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The Secret to Everlasting Valentine Spirit

The Secret to Everlasting Valentine Spirit

by Satya Kalradreamstimefree_63169

Do you wish the spirit of Valentine’s Day last longer than just one day, and went beyond balloons, hearts, flowers, cuddly teddy bears and evening dinners?  Let’s first understand the true meaning and purpose of Valentine’s Day:  how to build long lasting relationships and become the everlasting valentine - let’s discover the Secret to Everlasting Valentine Spirit.

February 14, Valentine’s Day, is a day to appreciate and celebrate with your loved ones, to rejuvenate and grow your relationship; a day to say, “I care.”

What message will you send this Valentine’s Day and how can the meaning of this divine day enrich your life all year round?

The words VALENTINE’S DAY express the true meaning and purpose:

V: Vines entwined, heart to heart soul to soul

A: Always heart filled with love

L: Love is Life, life is love; life without love is like a tree without leaves

E: Equanimity in love

N: Never blame

T: True Love with Trust and tolerance

I: Intuitive love

N: Never, Never, Never give up

E: Everlasting love never dies

S: Soulmates

D: Drop your anger, resentments,  let go…

A: Affinity in love

Y: Year around love

Valentine’s Day means the love within ourselves and the love we share with others.  The symbol of Valentine’s Day is the heart.  Heart filled with true love can only build a true relationship.

What does True Love mean?

True Love is unconditional love that does not demand, expect, judge, compete or criticize.  it just loves. It deepens our soul-to-soul connection with others.  All relationship and intimacy is built upon one secret ingredient, “True Love” and Valentine’s Day is a reminder of it.

True love is the most powerful energy that emerges from the depths of our Consciousness and guides us to true happiness.  It can only be understood by experiencing it.

LOVE is like a fire, burning down resentments and all the negative feelings.

Love is our true nature that reflects in our behavior of joy and happiness.  Filling your heart with love will gradually erase past hurt and remove the darkness. Love will ultimately override the grudges and resentments.

True Love has no expectations

True Love is

Free from fear and envy

Free from ego and arrogance

Free from attachment

True Love is compassion and caring

True Love is forgiveness

True Love is 

Goodness and positive attitude

Contentment and patience

Respect and righteousness

Calmness and equanimity

True Love is Trust

True Love never gets sick or dies 

It only gets stronger with time

True Love is Divine Love, the Ultimate Love; peace and eternal happiness, “Sat Chit Ananda.” 

(Gita. Chapter 12, Yoga of Devotion)

However, today, the meaning of Valentine’s Day has been somewhat lost.  Relationships are built on body and mind connections, not on connections between hearts.  Although the symbol of Valentine’s Day is a heart, stores are full of gifts for the body, with little to offer the heart.  Deep connections have been lost and instead, the puppy love that flourishes on February 14 has become yet another money-making opportunity for businesses.

How can we be intimate with another person in a chaotic world?  How can we reach the depths of happiness, love and intimacy?

Happy people build happy relationships; unhappy people build unhappy relationships.  Your relationships reflect what’s in your heart and mind.  Today, many people lead unhappy lives:  insecure, fearful, angry, and full of hatred, resentment, jealousy, and negative attitude… and that makes them emotionally weak.

How can unhappy people build a happy relationship?  It’s like trying to build a house on an earthquake fault.  Any tremors of disagreement will shatter the house.

When our relationships are built only on attraction between bodies and minds, we’re drawn to the other person’s superficial details – titles, name and fame – these are temporary relationships. Only relationships built on heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connections will last.  Let’s build those connections instead.

A loving heart is the only heart that can build a true, long-lasting relationship.  

To build an intimate and lasting relationship you must start loving yourself first.

How to develop True Love and a True Relationship in your life

  1. First, fill your heart with love and then extend it to others.
  2. Practice forgiveness.
  3. Take full responsibility of your action.
  4. Self- awareness:  accept your limitations and others’.
  5. Extend goodness and positivity.  No competition/ego, judgments or blaming
  6. Take care of yourself with Yoga, Pranayam (breathing exercises), meditation, affirmations and prayers.
  7. Do your best…and Let go.

Goodness and Positivity.

Shift your perception and focus on the positive.  See good in others; everyone has some good qualities.  Recognize them and do not judge others.  This will build your own self-esteem and soul-to-soul relationships.  “Problems in relationships occur because each person is concentrating on what is missing in the other person.” – Wayne Dyer

Dr. Sandra Murray of the University of Michigan spent years studying “positive illusions.”  When partners let go of bitterness and focused on positive messages about themselves and their partners, “relationships persisted, satisfaction increased, conflicts were averted, doubts abated, and personal insecurities diminished.”

When couples filled their hearts with forgiveness, True Love grew.  You, too, can reap the reward of an everlasting Valentine’s Day.

Do your best – and let go.  

When we love ourselves and others, put our best efforts to build relationship, open our heart, then the divine qualities of True Love develop automatically.  We  enjoy your life more and have good health, everlasting relationship with self and others- not just for one day. As Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita,When we put our best efforts to develop divine qualities- forgiveness, compassion, love, and tolerance, we not only become dear to each other and build intimate relationship but become dear to God also [His Valentine].” (Gita. 12.20)

The Heart filled with True Love is ready to pour out and build long lasting relationships.

A pure heart, filled with forgiveness, letting go and True Love, is an uncontrollable fountain of love that will  pour itself outward,  build long lasting relationships that is  free from demands, judgments, and expectations and have a positive effect on others.  This is the secret of long-lasting relationships.  To enjoy an everlasting “Divine  Spirit of Valentine” in your life, fill your heart with forgiveness and let go.  Forgiving, letting go, plants the seed of True Love in your heart and you will celebrate Valentine’s Day forever.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

Love All, Serve All.  - Satya Sai Baba

Valentine’s Day is all about True and unconditional love. Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, go beyond body-to-body and mind-to-mind relationships and discover true heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connections.  Heal yourself to become a better soul-mate:  offer up your eternal love, rather than dozens of roses that will fade before the weekend’s over.

Once you let go of bitterness and resentment, develop divine qualities, you’ll enjoy being with your loves ones not just for one day.  You will finally connect to self and enjoy your life more, enjoying everlasting relationships and also attaining the purpose of life, Love, Peace, and Eternal Happiness, “Sat Chit Anandam.”

May this Valentine’s Day be filled with love, peace, and everlasting happiness as you journey through yourself and together!

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About Author:


Satya Kalra is a former CEO from Biotech Industry and founder of Path to Anandam (Path to Blissful life). She is a philanthropist, spiritual guide, self-transformational and happiness coach, spiritual guide, meditation and self-healing expert, international speaker.

She has published many spiritual articles and 6 bestselling books such as My Questions and God’s Answers-Bhagavad Gita, 108 Mantra to Awaken Your Soul and four of Path to Anandam pocketbook series. Her recent bestselling book is “Prosperity Forever through art of work”.

Over 35 years, Satya has been practicing and propagating blissful living and helping others to become more self-dependent and self-reliant

She teaches how to attain eternal happiness and peace within and reach your unlimited potential by raising your conscious level.

