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Medical Intuitive Corner
 by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

medical-intuitiveMedical Intuitive Corner

by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

Have you ever wondered if your physical pain is caused by unresolved emotional experiences? Each month, world renowned Medical Intuitive, Robin Eagle Sage will share one of her medical intuitive case readings with you. Using her clairvoyant abilities, this wise Sage will unravel the causes and cures of a patient’s illness. In turn, you will discover the great power capable of every individual. Pseudonyms are used to protect the individual.


Client: Sabrina
Medical Issues: Neck tumor, tiredness, lack of motivation.

When I looked at Sabrina clairvoyantly I saw a huge grey blockage in the upper right quadrant of her brain. It was very mucus-like. I heard “memories of a distant past” and knew that her issue concerned a past life.  Sabrina had a hidden memory that was blocking her brain’s ability to create, motivate, think clearly and remember.  It was taking a lot of her RAM space and making her tired.
I saw a stone mansion with maids and cooks working busily preparing meals for the rich barrister who lived there. Chefs were stirring pots of food and it was a mad frenzy. It looked just like the movie Downton Abby! Sabrina was hiding behind her mother, who, in this past life was a maid wearing a white apron and bonnet over her head. The master of the house practiced law and wore a grey wig. The year was 1683 and there was unrest in the house. Sabrina was hiding not only behind her mother, but from incest with the Barrister. The word incest tells me that the Barrister was related to her. This means that Sabrina’s mother, the maid, also experienced the same suppressed fate.
I looked clairvoyantly at Sabrina’s lump in her neck to see what was causing it. This tumor was energetically bright red with rage. I saw a little girl yelling to a man, “Who do you think you are? Get away from me!” She called the man “sore-eyes,” which is not a modern-day term. This was definitely the little Sabrina from her previous life trying to save herself from the prestigious lawyer.
Because the Barrister was a man of power and well respected in the community, it made it impossible for Sabrina’s claim to be heard. She was only the daughter of a poor maid and a servant to her master. No one had time to listen to this young girl, let alone believe her. Power was the key word.

At this moment I saw a flash of Sabrina’s father from this lifetime. Although I knew that her experiences with him were different from the Barrister, there were also parallels in regard to power. I said, “I don’t think there were any issues of incest with your father from this lifetime, but I do see that both men were in positions of power.” I saw that he was unreachable and untouchable and that her relationship with him was making her heart heavy. This in turn also made Sabrina tired and unmotivated in life. The blocked feeling in her heart was, “Why try?” As I told her this, Sabrina sighed and said, “Well, there’s a story here.” Then she preceded to tell me that her actual father was a high-powered drug lord. Again, a lord! That he was a major cocaine drug-trafficker who laundered over 200 million dollars’ worth of drug money! They believed he was murdered when she was three years old because he disappeared and his body was never found. Wow, I don’t know which lifetime was more dramatic, this one or the past! This also explained the heavy feeling in her heart!

I explained to Sabrina the impact on which both “father figures” had on her. Both felt they were above the law and did not know how to create a loving relationship with themselves or her. Together we did some healing work on forgiving both men. I heard her father from this lifetime say, “I’m so sorry. I never meant for it to go this way. I love you.” I wanted Sabrina to hear this for herself, so I did not say anything. Instead I told her that her father had a message for her. I asked Sabrina to tune-in to her father on a soul level and to listen to what he had to say. After twenty seconds she repeated the exact words that I had heard! Then she began to cry. I told Sabrina that her father does not want to hold her back from experiencing love and joy.

Next we did healing work on the Barrister. Sabrina said, “This will be more difficult. How can you forgive someone for molesting their own child?” I explained to Sabrina that everyone is doing the best they can even though it may not look that way to others. Most people have addictions, some are more serious than others. The name of the game with addictions is that you “can’t” control them and that they control you. Whether it’s an addiction to sugar, sex or overpowering someone, they are still out of people’s control… until they heal from them. I explained to Sabrina that forgiving these two men is for her sake, not theirs, even though it will heal and release them as well. One must become aware of, forgive and let go of the past in order to have all of one’s own positive energy working for one’s Self in the present time. Forgiveness (with boundaries) is always the name of the game as it leads to health and happiness.
After the reading I did some healing work on myself and then “unconsciously” chose to watch the movie, Maid in Manhattan with Jennifer Lopez. Within the first ten minutes of the movie I heard the manager of the hotel tell the maids, “The job of a Barrister maid is to…”


