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Heal your Heart by Sherry Klinger

Heal Your Heart-
Can a gift prevent disease?

by Sherry Klinger

What goes into maintaining a healthy heart? Is it just the physical heart muscle and circulation that matters, or is there an active emotional component? Can the simple act of conveying your best wishes and intentions make a real difference in the health of the recipient’s heart — and even your own?

What does the science say?

These questions are being addressed, some for the first time, by Conscious Inspirations, Inc., the American company which makes Cards&Cloth™ — a new, patent-pending product that features “The Gift of Blessings” — emotionally-powerful tokens of affection and blessings that come in the form of an actual blessing cloth wrapped inside specially-created message cards.

What effect does this kind of “gift of blessings from the heart” have on the receiver, and on the giver?

Dr. Joshua Leichtberg, MD, Internist, states that the act of conveying positive, heartfelt messages to a friend or loved one is good for all concerned. “Giving your genuine best wishes to someone else has a twofold effect,” says Dr. Leichtberg. “The receiver benefits to the extent the salutary message brings comfort and lowers anxiety levels. The fascinating part, though, is the extent to which the giver also benefits. Giving, it seems, is as good as getting… possibly better.”

According to Dr. Wendy Basil, PhD, Psychologist, “Everyone benefits where blessings are concerned — both the receiver and the person sending good thoughts. This is backed by real science.  Blessings and good intentions are part of what I call Heart-to-Heart communications.”

No one believes in this more than the folks at Conscious Inspirations, who created Cards&Cloth™ for this very purpose. Every Cards&Cloth™ unit features the integration of a genuine blessing cloth into a heartfelt message card designed for maximum emotional impact.

How important are these emotions to the physical health of receiver and giver?

Research has shown that emotional stability, faith and contentment can actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. One groundbreaking 10-year research study reported in the European Heart Journal found that certain emotional factors such as happiness and satisfaction appear to play a direct role in preventing heart disease. Participants were able to reduce their incidence of cardiovascular disorders by as much as 22% just by having a positive attitude.

And a number of studies have confirmed the physical health benefits associated with giving to others, including signals of good health such as lower blood pressure, improvements in chronic illness and a significantly lower risk of mortality (Ironson, 2007; Piferi & Lawler, 2006; S L Brown, et al., 2003; McClellan, Stanwyck, & Anson, 1993).

The idea behind Cards&Cloth™ is to give consumers a powerful, heartfelt, all-in-one solution for effectively conveying their best wishes, love and blessings to anyone, on any occasion. The combo product offers comfort, hope and inspiration along with a tangible gift (the Blessing Cloth) that detaches from its message card and may be kept forever as a keepsake — a permanent memento of the giver’s best intentions.

Shelly Dubow, a company spokesperson, puts it this way: “What better gift is there than one that so clearly comes straight from the heart? And people love carrying the Blessing Cloth everywhere… for comfort and good luck.”

But how can giving a heartfelt, inspirational gift like this affect your own heart, as well as the recipient’s?

In a 2006 study, researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that the act of giving stimulates the reward center in the brain of the giver, releasing endorphins in the brain and creating what is known as the “helper’s high.” These effects lead directly to lower blood pressure, reduced stress levels and improved cardiovascular health.

In another study published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology, people who gave support to others were found to have lower blood pressure and fewer cardiovascular problems than those who did not.

Neurologist Dr. Norman Narchi, MD, says that receiving — and especially giving — elicits the relaxation response and helps harmonize the nervous system.

And as Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Menninger, MD, famously said: “Love cures people, both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.”

Cards-&-Cloth’s extensive line of blessing-cloth/message-card combinations is currently rocketing in popularity as a single-purchase solution to some difficult questions:
What shall I get him/her?
How can I best express the feelings in my heart?
How can I do all this within a reasonable budget?

The key is realizing that it’s always the thought that counts. Research has shown that it’s the emotions conveyed that have the most impact on the receiver as well as the giver.

Cards&Cloth’s patent-pending blessing-cloth-gift-inside-a-message-card retails for about $10-$11 and is as thoughtful and impactful a gift as you are likely to find at any price — because it is actually priceless — the “Gift of Blessings,” from the heart — with measurable benefits for all concerned.

The company website is located at

Subject: Putting Your Emotions in Check

Putting Your Emotions in Check:

Five Ways to Get Something Positive Out of Dealing with Your Emotions

Emotions come and go throughout the day and are ever changing. The health experts at Envolve, an integrated healthcare solutions company, are pleased to share tips to help you channel your emotions into something positive.

1.   Make some noise. Playing an instrument or listening to music can be a healthy way to express your emotions. Music is emotionally charged in its own right and finding comfort or release by listening to your favorite band or a sympathetic song can help you relax and come to terms with whatever emotion you are experiencing.

2.     Get crafty. Using your imagination is a fun and invigorating way to demonstrate your emotions. The great thing about art is that there are endless amounts of ways to express yourself. You can paint, draw, use charcoal pencils, make pottery or color a coloring book. Art allows for increased self-awareness, engagement, learning of new skills or advancing current skills. Get a group together and go to a class to try something new, or simply break out the crayons and get to coloring!