She has coached, taught and trained 1000s of people on radio stations, TV shows, universities, government agencies non-profit organization and entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, youth, and families.

In the Company of Sages – Book Excerpt

company-of-sagesIn the Company of Sages

by Greg Bogart

Book Excerpt


Stage One
Choosing a Teacher

Finding the Lineage and Qualities that Speak to Your Path

Meeting a teacher can impact us so powerfully that we’re seized by a desire to change our lives and embrace the quest for mystical realization. When Rumi, a highly respected scholar, met his teacher Shams of Tabriz, Shams took a book Rumi was writing about philosophy and threw it into a well. Rumi became an ecstatic devotee of Shams and abandoned all else, including scholarship and family responsibilities. After finding a teacher a person may begin to undergo a noticeable transformation and change of habits and lifestyle. One may experience deeper meditations or feel a blissful energy or an opening of the heart, the kindling of an inner fire. Rumi said:

What draws Friends together
does not conform to Laws of Nature.
Form doesn’t know about spiritual closeness. . . .
A hand shifts our birdcages around.
Some are brought closer. Some move apart.
Do not try to reason it out. Be conscious
of who draws you and who not.

A common experience after meeting a teacher is for everything in our lives to fall apart. In the Koran it is said, “I am with those whose hearts are broken for My sake.” Old interests fall away, and old friendships become less compelling as a seeker turns toward the path of spiritual awakening. The disciples of the Indian guru Ramakrishna underwent a profound transformation as a result of their contact with their saintly master. Many were filled with a feverish devotion and burning for enlightenment. Many of them renounced worldly life soon after Ramakrishna’s death and became monks committed to pursuing Self-realization.

We accept a teacher who inspires us to attain the enlightened state through meditation, yoga, and other consciousness-enhancing practices. In deep meditation, the mind quiets down and awareness turns inward, becoming self-reflective, becoming aware of itself as awareness. The diligent practitioner experiences the growth of tranquility, contentment, and wisdom. In Buddhist terms, meditation reveals our dharmakaya nature–the truth body, the pure mind, like a clear mirror. In the Hindu tradition this is known as realization of the Self or Atman, which is one with Brahman, the Absolute.

We need a teacher not only to teach us techniques and doctrine but also to embody the enlightened state, so that we can recognize it in ourselves and attain it. We may also choose a teacher to learn a particular method such as meditation, yoga, or shamanic journeying. Even in cases where a teacher isn’t a fully enlightened Buddha, sage, or siddha guru, we could still grow by studying with that person for a period of time–if the teacher seems clear and balanced and we feel confident that this person can guide us effectively through a stage of our transformation. It’s enough that the teacher embodies a quality of freedom that we wish to emulate.

Teachers appear in many guises. When I met my hatha yoga teacher, Allan Bateman, in 1979, I found that he was quite an unusual individual. Self-taught in yoga, Allan looked like a muscle-bound jock. He moved around his studio in a bikini, sang opera arias, and held in the palm of his hand an enormous cat named Godzilla, who lay on his back stretching out his paws in a magnificent backbend, in full spinal extension. Allan bragged modestly about this and that, and talked about his cattle ranch upstate where he had a herd of Beefalo. I learned so much yoga from this man, I didn’t care if he was some great pundit or intellectual. He wasn’t trying to be saintly. He used his body in his teaching. He was very graceful and respectful and supportive of intelligent movement. He was a free and sexy guy, very confident, and a positive male role model.

John Welwood, author of Awakening the Heart, notes, “Since genuine spiritual teachers come in many different shapes and forms, we’ll no doubt fail if we try to spell out how a good guru should behave.” David Frawley, founder and director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies, echoes this view, saying, “Great gurus may be saints with impeccable characters and lifestyles. However, they may also look like madmen and refuse to conform to any social norms. Society may consider them scoundrels.” We shouldn’t accept a teacher just because everybody else says this is an enlightened sage; nor should we immediately reject all teachers who don’t conform to our expectations or conceptions of holiness. The teacher doesn’t have to be famous, or an impoverished ascetic, or surrounded by important disciples. What’s important is that the teacher’s personal example inspires us, the teacher’s words speak to us deeply, and the teacher’s presence affects us intensely. The guide shows us glimpses of the goal of the spiritual journey, as well as a path we can follow to reach this goal.

In this book we’ll consider how spiritual teachers have been described in a number of world religions. From the insights derived from these traditions, we’ll reach a number of conclusions:

1. Spiritual apprenticeship begins with a personal relationship with a teacher who tangibly affects our awareness and inspires us to practice a contemplative discipline in order to attain enlightenment.

2. Initiation connects the student to the influence of a spiritual lineage that transcends the individual teacher.

3. The student-teacher relationship involves the mutual meditation of the student and teacher upon one another, and may entail the deliberate cultivation of a form of psychic merger or unity that can have a transformative effect upon the student.

4. The relationship may involve experiences of grace in which the teacher functions as a conduit for transmission of transpersonal forces.

When choosing a guide, proceed with care. It’s important to take sufficient time to examine the teacher’s character and note any internal changes that occur as a result of contact with this being. A powerful inner shift of consciousness after meeting a teacher signals us to seek further contact and instruction.

Author bio:
Greg Bogart, Ph.D., MFT, is a psychotherapist in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a lecturer in psychology at Sonoma State University, a teacher at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and the author of numerous books on astrology, dreams, yoga, and spiritual depth psychology.

Transformational Astrology – January 2015 – by Henry Seltzer

astrologyA Difficult and Yet Illuminating January

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of January features Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. This large list is due to a very active New Moon chart from the 21st of December, when this start of the current monthly cycle coincided with the Winter Solstice, that in one way of thinking represents a symbolic beginning for the entire year to come. By this measure, we are in for a very intense 2015. The sectors of your chart occupied by Uranus and in particular Pluto will be activated, as well as a general sense of your own personal transformation unfolding. Everyone is in the same boat, although each will respond differently to the evolutionary pressure of this powerhouse combination of planetary energy. It seems that the universe provides what you need at the time that you need it, and that even though what you are going through might be difficult, you always have the ability to rise to the occasion. And, indeed if you do not take this opportunity, you will have another chance.

The process of transformation amounts to letting go of what you no longer need, while strengthening that which you can come to recognize as representing the best part of what you have to offer. This is easy to say, hard to do. And yet we each do what we can of what is before us to accomplish, to the best of our current ability. We are fortunate now in the sense that expansive Jupiter remains quite prominent in the chart for this month and new year, still in trine with a powerfully placed Eris, standing for exploring soul intention. Jupiter also stands apart from the rest of the planets, on one side of the zodiac, therefore stronger by position. Saturn, newly entered into Sagittarius, is also highlighted. There thus is both runaway optimism and an excess of caution available in this month’s astrology. This is a potent combination for finding an opening to your future and yet also getting serious about what is before you.