Robin Eagle Sage is a medical intuitive, healer, clairvoyant reader, author and teacher. She gives energy readings and healings over the phone and Skype worldwide. Robin is the founder of Sage School of Light and teaches a Medical Intuitive training program for beginners. Robin is the author of the book, “The Financial Alchemist; The spiritual and material recipe for financial success,” the CD “Soul Love; An interactive meditation to attract wealth, health and the relationship of your dreams!” and three audio meditations: “Financial Success & Abundance,” “Releasing Stress and Fear” and “Love & Joy.” For more information contact Robin at:

How to Get Along With Your Teenager by Marta Adelsman, Psy.D.

How to Get Along With Your Teenager

Marta Adelsman, Psy.D.

The transition between childhood and adulthood can be tough.  Your adolescent must accomplish the developmental task of separating from you, his parent.  For most teens and for parents as well, it’s a scary process.
Healthy parent-to-teen relating develops new ways of relating that leave behind parent-child components in favor of adult-to-adult communication.  Making the shift often creates instability and disequilibrium.  Before you reach a new harmony, the process often looks and feels chaotic.
I offer here are a few tips to manage the chaos and to parent adolescents successfully:
Diffuse the difficulty of these years by talking to your pre-teen about the developmental task ahead of him.  Let him know separating from parents can be a rough ride.  Tell him of your intention to get through the process with mutual respect.  Invite him to join you in laying the groundwork by communicating with each other how you would like to be treated.  This will be easier if you have already established a precedent for respectful conversations about feelings and expectations.
Use an assertive style of communication rather than an aggressive style.  Assertiveness means you respect your rights and those of your teen.  You take responsibility to set clear and firm boundaries.  You ask directly for what you need from her.  Assertiveness involves making requests instead of demands.  You relate with directness, openness and honesty while maintaining an even tone of voice and good eye contact.  You see your teen as equal to you (not in amount of experience but in her personhood), worthy of your respect and consideration.
An aggressive style uses hostility, threats and intimidation to manipulate your teen to do your bidding.  It ignores her rights as a human being.  It makes demands such as, “Turn down that damn music!  Can’t you see I’m trying to get some work done?”  An assertive request sounds like, “Please turn down the volume so I can get my deskwork done.”  Aggressiveness speaks with sarcasm and insults:  “Of course I can’t help you!  Do you think I’m at your beck and call every time you have a school project?”  Assertiveness says, “I’m sorry I can’t help you with that today.  I have a doctor’s appointment.”
Be real with your teen.  Tell the truth.  Let him know you sometimes aren’t fully confident how to parent a teen and you’re learning as you go.  Admit when you make a mistake.  If you fear you will lose status if you speak your truth, I assure you that confessions of imperfection make you more human in your teen’s eyes.   Authentic speaking may sound like, “I feel terrible when I yell at you,”  “I don’t know the answer to your question,” or “Sometimes the choices you make scare me.”  These honest admissions will reap huge benefits in the form of mutual respect.
If you incorporate these suggestions and keep your sense of humor, you are well on your way toward remaining on good terms with your child throughout those turbulent adolescent years.

Marta Adelsman, Psy.D., practices in the Verde Valley as a Life Coach in Communication and Spiritual Consciousness.  She coaches in person and over the phone.  To contact her with comments or questions or to schedule an appointment, call 928-451-9482 or email  HYPERLINK “”  Website:

Medical Intuitive Corner by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

dad-article Medical Intuitive Corner

by Robin Eagle Sage, Medical Intuitive

Have you ever wondered if your physical pain is caused by unresolved emotional experiences? Each month, world renowned Medical Intuitive, Robin Eagle Sage will share one of her medical intuitive readings with you. Using her clairvoyant abilities, this wise Sage will unravel the causes and cures of a patient’s illness. In turn, you will discover the great power of positivity, capable of every individual mind. Pseudonyms are used to protect the individual.

