Abundance Card by Cher Lyn


“Miracle Moon”

She came from the stars with gifts from above.

Lessons in faith and tools sent with Love.

A message of Peace she brings in her Heart,

A vessel filled with Light to make a new start.

Cher Lyn

In the painting you see White Buffalo Woman descending from the Heavens on a stairway through the sky, transported in an ancient symbol. This symbol has the power of the Universal Creative Forces within it. “Miracle Moon” comes to you with spiritual knowledge, as a guardian and gift-giver. She knows how to make miracles happen. She is here to teach you when you are willing to open and receive. Her return is a prophacy fulfilled, bringing peace and Abundance to all of life.

In 1997 Miracle Moon, a white buffalo was born. Many believe that the white buffalo symbolizes the coming together of humanity into oneness of heart. According to the National Buffalo Association the odds of a white buffalo’s birth is somewhere in the range of 6-10 million. Hence the prospect of a white buffalo being born makes your chances of winning the lottery look easy! Miracles are here.

Abundance can come in many forms, love, peace, health, happiness and financial to mention a few. Your imagination is the tool that your soul uses to dream potential into reality. Your heart and mind work together to conjure your desire into the present. If you continually think about what you don’t have, it has great power to keep these limitations showing up in your life as “real.” The more you consciously change your habitual thoughts and feelings into a new pattern, the easier it’ll be to participate consciously. Above all, be grateful for the blessings that are already in your life.

It has been written in the creative Force of the Universe. The medicine of Abundance is here for you. Be cognizant of what you desire and why. No one ever found true happiness soley becasuse they were wealthy. Unify with gratitude, germinate your seed with possitive thoughts and keep it flowing by both giving and allowing yourself to receive.

For more information on Cher Lyn’s art visit http://web.me.com/mysticcher/MysticArtMedicine/Home.html

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  • Cher Lyn:

    Hello Holly I did not know you were continuing to show my cards, great. And thank you. Happy joy full holidays to you, Cher Lyn

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