A Brand New Day: An Interview with Jorge Luis Delgado

A Brand New Day:

An Interview with Jorge Luis Delgado

by Corinne L. Casazza

Jorge Luis Delgado is an indigenous Inca, shaman, healer and mystic with a great gift for expressing the wisdom and knowledge of his Peruvian spiritual heritage in practical, straight-forward terms. He is leading the Spring Equinox ceremony which includes a despacho at the Self-Empowered Wisdom conference in Sedona on March 20, 2017. The Inca call this time on earth, Pachakuti – the new sun rise, the return to the light after 500 years of darkness. The energies of mystical Peru are deepening, according to Delgado and we can release resistance when we’re there. It’s imperative to release our resistance so we can step into the light of who we truly are.

“All these power places really help to release the resistance for us, but what is resistance?” asks Delgado. “Resistance is heavy energies from the past. One of the strongest blockages we have in our lives is our past. We believe that the past, our history, is who we are, but it’s just an experience.” Delgado believes our tendency to carry our past with us creates resistance. He feels the more we bring our past forward the more resistance we create – our minds are great at reinforcing our resistance to keep us from remembering who we truly are.

“One of the biggest challenges is to really to love the past. When we love ourselves, we must love all our experiences, even the shadow part of ourselves. Being able to love these heavy energies and not have any attachment to them is when we can let them go. It’s so important to release the resistance so we can become aware that we have great powers like love and wisdom – the birth rights that bring us into the consciousness for the new cycle, the new day.”

Delgado reminds us that we always have the choice between fear and love. “Fear is really the disease of humanity. All we are doing, the direction we’ve been taking with our consciousness is really the fear direction. We’ve been under the control of it, but now in this new cycle we start to be aware of our fear and also the essence of who we are. When we start to believe we are our history we want to make sure that we don’t repeat it. Whatever decision you made in love will always bring you freedom and joy, but if it’s based in fear, it will bring you suffering.”

As we become aware of our spirituality, as we start to awaken, “we have the powers of ancient wisdom. We always want to share. Sharing allows us to expand. The way to expand our consciousness is by sharing love, service and wisdom.” The most common way we share in our daily lives is through our relationships, so all our relationships are an opportunity to expand who we are; our essence. When we consciously do this, “we are devoted to life, devoted to being a contribution for the evolution of life. Our love expresses in our life. The Inca tradition is not just about the knowledge, it’s about sharing. Love grows by sharing it.”

Our remembrance of who we truly are must include our cosmic origins. “We come from love. We don’t come from fear,” says Delgado. “We come from the profound love of the cosmic father and cosmic mother.” The Incas believe the light that we are is more than just a physical effect. It’s an expression of love, service and wisdom. “We really become the expression of mother earth and the luminosity of the seven rays shines through us, so everybody is like a crystal. Everyone is a ray of sun – that’s the origin of the name ‘Inca.’ Everybody is an Inca.”

In the new day, “we don’t have worry about each other. We just have to love ourselves. This is the most important contribution we can bring in the new day because through the love of ourselves, we can see with clarity who we are, we can experience life as transparency. We can bring warmth to our words to ourselves; to our internal conversations.”

Delgado believes we are multi-dimensional beings and we had forgotten this piece of our ancient wisdom. Peru awakens our multi-dimensionality by helping us let go of our resistance. “Peru is a magical world. Our ancestors found such powerful places. They anchored beautiful dreams in many, many spots. They anchored prayers, they anchored refined energies.” In communion with the spirits of the mountains, the Incas created cities, “where we can have the opportunity to have an explosion inside of us. This explosion is really the explosion of the resistance inside of us. We can flow with our one essence.”  The Incas use the land, the power places, “to leave something that doesn’t belong to us – something that we want to release. Always the place awakens the multi-dimensionality we are talking about.”

Once we release our resistance and become aware of our multi-dimensionality, “we start to see that everything is alive, it’s amazing. When we walk in the forest, we can experience that it’s alive. We can see through every eye of an insect, or a bird; we become aware that this being is divinity watching you. We can see from this innocent eye all expression, so we are celebrating life with no reason at all.”

To those who would sojourn with him to Peru, Delgado invites you to his mystical homeland, “Peru is a place to remember,” he says. “A traveler to Peru will say ‘there was my life before Peru and my life after Peru.'”

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2016 Illuminate Film Festival











WHAT: The ILLUMINATE FILM FESTIVAL 2016 returns to Sedona, AZ for its third year, June 1-5, 2016—presenting films that represent the best in Conscious Cinema. Complimenting the Festival is the Conscious Film Convergence, a series of inspirational and educational film workshops and panels.

Film Highlights include: Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru, Maya Angelou and Still I Rise, Sneak Previewsof Teal: The Making of a Spiritual Teacher and Mantra: Sounds Into Silence and the World Premiere ofLove, Sweat and Tears.

