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Welcome to Blog No. 2 of Between the Notes.

Now that we all know we are vibrational beings, let’s explore one of the main qualities associated with vibration: RESONANCE.

When we talk about resonance we are talking about the way waves or vibrations affect each other and the way they interact. We use this concept in our common speech to describe feelings of alignment, sympathy, attunement, or common ideas (i.e., “That idea resonates with me.”) Or it can be used conversely to describe a lack of harmony or disagreement. When we hear music we love we might say, “It strikes a chord in me.” The same can be said about a particularly eloquent speaker or an evocative poem. In each case an intrinsic frequency within us is being moved; stimulated by a similar frequency coming into our field of senses; and connected to our emotions. People that make musical instruments also use the principle of resonance when crafting a fine sounding guitar, violin, or piano.

As I demonstrate in this video, a string held in the fingers and plucked won’t make a great sounding tone. But, if you stretch that same string over a wooden box, the wood will resonate with the vibrations created when you pluck it. Viola’! You’ve created a primitive instrument, complete with amplification!

We have the ability to receive all kinds of vibrations and influences, some of which will enhance our well-being while others will weaken or even damage us. We’ve all had the experience of being around a particularly negative person and feeling exhausted or negative as a result of the experience. This is because we begin to resonate with them, either out of sympathy, a desire to connect, or plain old unconsciousness. And at the same time, there are people in our lives we love to be around because their energy produces an uplifting or inspiring effect on us.

By being sensitive to our feelings and paying attention to our intuition we can attune ourselves and resonate with situations, people, and places that amplify our inherent spiritual integrity. For example, being in natural environments is particularly restorative to our balance and peace.

The fundamental note is, choose your music, work, and friends wisely because in time we become that which we resonate with!

On that note, I’d love to hear about what you resonate with. In the comment section post the kind of music, poetry, spiritual teachers, food, colors, etc. that amplify your vibration.

Enjoy the new webisode. I hope it strikes a chord!


Philippo Franchini

The Musical Alchemist

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