The Angel Therapy Handbook- an interview with Doreen Virtue

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Hay House group interview with Doreen Virtue and other conscious publications led by Lindsay Mcginty of Hay House.

(Doreen): Hi, it’s (Doreen).

Lindsay Mcginty: Hi (Doreen), it’s Lindsay from Hay House.

Lindsay Mcginty: Good, good, well thank you so much for taking time to interview with everyone today.

(Doreen): Yeah, I’m excited about this, thank you for creating this.

Lindsay Mcginty: Sure. I want to introduce you to everyone on the call.

Lindsay Mcginty: I know.  All right, so I want to thank everyone for participating in the call this afternoon.  We are on the phone today to talk about (Doreen’s) new book the Angels Therapy handbook, it’s coming out in January 1st we are really excited about it. (Doreen) has taught her Angel Therapy practitioner course, since 1997, and since then she had helped 1,000 people to learn the skills of spiritual healing and psychic readings in concert with the Angels and Arcangels.  In the Angel Therapy handbook, she has complied all the tools, secrets, and exercises she teaches her students in one comprehensive handbook.  So, we will start with Miro from New Vision magazine, you want to go ahead and ask (Doreen) your first question?

Miro Lipinski: Yeah, actually – yeah actually, yes you mentioned the word in your introduction comprehensive, and this seems an incredibly comprehensive book (Doreen), what when into writing this book, how long did it take and I’m assuming this is like almost everything you have been teaching people about Angel Therapy and Angels?

(Doreen):   The book, the Angel Therapy handbook is something that I wanted to write for many, many years, partly because, in teaching the course, I was giving my students various books, and some will read this chapter, read that chapter.  And I did pull from some of my previous books for gathering the material and Angel Therapy handbook, just because I had already written it exactly like I wanted it, there was like no point to rewrite it.  I have been teaching Angel therapy practitioner course since, since the ’90’s, originally it was called certified special council course.  And I really feel like my life purpose is a teacher of teacher, and I feel like there is a lot of spiritual teachers out there, a lot of people who – whose life is just to be spiritual teachers, so that would be writers, who just need a little push.  And so a lot of the book is helping people to overcome their fears or insecurities plus give them the tools, there I feel like necessary, no matter what type of healing they are doing, whether it’s Angel Therapy, or Reiki or some sort of energy work it’s pretty universal confidence building skills that – that I developed over the year, so a lot of this material, I have been writing for the last 10 years, and then the book itself took it up three years to combine it, mostly because it was almost overwhelming, so I had to think about what do I want to add in here.  I think, the exciting part for me is there a lot of people don’t realize I am also a medium, and have been since I was a child, and I have been teaching medium as part of my ATP class and then separately for about seven years and had a really good success rate with helping people to Awaken their natural mediumship skills.  So, for me this book is really exciting, because it’s the first time in print I have ever taught any kind of mediumship work, and I feel, really, really excited with that, because I think it’s something an important part of everyone’s repertory for their personal growth as well as doing any kind of healing work.

Lindsay Mcginty: All right great, do you have anything to add there Miro.

Miro Lipinski: Do I have a follow up, yeah.  Well, it’s – it’s, this is really aimed at everyone, if I’m getting what you are saying (Doreen) it’s also – it’s aimed at people, who don’t have to become or – or are interested in doing energy work for instance, you can also benefit just on a personal level with – with this book.

(Doreen): That’s correct. I made it, it’s helping someone to connect with their personal angels themselves, and to get more clarity in their divine guidance as well as more confidence, because a lot of working with the angels is involved trusting the intuitive guidance you get.  So, it gives the chart that I have been teaching for many years about how to know if something is real message, or it might be something from the ego or even a lower energy, and how to tell the difference.  So, I wanted to make it so it’s as if I’m sitting there one on one with someone and helping them through the questions there they might have.

Miro Lipinski: Yeah, it’s very successful, and I think it’s a very intimate book, and – and a giving book, in the sense of there you are giving to other people this kind of information that they can use then on their own.

(Doreen): Oh, well thank you, that’s quite a compliment, I appreciate that.

Lindsay Mcginty: All right.  Wonderful, Christa Gibson do you want to ask your question?

