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Health Practitioner Heather Schmidt of Canyon Ranch’s DVD: Strong & Sculpted sat down with us to answer some questions    below regarding healthy living and the desert.


 Sedona Conscious Magazine: Tucson holds a special place in our heart because we once lived there before moving up to Sedona. The landscape is really unique and inspiring. How do you feel the desert contributes to a healthy mind & body connection?

 Heather: The first time I came to Arizona I was nine years old.  I remember the unfamiliar smell of cresote.  As I stood in the middle of the desert, tilting my head towards the sun, inhaling the intoxicating smell I told my family, “I will live here someday.”  Seventeen years later I finally made Tucson my home.  This is a place where the sun is always shining.  Maybe it’s the blue sky, the majestic mountains, the unusual animals or perhaps the unwavering sunlight that motivates me to set my alarm for 4:30 every day.  I can’t be certain.  However; I know I am not alone in this quest to cherish each moment of daylight.  This is apparent as the first ray of sunlight illuminates Sabino Canyon and the ritual of exchanging good mornings with my fellow enthusiasts begins.  There are no bad days here.  It is magnificent.

SCM: How does working at such a renowned retreat center affect your practice as a health practitioner?
H: My mentors are amazing fitness instructors, exercise physiologist, physicians, nutritionist, therapist, healing practitioners, co-workers and of course the guests.  I am fortunate to learn something new every day.  This in itself shapes me as a health practitioner.

SCM: What kind of healthy living regime do you follow? – What is a typical day like for you and your work?
H: I love to run, but limit it to three days a week.  On the days I don’t run, I strength train.  There is also the early morning ritual of dog walking. Most importantly I never exercise inside.

A typical work day usually includes a strength class, boot camp type class, pool class and a yoga class.

SCM: Do you have a spiritual practice?
H: I feel very connected to nature.  I suppose if I had to label my need for outdoor activities, I would say it is spiritual.  I typically spend 6-7 hours a day outside either exercising, gardening or building something.

SCM: Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the 3 segments on this DVD: Core, Strength and Yoga.
H: We decided to focus on the areas where participants would benefit the most. The combination of strength and stretching allows the participant to build agility and power while providing a sense of calm and balance. Additionally, the workouts are designed to work together to firm, tone and invigorate the entire body, offering a total-body transformation.

SCM: Can you offer 3 tips that our readers can incorporate into their healthy living routines that will offer the most benefits?
H: Choose walking over driving whenever possible.
Drink plenty of water.
Stay well rested.

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