WHO:                   Special Guests to the 2016 Festival include:

  • Chaz Ebert (CEO, The Ebert Company) Keynote Speaker, Conscious Film Convergence
  • Hon. Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith (founder, Agape International Spiritual Center) and recipient of the inaugural Conscious Visionary Award
  • Jai Uttal  (Grammy-nominated musician and pioneer in the world music community)
  • Teal Swan (Spiritual catalyst, healer, author, poet, and subject of Teal: The Making of a Spiritual Teacher)
  • Norman Seeff (photographer and filmmaker) Spotlight Conversation “Creativity: The Power of a Dream”
  • Simon Kilmurry (Executive Director, International Documentary Association)
  • Geralyn Dreyfous (co-founder, Impact Partners, Born Into Brothels)

WHEN:                  June 1-5, 2016

WHERE:                Sedona, Arizona

HOW:                    Individual tickets for films, panels and events ($11-40) will go on sale May 6.

The last day to buy All-Access Passes is May 5.

All-Access passes offer unlimited access to screenings, panels and parties, including opening and closing events, VIP receptions, spotlight screenings, and Reel Healing “View & Do” screenings, and priority ticketing access into theaters among other benefits.

Conscious Film Convergence passes are $249.

For complete program and to purchase passes and tickets, visit



The Illuminate Film Festival is a one of a kind experience highlighting some of the most moving and eye-opening films from around the world.  Characterized as the world’s premier film festival for conscious cinema, filmmakers, industry professionals and audiences from across the globe come together to participate in screenings, panels and workshops that help expand our conscious thinking as well as help make healthy changes through mindfulness and positivity. This is a unique opportunity for movie-lovers, aspiring and veteran filmmakers, producers, writers, distributors and marketers to connect and collaborate in pursuit of a shared vision.



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The Ozark Mountain Conferences in Eureka Springs Arkansas

UFO Poster 2016Two Cosmic Conferences Back to Back:

The Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference April 5-7, 2016 and

The Ozark Mountain UFO Conference April 8-10, 2016

Together for the First Time in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Eureka Springs, AR – The 11th Annual Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference, a unique metaphysical and spiritual gathering with a psychic fair open to the public from April 5-7, 2016, will precede The 29th Annual Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, one of the oldest UFO conferences in the U.S., April 8-10, 2016 at the Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs, a magical resort town in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas known for its beauty and paranormal activity.

Both conferences will feature Keynote Speaker Erich von Däniken, bestselling author of the Chariots of the Gods books and a pioneer of Ancient Astronaut Theory that states the gods of ancient times were Extraterrestrials who created mankind and shaped civilizations for millennia. Erich von Däniken will present part 1 of his “Unsolved Mysteries of the Past” lecture on April 6 at the Transformation Conference, and conclude with part 2 at the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference on April 9. Special discounted packages to register for both conferences are available and both conferences will feature their own Keynote Speakers in addition to Erich von Däniken.

Founded by author, hypnotist and past life regressionist Dolores Cannon, The Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference is a venue for Ozark Mountain Publishing authors to share their books and insights into all sorts of metaphysical topics, from healing to channeling, psychic abilities, dreams, spirituality, and much more. Many of the speakers will also offer workshops, personal readings and sessions that can be booked in advance by calling (800) 935-0045.

Day 1 of The Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference on April 5 will feature second Keynote Speaker Susun Weed, author, master herbalist, nutritionist and expert in alternative healing, who will lecture on “The Spirit of the Wise Woman Tradition.” Susun’s stories, songs, and mind-altering facts will change your health, and your life!

Lee Sumpter will kick off Day 1 by presenting “Just Look What We Can Do,” based on his recently released book We Are the Creators: A Little Everyday Philosophy, a positive message about your soul’s power, your life’s purpose, déjà vu and your spiritual guides.

The next speaker on April 5 will be Garnet Schulhauser, who returns this year to present “Divine Inspiration from the Spirit Realm,” based on his latest book Dance of Heavenly Bliss, which continues the saga of his astral trips with his Spirit Guide Albert who encourages us to love and respect one another, Mother Earth, and all the creatures who share our planet.

Also on April 5, Justine Alessi, co-author of Rebirth of the Oracle: The Tarot for the Modern World, Master Tarot Reader and Teacher of the Tarot with over a decade of practical experience, will present “The Origin of the Tarot” featuring exciting live participation from the audience.

Day 2 of the Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference on April 6 begins with Maureen McGill presenting “Baby It’s You,” based on her inspirational book Baby It’s You: Messages From Deceased Heroes, a collection of true, heartfelt and mystical experiences recalled by family members whose loved ones died in service to their country or in tragedies such as 9/11.

Patrick Andries also presents “Owners Manual for the Mind” on April 6, his transformative and
whimsical look at the potential we have to master the essential skills of our minds.