(Christa Gibson): I do…

(Christa Gibson): Right, I’m curious thought about this, (Doreen), why do you think you were drawn to angels and spirits so young, I mean do you think there is past life going on?

(Doreen): Well, I feel like every single person has guardian angels. I don’t – in any way I believe that I’m special, I believe that my parents helped me to keep my natural psychic abilities open, I think most kids see angel or fairies, and because my parents were just such open people, I kept that alive, you know, that wasn’t shut down.  And so the angels started visiting me as far back as I can remember, and helping me I was like a lot of light workers, I saw different than others I felt, you know, that was told I was too sensitive or to wired, and so I was lonely a lot in my childhood and the angels would come and comfort me, and help me to feel better, and at the same time they would also take me to places, and I literally mean they would take me on journey, and tell me things, they would be a combination of regular angels and I feel like I was been working with Arcangel Michael since childhood even though, I was raised in a religion that hardly ever acknowledges angels, and you know, it wasn’t like, when Archangel Michael was a big part of my vocabulary, I never even heard of him until I was older. Angels were something that was relegated to Christmas and Valentines, so I didn’t really have any kind framework to understand this, even though my parents were open to things like intuition and psychic abilities and manifesting, that was part of our everyday life.  So, I spent my childhood most of the time feeling confused and different and afraid and alone, and I want to reach other people who might be feeling that way to let them know that this is a gift, and it’s something that can help all of us.

Krysta: It maybe a message to the parents you know, because it’s sounds like, even though your parents were really open, they didn’t necessarily know this was going on for you, and they’re sort of being really comforting, you know…

(Doreen): Oh yeah, they had no framework either to know about this, at that time they didn’t have the TV shows they do now, or even the movies or the books, so growing up in the ’60’s it was just as time where, you know, what it was like culturally in America, was really to avoid spirituality, so I had all these experiences without any knowledge that was going on.

Krysta: Well, thank you for hanging in there.

(Doreen): Oh, I tried to push it down a few times, believe me.

Lindsay Mcginty: Thank you, all right, (Christine) go ahead and ask (Doreen), your first question.

(Christen Christensen): Well, I think what you guys are discussing, really kind of speaks to the question that I have, which is, which messages are in your book that are appropriate to teach young children?  I’m a mother of three young children and I’m just wondering if each technique is appropriate, if some of them need to be tweaked a little bit, so that children may be able to better understand them?

(Doreen): That was so beautiful. I’m so touched by your question and your caring for children.  And I do feel like the message that’s most important for young children is working with Arcangel Michael, and really helping children to identify that this is the angel there you can call up on whenever you feel afraid or lonely or scared, or you feel like there might be some sort of energy that’s not comfortable around you, whether it’s a physical energy or spiritual energy, and I believe that empowers children to take charge of their environment, and also helps them to acknowledge that this is real, the experience is that they are feeling and sensing is not just their imagination, and gosh, I wish someone have done that for me when I was a child.

(Christen Christensen): Absolutely, I do too, and it’s – it really speaks to allowing and keep to keep their abilities open.

(Doreen): Yeah.

(Christen Christensen): And keep their vocabulary inclusive of words like Angels and help to my daughter use the word I’m grateful for my angels and I think that – yeah, so I appreciate your book very much for that.

(Doreen): Well, I appreciate what you are doing is apparent to, and part of the reason, I think that we are seeing the undergone shine, especially recently in the last couple of months, I don’t know if you will notice this, but the indigo is really are starting to step into their leadership, and I give all the credits to their parents for helping them to keep their spiritual gifts alive in children.  I think that the whole indigo revolution is really more about parents evolving more than children, you know, that we all have this potential. Parents used to think that kids who talk to angels, there was something wrong with them, there was something evil or crazy, and now a days parents are the first to encourage their children talk to their angels, so that’s beautiful.

Lindsay Mcginty: All right.  Wonderful, (Terry) I’m calling you.