3.     Work it out. Exercising allows you to channel your emotions into something productive- your physical health. Not to mention that because of the physical stimulation, it can help clear your mind. Some exercises, like yoga or Tai Chi allow for both mind and body exercise to release stress and emotions.

4.     Write it down. If you don’t feel like getting crafty, your gym membership has expired, and you don’t feel like talking about your emotions, writing might be for you! This is private time that you can spend on a personal diary or blog to keep track of your experiences, thoughts and feelings. Or take a more creative approach and write a short story based on your experiences. Whatever way you choose, sometimes getting it down on paper and reviewing what you have written is a good way to assess your feelings and help you decide how to handle them.

5.     Pay it forward. Regardless of what mood you’re in, good or bad, it always feels good to help someone else. Creating happiness in others inspires us to be happy and increases our wellbeing. Buy a stranger’s coffee, hold the door open for someone, say good morning to the other people in the elevator – it doesn’t have to be grand gesture, even simple acts of kindness can brighten someone’s day.

About Envolve, Inc.™

Envolve, Inc.™ is a family of health solutions, working together to make healthcare simpler, more effective and more accessible for everyone. As an agent for change in healthcare, Envolve is committed to transforming the health of the community, one person at a time. Envolve unifies medical management, care management and coordination, specialty pharmacy, PBM, vision, dental, behavioral health management, life and health/wellness management, empowerment and education services, telehealth services, 24/7 nurse advice services, and data, analytics and IT solutions.For more information, please visit our website or contact us today at

Medical Intuitive Corner with Robin Eagle Sage, MI

medical-intuitiveMedical Intuitive Corner

with Robin Eagle Sage, MI

Have you ever wondered if your physical pain is caused by unresolved emotional experiences? In this issue, world renowned Medical Intuitive Robin Eagle Sage will share one of her medical intuitive readings with you. Using her clairvoyant abilities, this wise Sage will unravel the causes and cures of a patient’s illness. In turn, you will discover the great healing power capable of every individual. Pseudonyms are used to protect the individual.

Patient: Amelia
Medical Issue: Drooping left eyelid and low energy

When I looked into Amelia’s energy field I heard the word “insignificant.” Amelia has a very big heart. To give you some of her history, she came into this world with an over-sized “to-do” list to save humanity and its humble home called Earth. Upon her incarnation, Amelia set out to accomplish her goals; to end war, poverty, hunger, child abuse, rape and the like. Fast forward many decades later to the present year 2016. Now Amelia feels the whole “saving the world” thing is going way too slowly for her taste. This is making her feel dis-empowered, depressed and lethargic. This was revealed to me by a heavy and dark energy that I found in her heart and chest. Amelia is absolutely perfect but her vision of the world is less than perfect as is her self-contempt for not being able to fix it. Not achieving Amelia’s goals is making her feel insignificant.

I saw a vision of Jesus in Amelia’s energy field. Jesus had many people who loved him but he also had many enemies who thought he was unrighteous and who wanted to put out his fire and hinder his path. What made Jesus a master was his ability to remain neutral despite chaos or conflict. He did not get upset and call people names or judge them. He did not throw stones. In fact, as we all know, he sought friendship with everyone, even with those people who hated him. Jesus was a true leader. Some call him the son of God, though I believe we are all the sons and daughters of God. If only we could learn from his example, perhaps we too could be called masters.

Like Jesus, Amelia was also put on this Earth to assist and to lead. Her body is lagging in energy and her eyelid is droopy because she has not yet become a master. In order for her body and energy level to heal, she must let go of judgment and find compassion. She must understand that everyone is on their spiritual and physical path, even if it does not look pretty to her. Like Zeus, Amelia is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. She has not yet learned that the world is not her responsibility and that there is not actually even a problem with it in the first place. Although it may not look balanced, the Earth and her people are always in a constant state of reclaiming their balance. The Earth is going through its learning process as are all of its inhabitants. Just as in all human relationships, the Earth chose us and we chose the Earth. Such choices are not always conscious to us, but indeed all relationships are helping us to gain greater balance, even if it looks ugly in the process. We are all “on our paths” and are learning. Some folks learn through hard knocks and others learn with an effortless smile, yet we are all learning. There is nothing to fix and yet there is room for improvement. There is no problem and yet vision and hope are both necessary for forward movement. We are not broken and yet there is room for healing. We are not stumbling in the darkness, yet there is always an opening for greater consciousness and light.

The eye is the window to the soul when looking at a person and it is the inner sanctuary of vision and manifestation when looking at one’s self, one’s life and the world. The third eye is the mind’s ultimate creator and manifests life as one sees it. Amelia’s eyelid is drooping because she has lost faith in the Universe and in her ability to save the world. As a leader, it is Amelia’s job to have faith that everything is in divine order. She must let go of all responsibility of the world and instead embrace the responsibility of her soul’s light. Amelia must fill herself with loving respect and in so doing, help others to do the same through her example. She must be the one who smiles at passersby when others cannot lift their lips upward. What makes a person a leader is one who can withstand the difficulties of time and rise above them. To love when others hate. To accept when others judge. To be present when others flee.