In the chart of the Capricorn Solstice New Moon that kicked off the current lunation cycle, the Sun is parallel to Venus, and the Moon is parallel to Mars, as these two planets also make aspects to Uranus and Pluto in square alignment, that are square as well to the nodal axis. This is one reason to suspect that this month will be rather intense in terms of the transformational effects of Uranus and Pluto in combination, while another is the closeness of their cardinal degrees, never more than a degree apart from exact for the entire month, and beyond. Uranus and Pluto are separated from the perfection of their square alignment by less than one degree during all the early part of this year, through mid-March. This timing now and over the next few months is in one sense the peak of the entire Uranus-Pluto square alignment, which has lasted from 2009, through the first exact hit in 2012, until now.

January also has its downtime with another Mercury retrograde period in the offing.  Mercury stations in mid-Aquarius on January 21st, just one day after the Aquarius New Moon of Sunday, January 20th, and thus the last ten days of January have both the fresh energy and future orientation characterizing a New Moon, and the reflective and meditative thoughtfulness implied by Mercury retrograding through the very same sign. Pluto remains prominent so that the pace of major radical transformation does not let up, urging us to be all that we can be as we tackle the challenges of another intense year of change.

No matter where your evolutionary path might lead, this entire year is definitely a time for stepping up to greater understanding of what you feel in your heart that you must do, in order to fulfill to the promise of your incarnation.

ARIES (March 20-April 19).  This is a firecracker of a month for you, Aries, involving both personal and professional growth. Your outer world presence is really taking off in this new year, and taking on added dimensions as well. Individualist though you may be, you find that going it entirely alone is not really an option for you if you are to make happen what you know deep inside to be the result to go for. Group activity of all kinds is also powerful for you now, in the context of your overall achievement orientation. In the final analysis, it is not accomplishment in the eyes of the world that you truly crave. Your triumph comes in small ways as well as large, and your relative success will depend to an extraordinary degree upon your soul intention, of which only you can estimate the true value.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19).  You have before you a philosophically acute month and year, Taurus. This is a powerful time of learning for you; an education of a most mysterious and deeply informative kind. This course of study will not lead to a degree, and it as much about inner as outer. Your unconscious is extremely active for you now, and is working behind the scenes in your own best interest.  An intuitive process brings you insights that come to your listening ear almost unbidden. Your principles normally tend toward the practical and yet you are in the process of reexamining these in the light of recent circumstances. A new idea is emerging of what is truly practical; what it is that in fact actually works for you over the long haul to move your life forward.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is a pivotal time for you, Gemini, in your fierce drive toward greater wholeness. This month you enter into a more mysterious segment of your already intense learning curve from the previous year. You are descending into your own depths, there to discover the darker side to your normally light-filled personality. As you do, you are going for an even greater degree of connection with important others. There is quite a lot that you can and will learn from partners, and by the exercise of your intuition and by your willingness to probe beneath the surface of your everyday awareness. A process of philosophical speculation drives this home even more profoundly as the month continues to unfold. Plans might go awry and yet still be on target for increasing your awareness of what it is that truly counts.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is an important month for you, Cancer, and for your process. Your rather intense arc of development from the previous year continues, with significant persons in your life taking on a larger role. Relationship has been huge for you from the holiday season on, culminating with the January 4th Full Moon in your sign. You are also getting serious about finding your true work in the world, that which, along with providing for your more obvious needs, satisfies your soul. Important persons in your life provide a contrast and an aid to your own efforts, as you seek a greater integration of all your parts. You may currently be feeling the weight of this responsibility for moving toward meaningful change, as well as the joy of beginning to know what it is that you are actually after.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) Welcome to a forward-looking month of intense activity, Leo. You are feeling optimistic and fortunate now, and this continues to the extent that you make your own luck with your choices. This is a very philosophically inspiring and service-oriented month for you, as symbolized by the dramatic recent Capricorn New Moon. You are discovering the worldview that allows you to move ahead with your most sincere effort, while coming from your deepest understanding, in a way that enhances your experience and that of others around you as well. You are dedicated and sincere with your idealism and also must remember to bring to the fore every bit of your practicality and caution you can muster. This allows you to shine your light more fully, even as you allow yourself to be held back in following your most extreme impulse.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This is the start of an exciting month, Virgo, launching another amazing year of transformational change. Your vision for what you believe that you need to accomplish is rapidly evolving in what seems like a whirlwind, and this includes your ideals regarding the way that you can incorporate the input of significant persons into your own arc of development. You have two powerful concentrations of energy and one involves delving into mystical inner places, with the inspiration of partners, where you discover hidden secrets governing the wellsprings of your more overt behavior. You might find yourself going at this study with a take-no-prisoners attitude of succeed or die in the attempt. The other energy center is very strong right now, and connected with full-on glorious self-expression that yet constantly transforms itself even as you attempt to focus your gaze upon its workings.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is an interesting, fundamentally optimistic and yet in some ways difficult month, Libra. The degree of ease or of difficulty depends entirely upon how well you have been doing your spiritual homework over these past few years. In any case, things might be coming to a head over the course of this month, and somewhere inside yourself you are very aware of this simple and inescapable fact. Key relationships in your life continue to provide surprises, and unexpected enlightenment, as you dream your way into new beginnings regarding your pathway forward. You are changing in the very depths of your being and at some point must acknowledge how radical and how remarkable is your metamorphosis. In the process you are discovering further facets of your path, and coming into greater alignment with your soul intention for this lifetime.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is a good month for you, Scorpio, and for communications of all kinds, written, spoken, and as well as the thoughts within the confines of your own mind and heart that will carry you further along the lines of your soul intention. Your psychic environment also includes a great deal of good fortune with professional and career aims that is available for you now to leverage into a broader notion of what success truly means for you. An additional focus is on home and family concerns, and the deep transformation that comes to you through this important area of life, as you evolve and grow. The learning curve that you are ascending is a steep one, and leads you to peaks and vistas that are beyond the ordinary triumphs that are called success in the eyes of the world. Yet they are yours.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This is another interesting and rather intense month for you Sagittarius, furthering your ongoing transformation of values.  You have tons of wherewithal at your disposal, and the ability to place your energy in many different directions of accomplishment. Your understanding of what you have, including your finances, is also radically shifting, completing an arc of development that has been years in the making. With concerted effort you have built up your spiritual reserves, while the ordinary run of your worldly affairs is suffused with additional dimensions of meaning. You are exceedingly practical now, and yet retain at least one foot out the door, beyond simplistic reality. By persevering you will move through uncertainty toward a new synthesis that enables you to come at the world more whole, and available to create from an evolved standpoint that includes all of who you are