(Terry): Okay.  Thank you very much.  (Doreen), the question I have, is you have said something earlier, and I know that I talked to a lot of spiritual people, and you know, it’s really, I’m curious about you personally, but maybe even the advice you would give people, who as you has just said you try to shut this down a few times, because sometimes it’s hard to listen. I mean you have given a lot of good examples in your book, that where you didn’t want to follow, or you aren’t sure, how do you help keep driven with thinking of the past even though sometimes it’s hard.

(Doreen): Well, I feel like the big – everyone has got life purpose, and the key to your life purpose is following your passion, which consume a lot of time.  So, we are all writers here in this group, and as you know, it’s kind of considered, writing is considered to be something that’s you know, not as money making as working out in the corporate world.  So, you probably like me have met people, who will go get a  job, you know, good to this, good to that, and so those of us who are artistic, we have a couple of different paths we can take, one is we can compromise and shut down our feelings like we should be on a creative job, and go get something that’s more quite logical to pay the bills, or we can say, you know, and I’m going to trust this, I’m going to follow my path and my passion and I’m going to write from my heart, and it’s the same way with everyone’s life purpose is that, if you try to shut down your angel guidance, it’s that’s the path to feeling unhappy for a lot of us, it result in addiction, because really the only way to shut out the voice of god and the angels is to act out addictively whether it’s alcohol or food or drugs, or behaviors, and those temporarily do work and silencing or dimming the voice.  So, it’s in other words, it’s the path of pain, if you just not choose to listen to your angels and your life purpose.  I really think that work that Abraham Hicks are doing has really been so helpful, because they really are great teachers are following like just a Campbell’s work and following your bliss, and they are so popular that a lot of people are really paying attention to that, and it’s – it’s helping them to know that it’s not about the old believe that’s suffering gives you some brownie points, and haven or creates some sort of spiritual growth, it can, I mean god knows, I have suffered a lot, and I have learned from all of it, but what I have learned from the angels is that gods plan for all of us peace, and going through peace and be a role model to peace, and spreading peace through being a peace for self.  So, it’s about choosing peace instead of pain this is the bottom line.

(Terry): Okay.  Thank you very much, and I appreciate that, that’s kind of my guiding light and – and helpful, so like there if you.

(Doreen): Yeah, and also I do want to mention, I know these articles won’t be here for the holiday season, which for self personal the angels keep talking about how the world addressed during the holidays right now, it’s intense, especially intense, with the economy and such, and so those of us who are sensitive have to really be aware that we are absorbing other peoples stress, and sometimes might their it’s our own, which can happen here around, but right now, so strong, so just really shield and clear your self right now is essential.

(Terry): Okay.  Very good, thank you.

Lindsay Mcginty: And over to you, (Michelin)

(Michelin Bell): Yeah.  (Doreen), I’m wondering what was your process in creating this book, what did you go through in creating it, and how do you write these books.

(Doreen): Oh gosh (Michelin), thank you for that question, I actually put myself through college as a secretary, and at first I was the secretary for insurance company, and then later on did other secretarial work, and I become a really that type of this result, that kind of have to be, secretary, and I also got really good at taking dictation, and I feel like every job teaches us something, don’t you – I mean there is nothing ever wasted in life.

(Michelin Bell): Oh absolutely.

(Doreen): And so I really feel like I’m Arcangel Michael’s secretary, and all these books, the reason that I’m considered to be prolific is just because I’m a good listener. after the carjacking, where I almost lost my life, because I didn’t listen, back in 1995.  And so it literally is me taking dictation, when I write, I’m listening, and typing as fast as I’m hearing the words, so almost everyone of my books, I’m able to turn in, and it’s pretty much published as it came through, that is wonderful to work with for that reason, I have worked with previous publishers and I’m thankful for them all, don’t get me wrong, but they wanted to change this and that, you know, move this chapter around, and don’t you really want to say this here, and that’s hard when you are doing channeled work, and Hay House is really respects channels, it’s one of the reasons, they have some of the top channelers in their publishing stable, is because you can give them channel material and they’ll help us with spelling and little bit with our grammar, but pretty much you get the raw channeling with the Hay House.

(Michelin Bell): Thank you.

Lindsay Mcginty: All right, (Mish)?

