Awakening to Your Life Purpose with Dr. Jean Houston

Awakening to Your Life Purpose with Dr. Jean Houston

by Corinne L. Casazza

I’ve been a fan of Jean Houston since I read her book, The Mythic Life. Our shared Sicilian heritage led me to truly resonate with the tales she told of her Italian family. Jean’s writing is lyrical, rich and evocative; she’s a great storyteller and a tremendous humanitarian. Having written so much of heroes, she is certainly one of mine. Dr. Houston has inspired me not only to be a better writer, but to live up to my full potential.

A dynamic force in the human potential movement, Dr. Jean Houston has worked with people from around the globe, and at every level of corporate culture and government. In a lifetime of work, she has come to discover that despite our multitude of differences, we all struggle with the same issues, especially those of finding and living our life purpose.

According to Houston, our collective story is constantly changing and we need new skills to thrive. “Part of it is we’re at the end of one era and the beginning of the next one. We’re the people of the parentheses. I think our parents and grandparents had expectations which were fulfilled. This isn’t true anymore. This is a whole system transition in which everything is changing. Most people are not prepared for this. Why does the Y generation love Lady Gaga? It’s because she changes every minute. Change is the nature of reality these days.”

Dr. Houston prepares people for the present and future by “having them access many, many capacities and potentials that we all have and rarely use, and by giving them ways of shifting their belief structures into ones that are coherent, genuine and realistic, ones that inspire and motivate. They are simply cooking on more burners with this expansion of body, mind, spirit and being.”

Houston teaches people the skills to engage a larger story and a larger reality allowing them to meet their challenges on a more equal basis instead of being run over by them. “I find all over the world a rise in spiritual need and yearning. I show people how to find the spiritual practices that will awaken in them the spiritual unfolding in their lives.”

In her new seven week virtual course, Awakening to Your Life Purpose, Houston delivers some intensive training. She looks at reality in various ways, one of which is sensory and physical. “I teach people how to activate physical and sensory capacities to a level of acuity they haven’t previously had. They are able to take any intention and run it through these inner potentials so they touch it, feel it, dream it, dance it, paint it, chant it, hear it; they are it. This creates a passion for the possible as well as a set of skills that allows them to manifest things. They are able to learn things quickly. I give them access to the many, many personalities that reside within us.”

This author of 26 books is no stranger to applying these techniques in her own life. She has great resistance to writing. “I really don’t like to write. I think writing is one of the most difficult tasks of all. You’re facing the blank computer, you’re facing the blank page…and you’re hoping prose will emerge and it’s a sense that you have to pull up from yourself all manner of qualities, all manner of selves, really, so it makes sense that the local self is in resistance because it really doesn’t want you to turn the page on your own history. You are off on a desert island of yourself.”

She overcomes her resistance by calling in the archetype of the cook. “I can (write) because I jump ship on local Jean and become the cook where I have no resistance at all. Instead of being phobic, I become a cook. I have no blocks at all. I stir in a mélange of ideas and add the buttery sauce of new associations, and the spice of new ideas; I literally think as a cook.”

Houston feels and her work has borne out, that if we look through the great numbers of persona, or archetypes, we all have within us, we’d develop this other persona in such a way that we could bring the skills and the mood to bear on anything that’s challenging for us.

When we “get beneath the surface of consciousness, we are a teeming source of storying. At the same time, our story is changing. I show people how to engage in the larger story, how to live in it archetypally.”

Now is the time for us to discover our life purpose. “I grew up knowing this was the most important time in history. I grew up knowing we couldn’t continue to live as half light versions of ourselves. It’s because I’ve seen so many people and interacted with so many cultures that I’ve seen the glory and the beauty that everyone contains. What we do profoundly makes a difference in whether we grow or die.”

Dr. Houston is offering a free audio seminar on Three Keys to Discovery and Living Your True Purpose Participants of this 75 minute presentation will learn to:

·        Activate their unique gifts to live life at a higher plane of effectiveness, compassion, and joy

·        Find meaningful work, have deeper relationships and live with PURPOSE

·        Garner the courage to step outside of the daily grind and thrive

·        Infuse each “ordinary” moment with purpose and potential

·        Create life motivated by gratitude and an abiding zest for life

Participants may also register for Awakening to Your Life Purpose – Houston’s new seven week virtual course where she delves even deeper into the tools for permanent and sustainable life transformation.

Jean Houston’s work has helped countless people transcend ordinary lives and enter mythic ones. For my part, she has inspired me to write new myths, legends and tales that awaken people’s consciousness to grow, learn and heal.

To register for the FREE audio seminar Three Keys to Discovery and Living Your True Purpose or for more information about Dr. Houston’s groundbreaking virtual courses please visit:

One Response to “Awakening to Your Life Purpose with Dr. Jean Houston”

  • Dear Ms. Jean Houston,

    I listened to your seminar today. I live in Iran, so I had to listen in at 4:30 am.

    I am happy that I did. However, in life, there are some obstacles that are very hard to go around or jump over or leave behind. Matters of power struggle and greed and selfishness which requires destruction and madness to the extreme. Such obstacles are pretty hard to over come.

    As late Master Bruce Lee used to say: “Be water my friend.” I’ve tried facing the obstacles in life as water meets a rock on it’s path. However, this obstacle seems like a dam and no matter how high I rise, the dam rise still higher. So, I am tried to be like a wind. To effortlessly go about, around and over and below the obstacles and pass by it. It’s possible and yet, it feels like I am inside this cave full of obstacles that no matter how swift and effortlessly I pass them by, I face them again and again as if I am going around in an endless circle of the same obstacles wearing new disguises and blocking something new as they teach me some other tricks.

    Listening to your seminar today, gave me hope. Knowing other people are out there on the same ship. I just hope and I want you to beg you to please, please, please ask whomever or any masters that you know to put all their manifestation techniques and save the earth from Vanity, Greed, Power struggle and selfishness of these people who call themselves the leaders of the world.

    People around the world are in fear. Fear of what will happen next. And as you know, fear causes anger and anger brings along suffering and struggles to the point of destruction. This will not do anyone any good. And those in power, seems like they have lost their mind and it feels like we are repeating the Atlantis era all over again!

    Please help and remember these leaders of the world to ease down their vanity and stop destroying the earth. Thank you.

    I also met Dr. Deepak Chopra back in year 2000 at Weston Harbor Castle in Toronto. I asked him a personal question and he guided me to read the 7 spiritual laws of success. And then I got to know Mr. Neale Donald Walsh who recommended to listen to your seminar today. I have also been a student of Universal Energy School guided by Master Luong Minh Dang and I hold a degree in Complementary Medicine, Traditional Medicine.

    I am currently residing in Iran taking care of my 69 year old loving and caring mother. The only real fan I have in the world. When you were talking about the higher self, the one who loves you no matter what, and then you talked about Mother Theresa, I thought about her. I was not and am not the best son in the world, but she never stopped loving me and caring for me so effortlessly and so unconditionally that no word is able to describe it. Thank you for being who you are!

    I also have relatives living in Houston, Austin and San Antonio in TX and I have been there many times.

    I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for your time. Thank you for making this knowledge available to the public like a fresh wind in the beginning of this 2013th Spring A.C. to help all those who listen to have a chance to bloom and flourish.

    Love ‘n Light
    M. S. Izaddoost M.D. (T.M)

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