A Tale of the Bare-breasted Maiden: The Divine Mother in All of Us

A Tale of the Bare-breasted Maiden:

The Divine Mother in All of Us

by Corinne L. Casazza

Have you ever wondered how to get in touch with the Divine Mother within you?  Or how to hear her better? Have you ever had the desire to transmute your fears, or shift your doubt into certainty? Is it true that the very essences that comprise Divine Mother – Self-love, Nurturing and Compassion – are the qualities that allow us to transform our fears?

Recently I had a dream that I was sitting at a table full of people ready to share a meal. I noticed that my torso was free of clothing. Yup, I was sitting at the table just as Divine Mother made me. And it seemed neither I nor anyone else had a problem with it, though I was the only one so attired – or not. I was sitting there like it was perfectly natural to be half-dressed in a social setting. I woke up thinking, What was that?

In meditation that morning, I asked my guides to show me what it meant. Now, my guides have been known to have a sense of humor, and I love the way they use whatever is in my consciousness to get a point across. So, their answer was to play for me the whole theme song from the 70s TV show, Maude. Do you remember the lyrics? Let me remind you, oh, and don’t forget the sexy voice of the female singer:

Lady Godiva was a freedom rider*

She didn’t care if the whole world looked

Joan of Arc, with the Lord to guide her,

She was a sister who really cooked

Isadora was the first bra-burner

Ain’t cha glad she showed up? (Oh yeah)

And when the country was falling apart,

Betty Ross got it all sewed up

And then there’s Maude …

Wow, a song from the 70s about girl power. Go figure. Once I stopped laughing, I thought about these women. They all followed their guidance no matter what anyone thought, or where it took them – even to a slow and painful death.

What kind of courage does it take to lead your nation’s troops into war at a time when it’s unthinkable for women to be on the battlefield? How much conviction must you have to follow the guidance of your heart? Your God-given guidance? And how much must you love and trust yourself and that guidance?

The more I thought about these heroines, the more I felt they embodied the aspects of Divine Mother. Willing to do whatever it took to complete their mission. How did they get to that place of intense devotion?

What if it were the elements of the Divine Mother herself? Self-love, nurturing, and compassion – are these the seeds of Creation? What if all we had to do was embrace these quality essences to step into our True Self and onto our Divine Path? Could we do it? How?

I feel that letting go of our emotions – whatever we have bottled up or suppressed down – is an important part of self-love, knowing ourselves and being able to hear our guidance. After all, if we are using our energy to keep our emotions repressed, we don’t have as much energy available to hear our guidance and know what steps are in Divine right action for us.

Anything that triggers you during the day, making you feel angry, sad, envious; whatever the emotion, is fodder to be released. I like to let these emotions go by turning them into love. For instance, I’ve been planning to teach a class on Channeling the Written Word. As I am readying my materials for class, a lot of negative thoughts have been swirling around in my head. Here are some examples: “You’ll never make any money as a writer.” “You can’t charge for that class; you’re not an expert.” “No one is interested in what you have to say.” And truly, the big one that all these little guys fall under, “You’ll never make it on your own.”

Wow, I didn’t know that last one was still in there! So, what to do with these? I write them down; make a list of them and all the emotions they elicit in me. Yell, scream, swear on the page; get it all out. Then, look for the gifts in these thoughts and emotions. Why were they there? What were they protecting me from? What have they allowed me to do? Can I love myself just because I have/had these beliefs?

When I was a kid, believing no one was interested in what I had to say made me a great listener. It’s a skill I treasure today. I listened to the rhythms and cadences of two languages – Italian and English. As a result I have a keen ear for dialogue. I can tell as soon as I write something whether it works or not. I don’t even have to hear it.

The funny thing is many times, emotions aren’t even true! I’ve made more money as a writer than doing anything else. That thought kept me from believing in myself as a writer for a long time. At some point, I wanted to disprove it, and I did.

Not being able to make it on my own is also a lie. That one’s been rolling around in there for at least a couple of decades. I’ve been out here in the desert for nearly four years now, and I’m still standing. Still writing, still making it on my own – sans the corporate job and salary I had when I landed here. This belief gave me the courage and independence to strike out on my own. I left the comfort and safety of my family on the east coast to venture west to become more of my authentic self – okay, I didn’t know that at the time; I only knew I loved the red rocks, but after being here this long, it’s pretty apparent.

Embracing these emotions and beliefs and having gratitude and acceptance for them allows them to dissolve. To shift like the soft desert sand under my bare feet. Now I write down all the gifts that came from these beliefs – the courage, independence, writing skills and motivation to live my authentic life. I go into meditation and thank my guides and Divine Mother for these lessons. Changing these beliefs on the internal makes them change in the external.

The next day I got a call from a friend. She said, “I had to call you to get an expert opinion. As a published author, can you tell me…”

I just laughed. Okay, Spirit, I got it. My guides used the very words in my unconscious belief to mirror back to me the fact that I’d gotten past it – others see me as an expert.

It takes the qualities of Divine Mother to transform our fears. Self-love is needed to shine light at the shadow side of ourselves. We need nurturing to keep doing this work knowing that it’s for our highest good. Compassion allows us to accept and release these emotions and beliefs so we can express more of our true selves.

To me, this is what my dream was about – the Naked Truth – freedom and the freedom of expression. For who is Divine Mother if not the Truth in all of us?

*Copyright David Grusin and Andrew Bergman

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