Annie Stillwater Gray will then discuss “Embrace Your Spirit Helpers,” based on The Dawn Book, which features information prepared by the Master Guides for humans to fulfill ourselves.

Part 1 of Keynote Speaker Erich von Däniken’s presentation “Unsolved Mysteries of the Past,” in which he will explore mysteries from ancient civilizations of the past, will conclude Day 2.

Day 3 on April 7 begins with 3 MAGIC WORDS filmmaker Michael Perlin’s presentation “The Common Theme of Spiritual Masters,” based on his book Fantastic Adventures in Metaphysics, which explains our Divine connection and oneness with all things.

James Nussbaumer will then take the stage on April 7 to present “Where is Our True Home,” a talk about the depths of our real knowledge, based on his books The Master of Everything and Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom.

Blair Styra, author of Don’t Change the Channel, who channels the enlightened entity Tabaash, will present “The Merging of Lifelines and the Consequences of This,” about making vital decisions not only for your own personal future but the future of Earth itself, on April 7.

To close out the 2016 Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference, the annual Speakers Dinner will provide a special opportunity to dine and mingle with speakers from both conferences at the Inn of the Ozarks before the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference begins the next day on April 8.

Since 1988, when the late Ufologist Lucius O. Farish founded the Ozark UFO Conference, it has been a gathering place for some of the top experts and investigators in the field of UFOs, Extraterrestrials, ancient and lost civilizations, crop circles and otherworldly phenomenon. In 2013, after Lucius O. Farish passed away, venerated metaphysical author and researcher Dolores Cannon became director of the conference and renamed it the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference.

The 2016 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference begins on April 8 and will feature second UFO Keynote Speaker Linda Moulton-Howe, longtime attendee at the conference and one of the world’s foremost UFO investigators, who will present “Symbols and Binary Code in High Strangeness Phenomena,” in which Linda will compare symbols and binary code translations in cases from the 1800s to present day that involve symbols on unidentified aerial craft.

David Marler, former Field Investigator, State Section Director, as well as Illinois State Director of MUFON, also speaks on Day 1 by presenting “The Flying Saucer Invasion of 1950 – Farmington, NM and Beyond,” one of the most dramatic and well-documented cases in the history of the UFO phenomenon that took place over a full three day period in New Mexico.
Day 1 will also feature Chase Kloetzke, leader of the New Special Assignment Team as Deputy Director of Investigations for MUFON, who will present “Admissible: is the Burden of Proof Enough?” which will explore our best game plan to search for Extraterrestrial evidence.

Nick Pope, former head of the UK Ministry of Defence’s UFO project, returns to the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference on April 8 to present “Now You See It and Now You Don’t” about two hikers’ spectacular close encounter with a huge diamond-shaped UFO in Scotland in 1990.

Day 2 on April 9 begins with Sherry Wilde, author of The Forgotten Promise, presenting “A World in Transition,” based on her life-long experiences as an Extraterrestrial contactee, about the truth that we know all too well—that we are not alone and that we have never been alone.

Whitley Strieber, bestselling author of the Communion series, will also present “A New World If We Can Take It” on April 9. His latest book Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained, written with Professor Jeffrey Kripal, redefines the meaning of the close encounter and UFO phenomena. Strieber will publish Alien Hunter 3: the White House in April of 2016.

On Day 2 of the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, Jim Marrs, a Texas journalist and author of four New York Times bestselling books, will present “Remote Viewing Aliens,” based on military-trained viewers’ experiences using this mental technology to study alien life forms.

Veteran UFO investigator Richard Dolan returns to Eureka Springs on April 9 to lecture on “The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis: A Fresh Understanding for a New Century” and make the case that other beings are indeed here, and they may be from elsewhere, but the reality they represent is far beyond the reality we are accustomed to thinking about.

Part 2 of Keynote Speaker Erich von Däniken’s presentation “Unsolved Mysteries of the Past” will explore how this planet was visited by ETs in the past, and our ancestors looked at these visitors as ‘gods’ who created our mythologies and religions, will conclude Day 2.

On April 10, USAF Veteran John Burroughs, who endured and investigated his life altering UFO encounter at RAF Bentwaters air base in England in December 1980, will present “Confirmation Trumps Disclosure” to begin the last day of the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference.

Crop Circle and UFO expert Barbara Lamb returns as the final speaker at the 2016 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference to present “Extraterrestrial Ambassadors on Earth” revealing numerous species of Extraterrestrials that interact with human beings, each with its own agenda.

The Ozark Mountain UFO Conference will wrap up on the afternoon of April 10 with an annual drawing of door prizes that will include a FULL 3 DAY PASS to next year’s UFO Conference.

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Is 2012 the End of the World?

 Is 2012 the End of the World?

By Christan Hummel

Yes.  According to Mayan, Hopi, Nostradamus, and many others, 2012 is the end of the world!  But this is the part that often gets left out…. “as we know it.”