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) Your birthday time continues, Capricorn, and it is rebirth that you seek. You are in for another vibrant month of change as you resume your self-imposed task of soul growth in this powerful season. You are still in motion, your sense of yourself on the line, as much as you have been all this past year. Surprises on the home front are also clues that foster a thought process that is vital for your continued well being. You cannot hesitate but must find within yourself the intrepid explorer, delving down within to bring up the pearl of wisdom.  The fear that does not allow you to relax and let go into the chaos that inevitably precedes new birth is perhaps only a mirage. This is to be banished by an act of will arising out of the very depths of your being.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is an important month for you Aquarius, for what is hinted at in subtle ways and all might be surmised, as you continue the development of your understanding of what lies hidden in the depths of your interior world. This is something of a mysterious cycle that you are in, following upon the recent Capricorn Solstice New Moon in your sector of unconscious process and inner work.  Your dreams are likely quite vivid these nights and could conceivably provide clues to what is bubbling up from deep inside you. Your communicative outreach is also enhanced at this time, as is, paradoxically, a sense of introspection later in the month, during your birthday timing. You are therefore extending out to others and simultaneously reaching deep inside, in a form of emotional yoga that leaves you stretched and more fully integrated.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This is a month of intense transformational power for you, Pisces. You are aiming for an entirely different future than the one that you were heading for a few short weeks ago. You are fundamentally optimistic in a spiritual way; even fluctuations in finances have their positive slant for you. This is an active time of friendships that appear purposeful and group activity in collusion with a burgeoning new directive awareness that arises from your very depths. You are feeling your way into concepts of greater societal involvement and service to others, with the implication of a growing sense of self-identity on a different scale of values from anything prior is emerging in this new month and year. A budding spirit within you that has been on the verge for many months has suddenly taken wing.



Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at

The Science and Practice of Humility by Jason Gregory


The Science and Practice of Humility

Book Excerpt

by Jason Gregory


Chapter 5

The Way of the Warrior and Path of the Sage

The structure of consciousness is broken down into three planes that build the fabric of reality–physical, mental, and spiritual. Consciousness is not only the foundation of the universe, but it is the whole universe. In discovering this we come to the question of which plane is the truth? If all is consciousness, could one level be more truthful than the others? We could say that those who dwell within the physical and mental planes or body-mind state are under the spell of the deluded mind and do not know their true selves nor their place within the universe. While those on the spiritual plane know who they really are, know their relationship to the universe, and can see reality as it truly is through the evolution of perception. Although one state knows the truth of evolution and the other is still a slave to the ego, the fact is they are both the truth–all levels are needed to make up what we call existence. Without the contrast of the mundane, we could not see harmony. To perceive harmony you need the intrinsic parts that make up the formation of what you see.

The fundamental truth does not lay in the levels of consciousness but in awareness itself. The individual who truly sees the world has had an overwhelming transformation. So when we mention truth we are not referring to one level as better than another but to an understanding of the correct way to see the totality of existence through consciousness. And the holy sage’s perception is a mirror reflection of how the universe is; this is called the “evolution of perception.” The way in which the universe moves in its flow and patterned harmony is within our consciousness as well. We either know this or we don’t. The way we see the world holds us to what “is” and “isn’t.”



Two Primary States of Awareness

A human has two primary states of awareness or modes of Being–those who are drawn into the daily dramas of life and those who have the elevated perspective of seeing a fractal harmony within all life. These two states of awareness run parallel with the conscious state of the false ego and the true self. The ego perceives the fine detail of reality. Like a microscope, the ego focuses on very tiny matters of life but then mistakenly builds its psychology around these insignificant situations. On the other hand, the true-self is a state of consciousness so pure that it constantly sees that life is pattern. In this state one can visualize the unfolding universe. This state of awareness is a mind of no deliberation, a mind that does not attach itself to any circumstance or thought–past, present, or future. The true self is one who dwells within the spiritual plane and knows the soul vibrations, hence the evolution of perception. The state of consciousness we are referring to here is associated with the teachers of eternity, while the state of consciousness of the ego caught in the details is referred to as the masses or the profane.

In all levels of life we find the teacher and student relationship–parent and child, teacher and student, or the most mysterious of all, the master and disciple. Both primary states of awareness are reflected in this immutable relationship between master and disciple. Disciples are still deluded by the mind, whereas masters know the totality of their own Being. In the great work of eternity these two modes of Being are known as the warrior and the sage. Evidence of these two modes are found throughout ancient scriptures and mystical stories, most notably in the Vedantic treatises of the Bhagavad Gita and Ribhu Gita (or Song of Ribhu). In both classics the warriors are suffering from their own minds and blights within this world. As they begin to question their minds, out of nowhere the guidance of the sage appears. The whole process in both scriptures is to take the warrior’s mode of perception out of the details of life into the vision of the divine. The Bhagavad Gita demonstrates this as Krishna, the sage, is attempting to move the warrior Arjuna’s awareness out of the daily mundane struggles of life into the vision of Brahman so that he might see the infinite in all things. Texts 31, 32, and 33 of the Bhagavad Gita state:

Text 31
When a sensible man ceases to see different identities due to different material bodies and he sees how beings are expanded everywhere, he attains to the Brahman conception.

Text 32
Those with the vision of eternity can see that the imperishable soul is transcendental, eternal, and beyond the modes of nature. Despite contact with the material body, O Arjuna, the soul neither does anything nor is entangled.

Text 33
The sky, due to its subtle nature, does not mix with anything, although it is all-pervading. Similarly, the soul situated in Brahman vision does not mix with the body, though situated in that body.

Through the awareness of a warrior and a sage either chaos or order descends upon Earth, but again it’s a matter of perception. Throughout time one of the biggest problems to plague this planet has been the fostering of the warrior’s consciousness and the continual suppression of the sage’s consciousness. There is no one to blame for this other than ourselves. Our obstinate refusal to look within ourselves to find the true problems in our world has allowed us to further justify our own habitual ways that are slowly killing the human species. For us to ward off this fate we really need to grasp where our awareness is rooted. To do this we need to explore the characteristics of a warrior and a sage.


Author bio:
Jason Gregory is a teacher and international speaker specializing in the fields of Eastern and Western philosophy, comparative religion, metaphysics, and ancient cultures. For several years he studied with masters in Buddhism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Hinduism, and Taoism, traveling to some of the most remote places in the world. The filmmaker of the documentary The Sacred Sound of Creation, he divides his time between Asia and Australia.

The Science and Practice of Humility by Jason Gregory © 2014 Inner Traditions.
Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

Transformational Astrology – November 2014 – by Henry Seltzer

astrology-Nov Transformational Astrology

by Henry Seltzer

November: An Important Transitional Month

The astrology of November features a recovering Mercury, along with Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Although improving nicely, Mercury is still shaky from its recent retrograde that ended on the last full weekend of October, the final of 2014. These happen three times a year, usually in the same element. Mercury’s next retrograde will be on January 21st in Aquarius, and all three 2015 occurrences will be in Air signs. On into the current month, Mercury leaves Libra behind for the second time this fall on Saturday, November 8th, returning to the sign of Scorpio where it started its retrograde motion in early October, and thereby escapes its “retrograde shadow.” Then the last vestiges of this particular retrograde period will be over. For the remainder of the month we will perhaps still be integrating the lessons learned during this introspective and revealing period of time.