Amelia must learn to see the perfection in herself and the world before her energy will rise and her eyelid will stay alert. She must look for the positive in every one, in every thing and in every experience; past, present and future. This is how to live a happy and empowered life. When Amelia embraces these concepts, others will follow her with grace and she will become a true leader. This is a message for us all.  Let us enjoy this life and take charge of it by becoming leaders of ourselves. If not us, then who? Jesus calls my students and me the Emerald Warriors of The Heart. I invite us all to embark upon a journey of the heart and to bask in the supreme glory of this light. May we all find the infinite love and peace that resides within.



Robin Eagle Sage is an energy reader and healer specializing in medical intuition. She is also a columnist, author and teacher. Robin gives energy readings and healings internationally over the phone and Skype. She is the founder of Sage School of Light and teaches a Medical Intuitive Training program. Robin is the author of the book, “The Financial Alchemist: The spiritual and material recipe for financial success,” the CD “Soul Love” and four audio meditations: “Financial Success & Abundance,” “Releasing Stress and Fear,” “Sexuality & Gender Grounding” and “Love & Joy.” Please visit Robin at: 

Medical Intuitive Corner

Medical Intuitive Corner
by Robin Eagle Sage, MI

Have you ever wondered if your physical pain is caused by unresolved emotional experiences? In this issue, world renowned Medical Intuitive Robin Eagle Sage will share one of her medical intuitive readings with you. Using her clairvoyant abilities, this wise Sage will unravel the causes and cures of a patient’s illness. In turn, you will discover the great healing power capable of every individual. Pseudonyms are used to protect the individual.


Patient: Lauren
Medical Issue: Lipoma (skin lump of fatty tissue) on right underarm and cyst on right ovary.

Lauren told me that besides having a lump near her armpit and a cyst on her ovary that all of her relationships are going awry. When I looked at her energy I saw that Lauren is in a state of cellular transition, not liking herself or her life right now and also not knowing where she is going. Because Lauren is in a transitory state, not fully in the present, yet not knowing the future either, her relationships won’t work. I explained to her that any time a person embarks on something new, such as becoming a vegetarian or a non-alcohol drinker, there can be a lag-time before the new lifestyle or pattern is fully established into the vibratory pattern of the person. Until a person becomes one with their new situation or habit on a cellular level, it will feel a bit like purgatory, because they are neither in hell nor have they arrived in heaven! This is never a fun place to be as one can feel lonely and without any support. When I first became a non-alcohol drinker, it took time before I found friends who were like me. For a while I felt lonely and out of place, but eventually, as I embraced my new lifestyle choice on a deeper level, I attracted people who were just like me.

I told Lauren she is sick and without friends because her egoic personality and her soul’s truth were not in alignment. Lauren’s voice was soft and sweet over the phone. When I looked at her soul clairvoyantly I saw flowers, bunny rabbits and everything soft and loving. This sweetness IS the essence of her truth. Yet, I could feel that behind the scenes at her work, her personality was not living this truth and was being a hard-ass; tough, authoritative and controlling. My spirit guides whispered that Lauren needs to be more tactful. I told Lauren what they said and she agreed completely. Thank God, as I never want to insult anyone! I have found that when I say something unpleasant about a client that is true, they usually already know it and will agree. Lauren knows that she is not being herself, but she doesn’t know what to do about it. This is what I was talking about when I said that Lauren does not like herself. I think many of us have habits and behaviors that we dislike and would like to change but we don’t know how. Sometimes, as in the case with Lauren, it takes a total lifestyle change in order to find one’s happiness and true self.

When a woman feels that she has to use masculine energies, such as force, in order to get a job done, because she doesn’t really want to be doing that job, it can take away part of her feminine essence and the very truth of her Being. A woman will begin to wither like a flower and can become sick, such as in Lauren’s case. Lauren’s two health issues are both on her right side. This is because she is overusing her right-side energies, which are masculine. Both males and females carry feminine or yin energy on their left and masculine or yang energy on their right. The trick is to stay in balance and know when to raise your sword and act and when to relax and lay low. It is very common for a person to be sick or injured all along one side of their body if they have an unaddressed gender related issue. The body will tell the person it is not well via pain, irritation or lumps. If the person does not listen and heal the one issue, another problem will develop on the same side, depending on the gender issue. In Lauren’s case, not only are her tumors on the same side but they are related to her gender. One is a lump “by her armpit,” which is actually by her breast. And the cyst is on her ovary which makes creation and femininity possible!

Another factor regarding Lauren’s gender issue is that she is in a “square” job which is inappropriate for her flowing feminine side. In some cases, I tell people that it’s not the job you have that’s important, but how you run your energy while in that job. Meaning if you can let go of stress and be happy while doing the same functions then the job is okay to keep. But in Lauren’s case I saw that her job was completely inappropriate for her fine sensitivities as a “flowery” woman. At the risk of sounding foolish, I told Lauren that she needs to work with flowers, paint flowers, talk to flowers, channel flowers and write about flowers because flowers were all I saw when I looked at her soul. Much to my surprise, Lauren told me that she used to work with flowers and had been thinking about doing it again for years! She said she channeled flowers, wrote about them and wanted to turn them into children’s books! Lauren sure was elated when I told her that this was her soul’s path. She was even more elated when I explained that as soon as she is living her life’s dreams and mission that all of the “right” friends and the “right” relationships would effortlessly emerge. This is what I call a happy ending!