Patient: Sylvia

Medical Issue: Insomnia, digestive issues, constipation.


When I asked what is causing Sylvia’s insomnia and digestive issues I saw some blockages in her heart, throat, head, belly and solar plexus. Along with this I heard that she “frets” and that this negative behavior is causing negative health issues. When I looked deeper I saw that Sylvia has issues with her father that is causing pain in her heart and effects how she feels about herself and her ability to love herself. It’s also effecting her solar plexus, which is about empowerment and self-esteem. And her digestion, which is about being able to digest life and let it go.
Sylvia said that her father had recently passed and that she had only seen him twice in twenty years. She said that he had been unwilling to leave his house for thirty years, so obviously he had some issues. Sylvia also said, “We were never close after he left my mom and my little brother and me to take care of ourselves. My mom had to go through a lot of pain to survive and bring us up alone. But I felt I forgave him for all that he did and mostly for what he didn’t do, such as being present or helpful in my life. In reality, he was so absent that I don’t remember a single moment in which he expressed love toward me – none!!!”
Sylvia was confused as to why her father’s energy was clogging up her body and health since she hardly ever saw him. I want to explain this to my readers, since so many people suffer from the absence of a parent. It is not a father leaving the family that creates pain and suffering in the body, mind and heart. It is how people respond to the experience that creates pain. Do they feel like a victim or do the take 50% of the positive responsibility? Both parties must be responsible for the break-up as all events are agree upon, even if it is subconscious. Yet typically people want to blame the other person and be a victim. This does not help either party. For example, how many adults or children look on the bright side and say to themselves, “Yeah, Daddy left us! Let’s celebrate his new beginnings! I’m so happy that Dad left so that he can fulfill his karma somewhere else and perhaps even meet another special woman to create a new family with!” Not too many kids feel this way when their parent leaves. In fact, as is the case with Sylvia, they take it personally and feel they caused their father’s departure. This feeling is devastating to the heart, mind, body and soul of an individual and can be traced to many diseases.
If your father left your family when you were growing up I can almost guarantee that you felt and STILL feel negatively responsible for the event. You probably will say that you don’t. But I can almost guarantee that your father or mother leaving you has caused some pain in your heart leading to addiction, failed marriages, poor income, low self-esteem, becoming a high achiever, etc. I say high-achiever because high-achievers are those who feel the need to prove their worth to themselves and the world. There are highly creative people who celebrate creativity through love and there also are high-achievers who achieve through effort. There is a big difference.
Imagine yourself as a young child when your father is leaving for good. Then imagine another child in your place while your father walks out the door. You will think that if you had been kinder, smarter, prettier or more fun, that your father would not have left. But this, of course, is untrue. It does not matter what you had done or not done, your father would have left anyway. It had NOTHING to do with you! It was his destiny, his choice, and how you respond to it is yours. So why not thank him for leaving instead? Why not do things differently than the main stream and say to yourself, “Wow, dad must have been suffering in this relationship/marriage to leave. Good for him for having the strength to leave. I hope his path is fruitful. I wish him so much love and beauty.” Is this what most men receive from their “left behind” families? Not at all. They often receive hatred, resentment, and manipulation. And when they don’t, there is more of a chance for a positive connection with the family “left behind.”
None of us are victims. We all make choices together, even if it does not seem that way. All agreements, even if subconscious, are mutual. I have spoken of this before and it is an important spiritual law to understand. When you understand this energetic truth you will see that it promotes love and forgiveness. It especially promotes self-responsibility because nothing happens to you, it happens with you and by you. If I could give any of my readers a positive message filled with promise, it would be this.
Turn your old story around. You were not left. You all “left” to go your own ways. Take responsibility for everything; the good, the bad and the ugly. And smile and leave the blame behind. There is always a choice, even when it does not seem that way to the average eye…



Robin Eagle Sage is a medical intuitive, healer, clairvoyant reader, author and teacher. She gives energy readings and healings over the phone and Skype worldwide. Robin is the founder of Sage School of Light and teaches a Medical Intuitive training program for beginners. Robin is the author of the book, “The Financial Alchemist; The spiritual and material recipe for financial success,” the CD “Soul Love; An interactive meditation to attract wealth, health and the relationship of your dreams!” and three audio meditations: “Financial Success & Abundance,” “Releasing Stress and Fear” and “Love & Joy.” For more information contact Robin at:  

