Interview with Rachael Jayne Groover

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The Art of Feminine Presence™

Interview with Rachael Jayne Groover

Founder of The Yin Project and Author of Powerful and Feminine

Sedona Conscious Magazine: The Art of Feminine Presence – For those that aren’t familiar with your work, Rachael, can you please give us an overview of how this work started?


Rachael Jayne: As far as the presence piece goes, I’ve always been fascinated with why some people could walk into a room and have a magnetic presence and others don’t. Why some dancers’ performances popped and some didn’t… What I found out is that the same practices one performs to work their on outer presence is that same work they do for their inner presence.


SCM: Why do you think some people’s inner work doesn’t translate?


RJ:vIt’s a whole different journey to have your actual work transforming into your outer expression: your gestures, your voice, your heart energy etc. For those that only focus on the inner work without working on the embodiment, their outer expression is never going to match.


SCM: So how do you increase this outer expression?


RJ: Take up dance, or singing – this will force you to express yourself in a big way and force you to face your inner work. I want this journey for myself, to keep embodying my inner work so that it’s palpable in my outer expression for all the women around me.

Beginning with the feminine work- I was going along in my life with a lot of good things happening, but the pain of this question kept recurring, “Where are the good men?” I went on the quest to find out what was going on in me and found that I was not connected with my feminine. When I was able to turn that around, this work led me to meet my husband Datta and even found that I had less competition from other men and women around me, and I was able to really embrace that feminine essence.

These two pieces were what came together: feminine + presence. It’s about how to feel centered, confident and in-the-moment. I created 44 practices that are about how to get women into their body.


SCM: How could you apply this to a competitive environment? This is really prevalent in the dance community, so how could this alleviate it?


RJ: My main practice is to get women to come from their center. Not the muscle group, but by paying attention to your inner core. When you are here, self-consciousness or performer-consciousness cannot exist. When you are in this mode, you are not in your feminine presence. There is a sensual joy that bubbles up when you are in this center. This is why we love dancing so much, because the dancer is in-the-moment. When we see a woman who is in her center, we are in awe.


RJ: As a dancer, you want to fast-track your presence so that your dance is noticed even more. I have a friend who is a dancer and always has this amazing presence. She had an audition for Mission Impossible 2 and went up against Flamenco dancers who were really well-trained but it was her presence that got her the part.


SCM: On the other side of the equation, how can we apply this presence to a women’s business network? We all know that women operate differently than women in business and the paradigm for a long time was that women should act like men to get ahead. How can you expand upon this with regard to your own work?


RJ: Well, it comes down to the inner, conscious work that you do. A truly authentic woman in her authentic essence is in her feminine. It’s really about personal growth. A women in her personal power will be feminine and people will want to work with her. Most people can hold their center until they are asked, “What do you do?”  And then they go into performance consciousness (and give their rehearsed answer) or they almost shut down and become quiet. So it’s important to be in your center, especially before a meeting. I do this all the time, before I open that door I ask myself “Am I home?” Then you need to pay attention to how you speak. You need to be the loudest in the room, the most confident. Not shouting, but solid. Because the person hiring you wants to know: 1- is she going to solve my problem? And 2- is she confident in solving my problem?  If you can speak in a strong voice, that tells the person you can help them. Women are confident! Do it with enthusiasm and passion, be in your center, and don’t project your energy out by trying too hard. Those are my three main tips.


SCM: What is the quickest way for a woman to access her feminine energy?


RJ: I have three main activation points for this work:

1: Activate the womb space by coming in to your center. This will ground you.

2: Feel sensuality in your movement. Bellydancers move their hips in a way that activates feminine power/energy. But if you aren’t a dancer you can still move the hips and sway, moving the energy to get into the feminine juiciness.

3: Operate from your  heart center. If we see a woman we want to work with or watch, we want to see her come from her heart. Otherwise she comes across as insincere or closed. If I come into the room with an open, vulnerable presence, people will be drawn to me. Be open in your center, feel the watery presence in your hips, and be open from your heart. These three together are a million-dollar energetic boost!


SCM: When being more open from the heart/vulnerable it can be a little unnerving at time.s How can we let our guard down?

RJ: Feel where your energy stops and where another’s begins. With any woman that is a leader, it is important that they create their outer field/light globe that creates a boundary but also lets the other person in enough so they feel your openness. Bellydancers are going to have people project ideas upon them regardless of what is true. The antidote is to respond with open heart energy. It’s taken me a long time to feel safe enough to open my heart in those instances, but the more I perform (as a singer) the more I notice people are looking to me, and they will look to dancers as an example of a woman in her feminine power. So I feel it’s important that I show them who I am so they can feel comfortable.


SCM: It often comes down to a balance of being strong and vulnerable at the same time. A lot of women struggle with that.


RJ: Yes! That is why I call my book Powerful and Feminine. That “and” portion amplifies the meaning because it makes your expressive range greater. When a dancer/singer can express a wide range, the more ability they have to express and wow their audience. It’s the same with women- the more range we can express: the vulnerable to the powerful, the better the response we will receive from others.


SCM: When you talk about people’s light globes, it’s almost like a person’s intimate little dance that is happening between two people. Here is Sedona we have a lot of hyper-sensitive people responding to others’ energies because they are clairvoyant etc.


RJ: We do pick up energies from the etheric realm but we also pick up a lot more accurate information the more I go inside. The boundary you put up will not lesson your intuitive ability, it will heighten it. But it will keep you from becoming drained by doing your work. I am heightened immensely when I do this work so if I don’t have my light globe up I am incredibly drained. And by doing so, I can hear them more. It’s also a good practice if you aren’t in-tune with other peoples energies at all. Be “home,” check in and see if there is a red flag. This can be helpful on a date!


SCM: We talk a lot about tapping in to our own source, but what are your ways to release energy?


RJ: Yes, any way to ground yourself. For me, it’s by going for a walk or doing something in nature. I just get out of the room/house and let Mother Earth do her job. If you can’t get outside, even for 5 minutes, do some sort of movement: dance or jumping jacks, or use an instrument that will get your energy moving.


SCM: How does working with feminine energy affect personal relationships?


RJ: Immensely! Which part do I share? {laughs} The masculine essence wants to pursue and the feminine essence wants to be pursued. We don’t want to have to call him all the time. When you are in your feminine presence, it’s going to drop you into more of a receptive mode and he’s going to feel it and want to pursue. You need to be in your joy and he needs to be in your joy. But he will feel it when you are in your feminine. It will inspire him into his masculinity. Or if he doesn’t, you will realize quickly that he’s not there and needs to do his work. But oftentimes a woman will step into the masculine role to compensate but that doesn’t help.


SCM: So this is a great tool for rekindling a relationship?


RJ: Absolutely. Opposites only attract in sexual essence but that is the only aspect. For a relationship you will want to complement. We always want to be mindful of creating that polarity. On the other hand, neutral environments can water down the feminine energy. So it’s important for independent, strong, women to keep this in mind. We need to do our work in our feminine to meet the masculine. (And men, vice-versa.)


SCM: What do you have coming up so that people can learn more about you and your work?

RJ: The book is the best place to start because there are 35 individual practices to help women get in touch with their feminine and empower their energetic presence.

by Rachael Jayne Groover

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