Robin Eagle Sage is a medical intuitive healer, clairvoyant reader, channel, columnist, author and teacher. Robin gives energy readings and healings over the phone and Skype worldwide. She is the founder of Sage School of Light and teaches a medical intuitive training program for beginners. Robin is the author of the book, “The Financial Alchemist: The spiritual AND material recipe for financial success,” the CD “Soul Love: An interactive meditation to attract wealth, health and the relationship of your dreams!” and four audio meditations: “Financial Success & Abundance,”

Happy Easter by Paramahansa Yogananda

YogandandaHappy Easter!

by Paramahansa Yogananda

There are many traditions that people take part in around the Easter holiday, from family brunch to egg hunts. Prayer and meditation are key components of these festivities as well. After all, for many, the sole cause for celebration is Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

Most people interpret the concept of resurrection as being Jesus’ body rising from the dead. But Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the best-selling Autobiography of a Yogi and subject of the recent award-winning documentary AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda, provides a revelatory definition. In his book, Journey to Self-Realization, Yogananda explores the true meaning of resurrection. He writes:

“What is the meaning of resurrection? To live again! To rise to renewed life! What rises again—and how? We must understand in what ways resurrection means to live again. Everything is undergoing a process of change. These changes are either detrimental or beneficial to the object that changes. For example, if I take a dirty glass and strike it on the floor, it will be changed, will it not? But this change will not be beneficial; it will be harmful to the object. However, if I wash the glass and make it shine, that change is beneficial. Resurrection means any beneficial change to an object or human being….In this context, resurrection means any uplifting change. You cannot remain at a standstill. You must either go forward or backward. That is a great and inspiring truth, that in life you cannot remain stationary.”

* * *

“Resurrection means to free the soul from the cage of ignorance; to uplift and release the soul from the bondage of mortal consciousness. Human life is sometimes very beautiful, but one who is attached to it is like a bird of paradise in a cage. You open the bird’s cage, but because of attachment and habit, it may not want to fly away….We are afraid to try the skies of limitless consciousness. We have lived too long identified with the body; and now we shrink from entering our infinite omnipresence, frightened to resurrect the omnipotence and omniscience of our soul. To resurrect our innate wisdom from the bondage of the body is spiritual resurrection.”

– From Journey to Self-Realization by Paramahansa Yogananda (Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles,

Medical Intuitive Corner by Robin Eagle Sage, MI

medical-intuitiveMedical Intuitive Corner

by Robin Eagle Sage, MI

Have you ever wondered if your physical pain is caused by unresolved emotional experiences? Each month, world renowned Medical Intuitive, Robin Eagle Sage will share one of her medical intuitive readings with you. Using her clairvoyant abilities, this wise Sage will unravel the causes and cures of a patient’s illness. In turn, you will discover the great power capable of every individual. Pseudonyms are used to protect the individual.

Patient: Dana

Medical Issue: Nerve pain in hands and feet. Weak legs.

Dana was delightful to work with. She lit up like a star when I described the mind/body connection, how energy works and which foods would allow her to heal.
The first thing I saw when I looked at Dana’s energy was the color light blue, which in her case, meant numbness. The energy of numbness also looks fluffy. It pads the body from knowing itself and feeling itself.

I heard the words, “scam, secrets, fishy and nobody’s business.” I saw a male energy trying to hide something from Dana. It was her father.

When parents hide circumstances from their kids, via silence or lies, it creates confusion in the child. This is what happened with Dana. If you tell a child, “I didn’t water the flowers.” And the child saw you watering the flowers, it will usually take the confusion out on itself. With too many incongruent lies the child will eventually go crazy and loose its ability to trust itself. This is because most children originally trust their parents (even if they should not) and look up to them. Therefore, when a parent lies or withholds vital information, the child will take it out on itself by not trusting itself, rather than the parent. How the child takes it out on itself will vary. In Dana’s case, she created numbness and buffers between herself and the outside world. With time, her hands and feet eventually became physically numb and disabled.

If you think about it, hands and feet are the empowering assets of one’s body. If you want to go somewhere, you must get up and walk with your feet. If you have an exciting creative idea, you must use your hands to take notes or to create the object of desire.

What I call energetic fluff is a barrier that hides the truth. If a parent does not want its child to know something it will energetically throw fluff in the child’s space to create a barrier between the parent and child. If the parent does not want the child to hear something it will throw energy in the child’s ears to create a blockage there, and so on. This “energy work” happens subconsciously. In other words, the parents may know their intentions, (IE, I don’t want little Johnny to know that I am cheating on mom) but don’t know the effects of their intentions on the child energetically, which later turn into physical, mental AND emotional issues.

It’s not your parent’s secrets and lies that hurt you. It’s the fact that they don’t want you to know something that does. Children are open, wild and free. To receive the message: “Don’t know, see or hear” from the people who supposedly love them, is like receiving a blow. Children will not understand and it will be painful on all levels. No wonder so many children have ear infections!
Within the individual, the “fluffy buffer” will stop the person from truly knowing themselves and being free. In Dana’s case it is making her legs and hands numb and weak. Think about how uncomfortable it is when your feet fall asleep to move them, let alone walk. Imagine having this numbness for weeks, months or years.

