Cures without side effects by Max Corradi

cures-bookCures without side effects

by Max Corradi

Practical healing manual of the most essential and effective biotherapy treatments

Book excerpt

This book is a practical and very condensed health guide. It’s an essential manual for those who want to cure themselves without side effects. Part one describes different healing methods and therapies such as healing using the subconscious mind, Nutraceutical Therapy, Phytotherapy, Spagyric Medicine, Tibetan Medicine,  Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, Oligotherapy, Low Dose Medicine and Physiological Regulating Medicine. Part two covers a whole range of treatment protocols for a wide variety of health conditions using all the Biotherapy treatments described in part one of the book.
I have named ‘Biotherapy treatments’ all those treatments which are conducive to the restoration or maintainace of health and well being and which are without side effects and I tried to briefly describe them in the following chapters.

Healing using the mind


Mind and consciousness

Mind, Pure Being, all encompassing Awareness (or God) is the source of all phenomena and apprehended reality, it is the potentiality of all events, meanings and circumstances and it is beyond all dualistic apprehensions of subjects and objects, time and space.
Mind is the source of all aspects of sentient beings consciousness, the source of the conscious and the subconscious mind as we understand it in Western neuro – science and psychology and the source of all physical and non physical forms. Mind as pure potentiality is beyond time, space and beyond any Laws, but its manifestation is always governed by unchanging Laws.
On the other hand, consciousness or mind (in lower case), as we understand it in Western terminology, is the offspring of Mind, it is the radiation or effulgence of Mind, it is like the reflection appearing in a mirror.


The power of concentration and presence

Concentration means ‘to bring to a center’ and is the best of mind’s tools. It can be defined as the undisturbed power of subjective attention over an object of consciousness. Once mastered, concentration is called presence of mind and can also serve the purpose of focusing the the mind for a specific purpose.
In a nutshell, the whole process of concentration or meditation consists in fixing the attention upon something which can be physical, non physical, or one’s own consciousness itself and being able to hold it there without being distracted by wondering thoughts or emotions.

Once mastered in practice sessions, undistracted concentration is then carried into all daytime activities and it is called ‘abiding in the present moment’ or, as in the words of Eckhart Tolle, ‘the power of now’.


How to change negative or depressing moods into positive ones

Law of Polarity states that everything has two poles, everything has its pair of opposites and that opposites are identical in nature but different in degree, depending on the rate of vibration, the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale.
The positive pole always dominates the negative because of the tendency of nature to go in the direction of the dominant activity of the positive pole.


Nutraceutical, phytotherapy and spagyric medicine

Nutraceutical refers to products that range from nutrients, dietary supplements and herbal products, but can include also specific diets and processed foods such as cereals, soups, and beverages.



Spagyria or spagyric medicine from the Greek ‘spáein’ to separate or extract and ‘ágeirein’ to combine, is a term first coined by the great physician and alchemist Paracelsus (1493 -1541).
Spagyria maintains that a normal phytotherapic or herbal extract could not be expected to contain all the medicinal properties from the living plant, and so the mineral component (ash) which is result of the ‘calcination’ process, is prepared separately and then added back to potentiate the alcoholic herbal tincture.
Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine is a very ancient medical system which integrates human physiology and psychology with Buddhist philosophy, astrology and the knowledge of the five elements.
According to Tibetan medicine, the absolute condition of empty luminosity manifests itself in the form of energy into three aspects: body, energy or speech and mind, which are also reflected in the human body in the form of three humors or energies called Wind (tib: rLung), Bile (mKhrispa) and Phlegm (Badken).



Homotoxicology uses complex or combination homeopathic remedies with a wide range of indications and it is mainly prescribed in order to stimulate the body’s own defense system and to unblock damaged enzyme systems by working on the three main aspects of detoxification, immune modulation and organ support.


Physiological Regulating Medicine – PRM (Guna Method)

Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM) represents an up-to-date integration  of  homeopathy, homotoxicology,  Psycho-
Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology (PNEI) and molecular biology.
PRM innovative approach combines the essential elements of allopathy and homeopathy, integrating the allopathic element related to diagnostic technology, modern physiology, and evidence based homeopathy which provides the therapeutic effects.
PRM can be regarded as a global strategy in which the nervous, endocrine and immune system communicate and cooperate with each other, and where any intervention in one of the systems will have an effect on all of the others.

The clinical therapeutic model of Physiological Regulating Medicine planning includes three phases:

• Reprogramming of  the PNEI system
• Detoxify and drain the organism and the cells
• Symptoms treatment


Low Dose Medicine
Low dose medicine is a new therapeutic approach which aims at restoring physiology through communicating or signaling molecules such as cytokines, interleukins, growth factors, neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and hormones prepared in low dose-active dilutions (through the homeopathic method of dilution and succussion) and therefore without side effects
Since these molecules have the same physiological concentration (nanograms to picograms) as the molecules present in our organism which control and regulate organic functions under healthy conditions, one could define low dose medicine as ‘regulating medicine’ but also as ‘preventive medicine’ since low dose active preparations have virtually no side effects.

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