This month as well, Uranus and Pluto are drawing closer to the next hit of their storied square, perfecting in mid-December. They are separated by a mere 2 ¼ degrees as the month begins, still less by its close. The Scorpio New Moon eclipse from late October, when the New Moon and Jupiter made quintile aspects to Pluto while retrograde Mercury opposed Uranus, triggered these two powerhouse planets that are thus featured in this monthly cycle as they draw near to their recurring square, a major theme lately. The final denouement has yet to take place, with the next year representing perhaps the most intense example of their transformative and revolutionary interaction, manifesting on both a collective and a personal level, as this decade of the turbulent teens continues to unfold.

Neptune is equally triggered during this rather intense month, which is actually a transitional time leading to the ending of the year. In addition to its prominence in the Scorpio New Moon configuration, being trined by Sun, Moon and Venus, with a close parallel from Venus to Neptune, there is also the factor of its speed. Neptune stations to direct motion on Saturday, November 15th, standing dead still in the sky. Moving quite slowly now, Neptune is therefore greatly emphasized, changing its position by a matter of only a few minutes of Zodiacal longitude from November 1st through to the 30th. All month we will be enjoying an extra dose of his otherworldly and spacey energy. Idealism bordering on illusion, perhaps confusion, will be the rule rather than the exception.

Expansive Jupiter, traveling through Leo and having a similar spiritual meaning to Neptune, although more engaged in the here-and-now, is also highlighted in November’s astrology, being powerfully configured in the recent Scorpio New Moon eclipse. When Jupiter moves into the 22nd degree of the sign of Leo, during the mid-month Last Quarter Moon, with the Moon in close conjunction, Jupiter makes an almost perfect trine with the new planet, Eris, in the 23rd degree of Aries. This recently discovered planetary archetype seems to be involved with a warrior-like stand for deep purpose. This mid-month period is therefore a powerful time, when you might expect to encounter further facets of your own internal fortitude. We all need this expansive and visionary energy, along with an increased awareness of the deeper process within us, in order that we attune more completely to our soul intention.

ARIES (March 20-April 19). This is the start of an exciting climax to an intense year, Aries, as you enter into yet another new and dramatic phase. You have been very busy these past few months creating a better alignment between your vision, your actions, and your deeper purpose as you are coming to understand it, a work in progress that is far from complete. This month takes you into new territory. You are finding out what your dreams are really made of, more concretely than you would have formerly thought possible. These messengers from your unconscious can come to your active aid as you scale the walls of your ambition once again, this time in a more integrated fashion. You are learning to be yourself in a way that permits others in, without losing your own sense of unique destiny.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19). This is an interesting month for you, Taurus, especially with regard to of the key relationships in your life and your desire for better connection. You are coming at life from the inside out. You might feel within yourself a tendency now to leave yourself behind for the sake of others, although this is an illusion. You are being asked by cosmic powers to go beyond previous limitations in whatever way you can. This refers to ideas or beliefs that could be holding you back from a fuller experience of life that is all around you, awaiting your readiness to participate. What you are after is in essence deeply lodged within you. Your gains could be enormous in terms of partnership trust and recognition, plus your own understanding of yourself at profound levels.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is an exciting month for you, Gemini, as you head into the ending of a climactic year. You are strong on service to others right now, and for finding your sense of higher duty to some important part of yourself of which you are perhaps becoming more aware. Workplace concerns and health issues play into this. You are striving to discover the essence of what you truly believe and have the determination to bring forward. As the retrograde of your ruler, Mercury, begins to disperse over this first week of November, it leaves you with a residue of fantastic vision that you might be able, with effort, to bring closer to fruition over the next two months. Partnership in your life plays a key role right now, allowing you to open further to your innermost self.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is another amazing month for you, Cancer, as you head into the transitional closing weeks of the old year and come to a totally new phase with your life and work. You are full of playful enthusiasm right now and more confident of your choices, which have a serious edge beneath the jollity. Your work in the world has been successful lately although it can also seem an empty category without a distinct component of your deeper purpose, and you are feeling this quite strongly. As you navigate the aftermath of the recent Mercury retrograde you are coming to some startling conclusions, the springboard for meaningful action. You are dwelling in some of the deeper places within your psyche, and starting to accept these as normal parts of who you are and what you do, to your great advantage.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is a rather strange month for you, Leo, in the aftermath of a powerful October cycle. This is in fact a time of exploration of new possibilities, both in terms of outer world commitment and also for a different set of priorities corresponding to hidden facets of your personality. You are finding joy and a great deal of enthusiasm in pushing your persona, as you move quite naturally further into self-confident personal interaction. It is also likely that issues could arise on the home front, or that situations could trigger you in unexpected ways. The good news is that once you adopt a subtler and more accepting mindset, all this can lead you to a much better understanding of dark places within you, paradoxically granting you broader scope in outer world affairs as well as inner.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This is an interesting and informative month for you, Virgo, even though in order to see further into your situation you might have to acknowledge a deeper mindset than your ordinary everyday one. Riding on the coattails of your philosophical explorations lately, your worldview is subtly altering to accommodate a wider perspective that includes greater recognition of your inner world. With your ruler, Mercury, just beginning to straighten out, still residing in your resources sector, you have likely been experiencing fluctuations in your finances or at the very least taking an unusually deep interest in these matters, attempting to come to a new understanding of your agendas and desires. You have made significant progress during the past month, and this current cycle could include sudden breakthrough, enabling you to put the icing on the cake.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is an important monthly cycle for you, Libra, that can perhaps best be thought of as one of transition, following upon a somewhat difficult and life-changing Mercury retrograde period last month that had you reviewing your foundations. This is leading you toward a new set of realizations concerning your deeper process and your partnership dynamic as you head into the ending of the year. The tenor of this penultimate month is one of consolidation of your process over this entire year and yet also expansion of your personal worldview and your ideas for your next phase. You are taking relationship with significant others as an important component of your idealistic future plans, while also acknowledging the power of own viewpoint.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is potentially a huge monthly cycle for you, Scorpio, beginning as it does with a solar eclipse in the very first degree of your sign. This follows a thoughtful and even introspective month of October, when Mercury began its period of retrograde motion there as well. This is also a time of highlighted Jupiter, residing in your sector of outer world activity and prominence, indicating that even as you pause to look more closely into your activities, you are enthused about your work and status in the world. With your ruler, Mars, recently entered into your third solar sector of communications, there is plenty of juice for you right now in the way of sharing your ideas with others around you. As you do you recognize the contribution of your inner world.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This is a strange month Sagittarius, in many ways a transitional one as you head into the ending of a climactic year. Deep inside, your angel guides are calling you to an unusual summit. As you become more aware than ever of what is going on for you beneath the surface layers of your personality, your values and your understanding of who you are and what you can yet produce are a moving target. This has been true for some time, and right now they seem to be seeking a new level of depth and also commitment from you. This is confusing and yet invigorating. You are questing to discover the qualities of self-expression that match your most profound inner purpose. Once you find this, than everything that you touch, even of the most ordinary nature, turns to gold.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) This is a powerful time for you, Capricorn. This month represents a definite shift and movement into the final stages of the year, as well as your birthday time, and the springboard for the opening weeks of 2015. This is a year that promises to be even more exciting in many ways than the current one that is coming to its close. You are sealing the deal on changes that you have been somewhat aware of and yet also unsure about, even as you take faltering steps toward them. This is almost in spite of the way that your egoic self sees things. One faction within you is glad and another is afraid regarding the idea of leaving behind some part of yourself that has grown so very familiar. This evolution is however fully in accord with the unspoken desires of your deeper being, whose call is becoming more insistent as time goes on.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) An interesting and perhaps somewhat confounding month awaits you, Aquarius. There has been a time of soul-searching, especially where profession is involved. You might still be reviewing where your life is heading or the way that outer world performance interacts with your most fundamental beliefs. Having been through the wringer, you are feeling a sense of release. Your communication is inspired and sporadically magical as you continue to wrestle with issues of allowing your deep inner perspective a more prominent place at the table of your conscious awareness. As you race ahead with outer world commitments you are feeling the connection with inner realities in a way that is more accessible than ever. That these subtle factors are vital to your continued well being is something that you are now more fully prepared to admit.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This is a fabulous time of revitalization, Pisces, heading into the ending of the year. This is for you an interesting season of more and greater conscious transformation. You are coming into yourself in a novel way, as though your world were being born anew all around you. It could be that various voices speaking their truth can come to be viewed as constituting an important wisdom that you are finally ready to hear. This is also with reference to the battles you have gracefully fought for the past several months regarding how to plug yourself in with social setting that you find yourself in the midst of. A new understanding is being forged within you, independent of what has come before, freed from the constraints of early conditioned response or consensus thinking.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at