The big question is, “What were Dana’s parents hiding?” When I asked spirit, it said her father was doing something wrong and her mother was turning a blind eye. Dana said, “My father was a doctor and he cheated on my mother with one of his patients.” Boom! There it was! She even knew his secret and had been coveting it for him! Can you believe that something as simple as that could cause a physical disability? It is still mind blowing to me sixteen years into my practice!
But the truth is, cheating is a betrayal to the ones you love. If people find out that their partners are cheating on them it can change the family dynamic. In many marriages spouses are co-dependent and unable to function alone. Or at least, that’s what they fear. Therefore, great efforts are made to keep secrets and to turn a blind eye to “secrets that are known,” such as, in Dana’s mother’s case. This pattern is what must be healed for many today.

The best way to forgive is through understanding and compassion. “We know not what we do,” as it says in the bible. We know not the negative effects that we generate in this world. And because we are all learning and are all the children of God we must forgive and be forgiven in order to heal and move forward.

Dana’s healing mantras are: “Bring what I don’t know to my awareness. I’m not afraid to know the truth. I am open and I won’t hide. I won’t stuff food into my body in order to hide from my feelings and what I already know. I let go of all responsibility of my parent’s lies and secrets. I am free!”

Now Dana knows that she need not be the keeper of secrets and lies. She is free to live her life in peace and to move her feet in whatever direction she likes and to use her hands to create whatever she desires! Letting go of Dana’s family’s secrets has freed her and she is now able to heal.

Robin Eagle Sage is a medical intuitive, healer, clairvoyant reader, channel, columnist, author and teacher. She gives energy readings and healings over the phone and Skype worldwide. Robin is the founder of Sage School of Light and teaches a Medical Intuitive Training program for beginners. Robin is the author of the book, “The Financial Alchemist: The spiritual AND material recipe for financial success,” the CD “Soul Love: An interactive meditation to attract wealth, health and the relationship of your dreams!” and four audio meditations: “Financial Success & Abundance,” “Releasing Stress and Fear,”  “Sexuality & Gender Grounding” and “Love & Joy.” For more information contact Robin at:  

Parenting Perfectionism by Marta Adelsman, Psy.D.

parenting Parenting Perfectionism

by Marta Adelsman, Psy.D.


Most first-time parents experience anxiety about their newly acquired role.  No matter how well we have prepared ourselves through books or relatives’ helpful advice, parenthood brings us into uncharted territory.  For most of us, the unknown feels scary!
To compensate for our fear of seriously messing up our children, we may become rigid in our parenting.   Anxious that we won’t do it “right,” we become invested in our children’s futures, and investment leads to attempts at controlling and forcing outcomes.  (We may also compensate with over-permissiveness, but that is a topic for another time.)

We may fear others’ negative opinions of us as parents, so we try to look good by “making” our children good.  We pray our kid won’t have a meltdown in the middle of the grocery store or pick a fight with the pastor’s son and deck him.  How humiliating when our parenting “inadequacy” displays so publicly!

We attempt to avoid the humiliation by trying to be the perfect parent.  Perfectionism, however, suffocates the joy of parenting.  It blocks our sense of playfulness and inventiveness.  It sucks the life force out of our relationship with our kids.
Relaxing is the best antidote for perfectionism. While relaxation increases with parenting experience, it starts with letting go of the need to be perfect and dismissing the belief you have to control everything.

Relaxing means you don’t have to accomplish raising a competent, responsible and enjoyable human being all in one moment.  Simply live today.  Instead of seeing each event with your child as a problem, see it simply as a situation to handle.  Tap into your inner wisdom for this situation, and you will strengthen your skills for the next one, and the next.  Focus on loving your children, understanding them, listening to them, and spending quality time with them.
Let’s face it.  Raising children is messy business.  You will never do it perfectly, so don’t kick yourself when you “mess up.”  It’s normal for seasoned parents to look back on their child-rearing experiences and feel regrets about all kinds of things. You won’t avoid feeling this regret, yet you can diminish it by accepting it as part of parenting.
Accept that messes have value, and don’t make them wrong.  Mistakes provide fertile ground for learning about and changing ourselves.  They give helpful feedback about what lives in our shadow, the inner places we keep hidden from ourselves, like anger or phoniness or timidity.  When I heard myself talking to my then three-year-old son in harsh, unkind tones my father had used with me, I acknowledged my anger.  I sought help through a parenting class that proved extremely valuable for years afterward.

As long as love presides in how you relate to your children, you need not fear the outcome.  Love weaves through your kids’ childhood experiences like a silver thread, touching and lighting up the so-called negative experiences.  Add your authenticity to love and you have a formula for raising emotionally and psychologically healthy children.

Marta Adelsman, Psy.D., practices as a Life Coach in Communication and Spiritual Consciousness in the Verde Valley of Arizona.  She writes and coaches from the authenticity of her educational, relational and spiritual journey of over 50 years.  For appointments (couples, parents and individuals in person or by phone), email or call 928-451-9482.

Nutrition for Intuition by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves

nutritionNutrition for Intuition

by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves


Practical Intuition

Our intuition is an inner voice that speaks with an essence of love. As we connect to that loving energy, we feel supported. We feel relaxed and safe, knowing that everything happening at this moment has a greater purpose.

