of people, yet reality is just the opposite. The reality is that we form a dense, intimate, closely entwined species of various races, sharing a nonlocal sense of being. Younger people are increasingly more comfortable in expressing themselves with strangers, and many of them explore and express their inner thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas with hundreds of unknown persons online, from various cultural backgrounds.

Empathy is becoming one of the core values by which we create and sustain social life. Exposure to impacts outside of our own narrow environment will help us to achieve tolerance. We are living with experiences that are richer and more complex, full of ambiguities, multiple realities, and shared perceptions.

What is emerging is an incredible global platform for sharing, in large part free of commercial goals. All of this makes for a stupendous platform for connecting ideas and content, with very little personal investment in skills and finance. This outreach of connectivity has the power and the potential to break down old perceptual paradigms of duality–the “us” and “them”–that have been exploited by governments and ruling authorities to serve their own goals of control and conquest.

The younger generations are accustomed to sending and receiving information in a way that could nourish local networks rather than replace them. This can stimulate increasing numbers of young people from many nations to become involved in community and social projects and with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)–for example, by taking a year out to help in another culture abroad, to learn and experience, and to offer assistance. The model that the Internet and other distributed communications represent is a bottom-up, horizontal medium for spreading awareness, information, and contact. It is horizontal in that it bypasses the old model of top-down, hierarchical control structures that have been so strongly in place in recent history. If it is to truly become an effective new model for the Akashic Age, this horizontal model of distributed connectivity needs to grow and develop beyond the virtual world into the physical world. It must be able to transform how we do things daily in our communities and immediate environments. The applications of the model need to cross-fertilize so that our technologies of global connectivity can enhance and enrich our lives, friendships, and connections.

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