Awakening the Planetary Mind by Barbara Hand Clow

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Awakening the Planetary Mind by Barbara Hand Clow

Book Excerpt

Chapter 9
Goddess Alchemy and the Heliopolitan Mysteries

Past-Life Regression under Hypnosis

Past-Life Regression (PLR) is a therapeutic method for recalling our “past lives,” and whether these stories are thought of as “real” does not really matter. PLR helps us access the themes of our lives. In a typical regression session clients are hypnotized, or induced into a light trance, and they are encouraged to go back in time to seek information that might assist them in their current life.

Often, by simply remembering key themes in the past, we can experience psychological breakthroughs that stimulate new growth in our current life. Crippling phobias can be eliminated–such as fear of water or heights–by having the client reexperience a drowning or fall in a past life. Sometimes overweight people achieve their normal weight after experiencing a past life when they starved to death.

Past-Life Regression emerged during the 1960s out of standard hypnotic therapy and psychological counseling, and now it is widely used by therapists to help clients access deep emotional themes. Beyond receiving symptomatic relief, some clients seek spiritual growth and transformation from Past-Life Regression sessions. When spiritual growth is the goal, PLR is greatly facilitated by using the concepts of karma and reincarnation, which teach us that we live many lives to work out emotional blocks. We return again and again, guided by our soul’s desire to learn, express love, and find spiritual meaning.

Gregory Paxson of Chicago was my first PLR therapist. Although PLR is a recent practice in our culture, it is actually an ancient and sacred tradition that was used to train adepts for thousands of years. Most people who do PLR sessions report past experiences in the linear space and time context, which surprises people. This is what makes me think there is a central, time-coded library that contains all our past experiences that anybody can visit at any time.

We seem to be souls who create experiences amid collective events, as if being alive is like being in a movie. Since 1999, when the Eighth Underworld opened, computer technology has made it easy to consider ideas like this. Computer files are organized by linear time based on crystalline clocks that are the essence of this Underworld’s resonance. By traveling through various times and experiencing different phases of time acceleration, I encoded the mental-emotional qualities of the 102,000-year-long Fifth Underworld. Anyone can reawaken these dormant capacities. PLR is tremendously helpful for clearing your emotional body and going beyond duality, because the therapist is trained to help you see all the aspects around a particular dilemma and seek resolution.

Greg Paxson thinks of memory as a “power of refreshment, of new life in harmonic resonance with the ancient earth of the heart.” When we explore this harmonic resonance, we experience ourselves as pure energy, which is what happens when we have a clear, diaphanous emotional body. Realizing that your feelings are the energy field that holds you in physical form is very liberating and expansive.

Paxson once said that our bodies of consciousness–physical, emotional, mental, and soul–are “holograms of different densities that are co-occupying the same physical space, vibrating independently and in harmonic interaction around the reference–the frequency of Self.” For him, an initiation is when higher energies are received into the person, permanently changing the energy frequency and functioning of that personality–that is, accessing nine dimensions simultaneously.

Theologians removed reincarnation from Christian theology 1,600 years ago, and since then the one-lifetime mentality has created a huge glut of unprocessed emotions. Individuals erupt ever more ferociously and irrationally with desperate and violent cries for help because they feel they must get married, have children, succeed at work, and be famous–all during one lifetime. They drug themselves, the frustration builds, and like a dam bearing the weight of the water, the pressure will build until it is breached. These intense inner complexes must be expressed eventually, which is why the initiation process has always been used in healthy cultures.

I’ve lectured to thousands about reincarnation and karma, and so far the biggest objection to the concept is that people say they hate the idea because they never want to be born again! This is why Western culture is ecocidal. Why bother to care for the forests and streams, the animals and insects, and the fertility of the soil if you believe you will not return again to this world? This one-lifetime mentality causes people to destroy the world. Some clients access lifetimes in which they experience terrifying cataclysms. PLR significantly reduces catastrophobia when people get in touch with cataclysmic lifetimes. The use of PLR in the midtwentieth century began clearing the collective mind, I’m sure of it!

For me, memories are like imagistic musical chords, and when we experience them again we enrich our current resonant frequency. Accessing our inner memories is like listening to Beethoven’s late quartets or Bach’s fugues. By feeling past vibratory fields existing deep within our brains, our current nine-dimensional structure tunes up. Like an old violin in the attic that is oiled, restrung, and played again, we become cosmic instruments in tune with the divine plan for ourselves as individuals and for our culture as a whole.

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