The Mayan were experts at reading time pulsations and converting them into linear language via the infamous Mayan Calandar.  These “pulsations’ were not the normal solar calendar revolutions, but waves that were interpreted by the “time decoders” and translated into a 3-dimensional, linear timeline. Our current calendar system is one that revolves around the sun. It is a system that is admittedly patriarchal, and a conversion from the lunar calendars of the last 30,000+ years, which were tied to the feminine cycles and those of the Earth.

However, the Mayan calendars did not use either lunar or solar revolutions. Instead they interpreted “pulsations” — waves of time if you will, and converted them into the language of lunar revolutions.

All this may sound like splitting hairs when answering a question of whether or not December Solstice, 2012 represents the end of the world.  Well, again, yes, if you look at the “world” that the Mayan calendar was designed for: a 3-dimensional world of linear time.  That “world’ was about to come to an end.

What does that mean?? Well, quantum physics has a vastly different notion of time than most of us are used to. For most of us, time is that separation of a day and week and year into segments that keep us all from bumping into one another! It keeps us all on a “track” so that we sync with each other in harmonious ways.  Some of which are artificial, like daylight savings time, and other syncing is a natural rhythm such as that of the moon cycles, day and night, seasonal changes etc.

Whichever rhythm you choose, manmade or nature based, it is an agreed upon, and linear based time line. Well, what if time isn’t really that way? What if it doesn’t start at A and end at Z? What if it can start at P and end at F and loop back in on itself endlessly?? What does that do to your bus schedule??

Imagine for instance, that you are asleep. While sleeping, you have a dream. In the dream, you have a life and people and activities. They take place within a sequence, but time within the dream state is not the same as in your waking state. It exists in its own way, but it is a kind of dream time. It can feel like years have passed and according to your clock on your nightstand, it was only minutes. It is a kind of experiential time. Not a linear based time. It is “real” in the world in which it exists, but it is a different world than you are used to in your waking state.  Time in that dream state is more fluid, more flexible, and intention produces instant action! A world of instantaneous manifestation, based on deep core desires and subconscious thoughts, without a mediating influence of time.

This is very similar to the way things operate in the 4th dimension, and time, as we know it, does not exist in that dimension. It exists, and a ‘world” exists, but not as we know it. It is more fluid. It is in the quantum state of instantaneous manifestation from within a limitless sea of possibilities. Just like in your dream world. Anything can happen, anything can “exist” if your consciousness abides in that possibility.  To be with something in that state makes it instantly real for you.

The Mayan Time Elders knew this potential for time as it exists in the quantum state. This is how they perceived time. Yet, to convey their understanding to the rest of us dullards, they had to devise a simpler system that would fit in our day timer, and could be something that fit with our 3rd dimensional existence, hence, the invention of the calendar.

Essentially, a calendar represents a way to segment the infinite, like artificially drawing lines in the ocean. Time is a vast ocean. It has waves (or pulsations as the Mayan perceived it.)  But to describe that ocean to a world driven by linear thinking, grid maps, segments, and divisions, something artificial had to be devised to translate the waves of time into units that had some sort of meaning to those of us living in linear-time-based reality.

So what if this linear-time-based reality, our reference point for thousands of years, were to shift? What if the Earth were able to take a quantum leap so to speak into a new dimension in which time as we know it did not exist? That is in fact what the Mayan Calendar and prophesies state. Not that the calendar ends, but that time as we know it would no longer exist. It could not be calculated in linear segments after a certain point.

Could there be something so potent that it could dissolve our polarized, linear- time-based reality into the quantum sea of wave based reality??

The Mayan thought so. The now well known alignment of the earth and solar system with the Galactic Center (from which their time pulsations originated, not from the revolutions of the sun) was an event of such magnitude that it posed the possibility of jettisoning the baseline reference point of our “reality” from a 3rd dimensional timeline to a 4th dimensional reference point. WOW!! What does that mean?

Simply, that the world as we know it, would no longer exist! Like taking the thread out of a string of pearls. What happens to the necklace? The pearls still exist, but what has organized them is now changed. Time is the spine of our 3-D world “organizing” our reality. If our sense of time changes, so does the organization of our entire matrix of existence. The “world” as we know it no longer exists.

For some, this is a welcome blessing – a liberation from the shackles of a reality which had long ago outlived its usefulness. For others, the shift is a fearful event as the world as they know it begins to crumble beneath their feet. I think we can choose which one it will be for each of us as we embrace the impending pulsations coming from our Galactic core – source of origin of all that we know, and ride the wave to the next reality matrix.

ABOUT CHRISTAN: Christan Hummel is an international author, seminar leader and  “ley” line and earth grids “re-balancer.” She is the author of the best-selling book, Do- It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit  that reveals techniques for shifting the vibrational template of any space.