Begin with those small calls to action, the ones that say, Today reach out your friend—because who knows what that friend is going through at this moment? Understand that those gut feelings, and that sense of urgency behind them, may very well be lifesaving for that dear loved one of yours.
If you “hold on” to that intuitive guidance, it’s like a mail carrier receiving a parcel and refusing to deliver it. If you keep it to yourself, only one person is going to benefit from it, and that’s you. However, if you choose to share that message—to have the courage and the confidence to speak what you feel—then it may change the lives of your loved ones and allow them to feel happier and freer . . . and be inspired to then trust their own gut feelings. They, in turn, will share their intuitive messages, and that ripple effect spreads.

As you listen to your inner guidance, it may tell you something simple, such as Switch lanes, while you’re driving in the car. It may become more complex, such as You need to leave that relationship, You need to change careers, or You need to move.
Your intuition can be like an internal lie detector. When you meet someone, you can immediately tell if you like him or her or if something about what he or she is saying rings untrue. You get a sense of somebody’s energy the instant that you make a connection, and your internal lie detector says, Yes, this is a wonderful person!—or, it does the opposite and tells you to get as far away as you possibly can.

Sometimes you pick up on different energies when you’re in somebody’s home. Do you feel uplifted, or do you get a sense that the person is just trying to impress you? Is that energy stagnant with negativity? You’ll know.

So please trust the messages that you receive when you meet somebody or when you enter a new environment. Do so especially if you’re going to see practitioners or healers, because if you go into a space feeling uncertain or afraid, that’s a sign to step back.

This is something that we’ve learned to listen to when we’ve been invited to attend particular seminars. We feel that our purpose here on Earth is to help as many people as we can. We hope to spread healing messages about spirituality, natural health, God, and the angels. But we still have to trust our own intuition. Sometimes we get invited to speak at events that sound wonderful, but there’s something in our gut that says, Don’t do it.
When we trust that information, even though it might feel uncomfortable at the time, we’re then able to look back on that event at a later date and understand why we were guided to stay away. Often it’s not because the organizers or attendees were “bad” or anything like that, but rather something else came up that more urgently required our attention. We might not have been able to give 100 percent at that particular event. Perhaps we’d been so busy throughout the year that we needed some time to rest.

As you listen to your intuition, you learn that the way in which God and your angels communicate with you is special and unique because you are special and unique. Rather than feeling like you have to fit inside a box, honor your own perceptions.
Trust your intuition. Truly, it’s the heavenly voice of God and your angels coming through.

Science and Intuition

At one time, intuition was considered an old wives’ tale. Today, researchers have solid scientific foundations for the process of intuition. Dozens of studies support the value of intuition in decision making and finding creative solutions to problems. A recent study stated that medical doctors can achieve better outcomes in their patients’ care by calling upon their intuition when making decisions. The researchers concluded, “Intuitive and analytical decision processes may have complementary effects in achieving the desired outcomes of patient decision support” (de Vries et al. 2013). A related study found that farmers use intuition more than analytics.
Many studies have focused on our physical reactions to various situations, measuring blood pressure, brain waves, perspiration, and heart rate in response to stimuli, such as looking at emotionally charged photos or video clips. In some intriguing experiments, the participants’ heart and other systems were shown to react to a photo or video even before the people being studied were shown the stimulus. Most of these experiments are “double-blind,” which means that neither the participants nor the researchers know beforehand which type of image the person being studied will see. The studies show that our bodies “know” when something emotionally charged is coming our way.

Perhaps you’ve had this experience yourself when you woke up feeling excited or happy for no known reason. Or, similarly, you felt a sense of dread on a day when something unforeseen and unpleasant later occurred.
Research has demonstrated that our palms begin to sweat when we’re around something harsh or dangerous several minutes before our conscious minds can register the threat. This makes sense, as the hands have a high number of sensory neuronal connections to the nervous system. Scientists believe that if we could learn to pay attention to our palms’ subtle signals, including perspiration, it would enable us to be consciously be aware of—and avoid—danger.
Similar studies find that our heart rate and blood pressure increases when people are directing negative thoughts our way, and that these functions relax and decrease when others are thinking positive thoughts about us. It turns out that “sending love” is a measurable energy!

Intuition Works with the Body’s Systems

Our ancient ancestors relied on their intuition to ensure their physical safety. Imagine the vulnerable feeling of walking outside to forage for food, where you depend on your wits to stay alive. This is the same built-in system wild animals use for survival. While we now shop in grocery stores for food and live in houses, this doesn’t mean that our ancestors’ instincts have “evolved away.”
Researchers have pinpointed the brain’s right hemisphere, which is associated with emotions and the arts, as the center of our intuition. Additionally, the autonomic nervous system, also called our “ancient brain,” appears to be hardwired to instinctively react to potential danger in a way that could be called “intuitive.” The brain’s limbic system—our feeling center—can sense danger detected by the autonomic nervous system before it’s physically apparent. In this way, our intuition (if we listen to it) keeps us safe.

In the face of stress, our nervous and endocrine systems work closely together to bring about harmony and balance. These two systems are linked by the hypothalamus, a structure in the brain’s limbic system. While the endocrine system is made up of many glands, the most important to know in regard to stress and intuition are the pituitary and adrenal glands. Let’s look at how all these systems work together.