The Pleiadian House of Initiation by Mary T. Beben

pleidian-bookThe Pleiadian House of Initiation

by Mary T. Beben

Excerpt from Chapter Eleven

Grandmother Spider


Ten years passed between the day I met Grandmother Spider in the hallway on the third floor of the Pleiadian mansion (when I thought I was about to discover more of the marvelous fourth level but instead was catapulted into the deepest dive of my life) and the time I began to recover and re-enter my life. At that point I felt as though I could go on and live a productive life again, but it seemed to me as if I had been permanently broken in some unrecoverable way. I felt my age more than ever before–I was seventy-four and did not believe there was much of life left to me. Still, I could smile again and enjoy family and friends. And then . . .

. . . I died.

In January of 2012 I contracted a sudden and very pernicious pneumonia in both lungs. I was hospitalized for seven full days in a state of weakness and illness that frightened my family and worried the doctors. I was not as aware of the seriousness of my state as they were, although I knew I was very sick. During the first hours after being placed into bed in the hospital room I went through the death experience that I will attempt to describe. I must truthfully say that none of the attending staff were aware I had actually passed over the line. It must have been very brief in linear time, but what I experienced was rather long and terrifying.

I did not see any lights or tunnels or friendly beings, as is so often the report of those who have had NDEs. Instead I was taken to hell while still alive. This part of the journey was real beyond tolerance and unendurable. Other than the illness I felt no physical pain, but I was immersed in scenes of unbearable cruelty of one human being or more to other humans. I was unable to turn away or shut my eyes, even though I’m sure my physical eyes were closed in the hospital bed. No matter how I prayed and pleaded not to have to see, I was exposed to up-close scenes of the most bestial horrors. Over and over again I retched as the brutality could not be endured. What made the events so terrible was the fact that I knew beyond question that these were not imaginary scenes from a movie or from some distant memories but were actual happenings on Earth right then–happening in the moment right before my eyes. I cannot prove this statement, of course, but there was no doubt or thought of any kind except that I was witnessing a reality, not a dream.

After what seemed a full day and a half, this mercifully ended. I was then taken by what felt like two winged beings to a place that at first I did not recognize. Although I had never read a real description of this place, I soon understood that it was the River Styx and I was about to have my life entirely extinguished. The winged beings were holding me by my head and feet and were lowering me toward the repulsive swamp. I could see immediately that there was no coming back from this place of decay. It was a sluggish, yellow mud, not a river as I would have pictured from mythology books. It was just liquid enough to gurgle slightly as it barely moved, and the stench of sulfur was overwhelming. It looked like nothing so much as putrefied matter that would be toxic even to breathe. I was inches away from it and about to be dropped in.

Some observing function in me was still operating and this part was totally mystified by the situation and by my own behavior. For I was not struggling or fighting it in any way. The observer was thinking: “This is not how God would have me die, surely!” It made no sense that I would die and lose everything I had worked for in my whole life. I could see that there was no resurrection of any kind possible after this. Yet the other part of me just yielded to the choice and said, “Oh well, if this is how it is . . .” right before I was totally blotted out.

As I began to recover from the pneumonia and eventually left the hospital, I distinctly remembered this extremely real episode but did not understand what it was. It took weeks and then more weeks as I began to understand the momentous thing that had happened. I did not tell the doctors about it because I was very puzzled about it myself. Little by little, the facts sorted themselves out as I realized it was another spiritual experience of transformation. This seems to have been, for me, the definitive experience of leaving behind all broken-ness, all past history, all sense of a former life, and beginning life in the Eternal Now. I have come back from death itself to bring my message of what one knows after passing over. And that leads us right back into the marvelous mansion.

Since my dip into the River Styx, a new life has taken over my entire being. It has been sixteen months since then, and shortly after this experience I was finally admitted farther into the fourth level of the mansion in the Pleiades. There is where I discovered trunks overflowing with the fabric of creation. I have received almost constant guidance about the way we shall build the Earth together, using our own chaos to weave the future. It only needs sorting and dedicated weaving to create anew from what the Earth has provided.

I have learned that fear is absolutely useless and that everything can be worked out from this higher level.


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The Pleiadian House of Initiation by Mary T. Beben © 2014 Bear & Company. 
Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

Grail Alchemy: Initiation in the Celtic Mystery Tradition by Mara Freeman

grail-book_14Grail Alchemy: Initiation in the Celtic Mystery Tradition

by Mara Freeman

Excerpt: Connecting with the Higher Self

It will take most of us countless lifetimes to attain the union of Soul and Spirit, an achievement we usually associate with a few exceptional men and women like Theresa of Avila, Meister Eckhart, Ramana Maharshi, or the Buddha: those whom we call mystics or enlightened ones who have achieved a state of direct union with God or the Absolute. Yet we do in fact have access to a high spiritual source through a Higher Self (sometimes called the Divine Self) which resides within each of us and with whom we can make a connection. In some esoteric circles the Higher Self is called the Holy Guardian Angel, and regarded as one of the angelic kingdom who resides outside of ourselves and who walks by our side as a guide and mentor from birth to death. Yet, as Dion Fortune writes, it is not a separate entity at all:

The Higher Self is a single, unified whole, which builds up around the Divine Spark, which is the nucleus of each human manifestation.

