A July Month of Transformation and Deep Recognition by Henry Seltzer

astrology JuneA July Month of Transformation and Deep Recognition

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of July features Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris. This makes for a potent mix, as Uranus draws nearer and nearer to Eris before stationing to retrograde motion a few degrees away, on July 26th. Neptune and Pluto are both prominent in this month’s astrology, being aspected by Jupiter and Venus in the New Moon timing, and because the Sun and Moon in opposition at the very beginning of July make a trine and sextile to numinous Neptune, while Mercury and Mars in close conjunction exactly oppose Pluto at the mid-July New Moon in late Cancer, just as the Sun and Moon make a close square to Eris. Venus was in close aspect to the late-Gemini New Moon that began the current cycle, from the middle of the previous month, as well as being conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus/Eris at the timing of the July 1st Full Moon, so that relationship themes are prominent throughout the month.

It is in fact a strong Venus cycle that we find ourselves in all this summer. In recent days, we have been able to see Venus and Jupiter as quite brilliant in the evening skies, drawing closer. They are heading to an exact conjunction in the early hours of July 1st, the same day as the Full Moon, when these two are also in extremely close trine with an empowered Uranus-Eris conjunction in Aries. There is thus currently an innovative spirit at work in all our relating, and our attempt to better understand the way that relationship patterns work themselves out in our lives. This is even more true over the next two months, as we head into the July 25th retrograde of Venus, beginning in Virgo, and subsequently traveling backward through Leo all the way to the 15th degree, where she stations direct on September 9th. She will disappear from the evening skies to begin her sojourn “in the underworld,” when closest to the Sun, from August 9th to the 26th. August 26th is the time of her Heliacal Rise when she reappears as the Morning Star to begin a new 584-day cycle, this time associated with the sign of Leo.

Jupiter precisely trined Uranus at the timing of the mid-June New Moon that began the current cycle, and in the Full Moon of July 1st, in conjunction with Venus, remains trine to both Uranus and to Eris, greatly emphasizing their influence, and indicating a month of breaking free of barriers to more fully realizing your deepest soul intention. I have written about Eris extensively, and find her to be a very important planetary archetype, a Feminine Warrior energy for Soul Purpose. Through strong Eris transits such as this one, depending on how her current position at 23 degrees of Aries strikes your natal chart, you will find a greater connection with and determination for what you came into this lifetime to achieve.

The end of July will be an extremely interesting and intense timeframe. Saturn in Scorpio eventually stations to direct motion, but not until August 1st; Uranus stations retrograde in this same timing, on July 26th, only three degrees away from a stationary Eris, thus bringing this brand new astrological archetype into far greater intuitive understanding. The final week of July is therefore a very mystical juncture, jump-starting one’s quest for soul intention. With Venus in retrograde in this last week of July, continuing over the course of August and early September, we will be somewhat isolated from free-flowing connection with others, and more greatly invested in our depths, as we are likely closely examining the impact of relationship on our lives and as we seek to better understand ourselves in these deeper layers of the psyche.