To purchase this book, click here

She has led sacred ceremonies and workshops around the world teaching how to use sound, sacred geometry and the devic realms to energetically attune the space and the earth to its original blueprint and highest potential.

New Enlightenment with Paula Muran

An interview with Paula Muran

Q: You recently created A New Enlightenment tell us about what “new enlightenment” is?

A:  A New Enlightenment is the accumulation of my 25 years of teaching and study, along with what I learned on my path to self-realization.  It’s a contemporary awakening program using the principles of enlightenment.

Q:  How is A New Enlightenment different than other programs?

A:   I focus on “Know the Self.”  I believe when we know our inner self we eventually feel comfortable enough to let down our guard, become less defensive and angry, and naturally the mind finds tranquility.

teach that to come to wholeness we must stop creating separation and personal judgment. I introduce people to an entirely new way to live their life.

Instead of perpetuating the ongoing attachment to the “negative,”  separation and fear that is so abundant in our culture, I teach people to embrace their fears.  Yes, to actually love fear.

To cease separation we must balance the energy of our experiences. For instance, if we dislike fear we must dislike love. If we love, love we must also love fear.  Otherwise we keep creating separation.

It’s difficult for the ego mind not judge experiences. It loves to find fault in everything we encounter.  When we take the judgment out of the equation the experience is just an experience and we can enjoy it.  Once we use an adjective ( like frightening) to criticize an experience, we have made a judgment. This changes the energy around the experience (positive or negatively) and it affects us in some way.

Q:  You talk about the importance of belief systems and emotional and mental patterning- how they impact our lives and impede our path to awakening.  Tell us more?

A:   Our lives are carved out by a series of mental thoughts and emotional feelings that create beliefs, perceptions and behaviors.  Patterns get created from the repetitive nature of experience and learned behaviors from earlier life experiences.

These belief patterns affect every aspect of our lives: our relationships, who we are as a person, how we feel about ourselves, how we communicate. Many of the patterns formed by these experiences, including fears, unworthiness and doubt, block our true potential.
It’s difficult for us to see our own limitations – the ways our words and actions hold us back.   I wrote in my book Codes of Light in 2005 that our beliefs camouflage our divine self.

Q:  How do you help people access and release beliefs and patterns? How can people work on their belief systems and emotional healing?

A:  I am blessed with profound intuition. I can see beyond the illusion and into soul records and I’m able to see a field of consciousness around everyone. I call this field a grid, and it’s also been called the matrix.  When I’m in session or at events I can see into this field, it’s a vast database of information.  Every thought, experience and belief sets up on this field of consciousness.  I actually see a grid-like structure and can alter the grid field. This shifts a person’s conscious life.

I created a private healing session called Body of Light. The session addresses any limitation. Intuitively I see objects that represent ideas and behaviors from a person’s life that seek resolution and healing.  Fears, unworthiness, and doubt, emotional and mental belief patterns, create heaviness in our energy fields.

I work on core issues—from the bottom out and locate the original patterning. This takes me deep into the field of consciousness and into past, parallel and sometimes into future lives.

I can intuitively see into the unconscious mind and neutralize or rewrite the belief patterns that have caused frustration, limitation and unhappiness.

The key to healing emotionally and mentally is to locate as close as possible the issue. Once that is acknowledged then the energy can shift. Sometimes the emotional pattern shifts by saying a positive statement. Other times by moving the body or looking in a certain direction, these actions cause the central nervous system to recalibrate energy.

Q:  You have a special relationship with the spiritual deity, Sanat Kumara.  How did this begin? And who is Sanat Kumara?

A:   All my life I’ve talked to a father-like authoritative voice. As a child I had an imaginary friend that never left me. I grew up in Ohio in a typical mid-western Catholic family.

As a young adult I had a number of spiritual experiences. At one event in Manhattan a yogi said I would experience nirvana in this lifetime.  In Los Angeles in the early 1980’s I became privy to channeling.

The voice I heard as child began to channel through me.  One evening at a Bashar channeling, I felt a presence sit down next to me, and I wrote out on a pad, “you can now call me Sanat Kumara.”   That evening changed my life forever.

I learned some things about Sanat Kumara in the Alice Bailey books.  However, I learned the most about Sanat Kumara through Hinduism.  Sanat Kumara is an elusive being. Not wanting to be worshipped, Sanat Kumara’s influence is felt in silence, during meditation.

Sanat Kumara is known in every religion, especially in Hinduism as the Son of Shiva and the brother of Ganesh (elephant god), as the Holy Ghost in Christianity, and as the Ancient of Days in the Bible and in Metaphysics as the planetary Logos. Sanat Kumara is not a man or woman, nor a he or she. Sanat Kumara is a force field of unconditional love that has embraced Earth for millions of years.

