Book Excerpt – Power Crystals – by John DeSalvo

Book Excerpt – Power Crystals – by John DeSalvo

Chapter 4

Quartz Crystals in Healing

For decades there have been innumerable books written on the healing properties of quartz crystals and other minerals. They have been very popular, especially with natural healing advocates. Suggestions on how to use or apply crystals for healing have been many and varied. The simplest and most popular method is simply to hold the crystal in your hand while you rest or meditate. Another method is to place the crystal on the afflicted part of the body or to rest it on one of the seven chakras of the human body. There are variations that usually have to do with the physical placement and sometimes the alignment (north, south, east, or west) of the quartz crystal or mineral. Using quartz, some healers have even claimed to be able to heal others at a distance.

I first heard about this when I was in graduate school decades ago, and I shrugged it off and dismissed it. I was a scientist and I believed in hard data. All this stuff about an inert rock healing the body seemed ridiculous and just one more of the so-called New Age techniques that had no basis in fact, and when put to the scientific test would be shown to be invalid. The only problem with my conclusion is that there were many people that claimed to have been healed with crystals. Not only were people claiming that physical healing was taking place, but mental or psychological healing as well. It was hard to dismiss this as imagination because of the number of claims. Well, like any good scientist, I decided to investigate this in my own way: I tried holding different types of materials, which included various common rocks, minerals, gems and, of course, quartz crystals.

I cannot say I was ever physically healed by any of them, but when I meditated with the quartz crystals, I definitely felt a sense of well-being and a greater contentment with myself and others. They also seemed to act as an amplifier for my thoughts and emotions in that I would see some of my faults as they really were, and this gave me the courage to try to amend them. The meditation with the crystals also gave me a clearer perspective of my spiritual being and the spiritual path I was on.

I was studying mathematics at that time and the equations we used included many theoretical dimensions, giving me the idea that maybe crystals were unique in that they existed in many dimensions (some we cannot perceive) and we only see them, by their projection, in our three-dimensional space/time world. If they do indeed extend and are connected with other higher dimensions, this may explain their unusual physical and spiritual properties.


To explore this further, let’s first look at resonance. Resonance is defined as the ability or tendency of a system to oscillate or vibrate at a specific frequency. For instance, each string of a guitar vibrates at a different frequency depending on its length. These specific frequencies are known as the resonant frequencies of the system under discussion. It is a transferring of energy between one system and another.

To demonstrate this principle, let’s look at the example of soldiers walking across a bridge. If soldiers march and step and their frequency is the same as the bridge, the bridge will start to vibrate and may collapse. This necessitated what became a practiced procedure of modern warfare: commanding soldiers, when crossing man-made bridges, to walk out of step. If you strike a tuning fork so it vibrates, and then you place a similar tuning fork near it, the first one will start to vibrate at the same frequency as the second. This is due to a transfer or energy between them.

How does this relate to healing with crystals?

In all the cases above, we are talking about physical resonance. But what about the possibility of a spiritual resonance, that is, a physical resonance producing some type of resonance in the spiritual realm and affecting our spiritual body? As an example, assume that the first tuning fork is in the physical realm but the second is in the spiritual. Somehow, the vibrations from the physical affect those of the spiritual. (“As Above, So Below” is a well-known Rosicrucian belief.

Can spiritual healing affect physical healing? Many people believe that illness first appears in the spiritual body and then manifests to the physical. Let’s look at a theoretical example. We start with a normal healthy person. All of a sudden, there is an abnormality in some region of their spiritual body. Maybe the aura is weak, or dark, or is of a different color in a particular area of the body. Some psychics who can see the aura of a person believe that this might indicate the beginning of a disease process.

Many years ago I wrote a book on the nineteenth-century clairvoyant and prophet Andrew Jackson Davis. He was a medical doctor who claimed he could see auras and diagnosis a person from what he saw contained therein, without any physical examination or tests. The resonance of a crystal placed in the person’s hand or over the afflicted area may have some small resonance that is amplified and communicated to the spiritual body. This helps the aura heal, which in turn then heals the physical body.

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