When your nervous system recognizes a stressor, it sends a message to the hypothalamus, which then releases hormones to deliver the message to the pituitary gland. Next, the pituitary sends out hormones influencing the adrenal glands. In turn, this causes your adrenals to release a hormone to reduce the effects of the stress. This pattern continues until your body is satisfied that you have enough stress-relieving hormones available. Your body then relaxes, and the nervous system calms.
However, if stress continues for extended periods of time, the biological exchange of neuro-messages and hormones may become unbalanced. If the hypothalamus, pituitary, or adrenal glands become depleted, it creates a strain along the cascade. This causes a change in your stress response, energy levels, and hormones.
By supporting your endocrine and nervous systems nutritionally, you will help keep your intuition clear and sharp. And, conversely, listening to your intuition is a big factor in reducing your stress levels, as it will guide you to avoid stress-producing situations in the first place. Your intuition may also lead you to a stress-management program that’s custom-tailored to your interests, schedule, and budget.

Nutrition for Intuition
by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves. It is published by Hay House (January 5, 2016) and is available in bookstores and online at

Medical Intuitive 
by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

unhappyMedical Intuitive 

by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

Have you ever wondered if your physical pain is caused by unresolved emotional experiences? Each month, Medical Intuitive, Robin Eagle Sage, will share one of her medical intuitive readings with you. Using her clairvoyant abilities, this wise Sage will unravel the causes and cures of a patient’s illness. In turn, you will discover the great power capable of every individual to heal from within! Pseudonyms are used to protect the patient.

Patient: Felicity

Medical Issue: Stabbing sharp pain throughout entire body. Lower pelvic pain, abdomen pain, dysfunctional uterus bleeding, fibroids, iron deficiency-anemia, ovarian cyst, ovarian ruptured cyst, pre-cancerous lesion on the cervix, pelvic inflammatory disease, migraine, headaches, indecisive, mentally exhausted, frustrated, un-ease, blocked. Lack of concentration. Unable to express thoughts and feelings. Unable to tolerate noise. Worry, fear, doubt. I feel off-balance, blocked, mood-swings, emotionally exhausted, hurt, guilty, unhappy.

When I asked what is causing Felicity’s health issues, I saw a number of spirits, entities and people in her crown chakra trying to confuse her and feed off of her energy. I saw that Felicity is intelligent, funny and dynamic too. But all of these spirits and people are trying to put out her fire! What this means energetically, is that Felicity is agreeing to it, on a subconscious level. My job is to find out why.

I saw that Felicity is unsure about who she is. I asked her about this and she agreed and said it started happening about a year ago. I believe it started much earlier than that. Felicity’s confusion about who she is, is both the cause and effect of these beings who control her. When there is confusion and doubt about one’s identity, it creates a magnet for energies to enter and take over the body. It also furthers the process of confusion. I did some healing work on Felicity’s head and crown chakra to clear some of these entities and taught her how to voice her need for space and to ask them to leave.

Next, I saw a past life of an old black man with grey hair wearing overalls and holding a pitch fork. He was an inebriated slobbering hick telling his granddaughter (Felicity) a bunch of nonsense. I felt love from him toward his granddaughter, but I also saw that he was giving Felicity a lot of excuses for his debilitating behavior and inappropriate actions. Her grandfather was a sex-offender who “took” every opportunity to have sex right in front of the young girl. He did “it” with anyone and all the time.

Her grandfather told Felicity, “In order to survive in life you have to be strong.” He said this to imply that what he was doing was right and that it was up to HER to be strong. This confused Felicity. She loved and trusted her Grandfather who was her only family, yet he was doing terrible things. Felicity could not understand if his addictions were right or wrong. She trusted her granddaddy. She even wondered if these issues were her fault.

I asked Spirit how this past life is affecting Felicity now. I heard, “These past experiences have made her buy into what other people say, even when they are false. Felicity lacks self-trust and believes that other people’s actions are okay when they are not.” I told Felicity that she must become clear about what is right and wrong. I told her that she must let go of guilt and that all people, especially children who are victims of sexually inappropriate behavior, believe it is their fault. As long as Felicity believes this on any level, both spirits and people will invade her space and continue to dupe her. I suggested counseling for Felicity in order to help her understand that her past experiences are neither her fault nor appropriate. And that she can stop believing everything she is told.

At this point, Felicity told me that in this lifetime, when she was 17 years old she was corralled into a job selling magazines across the nation. In truth, she was kidnapped, could not leave the “job” and was trafficked into a haram with an older man who raped and tried to kill her daily.  These were Felicity’s exact words. Apparently, every time she tried to escape this man would control her and tell the police it was simply a domestic quarrel. Sadly, the police believed this award-winning con-artist, pedophile and sex-offender. This continued for years before she finally escaped. Felicity said that many years later, she is now in the process of a court case to put this man into jail once and for all. Apparently the police have been looking for him for years. Now it is Felicity’s chance to empower herself, but she will have to be strong and do whatever it takes to remain safe.
I explained to Felicity that the reason she had this experience is because she hadn’t healed and learned from the experience with her grandfather in the past life. In order to grow, Felicity must: acknowledge that it was not her fault, stop believing what everyone says, learn to call a spade a spade and let go of shame and guilt. In addition, her daily routine must be to fill her womb with her own female beauty, self-trust, love and self-acceptance and to know that she is a worthy child of God who deserves a safe life. Felicity and I spoke about how she can become more empowered and self-assured and what she can do in order to feel this way. I am not an advocate of guns, but I saw that if Felicity feels safer and more empowered with a gun, pepper spray, a guard dog or police protection, that she should employ such protection as she builds her courage and inner strength. It will be important for Felicity to feel safe in order to fully heal and let go of the past, so that such harmful experiences need not occur again. When the cells of the body (human energy) turn from fearful to safe and whole, one is out of harm’s way. Felicity is a strong soul and she deserves to have a healthy body and a joyous life! My blessings are with you Felicity.