I learned I was chosen out of 100,000 souls to be the emissary to Sanat Kumara. I do not actually channel Sanat Kumara, I have a direct link and information simply comes to me in a form of innate wisdom.  Over the years, we have become seamlessly merged.  Now there is one voice. In person people have said they feel a profound loving energy around me.

Q:  You have a new seminar called Sanat Kumara Intensive coming up in December.  What can people expect from this intensive?

A:  Yes, I’m very excited about the December Intensive. Sanat Kumara’s energy is most influential when people are in person with me.

All my life I have worked on the emotional and mental belief patterning.  In the early 1990’s I created a product line of gem elixirs and emotional aromatherapy sprays. The gem elixirs go into the cellular energy and release stuck energy.  Emotional Aromatherapy healing sprays do similar.

The whole premise of the ancient Veda texts is to “know the self.”  How can we “know the self” if we don’t work on beliefs?  To awaken or to live in expanded states of consciousness requires we detach from perceived limitation. Either we need to understand it or release from it. This allows the ego to relax its control.

The ancient yogi’s meditated because that is what they knew. Meditation is a powerful tool.  Given what we know today, it’s not the only tool to self-realization, and what I offer people is another way to peel the layers and get to expanded states of consciousness. 

On one visit to India, I was standing at a temple during a ceremony and a little Indian woman stood in front of me, holding a pink lotus flower.  As the priest chanted she began to peel the layers of the flower, one petal at a time.  This is exactly what I do.  I peel the layers to reveal the true Self.

These three days, December 7-9, 2012, is an immersion into YOU.  I developed the Awakening Process to create breakthroughs in people’s belief’s and core patterning so they experience life beyond the illusion of their own personal limitation.
The weekend is experiential and a powerful way to jumpstart the changes that are necessary to bypass any belief roadblocks people experience.

Sanat Kumara Intensive begins Friday evening at 7:00 pm in Scottsdale and ends Sunday at 4:00 pm.  My retreats encompass a variety of modalities, similar to these:

  • Inner work & Inquiry
  • Breathing techniques
  • Movement to shift energy
  • Powerful guided meditations and visualizations

People learn techniques they can use on themselves and with others to release emotional and mental patterns that keep them stuck.

The Sanat Kumara Intensive is a transformational experience to awaken to love and your true Self.

To learn more about Paula Muran visit or email

Sedona International Film Festival

       Sedona Green Film Series at

  Sedona International Film Festival

Special Opening Events

February 18th & 19th

Every year, the Sedona International Film Festival keeps getting better and better. And 2012 is no exception. Among the nearly 150 wonderful films are special works that focus on the challenges facing the human condition. This is the Sedona Green Film Series. This year, there are more than a dozen films highlighting sustainability issues in the festival. In addition, the festival kicks off with two Sedona Green film and community conversation events on the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday, February 18 and 19, at the Sedona Performing Arts Center.

The Revenge of the Electric Car will kick off the program on Saturday, February 18 at 3pm. Narrated by Tim Robbins, this lively film goes behind the closed doors of Nissan, GM, and the Silicon Valley start-up Tesla Motors to chronicle the story of the global resurgence of electric cars. Without using a single drop of foreign oil, this new generation of car is America’s future: fast, furious, and cleaner than ever.

Following the film at 4:30pm, Sedona Green and Sustainable Arizona will host a community conversation: The Power of Film to Move Hearts and Minds. The panel will feature filmmakers, sustainability experts, educators and a specialist in the study of neuroscience. In addition, there will be displays including electric and biofuels vehicles.

Sunday at 2pm, it’s The Big Fix, a film that begins with an expose of the events that lead to the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling disaster and delves deeply into the corruption surrounding the powerful in the halls of government and business. While this film is a well-documented indictment of the status quo, the community conversation which follows the film at 4:00pm will be anything but negative.

Our panel of experts will look at some of the challenges we are facing in Arizona and the world and talk about ways each of us can take positive action to improve our own quality of life. “We know about the doom and gloom. We see it in the media everyday,” said Matthew Bonnstetter, founder of the Sedona Green Film Series. “What we want to concentrate on are the positive things that are happening all around us…to make our communities, our businesses and our lives better and more secure.”

The panelists include Michael Nash, award-winning Irish-American filmmaker best known for Climate Refugees and Fuel. Mr. Nash will bring a sequence from Climate Refugees to introduce his talk about climate change and its current impacts.

Dr. Stefan Sommer is professor of ecology and sustainability at NAU. He also is an award-winning producer of several films including A River Reborn, the story of Fossil Creek.

Andrea Houchard, also from NAU, is the leader of philosophy in the public interest, a program that helps communities deal with challenging issues. Amy Coplan is professor of philosophy of film at the University of California at Fullerton. She studies how films influence thought and actions. John Neville is the president of Sustainable Arizona and was an award-winning writer and producer specializing in sustainable development. Matthew Bonnstetter, Vice President at SolarWorks and board member of Sustainable Arizona, will moderate the discussions.