This spiritual influence emanates from the highest Source, the Great Spirit, Radiant Mystery or Absolute, yet is ‘stepped down’ in frequency so that the human nervous system can handle the energy. For readers familiar with the Qabalistic Tree of Life, this is the equivalent of raising one’s consciousness to the level of the sphere of Tifaret where the spiritual force can flow down from Keter and be grounded at Malkut on the Middle Pillar.

Once you have been able to sense a connection with your Higher Self you will find it is always present to be of help and guidance when called upon, especially if you are in crisis. You may experience it as male, female, neither, or both. It is a wise and loving mentor and guide, ever present to help each of us grow and evolve to our highest capacity in the current lifetime. The Higher Self is not as interested in what you are doing as much as who you are becoming, how much you are willing to open to the Light of Spirit and let it shine through all that you do and are while you are here on Earth.

It is the personal tutor of your soul, whose role is to gently instruct, encourage and awaken you to the qualities of compassion, wisdom, tolerance, generosity, patience, humor, detachment, and inner peace. The Higher Self is the one that heightens our consciousness at those times when the world seems shot through with an otherworldly beauty and joy; or we feel inspired and ennobled, and can see beyond all doubt the perfect unfolding of the tapestry of our lives, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the Weaver at work on the Loom of the Universe. Above all, the Higher Self is always there, waiting patiently for us to open to the pure, unconditional love and healing it has to offer us on our earthly journey.

When we quieten the Ego enough so that the soul opens to allow the Light of Spirit, to shine in via the Higher Self – we fill our inner Grail with divine energies. The processes described in this chapter will give you a way to open the necessary channels and begin to make contact with the divine being within you. After that, your progress is entirely dependent on how willing you are to make a commitment to your spiritual growth, which requires a great deal of one-pointed intention and disciplined practice. Even more important is the willingness to surrender our little self to the Greater – a concept that the Ego is guaranteed to resist with every fiber of its being!


Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul

Wellesley Tudor Pole once wrote:

One great truth has become my constant companion. I sum it up thus: “Empty yourself if you would be filled.” The Waters of Life can never flow through me until I have surrendered my whole self.

Each of us is already connected with the soul within – after all, the soul is who we really are! The challenge is to consciously know this at more than the intellectual level: to be living our lives as much as we can from the perspective of the soul. There are as many different ways of doing this as there are spiritual paths, east and west, and such methods usually come under the heading of ‘meditation.’

There are of course many different varieties of meditation, and one of the simplest and most effective methods is a Yogic practice called Inner Silence. It is a way of learning to see with the ‘eyes of the soul.’ Practicing the Inner Silence meditation allows the mind to process and release material that has been buried in your subconscious for a long time. Your psyche becomes less encumbered and cluttered with unwanted patterns of thinking, negative programming, and old psychological issues.

This is what Tudor Pole means by ‘emptying yourself’ so that you can become a clear, still channel able to receive spiritual influence from a higher plane of being. It is a subtle form of meditation – simple, but not easy – but is an essential first step towards disengaging from the constant clamor of the egoic mind in order to identify with the serene and unperturbed field of the soul, and come to know that this is truly who you are.

Grail Alchemy: Initiation in the Celtic Mystery Tradition by Mara Freeman © 2014 Destiny Books. Reprinted with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.


Parenting With Authenticity by Dr. Marta Adelsman

authentic-parentingParenting With Authenticity

By Dr. Marta Adelsman

I grew up with parents who played roles.  My father wore the commander-in-chief mask, using orders and threats to try to control my sister and me.  My mother played the consoler.  Rarely did they reveal the real person behind the roles.
You probably saw your parents play roles, too, and those roles became the model for what a parent “ought” to be.  Later, if you had children, you slipped easily into the mold of that “ought.”

As perceptive little people, your children know when you play a role. They see right through your inauthenticity.  Since they don’t know how to talk about their perceptions and their feelings, they let you know you’re being inauthentic by misbehaving.  You, their teachers or your friends may label them as “sassy,” “trouble-makers,” or “disobedient.”  They push your buttons and, just when you want them to behave and make you look good, they embarrass you in front of your friends.  Can you tell I’ve been there?

A wise parent will learn from the feedback provided by their children’s misbehavior.  When you can see their acting out as a mirror for your own lack of authenticity, you have taken a big step toward becoming more authentic.
How do you drop the roles you play with your children?  You relate from your humanness.  You let them know your real feelings, thoughts, doubts, joys and insecurities.  You become an authentic teacher, modeling for your children how to tell the truth.

One day my oldest son, Aaron (then 12), became irate that I had allowed his youngest brother, Paul, to get away with something.  “Mom!” he protested, shaking with anger and red in the face. “If that were me, I would have gotten into deep trouble!”

I recalled how, before I transformed my parenting, I had sometimes treated him harshly.  I responded authentically: “You’re right,” I confessed.  “You’re our firstborn, which means we’ve never done this parenting thing before, and we’re learning on you.  I know I don’t always get it right.  I’m sorry you got caught in my lack of experience, and I’m really sorry I treated you harshly before I knew better.”

I saw Aaron’s anger drain out of him. My confession of imperfection made me more human in his eyes, and he could identify.  Other authentic confessions might sound like:  “I feel terrible when I yell at you.”  “I don’t know the answer to your question.” “Sometimes the choices you make scare me.”

“If I talk like that, my child will never respect me!” you say.  On the contrary, if you express your emotions and tell on your insecurities, you give your child permission to do the same and he will respect you more.  Be willing to look deeply at yourself to become authentic with you.  As you shine that authenticity onto your children, you will reap huge benefits of mutual respect.

Dr. Marta practices in the Verde Valley of Arizona as a Life Coach in Communication & Spiritual Consciousness. She earned a doctorate in Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and received her Life Coach training from The Institute for Global Listening and Communication.  She is the author of Why Wallow When You Can Soar? Phone: 928-451-9482.

The Greatest Kan and Li Formulas By Mantak Chia

Greatest-Kan-LiThe Greatest Kan and Li Formulas

Chapter 5

By Mantak Chia


All methods end in quietness. This marvelous magic cannot be fathomed. But when the practice is started, one must press on from the obvious to the profound, from the coarse to the fine . . .and the end of the practice must be “one.”
–Lu Dong-Pin


Below find a list of the methods passed down from Master Yi Eng. While it has been important to keep the integrity of these meditations in terms of their order, components, and goals, there is a degree of flexibility for the adept. This applies more so to the experienced practitioner practicing solo. Here one cannot only vary the order but can either skip formulas or only partially complete one before moving on to another. The continual theme of this text is to initially learn the formulas as originally taught but then to be flexible with them and allow one’s meditation to be fluid and spontaneous. All the formulas start with the gross or a fragment and take us to the fine and the whole. Each method will ultimately blend in with the others according to your unique personality and history.