What Kind of Parent Are You?

authentic-parentingWhat Kind of Parent Are You?

by Dr. Marta


My parents didn’t show much encouragement for my interests. When my father worked with wood, he wouldn’t let me hammer nails. Neither parent indulged my love for horses, and they hardly ever attended my gymnastics events or field hockey games. I felt like they didn’t really know me.
I conceptualize three kinds of parents. Mine typified what I would call uninvolved. This type doesn’t spend much time talking or doing things with their children. The children stop expecting parental involvement in their lives. They can easily become discouraged and may suffer from emotional issues of abandonment and low self-esteem.

Another type of parent I call over-involved. They make decisions for a child based on pre-conceived notions of who and what they want that child to do and be. Regardless of his feelings, these parents pressure him into activities they choose. They force him into sports when he wants to play chess. They make her play the violin when she wants to play drums. They hush their loud, social extravert because they want a quiet, compliant introvert. These parents don’t allow their child’s worldview to differ from their own. They make little effort to understand life from the child’s point of view.

The third type, the supportively involved parents, delight in their children’s strengths and interests. They exhibit these distinct characteristics:
Supportively involved parents hold an attitude of appreciation and wonder at their children’s evolving personalities and talents. They see how the path toward success for their children lies in encouraging them to follow their heart. They make them feel cherished and appreciated for who they are, independent from their performance in school, sports, music, etc. These parents allow Life to live their children, knowing that happiness and fulfillment, as well as financial success, are likely to come through doing what they love.

Supportively involved parents respect their children’s emotions. They connect through listening deeply and non-judgmentally to the child’s feelings. They celebrate achievements and give encouragement when the child fails. Instead of sheltering them from emotional pain, supportive parents allow their children to learn from anger, sadness, etc., offering love and support as the child works through her emotions.

These parents support their children through their physical presence. Through attending events and helping them gain mastery in a skill the child wants to learn, they show support by being there. Parents’ physical presence provides an underpinning of support and security as the child experiences the highs and lows of life. Susan Stiffelman, in Parenting Without Power Struggles, wrote about an important kind of physical presence and support: joyful and authentic children catch glimpses of their mother or father looking at them with wonder and love just because they exist.

When you celebrate and marvel at their uniqueness, you bestow on your children the greatest gift you could possibly give.

Dr. Marta practices in the Verde Valley of Arizona as a Life Coach in Communication & Spiritual Consciousness. She coaches individuals, couples and parents to be more awake and aware. Email:, phone: 928-451-9482.

Building Bridges: How to Span the Gap Between Parents and Children

mountain bridge

Building Bridges:  How to Span the Gap Between Parents and Children 

by Marta Adelsman

Wandering around an ice hockey equipment store with my son, Ethan, while not my favorite thing to do, made his heart sing.  At 11 years old, Ethan played goalie on a parks district ice hockey team and delighted in all things hockey.  While not my first choice of activities to do with my son, I knew how much this outing meant to him.

I had developed the once-a-week routine of having a “date” with each son.  We would spend 30 to 60 minutes doing something that he chose.  I wanted to develop a strong, healthy bond with these guys because I knew, when children feel isolated and disconnected from the most important adults in their lives, they often act out.

Through busyness, judgmental attitudes, and attempts to force children into behaviors and roles, parents unintentionally erect walls in the relationship.  When they perceive a wall, children will not reveal their true feelings, doubts, frustrations, etc.  Keeping these inside builds up pressure they don’t know how to handle.

Your job as a parent is to guide your child, not to force him.  Forcing builds walls.  Guiding builds bridges. When you have a relationship in which there exists a strong communication connection, your child will not as likely act out with harmful behaviors.

Certain parental attitudes and activities, built into your relationship with your child, can insure they feel connected to you and more open to your guidance.  It works best to implement these when children are young, although it’s never too late.