The SPAC lobby will host displays of nonprofits and green businesses from the area. Learn what is happening in sustainability at Keep Sedona Beautiful, Sedona Recycles, Value the Verde Ecotourism, Sustainable Arizona, Sierra Club and Gardens for Humanity plus see the latest in electric vehicles, solar and clean energy technologies. There will also be a concession stand will feature delightful foods provided by the Heartline Café.

For tickets to the film, please visit the Sedona International Film Festival website: The community conversations which begin after the films each day are free and open to the public.

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Deva Premal & Miten: Music in the Key of Love

Deva Premal & Miten:  Music in the Key of Love

Mantra Singers Launch US Tour & New Album “PASSWORD”

By Lisa T. Greene

The age of yoga is upon us. With yoga studios opening in every town across the United States, millions of people are enjoying yoga’s stress-reducing and life-enhancing benefits.

In the world of music, many top recording artists are yoga aficionados, including Alanis Morissette, Nora Jones, Sting and Sarah McClachlan, who recently appeared on the cover of Yoga Journal. However it is yoga-based mantra chanting that is changing the way people listen to — and feel — the yogic effects of music.

Deva Premal & Miten have been a central part of the chant-based culture shift. For the past 21 years the two have been merging the ancient mantras with new rhythms and musical beats, creating a sound that is deeply rooted in tradition, but appeals to a modern audience. Deva and Miten’s fans include Anthony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Cher, who featured one of Deva’s most popular chants, the Gayatri Mantra, on her Farewell Concert Tour. Deva and Miten have a new album coming out in October 2011 called PASSWORD since “mantras are passwords that transform the mundane into the sacred”.

“Mantras and Rock n’ Roll – The Mystical and the Mythic”
Miten, a child of the 1960s, grew up in the countercultural environment of England, and recalls that “at that time, England was alive with rock ‘n’ roll music and the sound of The Beatles. Everywhere you went it was on the street. It was a time of innocence, a time when you could sense the possibility that life has no boundaries.” With The Beatles and other cultural icons, such as Allen Ginsberg, discovering the mystical traditions of India, Tibet and Nepal in the late 1960s, new sounds and contemplative practices were being introduced into the Western arts and culture scene.

Miten established a successful career in the 1970s as a singer/songwriter, touring with such stars as Fleetwood Mac, Lou Reed and Ry Cooder. During this time he released two well-received albums, one produced by The Kinks, and another by noted Los Angeles producer Bones Howe for Ariola Records. But while this time was thrilling, the rock and roll lifestyle left him unfulfilled:  “I found myself in my 30’s asking questions — I was looking for something more substantial in my life than the usual diet of sex, drugs and rock and roll.”

In his search for answers, Miten left the world of rock behind – even selling his beloved guitars – and entered into a new life of possibilities as a member of a spiritual community, where he discovered an ancient, yet new , approach to music:
“It was an amazing revelation. I wasn’t prepared for the healing power of the music that was happening and it turned my head to what real sacred music was – even though it was western in style, it still had the most uplifting and spiritual nature, especially the ‘Music Groups’ and the Sufi dances. All this music, along with a life of communal integration, healed me from whatever wounds I’d been carrying around from my former life in music, and life in general.”

By 1990, when Miten met Deva Premal, he was leading music groups for thousands of people at the Osho Ashram in Poona, India. Despite difference in age and life history, Deva recalls that, “Although I was 20 years old and he was 42, our hearts immediately connected. I felt good whenever we were together. We laughed a lot… and still do.”

For the past six years, Deva and Miten have had the pleasure of collaborating with Manose, the internationally renowned bansuri (bamboo flute) maestro and one Nepal’s top recording artists. The founder of the rock group AD1974, Manose is part of the world music movement, merging genres, traditions and sounds, while at the same time, introducing traditional Nepalese music to new audiences.  For Deva and Miten, working with Manose has been a seamless process: “Manose has a great grasp of Western music,” Miten shares. “When we first started working together, he walked into the studio and I had the track already going. He just picked up the flute and rolled with it.” Manose danced with Deva and Miten’s voices and energy and now they consider him part of their “love bubble.”

PASSWORD, Deva Premal & Miten’s new album, unlocks our inner technology”
Today, chant and popular culture are joining together more and more, as seen in the growing attendance at music and yoga festivals across the country. In June of 2008, the music industry was star-struck to watch the recording by a group of German monks singing Gregorian chants sky rocket to top the iTunes and Billboard charts.

Deva and Miten love that the music they have been quietly creating for 21 years is reaching wider and wider audiences. They anticipate their new album, Password, will continue to unlock the secret of mantras for an entirely new generation, eager to engage with their ‘inner’ technologies. The new album expands on the chant tradition that couples Miten’s lush arrangements by a group of young jazz artists, with Deva’s rich vocal tones. The jazz players bring a fresh sensibility and interpretation to Deva & Miten’s signature sound.

