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Breathe America ~ Breathe Sedona is a FREE day of Visionary Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork™ journeying on September 16, at the Sedona Creative Life Center, led by the founder of Shamanic Breathwork™, Linda Star Wolf, and sponsored by Venus Rising Association for Transformation and several Shamanic Breathwork™ practitioners who recently graduated from Venus Rising’s Accelerated Training program at the Sanctuary at Sedona.  To register or get more info for this free event, email or call 602-605-0082.

What Is Visionary Shamanism? by Linda Star Wolf

Visionary Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork™ are powerful tools for activating the Imaginal Cells in the human energy field in order to expand our consciousness, become more aware of our inherent power, and take responsibility to do the inner work required if we want to use our power in a good way to create real and lasting change in the world.  When there is an activation of consciousness, our evolution is actually accelerated and a quantum leap can be made. We really can’t afford to evolve slowly right now. There are far too few resources for the many people living on the planet.  It’s going to take a quantum leap to give birth to a new wave of consciousness and a new paradigm that is ready and primed to enter into our human forms during these highly transformational times.

Visionary Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork™ activate and integrate ancient shamanic wisdom with the new paradigm downloads that are coming into individuals around the world today. As human beings living in the modern world, we still have much to learn from indigenous teachings in terms of understanding the cycles of nature, living in sacred reciprocity and developing a deep connection with pachamama. The wisdom of the trees, also known as the Standing Ones, the mineral kingdom, the plants, the animals and all our ancestors live within us, in our bones and skin, in-forming us. At this point in our spiritual evolution, we are discovering that we can get our own messages from deep within our DNA, without necessarily having to go to a shaman in remote places of the world.  We are awakening our capacity to walk between the worlds and access information from many dimensions.  In order to make the evolutionary leap that is required of us at this time we must commit to learning how to open up to our Shaman Within, activate the imaginal cells of the future and then embody our future selves in the present.  One of the greatest lessons we are here to learn at this time is that we are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are all just beginning to wake up and realize that no one else is going to heal us or heal our planet. This is our sacred work and the sacred activism of this new era.

Visionary Shamanism is not just about going into an altered state and getting a vision.  Sometimes when people are drawn to expanded consciousness, whether it is breathwork, plant medicine, or some other form of altered states work, they are looking for visions of light because they are disenchanted and overwhelmed by the intense energies we are all experiencing on Earth during these shamanic times.  But getting a higher vision for our planet is just the beginning.  While it is incredibly important to think outside of the box and open to our future selves, it is equally important to heal the past so that we can embody these visions. Carl Jung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” True spiritual maturity involves not only having a vision, but then also knowing how to bring that light into the darkness and into form.  We do that by clearing out the obstacles in our psyches that have kept us small, stuck, disempowered and disconnected from our own bodies, minds and spirits.

If we plant a seed in place where there is not enough sun, water, or good soil, it will not flourish.  Due to the level of unconsciousness still very present on Earth at this time, most of us are like seedlings that were planted in the shade, in depleted soil and were not watered enough.  Most of us were not given the support found in nature’s ingredients to help us flower.  The good news is that when we face the psychological dilemmas of our past, even past lives, and nurture the younger parts of our selves that may have felt threatened, rejected or unloved, we naturally begin to flower. When we do the inner work to remove the blocks to our wholeness, a natural downloading of information happens that allows us to be the change we want to see in the world.

New cutting-edge processes like Visionary Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork™ help us to embody our visions and to become the flower of life.   All we really need is the sacred space and healing power of the breath to access these natural altered states, expand our consciousness and discover that the answers we are desperately seeking already live in our own hearts and psyches. It’s all within us and will unfold naturally if we are willing to take the time to do what is most important at this time: remove the blocks to remembering who we really are!  We are the ones we have been waiting for and this is our time. Stop what you’re doing and Breathe, America!

Linda Star Wolf is the founder of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, Venus Rising University, the Shamanic Breathwork Process, the Shamanic Ministers’ Global Network and the author of several books on shamanism.  Her next book, Visionary Shamanism:  Activating the Imaginal Cells of the Human Energy Field, will be released in December 2011 by Inner Traditions / Bear & Company.  Star Wolf will return to the Sanctuary at Sedona in December to teach Shamanic Egyptian Mystery School.  To learn more please visit:

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