1) Stay non-judgmental.  Coming down hard on behaviors of which you disapprove sets up barriers. Instead of making the child wrong, be genuinely curious about her point of view.  Avoid judging her for her personal tastes.  Find out what she likes about the lyrics to a song you find distasteful.  Get into her shoes and understand how come she resists going to school.  She will feel heard, and that builds bridges.  Accept her for who she is in her Being – bright Essence that exists beyond her personality and behaviors and beyond your ideas of right and wrong.

2) Stay present.  When your child speaks to you, focus your attention away from what you are doing and look at him. You can also plan that weekly date, even if it’s only 15 minutes.  It’s not the amount of time you spend but the fact that you focus regularly on your child – doing what he wants to do – that builds the connection.  If you think you don’t have the time, don’t believe that thought.

It’s up to you to make sure your child trusts the bridge of connection.  A non-judgmental posture and being present make it easy for him to walk across it.

Dr. Marta practices as a Life Coach in Communication & Spiritual Consciousness.  She coaches individuals, couples and parents to be more awake and aware.  Her book, Why Wallow When You Can Soar? is available on Amazon. To contact her for comments or an appointment, call  928-451-9482 or email

Round N’ Round We Go


Round N’ Round We Go

by Nancy M. Turcich, NTS, RPP, RPE

On October 16, 1982, I fell forty feet from a cliff and crushed three vertebrae in my upper back. The fall briefly left me paralyzed from the chest down. While in the hospital, I underwent a four hour surgery to place stainless steel Harrington rods on either side of my spine. Bone was taken from my hip to fuse and stabilize my spine. At the time, I was subjected to everything allopathic medicine had to offer- CAT scans, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Drug Therapy, surgery, and a plaster body cast. The medical community succeeded in putting me back together and they reintroduced me to the world of self mobility. Slowly, all the things most people take for granted were once again becoming a part of my daily life. After spending four weeks in the hospital, I was released to continue recovering at home.

I was very fortunate to “recover” quickly, or so it seemed. As time passed, I was able to independently get up and walk although I was far from grace. Over time, my limitations began to manifest themselves and frustration followed. I found myself having to deal with muscle spasms and a nervous system that felt clumsy. For years, I stumbled around thinking I was asking too much for a body that was calm and ran smoothly.

Eventually, my life took a big turn. After getting back on my feet, I decided to help other people to do the same. I enrolled in a pre-Physical Therapy program at NIU to prepare for a career as a Physical Therapist. However, that was not to be.

In 1985, I entered The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque. Prior to my enrollment, I had no knowledge nor awareness of the natural therapy field. The school program began with the exploration of Massage Therapy. Due to nerve damage, I knew my legs and feet were most sensitive and they responded to touch in a big way. Although my body was very spastic, it was accepting positive touch more and more as the program progressed. Natural healing methods truly jump started my inner healing process.

Shiatsu (Japanese Acupressure), Deep Tissue Therapy, Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy were methods of healing explored within the program. Each and every therapy worked wonders upon my system. Slowly but surely, I was getting in touch with my body, my mind, and my soul. I felt wellness was within my reach; a long awaited process.

During the course of study we were introduced to Bach Flower Remedies®. Dr. Bach delicately removed flowers and plants from the environment and placed them in spring water. After allowing them to sit in nature and absorb its energetic vibration, he used them for healing purposes. These remedies facilitate healing on the mental-emotional level. In class, I chose “Star of Bethlehem” as my remedy due to its potency upon trauma. After considering all that I had been through, it seemed like a good place to start. Per instruction, our remedy was taken for a period of three weeks. At first I felt little change, but by the second week I was becoming despondent. That feeling lasted into the following week and then I felt happiness- happy to be alive. I used this remedy several times with a week or two between doses. Each time I had a similar reaction to the first encounter. Yet, through it all, as I sifted through the emotions I discovered missing pieces of myself. I was finally getting in touch with my emotional self and I was much more confident in my abilities on all levels. The “Star” was guiding me towards the light.

