A Brand New Day: An Interview with Jorge Luis Delgado

A Brand New Day:

An Interview with Jorge Luis Delgado

by Corinne L. Casazza

Jorge Luis Delgado is an indigenous Inca, shaman, healer and mystic with a great gift for expressing the wisdom and knowledge of his Peruvian spiritual heritage in practical, straight-forward terms. He is leading the Spring Equinox ceremony which includes a despacho at the Self-Empowered Wisdom conference in Sedona on March 20, 2017. The Inca call this time on earth, Pachakuti – the new sun rise, the return to the light after 500 years of darkness. The energies of mystical Peru are deepening, according to Delgado and we can release resistance when we’re there. It’s imperative to release our resistance so we can step into the light of who we truly are.

“All these power places really help to release the resistance for us, but what is resistance?” asks Delgado. “Resistance is heavy energies from the past. One of the strongest blockages we have in our lives is our past. We believe that the past, our history, is who we are, but it’s just an experience.” Delgado believes our tendency to carry our past with us creates resistance. He feels the more we bring our past forward the more resistance we create – our minds are great at reinforcing our resistance to keep us from remembering who we truly are.

“One of the biggest challenges is to really to love the past. When we love ourselves, we must love all our experiences, even the shadow part of ourselves. Being able to love these heavy energies and not have any attachment to them is when we can let them go. It’s so important to release the resistance so we can become aware that we have great powers like love and wisdom – the birth rights that bring us into the consciousness for the new cycle, the new day.”

Delgado reminds us that we always have the choice between fear and love. “Fear is really the disease of humanity. All we are doing, the direction we’ve been taking with our consciousness is really the fear direction. We’ve been under the control of it, but now in this new cycle we start to be aware of our fear and also the essence of who we are. When we start to believe we are our history we want to make sure that we don’t repeat it. Whatever decision you made in love will always bring you freedom and joy, but if it’s based in fear, it will bring you suffering.”

As we become aware of our spirituality, as we start to awaken, “we have the powers of ancient wisdom. We always want to share. Sharing allows us to expand. The way to expand our consciousness is by sharing love, service and wisdom.” The most common way we share in our daily lives is through our relationships, so all our relationships are an opportunity to expand who we are; our essence. When we consciously do this, “we are devoted to life, devoted to being a contribution for the evolution of life. Our love expresses in our life. The Inca tradition is not just about the knowledge, it’s about sharing. Love grows by sharing it.”

Our remembrance of who we truly are must include our cosmic origins. “We come from love. We don’t come from fear,” says Delgado. “We come from the profound love of the cosmic father and cosmic mother.” The Incas believe the light that we are is more than just a physical effect. It’s an expression of love, service and wisdom. “We really become the expression of mother earth and the luminosity of the seven rays shines through us, so everybody is like a crystal. Everyone is a ray of sun – that’s the origin of the name ‘Inca.’ Everybody is an Inca.”

In the new day, “we don’t have worry about each other. We just have to love ourselves. This is the most important contribution we can bring in the new day because through the love of ourselves, we can see with clarity who we are, we can experience life as transparency. We can bring warmth to our words to ourselves; to our internal conversations.”

Delgado believes we are multi-dimensional beings and we had forgotten this piece of our ancient wisdom. Peru awakens our multi-dimensionality by helping us let go of our resistance. “Peru is a magical world. Our ancestors found such powerful places. They anchored beautiful dreams in many, many spots. They anchored prayers, they anchored refined energies.” In communion with the spirits of the mountains, the Incas created cities, “where we can have the opportunity to have an explosion inside of us. This explosion is really the explosion of the resistance inside of us. We can flow with our one essence.”  The Incas use the land, the power places, “to leave something that doesn’t belong to us – something that we want to release. Always the place awakens the multi-dimensionality we are talking about.”

Once we release our resistance and become aware of our multi-dimensionality, “we start to see that everything is alive, it’s amazing. When we walk in the forest, we can experience that it’s alive. We can see through every eye of an insect, or a bird; we become aware that this being is divinity watching you. We can see from this innocent eye all expression, so we are celebrating life with no reason at all.”

To those who would sojourn with him to Peru, Delgado invites you to his mystical homeland, “Peru is a place to remember,” he says. “A traveler to Peru will say ‘there was my life before Peru and my life after Peru.'”

For more information on Jorge Luis Delgado and the Self-Empowered Wisdom conference, visit stellarproductionslive.com

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