(Mish Hancock): All right.  Yes (Doreen), I have a really interesting question for you, how – or do you know, I mean you said that everybody has angels, everyone has guardian angels, but I do, and I’m sure you know, there are people that is connecting to access with angels, especially people that do not have a consensus, then you help people or work on their behalf with their angels, that will help them to this life, it just seems like seeing with our conscious must be incredibly painful.

(Doreen): To bless everyone’s heart, and lifelong who has been seen angels, since I have never seen a human who didn’t have angels with them, but I have also seen many people who don’t listen to their angels, and I really feel like if everyone listened to their angels, the world which shift, and we wouldn’t seen any kind of greed, or even or competition or heedfulness at all, it would really be the world of kindness that we can envision right now.  And so for those who struggle with hearing their angels, the first place I look at is their lifestyle, a lot of it is they are numbing themselves with foods or substances, or addictive behaviors, and it’s because they are afraid, I have actually found, you know, as I mentioned everybody has got a life purpose that you know, you can’t get here without having some sort of purpose.  And yeah, if there are some people who have real ambitious purses, I think they signed up to do all there spiritual growth in one lifetime or something, so they – they have signed up for big purpose, I would say that everyone in this room signed up for big purpose and it was the defining of big meaning that you are here to help a lot of people, or a lot of, you know, in a big way.  And what I found is that the bigger someone’s purposes, using the definition, the bigger is the fear, the corresponding, the bigger the – and louder the ego voices, and those tend to be the people who shut down the most initially, because the ego is so threaten by the purpose, so threatened that you are going to remember love and teach about love and take away the fear umbilical code that they are controlling so many people, and that there the life was the ego is fear, right, because it’s the belief and separation from god, and each other and the angels.  And so those who seem to not be able to hear the angels are the ones with the biggest purpose.  I tend to reach them on real practical levels, I first reassure them, that it’s not strange and just talk with the angels, and that angels are gift from god, recognized by ever major, monotheistic religion, and even the pantheistic religions have angel type of figures in there deities.  And that this gift is meant for us to be utilized, the angels that in the Bible, people are talking to angels all the time, in old and new testament, and it hasn’t changed in the modern times.  So, it helps them to get really comfortable with the idea of talking to angels first, and then the second way, is I help them to understand that the angels are here for gods plan of peace and help you to be at peace, help me to be at peace, that’s our greatest way to contribute to peace under just to be peaceful yourself.  So, what robs you from peace?  Usually it’s the so called the little things in life, like being late to work, or needing a parking place, or trying to find your glasses, your car keys when you are running out the door, those so called little stressors, it wrote peace.  So, the angels love to help us with these so called little things.  And whether some one is new to angels or struggling, I usually ask them to experience that with me like a good scientist, and a good scientist always experiments with the hypothesis before either accepting it, or rejecting it.  So, an experiment with the ask the angels for parking place, and see what happens, and most people are open to trying that experiment, and they find that it works, and then they keep going and, they keep going and they keep going, and they keep going and just build the relationship with the angels that way.  I also help them to know that the angels don’t always come in a big vision with a loud voice, the angels, can sometimes come as wordless words as feeling, and as repetitive signs, like getting recommended the same book over and over and over again.

Lindsay Mcginty: Great.  All right, well then I would yield to (Susan).

(Susan Victor): Okay.  Thank you so much for writing this book, I was so excited to read, I feel so empowered and my energy level just increased it I was reading it.  And I really think these tools would be so useful to everyone on the planet, was that your overall intend for every possible person to become aware of these truth, and to become a hero themselves?

(Doreen): Well, I don’t really have that kind of foresight about who is going to read it, I really didn’t write it to anyone in particular it was more that I wanted to capture everything, I have been teaching, because this year, actually next year, 2011 marks the last time I will be teaching the Angel Therapy practitioner course.  So June is the last time I’m teaching that, and so I really wanted to, this is like my legacy, I wanted to summarize the whole course before then.

(Susan Victor): Well, it’s a fine job, and actually it’s exciting to know that that it exists and I can’t wait to tell people about it, and I just wanted to share a vision that I had as I was reading as well.  You know, the scene in Lord of the Rings, where the being from other dimensions help them in the war…

(Doreen): Yeah.