Throughout my time in therapy school I was feeling my body shift, which made it much more comfortable to live and enjoy life. I was amazed at the changes that had occurred simply by human touch. The most dramatic changes happened while receiving Polarity Therapy. Polarity Therapy facilitates the movement of energy throughout the body. This system works directly with the nervous system of the body and therefore, it provides stability and balance to the body. My body drank Polarity Therapy in as if it was nectar from the Gods. Although I didn’t know what Polarity Therapy was nor why it worked, I found it extremely soothing. My body was being stroked, sometimes without direct physical contact. Previously, I felt that my fall had only impacted my physical body. However, going through the Polarity process, I learned how deeply my entire “being” had been affected by my fall and my recovery. The trauma may have started out being physical, but as time passed it became clear how many layers the trauma had touched. Therapy school had shown me what to look for in therapy and what would assist my healing process.

In time, I found a therapist to work with me who specialized in Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy works with essential oils to help the body heal. These oils vibrate at various frequencies which, in turn, affect the body’s frequency, bringing it into harmony. I happened to resonate with the essence of Myrrh. Myrrh eased my pain and calmed my nerves. Once again, energy was at work. As time passed, my body became somewhat addicted to energy work. In 1989, I returned to New Mexico for continuing education classes. I was introduced to yet another healing technique. My instructor had noticed my body’s behavior in a previous workshop and he insisted that I participate in his Unwinding class. I entered the classroom with no preconceived notions nor expectations, which worked in my favor. Unwinding Therapy is a technique which allows a person to enter into old traumas and release them in a safe environment.

The Unwinding process unlocks many hidden emotions that may surface and be released in the session. A person can get into many awkward positions which mirror what occurred at the time of the trauma. Trauma can be on many levels and it is not only reflected on the physical level. My instructor seemed to know what was going to happen in my case and he arranged for me to be the first person on the table. There were groups of two or three people assisting each person on the table. Although my experience began on a table it didn’t end there. One of my classmates held my head and I felt anger quickly surface although I didn’t know what to do with it. As we proceeded, my body heading toward the floor. My therapists gently guided me and once safely on the floor, I curled up in a ball. They continued to assist me as I drew myself into a fetal position. As they held me there, I struggled to be free as I fought to release the trauma. My body temperature rose as a vast amount of energy was dispersed. After emerging from a ball on the ground I moved through various physical positions. Many things transpired in the two hours I was Unwinding, although I can only recall a few select events. When I finally opened my eyes the entire class had gathered around to watch my process in awe. It took some time to come back to reality after that, but it was worth the trip. What exactly happens while a person is Unwinding isn’t always clear. I recall the struggles I felt from within and the contortions my body took while it released. Things that had been hidden in my tissue finally saw the light of day. I discovered within the struggle lay a calm state; an inner peace felt deep in my soul.

Every trauma that we have experienced in our lifetime does not release at once. The body reveals pieces of the puzzle on several levels at different moments in time. Emotionally, I felt as though a floodgate had opened as anger, frustration, sadness and joy pumped through my veins in various stages of the treatment. As I was uplifted and protected while revisiting past events I also felt a great connection to spirit. The next time I went through Unwinding Therapy was at a workshop. Here too, I found myself accessing another level of my trauma. There was a great deal of physical pain, but it was accompanied by euphoria. My body arched just as it had when I landed on the rock in 1982. This time, however, I felt the impact and saw my body bouncing as it hit the boulder. The arching increased as I relived the experience. I could feel the rock spreading over countless areas of my backside causing discomfort throughout my body. It was surreal. I can’t say Unwinding is time travel, but it certainly feels that way. It provided me an opportunity to explore myself and the events that shaped my life for years. Unwinding seems to have its own agenda- overall well-being. I say that because it seems to show itself at the most appropriate time, not my time, but at the moment that works for everyone involved. It seems to have a mind of its own. This shouldn’t be too surprising because we all have Pure Consciousness within every cell. The body has all the wisdom and knowledge needed to provide us with the power to heal. Unwinding allowed me to tap into my inner abilities and discover the answers that I didn’t even know that I possessed. My healing process continues daily. I find people willing to help me negotiate the intricate doorways that lead me to a greater understanding of myself. Round N’ Round I go and where I stop, nobody knows.