Robin Eagle Sage is a medical intuitive, healer, clairvoyant reader, author and teacher. She writes the Medical Intuitive Corner in Whole Person Magazine in Los Angeles and in Sedona Conscious Magazine in Sedona, AZ. Robin gives energy readings and healings over the phone and Skype worldwide. She is the founder of Sage School of Light and teaches a Medical Intuitive training program for beginners. Robin is the author of the book, “The Financial Alchemist; The spiritual and material recipe for financial success,” the CD “Soul Love; An interactive meditation to attract wealth, health and the relationship of your dreams!” and three audio meditations: “Financial Success & Abundance,” “Releasing Stress and Fear” and “Love & Joy.” For more information visit Robin at:  

Medical Intuitive Corner by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

medical-intuitiveMedical Intuitive Corner

by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive


Have you ever wondered if your physical pain is caused by unresolved emotional experiences? Each month, Medical Intuitive, Robin Eagle Sage, will share one of her medical intuitive readings with you. Using her clairvoyant abilities, this wise Sage will unravel the causes and cures of a patient’s illness. In turn, you will discover the great power capable of every individual to heal from within! Pseudonyms are used to protect the patient.


Patient: Jen
Medical Issue: Shrinking eye sclera (white of the eye).

When I looked at Jen’s eyes clairvoyantly I saw the colors grey and white. I heard, “Who am I?” I saw Jen has limited thoughts and beliefs and is not able to see greater truths and possibilities. Jen is fighting for attention in the world and her energy is outside of her body. This is an important issue because when one’s energy is outside of the body one cannot know one’s self. I told Jen to pull her energy into her body on a daily basis by imagining her particles coming into her body like a genie coming into its bottle. I asked Jen to ground her body by feeling weight coming into her feet or sacrum.

I saw that Jen’s mother did not want a child. This has caused Jen to feel that she must wave a big flag in the air to get her mother’s love and attention. This effort takes Jen out of her body and away from her true self which is self-love. I saw a blockage in the back of Jen’s head in her occipital ridge. This is where she is struggling to be seen by her mother and also by others. This blockage and way of being needs to be released completely. Jen has been struggling for attention for so long, her head is hardwired to repeat the pattern of struggle.
Jen must know that she deserves peace. She can be at peace by constantly pulling her own healthy energy into her body, releasing her mother’s energy from her head, repeating the mantra, “I deserve peace” and then taking a deep breath while feeling lovable. Deep breathing is important as it will oxygenate her eyes and brain as well as create new neuropathways that instigate peace, love and self-worth.

Jen’s wanting to be known and seen is causing the decrease of sclera in her eyes. When she lets go of the effort of caring about what other people think, such as, “Does my mother or father love me?” she can heal. Jen is trying to learn as a spirit that she is the most important person in her life and she is her own best guide, master, parent and child. The attachment to her parents, i.e. seeing her life through their eyes, is what is making her sick. When I said this, Jen told to me that she lives with her parents. Therefore, releasing her attachments to them will be essential for her growth.

I saw that Jen needs omega-3 oils, such as, walnut and flax oils. She also needs her neurotransmitters to establish greater connections. She can do this by relaxing her head, walking in nature with fresh air and learning new things. A great way to promote this would be by taking an interesting class, getting a head massage, finding new ways to walk home from work and making new friends. Jen’s brain needs something positive and uplifting to chew on.

I told Jen that if she lived alone without her parents she would probably go out and adventure in the world. Because she is codependent with her parents, she is not discovering her true self. I advised her to go into the world and discover herself now, before her parents make their grand transition. Doing so will make their relationship better, each finding greater respect for the other. When one respects, loves and cherishes themselves, it is energetic law that others will reciprocate such feelings to the exact degree.

Jen, when you see yourself for who you truly are, a divine spirit temporarily housed in a beautiful body, your eyes will heal. See clearly and you will know thyself as God.



Robin Eagle Sage is a medical intuitive, healer, clairvoyant reader, author and teacher. She writes the column called Medical Intuitive Corner in Whole Person Magazine in Los Angeles and in Sedona Conscious Magazine in Sedona, AZ. Robin gives energy readings and healings over the phone and Skype worldwide. She is the founder of Sage School of Light and teaches a Medical Intuitive training program for beginners. Robin is the author of the book, “The Financial Alchemist; The spiritual and material recipe for financial success,” the CD “Soul Love; An interactive meditation to attract wealth, health and the relationship of your dreams!” and three audio meditations: “Financial Success & Abundance,” “Releasing Stress and Fear” and “Love & Joy.” For more information visit Robin at:

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