(Susan Victor): I got the sense that the angels are the massive religions that are there that can call to help us to create peace on the planet, so I just share that vision.

(Doreen): Definitely.  Oh yeah, the dimensions that are helping us are beyond what I could even describe, and beyond what I know, so definitely the angels and the part of the people and many, many different types of elements are helping us, and we are all getting guidance more and more.

(Susan Victor): Thank you very much.

Lindsay Mcginty: All right, great.  And that is the first round of questions, I will circle back up to Miro, if you would like to ask (Doreen), another question?

Miro Lipinski: Yeah, I was reading the book, and I came across kind of this intriguing thing about free will and how that works with angels and if you could explore that for a moment about free will?

(Doreen): Absolutely, well a lot of people you know, put their hands on their hips and they ask me well if there is angels, how can there be suffering in this world, and while I don’t claim to know all the answers, I think it’s beyond the third dimensional minds comprehension, what I do know from personal experience is that we have free will and that even our creator cannot intervene into our free fill and force us to be happy and healthy, if we are determined to be miserable, and in working with people over the years, I have really found that the ego is just so responsible for this pain, and that ego tries to convince that us that we need it, that it’s our personality, that it’s our identity, that we need that to keep that to say, etcetera.  And it’s pretty seductive and insidious, the free will that we have is the whole basis for this world, I really think the book A Course in Miracles defines all of this really, really well. it was the decision to try and do the equivalent or run away from home, from God, and get our own apartment, you know, we decided to have this dream that we were all separated, and that was created by the ego and all the fear and all the guilt that we experience.  And so the angels are in our dreams, where we believe we’re separated, and are here to help us to awaken to the sights that we have never left God, we are one with each other, on the inside we are all the same, we are all loved, and the rest is just delusion, and yeah we can only get this help from the angels, if we ask for it, if we get permission.  And it doesn’t matter how we ask, what matters is that we do ask, and this is what it seems like sometimes the angels are passive, and sometimes unclear in their guidance, it’s us exercising our freewill, but if we really understand that – that our will is the same as gods will, it’s the same as the angels will, it’s all one will, it’s so relaxing and so peaceful, I like that – which is really what I try to live my life and am pretty good at doing you know, to really understand that everything happens for a reason, is that we would just let go, when it’s something that we can control, and seeing that place of grace, it doesn’t mean being passive, and you get that that from working with the angels, what I would say is that talking to the angels non stop whether it’s thinking the conversation with them, or saying that loud, or intending that visualizing that is necessary,  everyday.

Miro Lipinski: Okay, thank you.

Lindsay Mcginty: All right, wonderful (Krysta) go ahead.

(Krysta): Yes, I was wondering if you could talk about orbs for a bit. I have been in the  metaphysical field for a long time, and orbs kind of resurfaced over the last, I don’t know 10 years or so, or maybe eight. What are they and why now, and why more with digital cameras than regular cameras?

(Doreen): Yeah, well that’s exactly, see all that light are the angels letting us know that they are here, the angels have never made it a secret that they are with us, they want us to know that they are here, and they do their best to give us signs all the time such as lot of people are finding that right now, and that’s huge at this moment, or it seems sparkles of the life with their physical ads, and so the orbs, are the same light that you see sparkling, and the digital cameras, I don’t know the technology of them, but apparently the shutter speed is so fast, and so high resolution, that they are capturing these orbs whenever people are brining in a lot of angel energy, and so some of you may have seen the picture recently taken of my workshop and concert in Australia, where the orb took on a three dimensional shape of an angel more than I have ever seen before, and she is wearing a crown, that she is going to dress on, and she is holding a sector – and if you would like to see that picture, Lindsay can send it to you, because it’s unbelievable, it was taken by a medical doctor with a cannon camera with no flash light, and a friend of mine saw that angel in the view finder the minute the picture was taken, so it’s completely undetached.  And this is happening more and more, they just want us to know that they have got our backs that we’re not alone there, there are prayers are here, and they are helping us.

Lindsay Mcginty: Thank you, thanks wonderful, and I will send the photo to everybody who is on the call.

(Krysta): That would be great.

(Doreen): Oh Good.