For more details about holistic therapy and Nancy’s experience with healing refer to her book “Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life.”  Reproduction of articles are permitted by Nancy M. Turcich, NTS, RPP, RPE, author and holistic bodyworker, with acknowledgments and credentials included. For further information or questions, please contact Nancy @ Natural Massage Therapy at 928-717-1251, All articles are for informational/educational purposes only. This information does not take the place of current treatment plans nor medications prescribed. Always consult your physician to determine the most beneficial course of treatment for your individual needs. Disclaimer: All of the material provided by is for educational purposes only. This information does not replace medication nor present treatment programs. Please consult medical personnel if you are presently under a physicians care, if you are taking medication, or need additional medical care.

Transformational Astrology — April 2015 by Henry Selzer

astrology JuneTransformational Astrology

April 2015

by Henry Selzer


An April to Dig In, and to Remember to Breathe

The astrology of April features two eclipses, counting last month’s Spring Equinox solar eclipse that began the current cycle, and as well the lunar eclipse and Full Moon of the first weekend of April. With this potent configuration, this is shaping up to be a volatile month, also emphasizing singular Jupiter, as well as Chiron, Uranus Neptune and Pluto. We are all to a certain extent still reeling from the volatility of what we have been through over these first three months of the year, and are now attempting to integrate what we have learned.

Just as we are coming off of the final of seven exact hits of Uranus in square with Pluto, signifying the transformational tenor of these intense times that we are currently living through and the extent to which we are all of us in major flux, we have another opportunity for a look inside ourselves in resonance with this volatile aspect of revolutionary/evolutionary change that will last in one form or another to the end of the decade. The Full Moon eclipse of April 4th opposes Uranus and squares Pluto, while the Sun conjuncts Uranus. These two powerhouse planets are still only separated by less than a degree from the perfection of their recent square.

There are also definite cosmic stirrings currently that relate to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, which is strongly aspected in the timing of these eclipses, with the solar eclipse Sun and Moon in close parallel to Chiron. At this timing also, Venus was in perfect semi-sextile to Chiron, bringing relationship and aesthetics into the field of difficulty and also opportunity symbolized by this ultimately healing energy. When inner wounding comes up, especially in inter-personal interaction, there is always an opportunity for healing if we remember to take it.

Mars, was also prominent at the eclipse timing, and in forming conjunction to the new planet, Eris, beyond Pluto. There is a Venus aspect to this interesting new archetype as well at the time of the April 4th eclipse. According to extensive research that I have been conducting, this recently arrived factor in Western Astrology represents a Feminine Warrior for Soul Purpose. Her strong presence now implies that over the course of this present month we will become more conscious to a greater sense of self that exists within each of us. This stems from an inner mandate for being yourself at all costs; for finding deep with you the potential for that which only you can provide. This way of being more fully in alignment with yourself at deep levels leads to greater happiness, as you suddenly find that you have a way to respond to the urgency of these fraught times that we are all living through.

Saturn is also prominent in Sagittarius, being almost exactly inconjunct Venus in her own sign of Taurus at the beginning of this extra-strong lunar cycle, and also inconjunct to Mars in Taurus at the timing of the April 4th lunar eclipse. The limitations and grounding provided by the wise old teacher archetype are a good complement to the high-flying symbolism of other prominent astrological factors such as Jupiter and Neptune.

Neptune is emphasized now, being conjunct Mercury at the timing of the Spring Equinox eclipse, and thus lends a strong component of imagination and idealism to the current astrology. With Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune all strongly configured we have a unique situation of push-pull for both a practical and a mystical way of seeing the word around us. We win when we allow both of these approaches to have their day, steering for the golden mean of a middle course that is neither too cautious, nor allowing ourselves to go so far out there that we lose contact with the earth beneath our feet.


