Angels – Messengers of Light

Interview of the Seer Almine by Sandra and Denise, Canada

  Q. What can you tell us about the origins of angels?

A. To understand this, we have to understand time and space because the functions of angels is very closely associated with their formation. Time is    entrapment; it keeps us on the circular page of the past, present and future. This is a treadmill that we must step off of, to remember once again our eternal self as the source of our unique expression of Infinite intent.


Identity forms from our accumulated story as we travel through time. Sages throughout the ages have stated that it is necessary to discard our identities and to remember that we are indescribable, eternal and indivisible. The body, soul and spirit keep us on this treadmill of time by creating karma that  deliberately obscures our vision. Body, soul and spirit are kept in place even though they are the result of the identities we accumulate through time and therefore are illusional creations.


First of all, the fictitious belief in the Law of Compensation creates karma. The Law of Compensation can only exist if we believe in limitation. If we function from our true identity as an eternal being, similar to a current flowing through an ocean of the Infinite without any shores, then we will understand it is not possible to owe anything to anybody. Secondly, the use of our mind and limited, separative senses as a way of accessing perception, allows parts of existence to be obscured and we are more easily manipulated by them – often resulting in what we would call mistakes and thereby creating karma. Thirdly, by creating the three parts of linear time (past, present and future), we keep repeating the same cycles of existence.


We travel on this treadmill because firstly, we believe we always owe something and the resulting guilt creates what we refer to as karma. Karma is actually the opportunity for the resolving of issues. Secondly, the tools that we use to access reality are themselves flawed and thus we repeat the mistakes again, thus creating the karma. Thirdly, if we live in linear time in the past, the present and the future, it keeps us on a treadmill that makes repetitive cycles of existence so that we keep encountering the same issues over and over again.


Linear time is created by our attitudes in the following way. We strive for certain results in order to control outcome in physicality. This striving for results creates the future. We then have an equal and opposite reaction from our soul. It looks backwards by clinging to the past with either sentimental values or through self-pity. These two opposite movements within beingness, would create a vacuum as soul and body move in opposite directions. So spirit fills the gap, which is really what the moment is. The moment is the gap that is left when past and future are pulling in opposite directions. Spirit fills the moment by controlling the now.  It does so through value judgements kept in place by belief systems.  It is from this forward and backward movement that the reference point of the moment is formed. The reference point that tries to remain stationary, and the movement into what is to come, and what was, creates time. Where this movement and reference point take place, space is created.


Now that we understand how time and space are created and how this forms the disc of existence that goes around and around, having us repeat over and over the cycle of the past becoming the future, the future becoming the past, the moment traveling around and around as our point of awareness. This explains our personal lives, but we can now also understand the cosmos. The cosmos is but a being in all its vastness that has a physical body, a more etheric body we call soul, and an even more etheric body that you can divide into two sections (one that provides spirit and the other which is even more etheric).


Q. What specific role and function do angels have with humanity?

A. The cosmic disc goes around and around in its incarnations just the way our lives do. Angels play a crucial part in this circular movement of cyclical life. First of all, angels are dotted around this disc upon which life moves which is the cosmos moving through life cycles. They are dotted which means there are angles of the past and there are angels of the future – but, really there is no distinction because one becomes the other, and there are  also angels of the now. These are the primary distinctions of the angels that are on this cosmic cyclical journey.


Q. What do the different orders of the angels represent?

A. We have angels of the past referred to as the angels of the black light. We have angels of the future; they are called angels of the white light.  Then we have angels to help us gain the potential of the moment, and those angels are called guardian angels by some in their personal lives. The cosmos also has these angels. The angels of the now are found in the physical earth, in its spirit body. Many of the angels of the now (not all, but many), are in the spirit levels of life on earth. It is spirit that controls the now. Their task is to help us see through the obscurities that are deduced by belief systems. Belief systems make us see life in a slanted way; they are here to help us see behind these belief systems and appearances. Life does not like such cages and so it produces cataclysmic change and opposition to break them up. Our guardian angels are there as a counter measure to the control that spirit tries to exert on the moment in order to maintain the status-quo. Those angels change in function, but they don’t change in function enough that they have to be reabsorbed into the group soul of angelic presence, to emerge as a completely different angel. This however is the case for angels that are of the future and of the past, because the future becomes the past. They alternate roles.


Q. How would the role of any angel become obsolete?

A. As we go through the cycles of life (of which there have been eighteen, like the segments of a grapefruit that is cut through the middle), we encounter transitions as we pass from one cycle to next. At this time the angels are reabsorbed back into the group soul and they re-emerge with a new function.


Q. I am interested in the roles that angels play according to their particular frequency; similar to one being a gifted painter, musician or perhaps skilled with languages. Do angels have ‘strong suits’?

A. There are 300 angels of the future and their angelic orders. There are 300 angels of the past and their angelic orders. These angels hold the perceptions that we missed because physical, soul and spirit have deliberately kept from us the full picture of accessing our reality so that the resulting karma would call us back into their realm. Life is controlled by the physical, death is controlled by soul and ascension is controlled by spirit. No one of these stages is more valuable than another, but yet they vie and compete for attention. It empowers them. When one gets low on empowerment and resources it calls on us to come and pay the debt and so we empower it yet again. This “ring around the rosie” (a children’s game), has kept us on the treadmill.

The angels are assisting to give us the perceptions we have missed; to help change the frequencies that have become distorted because of that which has been missed. They are here to help us gain full perception through accessing the experience of existence, so life can be changed through grace rather than the forced change of cataclysmic events and opposition. These are the tasks of the 300 angels of light, called the Angels of Atlantis, and the 300 hundred angels of the dark light, which represent the past, called the Angels of Lemuria and the 144 Angels of Presence, who are the guardian angels of the moment of cosmic life.

The angels are here to beneficially assist. There are no dark angels. Those are demonic beings that we have mistakenly called by the name angels. Demonic beings have the opposite role: instead of embodying the perception, which is light, and the true frequency that we could have lived had we had full perception, they embody the chaos that takes place as forced change creates even more fear and anger and pain. The angels are, and always have been, a benevolent influence and friend of humanity. They are rightly revered for their purity and commitment to promoting benevolent life.


Acknowledge as the leading seer and mystic of our time, Almine is a gifted teacher and lecturer. She has gained a large international following while traveling the world delivering her empowering, life-altering message. She is also a prolific author and many of her books are translated into multiple languages. Her online courses range from mysticism and self-mastery to shamanism and cutting-edge alchemy. Much of Almine’s information comes from her renowned gift as a translator or ancient records.


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