(Krysta): Thank you very much.

Lindsay McGinty: Sure, all right (Christen) go ahead.

(Christen Christensen): Thank you, (Doreen) I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about, I – I really enjoyed what you had to say about clairsentient as well as if there’s a cord you know, I was wondering if you could help us understand how someone can differentiate if they are very empathic or clairsentient or if in fact they have a cords or maybe three and if there cord attach to somebody that is, how they are actually picking up on someone’s emotions.

(Doreen): Oh yes.  Well, people who are empathic definitely will have some difficulties distinguishing their own feelings from other people’s feelings and they tend to take on other people’s energies quite easily so there is, that’s typical to have that confusion.  One of – one of the things that seems to help is to clear yourself continuously and it really doesn’t matter what message you to clear yourself, it’s all intention.  I would use going on nature so we had to clear myself trees and plants including having plants as at your house is a wonderfully natural way to continuously clear yourself, just like the plants and trees transmute talks with out of the – the air into fresh air, they will do the same energetically for us.  Also like sea salt either going in the ocean itself or putting sea salts in the bath is very helpful and then the most important thing to that I have outline in the book is to, call in Arcangel Michael the minute that you feel tired instead of the assuming that is the physical reason, first go to spiritual and energetically and Arcangel Michael to cut the cords, that’s C-O-R-D-S, which are attachments between us and other people and things and just ask him to clear cords that could be draining your energy and through that method I have been caffeine free since 1996, because we naturally are very energetic beings it’s just that we, who are sensitive get so corded and so entangled and drained that we have to turn to substances to reduce our energy and using angel therapy you really can get your own natural energy going again.

(Christen Christensen): Thank you, when, now when working with plants would you suggest using the intension of asking the plants through to help transmute the energy or just simply by having the plant in the room, does it help?

(Doreen): Well I – I’m a big believer in acknowledging the plants life forest and so – so talking to it is – is beautiful, it’s not necessary.

(Christen Christensen): Okay.

(Doreen): What I have learn from working with plants over the years is that the big leafed plants are the best to absorb the energy so I like philodendrons very, very much.  The ones that are not so helpful are the pointy leaved or thin leaved ones. also rotate the plans, because the plants they have taught me and it’s – very out there but they like don’t like to be potted too long, they – it’s very restrictive to them so I would plant them outside if you could, or in a green house.

(Lindsay McGinty): Fantastic thank you.  All right, wonderful.  (Terry).

(Terry): Yes.  I was wondering what – what would you say about possibility of angels reincarnating into human form?

(Doreen): An – Archangel?

(Terry): Uh-huh.

(Doreen): Metaphysical to human – form?

(Terry): Yes exactly.

(Doreen): Oh yes.

(Terry): Or maybe even perhaps reincarnating in a —

(Doreen): Yeah.

(Terry): — lifetime.

(Doreen): I will, I did write about this in my book, The realms to the earth angels and I touched upon in the new book, Angel therapy handbook, because definitely angels take on human forms, as to fairies and other realms and dimensions, if their purpose is not being served in that dimension because, you know, lets say that how many people really listen to their angels, so – a lot of people don’t listen angels so – so an angel will say, you know, take on a human body all like to do that, even now I know I’m going to get in the karmic cycle.  Angels will elect to take on a human full life because people will hear them and listen to them.  The – the incarnated angels tend to be very sensitive to energy, a lot of them will put on physical weight to deal with the energies, so lot of them seem to have weight problems, they tend to be healers or helpers professionally so they – they will be nurses, flight attendants, you know, school teachers, etcetera.  They tend to be rescuers, they will take on instead of friends, you know, husband they will – they will take on clients, you know.  So (Mary) and the front people who need a lot of help like alcoholics and drug addict research and their whole life is about trying to make other people happy.  But and there is angels who take on temporary human life, I – I write about this every week in Woman’s World Magazine, because there is so many stories of people who are rescued and saved by a mysterious person who just appears, does some extraordinary feet of strength like lift a car out of the snow and then before you can thank that person they are gone.  And that’s been happening more and more lately and actually in my interviews people they are saying that it’s a mannish of that with unusual eyes, who is dressed not for the occasion, is either way overdressed or looks like he is the homeless guy and his name is always identified as (Michael) or (Mike), that’s happening this last year especially more I found.

