Awakening the Shaman Within …

Shamanic Breathwork

Awakening the Shaman Within
An Interview with

Linda Star  Wolf

Breathe America. Breathe World. Stop, look and listen, not from the ego, but from the Shaman within that’s connected toour deeper soul purpose. And it’s not too late.

Linda Star Wolf, founder of the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts and the Shamanic Breathwork process, has been creating the foundations of Shamanic Breathwork in her three decades of service work. Her latest book, Shamanic Breathwork: Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Self, relates the story of how she came to do this work, how it evolved over time, and how it is changing lives.

Shamanic Breathwork is a breathing process and journey. The process itself seems to magically take you where in consciousness you need to go for greater healing and transformation. The mechanics of it uses the healing power of circular breath to chakra-attuned music. It’s typically done with a facilitator and a group. The facilitator does focused bodywork on the group during the session. At the conclusion, she helps participants integrate their experience into the outer world by allowing them to talk about it. Star Wolf also encourages the creation of art including mask-making, drawing and writing about the journey.

“This journey is geared toward bringing transformation. It’s about bringing what’s going on beneath the surface to the surface. We’re seeking to bring the unmanifest to the manifest. Our memories get trapped in the cells of our body like a Kodak moment. The breathwork experience can be about healing our past, past lives, or we can be in a totally blissful ecstatic state with connection to a higher power or nature,” says Star Wolf.

One of the primary purposes of Shamanic Breathwork is to bring to our sacred purpose to our conscious awareness by removing waking-life obstacles. “The only thing that stands in the way of a seed growing is it not being nurtured. All things are growing toward the light (of our true being).” Star Wolf feels that whatever wounds that have happened to us in childhood or even in utero are important. These wounds cause patterns in our psyche and physical body that begin to block the True Self. “It’s never too late to till the soil and remove old patterns of dysfunction. Shamanic Breathwork opens us to our deeper sacred purpose that each of us came here with.”

In this Age of Aquarius, personal accountability is key; we must fi nd our sacred purpose ourselves. “We’re leaving behind the Piscean Age where we looked to a guru, sage or shaman to help us heal or do it for us. It’s time for us to become the adults on the planet. We need to grow up and acknowledge our Divinity. So, instead of looking outside ourselves for the mother ship to show up, we must take Shamanic Breathwork by Linda Star Wolfresponsibility for our own healing. We understand there is no one or no thing that can heal us. Instead, we step into, ‘I can honor others – Shamans, medical doctors, alternative practitioners – but my healing is my responsibility.’ We need to stop giving our power away.”

Surrender is a necessary part of our healing journey. If we don’t surrender, we won’t change. If we don’t give up our ego identity and attachment, we can’t transform ourselves and the planet. “We’ve developed a shadow that gets hidden in our unconscious. So much is in there,” says Star Wolf. “We need to look in and see the light and the dark. If we can’t surrender the ego’s control, we can’t honor our gifts and we can’t know who we are in our wholeness. We can’t heal, transform, or bring our sacred purpose to the world. We need curiosity, open-mindedness and trust.”

Star Wolf sees things starting to shift. People are beginning to wake up. “What I see in my groups now is that there’s a quickening in the DNA. Something inside our evolutionary patterns is growing; we’re gearing up to produce fruit. Surrender is more organic now. People used to wait until they had a health challenge, addiction, or lost a loved one to surrender. Not anymore. Surrender is about opening and trusting and letting go and learning from wisdom rather than woe. We are learning to be proactive and open to flow. We’re learning that we can surrender and we don’t need such a strong ego anymore.”

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Corinne L. Casazza
April/May 2010
Four Corners Magazine

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