One thing is certain, Deva Premal & Miten are never ones to sit back on their meditation pillows or rest of their laurels – their new album and 2011 US Tour will continue to stretch the boundaries of the old and the new, the traditional and the innovative – a testament to their artistry and their commitment to the endless beauty of the mantra.

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Click here for a sneak peek at the iTunes release of “Password.”

Password on iTunes

Breathe America ~ Breathe Sedona

Breathe America ~ Breathe Sedona is a FREE day of Visionary Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork™ journeying on September 16, at the Sedona Creative Life Center, led by the founder of Shamanic Breathwork™, Linda Star Wolf, and sponsored by Venus Rising Association for Transformation and several Shamanic Breathwork™ practitioners who recently graduated from Venus Rising’s Accelerated Training program at the Sanctuary at Sedona.  To register or get more info for this free event, email or call 602-605-0082.

What Is Visionary Shamanism? by Linda Star Wolf

Visionary Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork™ are powerful tools for activating the Imaginal Cells in the human energy field in order to expand our consciousness, become more aware of our inherent power, and take responsibility to do the inner work required if we want to use our power in a good way to create real and lasting change in the world.  When there is an activation of consciousness, our evolution is actually accelerated and a quantum leap can be made. We really can’t afford to evolve slowly right now. There are far too few resources for the many people living on the planet.  It’s going to take a quantum leap to give birth to a new wave of consciousness and a new paradigm that is ready and primed to enter into our human forms during these highly transformational times.

Visionary Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork™ activate and integrate ancient shamanic wisdom with the new paradigm downloads that are coming into individuals around the world today. As human beings living in the modern world, we still have much to learn from indigenous teachings in terms of understanding the cycles of nature, living in sacred reciprocity and developing a deep connection with pachamama. The wisdom of the trees, also known as the Standing Ones, the mineral kingdom, the plants, the animals and all our ancestors live within us, in our bones and skin, in-forming us. At this point in our spiritual evolution, we are discovering that we can get our own messages from deep within our DNA, without necessarily having to go to a shaman in remote places of the world.  We are awakening our capacity to walk between the worlds and access information from many dimensions.  In order to make the evolutionary leap that is required of us at this time we must commit to learning how to open up to our Shaman Within, activate the imaginal cells of the future and then embody our future selves in the present.  One of the greatest lessons we are here to learn at this time is that we are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are all just beginning to wake up and realize that no one else is going to heal us or heal our planet. This is our sacred work and the sacred activism of this new era.

Visionary Shamanism is not just about going into an altered state and getting a vision.  Sometimes when people are drawn to expanded consciousness, whether it is breathwork, plant medicine, or some other form of altered states work, they are looking for visions of light because they are disenchanted and overwhelmed by the intense energies we are all experiencing on Earth during these shamanic times.  But getting a higher vision for our planet is just the beginning.  While it is incredibly important to think outside of the box and open to our future selves, it is equally important to heal the past so that we can embody these visions. Carl Jung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” True spiritual maturity involves not only having a vision, but then also knowing how to bring that light into the darkness and into form.  We do that by clearing out the obstacles in our psyches that have kept us small, stuck, disempowered and disconnected from our own bodies, minds and spirits.

If we plant a seed in place where there is not enough sun, water, or good soil, it will not flourish.  Due to the level of unconsciousness still very present on Earth at this time, most of us are like seedlings that were planted in the shade, in depleted soil and were not watered enough.  Most of us were not given the support found in nature’s ingredients to help us flower.  The good news is that when we face the psychological dilemmas of our past, even past lives, and nurture the younger parts of our selves that may have felt threatened, rejected or unloved, we naturally begin to flower. When we do the inner work to remove the blocks to our wholeness, a natural downloading of information happens that allows us to be the change we want to see in the world.

New cutting-edge processes like Visionary Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork™ help us to embody our visions and to become the flower of life.   All we really need is the sacred space and healing power of the breath to access these natural altered states, expand our consciousness and discover that the answers we are desperately seeking already live in our own hearts and psyches. It’s all within us and will unfold naturally if we are willing to take the time to do what is most important at this time: remove the blocks to remembering who we really are!  We are the ones we have been waiting for and this is our time. Stop what you’re doing and Breathe, America!

Linda Star Wolf is the founder of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, Venus Rising University, the Shamanic Breathwork Process, the Shamanic Ministers’ Global Network and the author of several books on shamanism.  Her next book, Visionary Shamanism:  Activating the Imaginal Cells of the Human Energy Field, will be released in December 2011 by Inner Traditions / Bear & Company.  Star Wolf will return to the Sanctuary at Sedona in December to teach Shamanic Egyptian Mystery School.  To learn more please visit:

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