(Lindsay McGinty): All right very good thank you, wonderful (Michelin).

(Michelin Bell): Yes, first of all your book is one of the most comprehensive book I have read and seen and you answered all of my questions.  But I had wondered about where do the ETs fit into this realm?

(Doreen): Oh yes, well are you talking about the incarnated realms?

(Michelin Bell): No the spiritual realms.

(Doreen): Oh yeah well, I do talk about ET’s.

(Michelin Bell): A handwritten – the whole books.

(Doreen): Okay – okay.  I don’t talk a lot about them, because there are some people who are creeped out by the whole topic and, you know, they want me to just talk about angels but I do acknowledge them and I find that, that there are a lot of people who  – who their last life was on other dimensions or other planets and these tend to be people who are here simply to preserve the integrity of earth to keep – to keep it from having to sort of world war that would affect other galaxies or other planets.  These tend to be very shy people who like to be behind the scenes, who don’t call attention themselves, they don’t particularly care if someone says thank you or please or acknowledge them they just want to help the world to – to diffuse anger and stress so that humans can get along.  And they tend to be in an ordinary job, so there – there are lot of star people incarnating right now who never been on this planet before, they tend to have kind of this, they seem to be socially awkward because they don’t know how to do to human life a lot of them don’t get married ever, they don’t have children, they just – they just have unusual life and they are fascinated with the science fiction and – and star wars and star tracking on that and they are beautiful people although they are very task oriented and it’s hard to get close to them, because they are really more interested in – in helping than they are in having a relationship with people.

(Michelin Bell): Thank you.

(Lindsay McGinty): Wonderful okay (Mish)?

(Mish): Yes (Doreen) I wanted to thank you for the section where you wrote – you write – that about for me out of this about that class that…

(Doreen): Oh yeah.

(Mish): I think that is still very necessary and also accepting money for services.

(Doreen): Yes definitely.

(Mish): And well I think it’s so important and that really hasn’t been addressed very much, I was wondering if you had any other insights into that since, writing the book.

(Doreen): Well this is something I have been teaching in my classes, I was, I really exited about that section about your spiritual healer, in a spiritual future.  There is a lot of people who had past life where they had a tendency, you know, they were monks and nuns because the current way that live workers are in the world is brand new, in previous life times it was more of a communal living where all of your rent was paid, you had your badge, you had your cloth, you had your food it was – it was very acidic and nothing fancy, but your needs were taking care of and in – in those lifetimes we didn’t have personal savings accounts, so we didn’t have personal belongings.  So you take those live workers who really I feel like most people in the new age that was their most recent lifetime experience that kind of communal living.  And now in America in this century which is very much about productivity about, you know, get ahead, get the money, get the degrees etcetera and – and they focused on what to do and they – they will get money, but then it will be gone and they don’t know how to manage this money and they are afraid, you know, to locate or call attention of myself, so a lot of my work with the financial and helping my workers involves taking them back to their past life and helping them to understand that, that worked with begging bawl in that life but you chose to because be in – in North America at this time as a light worker for reasons, so we have got to ground ourselves and – and get into the systems as it is known, you know, not to exploit it but just to understand that its – its okay for you to have an individual savings account, its okay for you to plan for your retirements, all those things that normal people think to do, we can do too.

Michelin: Oh, that’s wonderful thank you.

(Doreen): And its okay to have a job that fits your passions we don’t have to suffer for money, that so the Victorian Era, you know, that’s last life…

Michelin: Oh, thank, you that’s wonderful.

Woman: Thank you.

Lindsay Mcginty: All right, great and (Susan).

(Susan): Okay.  And I just want to tell a little funny story about that picture that you mentioned, I – I don’t even know who send it to me but I ended up putting it on my desktop at work for this – this publication that I work for, and the – so there was and – and the very next day we got this email about this very thing that we are doing right now so that was really cool…

Woman: Okay.

(Susan): And it’s an amazing picture…

(Doreen): Yeah, thank you I just send it to Lindsay, so she will be able to send it to everyone.