Connecting to the Two Poles Stars
Coupling in the Heart
Alignment of the Three Triangles
Connection with the Cranium and Parts of the Brain
Connecting with the Stems and Branches
Pulsate Heart with Aorta (Sun) and Vena Cava (Moon)
Moment of Emptiness
Macrocosmic Constellation Meditation
Gathering the Lesser Medicine
Birth of the Spiritual Infant
Turning the Wheel


Connecting to the Two Poles Stars
(Activating the Cranial and Sacral Pumps)

This technique helps to open the crown by vibrating the bones at the sutures with micropressure and to project the pearl/soul/spirit. It has been found that when one holds the breath, the skull vibrates, thus loosening the bones, making it possible to open the crown for the egress of the spirit. Basically, the procedure assists in activating the Cranial and Sacral Pumps.

This principle is similar to Greater Kan and Li, when we connect beyond self by spiraling through the crown and the feet (perineum) and setting up vertical and earthly flight. However this time we extend beyond the earth and the imagined solar system to connect to the Pole Stars, both the North Star, Polaris, above the Crown for those in the Northern Hemisphere and Polaris Australis for Southern Hemisphere practitioners.


Connecting to the Pole Star above the Crown

1. Form another pearl and settle it in the perineum.
2. Move the pearl in the Microcosmic Orbit and let it gather momentum.
3. Slow it down and let it rest in the crown.
4. Activate the cranial pump (look up, clench the teeth and jaw, sink chin and sternum, clench the fists, tighten the buttocks, and pull up the sexual organ).
5. Exhale and shoot the pearl through the crown, extending the pearl many body lengths above you.
6. Swallow saliva upward as you feel the earth force come up to you.
7. Exhale and completely relax any muscles you have tensed. You must be able to totally release all body tension so that the chi can flow easily through the pumps and throughout the body. Work toward activating these pumps through structural alignment and mental focus only.
8. Draw the yang energy from the Pole Star into the Crystal Room and other tan tiens. Merge this experience with that of the third eye.


Connecting to the Pole Star beneath the Earth

1. Shoot the pearl down the legs, many body lengths into the ground and then beyond the earth to the Pole Star beneath. Connect with its more yin nature.
2. Create a pakua around the pearl.
3. Extend the thrusting routes and belt routes to the bodies in and beneath the earth.
4. Gather in the middle of the toes and the tan tiens and gather to the mid-eyebrow. One may then merge the third eye with the earth plane experience.

Goals for connecting to the Pole Stars: The first goal for this practice is to extend consciousness beyond self. This is in keeping with our broad concept of the “Wu Wei experience” whereby to perceive “nothing” one must first embrace “entirety.”

The second goal is to assist in alignment of the body whereby all the forces are in unison and working together. This can be seen from a perspective of the earth force in alignment with the heavenly force and the body’s internal energies. An alternative framework is that the resident spirits within the body are in harmony. The spirit that exists above the crown (Highest Soul) along with the Dragon spirit can work to reach the Pole Star above. The Earth Soul beneath the feet along with the Tiger spirit extends consciousness to the opposite Pole Star. The spirits in the head, heart, abdomen, and behind the knees all serve to align the body with these vertical forces.

The third goal is to receive pure energies from the Pole Star. As early as the Han era they believed the Pole Star encompassed the “unitive” experience. Ge Hong says, “The One resides at the North Pole . . .Dragons and Tigers are lined up on guard.” In the Universal Healing Tao the Pole Star not only is the “gateway” to an experience of the “one” but also emits a violet healing light that has a remarkable healing effect and a specific resonance with the bones of the body. The Pole Star beneath is usually felt as more yin.


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Greatest Kan and Li by Mantak Chia and Andrew Jan. © 2014 Destiny Books. 
Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.


Author bios:
Mantak Chia, world-famous Inner Alchemy and Chi Kung master, founded the Universal Healing Tao System in 1979. He has taught and certified tens of thousands of students and instructors from all over the world and is the author of more than 50 books, including The Taoist Soul Body and Chi Self-Massage. Andrew Jan is a senior instructor for the Universal Healing Tao and former Australian National Tai Chi Champion. The coauthor with Master Chia of Tai Chi Fa Jin, Tai Chi Wu Style, and The Practice of Greater Kan and Li, he lives near Perth, Australia.



5 Ways to Give off a Positive Vibe at Home, Work and Play By Sherry Blair

think-positive5 Ways to Give off a Positive Vibe at Home, Work and Play

By Sherry Blair

Have you ever been around someone that gives off a negative vibe? Oftentimes being around someone who is negative can make us feel negative as well. Our demeanor, attitude and mood affect not only us, but others around us. Those who give off a positive vibe often times are happier, more connected with others, and have a brighter outlook on life. A general rule of thumb for being happy in life is to surround yourself with positive people. Positive people make you feel more positive! Sherry Blair, CEO of ISIS Innovative Specialists Inspirational Services, shares her thoughts on bringing positivity to your life.

“Surrounding yourself with negative people is only going to make you negative. I truly believe that happy people are friends with other happy people! Think about what would happen if you got a promotion; it wouldn’t be fun to share your success with a negative friend. They would end up taking away your happy! Positive people will always cheer for your successes,” says Sherry Blair.

If you feel like you can sometimes give off a negative vibe, it’s time to turn that frown upside down! Here are five ways to give off a positive vibe at home, work and play:


1) Smile

If you aren’t smiling right now, start.  Too often people are not smiling. The more you smile, the happier you will feel. Why? Because! Everyone wants to be around the girl or guy who is always smiling and happy; it’s infectious. Starting today, smile at the cashier that rings you out, smile when meeting someone new, and smile just because!


2) Laugh

Smiling and laughing go hand and hand. The more you laugh, even if forced, the happier you will feel. If you laugh enough, eventually it stops feeling forced and starts being genuine. If you find something even remotely funny, laugh. You’ll find that laughing feels good!


3) Choose Positivity

If you have a clear intention to increase your positivity, then tweaking just a few minor communications each day can have a major impact with your friends, co-workers and family members.


4) Celebrate others

Have you ever had a friend that loves to tell you about all the great things going on in her life, but never wants to listen to all the things in yours? These kinds of friends are not positive ones to be around! Since you don’t like when someone does that to you, don’t do it to others! When a friend shares an accomplishment, celebrate it! Your friends will start to notice that you are always so positive about the ups and downs in their lives and will appreciate you for it.


5) Say more positive words

What we say plays a big role in how we are perceived. If you are always saying “no” or, “that doesn’t work”, you aren’t going to come off as being a warm, positive person. Work on saying more positive words in your day-to-day life. Phrases like “thank you”, “I love you”, and “I agree” are all positive ways to communicate.

Note to the media: Sherry Blair is a popular media expert and can speak on any topics related to positive living and mental health. To schedule an interview with Sherry Blair, contact Tasha Mayberry, Director Public Relations at or call 207.317.6099.


About Sherry Blair
Sherry Blair is the CEO of ISIS Innovative Specialists Inspirational Services, where she inspires and motivates others by applying and encouraging Positive Psychology. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Board Certified Professional Counselor and Diplomate Professional Coach, Sherry teaches at University of California’s Graduate School of Social Work and is the author of several books. The positivity coach teaches others to speak from their hearts in synergy with their minds to achieve results and resolve conflict. Visit Sherry online at

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