ARIES (March 20-April 19).  This month is amazingly powerful and productive for you, Aries, especially within your own private spaces. You are likely talking up a storm, ever since the late-Gemini New Moon from the middle of last month, with a strong urge to be connected with helpful partners in a meaningful and more fully energized way. This impulse has a contributing factor of being in strong alignment with finding your own way forward into the world, independent of the influence of early conditioning or consensus viewpoints. You are partnering up with important others in your life in a new way – and as you do allowing for more than just a touch of the deeply hidden and very mystical part of yourself to rise to the surface. The adventure of this summer is life-changing; all the more so, the more that you can allow yourself to let go and simply flow with it.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19).  This is an amazing month for you, Taurus, full of internal progress opening mystical pathways forward into a more profound future self, which has, paradoxically, a decidedly practical component for you as well. Recent financial ups and downs have served to grant you a vital process of learning and also of unlearning. Something about family – and your inner core knowing – is completing a major shift; so that over the course of this rather exciting monthly cycle you are coming home, in a metaphorical and perhaps even a literal sense. You experience an unexpected perceptual click, a figure-and-ground reversal, and the puzzle pieces spring into place. Everything that was needed to be understood is suddenly conveyed, in instant epiphany, as though, through the many months and even years of preparation, your vision had only now decided to dream itself into realistic activation.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is a magic month for you Gemini, full of bright ideas, as you come closer into who you really are. You have it in you now to transcend previous high water marks of personal achievement, with the accent on the personal. You are engaged in finding your own unique destiny, and as your highest, and perhaps your only priority, responding to that soul-level impulse from deep within that really speaks to you. Others have their differing viewpoints, and the contribution of your early conditioning still rings strongly in your psyche, but these pale to insignificance compared to what only you can ever understand about your own pathway forward. The indications are there for positive outcomes. Additionally, the self-satisfaction you gain by following your inner voice brings to you your truest measure of success.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) Mystical realities beckon to you, Cancer. Over the period of the recent intense Mercury retrograde, you have been through an interesting and philosophical process on pieces of yourself that are deep inside you, which this month yields greater clarity. Partnership is vital to you now as well, in part because of what this important area can do for you in terms of more fully understanding what is truly going on, both on the outside and within. Your beliefs are shifting in the direction of greater acceptance of the unseen and the unknown, which only makes sense considering what there is to discover in these very significant hidden realms. Your logical mind has issues with this, but then again, your logical mind must at times admit that it does not altogether run the show.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is an important month of change for you, Leo. You are filled with optimism for new ideas, and for the strange learning now coming your way, epiphanies and realizations that are imbued with a powerful sense of deep purpose. Success in the eyes of the world is within your grasp, and depends in part on your commitment to service to others. The first half of the current month represents the best chance that you will have all year to visualize new future worlds for yourself into concrete manifestation. When you think big and stay true to your most deeply cherished values, you will be richly rewarded; if not immediately, then over time. You are getting a novel handle on projects that are, in essence, educational, while yet taking you far afield from the academic pursuits of the ivory tower.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This is a very unusual and vitally interesting time for you, Virgo, when the accumulated changes of the past few months and even years are coming to a head, reaching for a new conclusion. You have been questioning many aspects of your outer world involvement, which you are also beginning to see as only one of several varieties of truth that are available to you. It is partly a question of values, and of which of the inner tugs of intuition you are ready to put your metaphorical money on. Partners are an important focus, truly life changing, and redolent also of emphasizing inner priorities. Although overtly professional fronts are claiming a great deal of your attention, you are yet acknowledging that much of your work at this time is on the inside.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is a pivotal month for you, Libra, as you remain optimistic about future possibilities and continue along your chosen road. These past few months and even years have been revelatory, and in this current monthly cycle you are bent on enhancing your understanding of more of what you are truly up to. Your evolving worldview, and your basic idealism, blazes bright for a meaningful mission statement to share with the world around you, and with important persons in your life. Relationship with trusted partners represents an increasingly powerful area for you, providing significant additional inspiration for your ongoing spiritual development. You are maturing beyond where the strictures of ordinary consensus thinking would have led you, finding your own pathway forward, aiming to eventually become the person who you have all along, in some deep portion of your psyche, known that you were meant to be.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is an interesting month for you, Scorpio, full of life-changing excitement, and yet also representing a time that might seem to provide more questions than answers. Over the course of recent months there has been a thoroughgoing transformation of the way that you see the world around you, and in the way that you share your most profound truths concerning your situation. This monthly cycle finds you even more completely drawn to service orientation as a life path. You are working creatively with intimate partners in your life, demonstrating in your finer moments a mystical sense of oneness with the universe and, indeed, all of life. This is a time for delving in deep inside yourself, to try to find a better connection with those you love, and with yourself at these deeper levels of your being.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) Another vitally interesting month awaits you, Sagittarius, especially for the excitement of ideas and of creativity in reinforcement of their outreach. You are moving fast and with spiritual depth, in support of soul purpose. You are also this month continuing your deep examination of partnership in an even more active way. This you can construe as an attempt to expand your worldview to more fully include the nuances of what relationship to significant others in your life truly means for you. There is a liberating as well as a limiting effect, so that your basic urge for freedom is not in the end curtailed, but rather advanced. These more far-reaching implications of what you are up to on the inside do take an intensity of investigation in order to fully appreciate, and will repay that study with a growing illumination over time, as part of your ongoing transformation of values.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) This is an important month for you, Capricorn. Your soul intention that comes from deep inside is speaking its truth so much more clearly to you now that you have no real choice but to listen, even though the message is an unusual one, and a departure from existing tracks that you have been circulating in for such a very long time. You wind up peering over the top of the next ridge of your steep ascent, toward further goals that await you during the remainder of the year. The major development that you find yourself in the midst of has taken a new turn lately, providing a link between what you feel, at the deeper regions of your psyche, needs to happen, and your actual plans that are being manufactured at the surface layers of your personality.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This month is an important one for you, Aquarius, as you continue to get a better grasp on your creative self-expression – along with its roots that lie deep within your psyche. You are focusing in particular on your professional productivity and reputation as you go even further toward understanding your deepest layers, communing with your own inner world. You are forging in this current month an outer world presence that is in better alignment with internal idealism and your truest values. Relationship is a moving target for you these days, an expanding vista that takes your core purpose and your home environment more completely into the picture. As you study with more deliberate intention the way in which you profoundly connect with significant others in your life, you are simultaneously furthering your own self-development.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This is a time of great intensity for you Pisces, as you continue to explore issues of identity and self-definition. You are coming through darkness into light, which paradoxically depends on your taking a tour of the darkness first. You are completing an important part of a journey that began months and even years back, and this time around finding out more about yourself at deep levels. Your inspiration springs from profound intuitive sources and implies a new level of commitment on your part, which while it takes you more deeply within, also leads you to more fully explore your communicative outreach to others. Issues of home and family are important now and present you with certain elements of deep intuition and also of the dark and unknown spaces within.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website. His new book about Eris, the planet discovered in 2006, beyond Pluto, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris, and is available on Amazon and at AFA.
Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at  HYPERLINK “http://www.astrograph.com” www.astrograph.com.

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