(Susan): That’s fantastic, its – its pretty unbelievable, but I will – but I totally trusted that it was for me, so I said okay, its real.

(Doreen): Yeah, that’s – that’s the most clear Angel, I actually started crying when I saw it.

(Susan): I can imagine.

(Doreen): Because I was so moved by it…

(Susan): Yeah, exactly, so I just have a general questions of how many times do we ask the angels before something specific as I was reading the book, when – when you were describing the angels that are involved with helping the environment, I kept, you know, I would stop and I would pray to them that moment and.  So I was just wondering do you keep reaffirming that you are requesting this help, or once you said it that – that’s all that needs to be said? I – I really need some understanding on that…

(Doreen): Sure, and that’s a question I do get asked a lot, so that’s a good one, the – the angels don’t take offense if we keep asking over and over again but they did gave me the analogy that it – the asking angels for help is exactly like went into a restaurant and asking for an order, and they said when we keep asking its, and I guess following the waiter into the kitchen in same did you get that – did you get that, he said this is not necessary so I always do is ask once and then just kind of get out of the way, and be open to – to divine guidance that comes in and may ask you to participate in the manifestation.  So if you – you ask for, you know, someone else for new job and then you get this – this idea to call (Sheryl Smith), you have got to follow up on that to make it happened.

(Susan): So, I suppose you get information in your day to day, lets say there is – there is some new environmental problems that you want to address and you will typically say can you please help with this situation so that would be okay, because they – they would…

(Doreen): Yeah, well I actually, usually what we would ask is what can I do to help the situation?

(Susan): Okay.

(Doreen): You know, I mean there is no incorrect way to ask, but usually if you asked about environmental, they will give you a task to do.

(Susan): Okay…

(Doreen): And so, you – might, that they would go, really you want me to do that.  But that’s usually what happens when you ask about global things, so they may ask you to pray about, and they may ask you to get involved with some sort of organization or start something or write about it most likely.

(Susan): Okay.  And I will always get answers somehow I mean…

(Doreen): Yeah, always a lot of times if we are not recognizing the answer, its because we are thinking oh, that’s so ordinary or that cant possibly seems to have anything to do with this.

(Susan): Got it okay thank you very much…

(Doreen): Sure I hope you write about the environment, I am passionate about it too.

(Susan): Oh my gosh, especially the – the worse it gets, the more – the more we need to yeah really focus…

(Doreen): Yes, yes please.

(Susan): Thank you very much…

Lindsay McGinty: All right, wonderful and then (Linda) I am going to yield to you if you have any questions or question for (Doreen).

Linda: Well, you pretty much covered every question that I had, and I think the only thing that was probably left hanging is that I was wondering if there was anything in the book to read that helps to kind of heal the rift between the right and the left – the divisiveness that that exists on our planet today.

(Doreen): Yeah, I know, yeah I am – I am concerned about that too, when angels gave me message after we had almost 50% folks in the last elections and they said its just extremely important that we not go into thinking, you know, this person is right and this person is wrong and even labeling at the tea party and left and right its dangerous, because its – its another ego separation tool.  And what they have taught me, because for a while I was getting all of my news from – from Huffington post and, you know, from the – the MSNBC and such, they actually taught me that – that I needed to instead go inside, so for instance with this latest news release about wikileaks and such, instead of taking someone elses take on it, just ask, the angels or ask the universe what about wikileaks and then go into your body into your gut, and you get download that way of what I believe is the truth, because its – its you know, the everyone has their belief of what the truth is and they have their own agenda to serve, and well I am – I am pretty hardcore left I still believe that there is even a more higher truth – especially to incorporate people on the right, and the divisiveness if we keep going on that path down the road that could be really dangerous then it can create a lot of violence I think.  So we have got to heal that by embracing that everybody wants the same thing and they are just going out of different ways.

Lindsay McGinty: Okay.  All right, well unfortunately its almost 3 O’clock pacific, so I am going to have to warp this up, but I want to thank (Doreen) for participating.

(Doreen): And I want to thank you Lindsay for creating this beautiful light work party and for everyone who is – who is here with us this is been a real joy.

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