ARIES (March 20-April 19). This is another climactic month for you, Aries, when many things come together. You have been riding the wave of transformation for many months, feeling the ultimate implications although perhaps unaware of specifics, heading for a hazy future. You are suddenly taking up the reigns in a more purposeful manner. You find support from allowing in the viewpoint of significant persons in your life, appearing as either mentors or as foils for your emerging position. Partners might thus provide a conceptual framework that enables you to more fully visualize your own. Your transformation is still in process, of that you can be sure, and with new stage you are getting more seriously committed to making only those changes that truly matter to you, deep down, and that will bring you into closer alignment with your soul intention.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19). This is another powerful month for you, Taurus, in a series of these, taking you forward in ways not always completely anticipated. You could feel lately like you are moving through molasses. You are heading toward an unknown future that beckons you, through a combination of idealism and fond illusion. These first few months of this year have been revolutionary and eye opening, especially referring to your inner eye, as your mystical journey continues. Partners continue to have a strong role to play, perhaps serving as catalysts to your own development. Your very identity is shifting, including your worldview. You might sometimes feel as though you are stuck on the verge of breakthrough. Your progress is subtle and yet nonetheless profound, and the ultimate outcome will be longer lasting and more greatly stabilized within you as a result of this longer term in your process of getting there.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is an interesting and important month for you and your ongoing transformation of values and of societal connection, Gemini. There have already been the psychic storms of February and March, and as you slide into April you are continuing to fire on all cosmic cylinders. The concept of partnership provides grounding and a sense of serious commitment to the potential bond. Your vision for the future is constantly changing and yet has a mystical quality of enduring truth that you are quite aware of, at least subliminally. This has been a metamorphosis in which every facet of your life is in flux, including your goals themselves. These have been undergoing a revision of priorities from an outer orientation to the consensus thinking of the surrounding culture, to what is a most decidedly inner alignment to deep intention.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is yet another intense month, Cancer, after the crescendo of major change that February and March might have meant for you. Your vision is strong for a better way to be of service to the world around you, involving new vision for social responsibility and for professional activities that have a serious point to make, and a light way of going about it. You continue to morph in the way that you bond with others for both personal and business relationships. Your own sense of self-satisfaction is thereby enhanced, so that you also better partner yourself and your own deep intention going forward.  You are committed to a form of service that leaves your ego out of the picture, while yet your personality becomes the fundamental fulcrum of the spirit in which it is performed, to the ultimate advantage of everyone around you.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is yet another big month for transformation on many different levels, Leo. You are in the midst of a sensitive and potent lunar cycle, yet one having a definite edge, and representing a quest for action in support of soul intention. Your self-expression is studied and slowed down right now, perhaps in order that you might examine more closely what you are producing and your underlying motivation in so doing. You are occupied with idealistically looking within yourself for a better understanding of your own inner workings, and for clues to removing barriers to intimate connection with significant others. As you investigate and make necessary changes in habitual patterns, you might begin to notice that there is no way to separate yourself and your beliefs from the evidence that you gather; you are an indissoluble part of all that you observe.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This month continues the beat, Virgo, of transformational change that you have been dancing to all year. Uranus and Pluto, still upending your world, have precipitated major results including dramatic changes in your creative self-expression, and are still a big part of this month’s swirl of cosmic energies.  Your partnership dynamic has been alternately fluctuating and deeply intentioned, and while somewhat filled with rose-colored visions of extraordinary outcomes is also seriously practical in its scope. Your intuition too is sizzling with enlightenment for new life direction, and nearly takes you to right within the psyches of others. You are making a serious application of effort to dig further into your own psychological territory as you encounter limitations on one level of family entanglements or home based concerns, simultaneous with breakthrough on another. You may also find yourself taking on issues for the way that you resource yourself, whenever it is that you are required to.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) The rhythm of revolutionary change continues, Libra. The tidal pulse of major transformation keeps pounding away at the very underpinnings of your life and your personality, seemingly without letup. You remain full to the brim with lingering vibrations from recent months sparking attitudes of cosmic intentionality. These seem to come from outside of yourself, perhaps arriving on the wings of relationship interaction, and yet still very much hit the mark. Something about your life is irrevocably altering and the contribution of intelligent and deeply connected partners and fellow travellers contributes greatly to your own arc of development. You are magnetically pulled to visions of future circumstance that even though largely insubstantial; you can nearly see and feel with your physical senses. Practical magic is one watchword for your current transitional state, as you leave behind one layer of consciousness for what turns out to be quite another.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is your time of coming into yourself in a new way, Scorpio. Relationship is powerful for you right now, and allows you to better understand where you are coming from. The point of view of active partners helps to pave the way to your own ongoing transformation in communicative outreach and service orientation. This current cycle leads you to exploring the mechanics of public achievement. You are lucky with your outer world circumstance, which also gives you the space to more deeply investigate private areas and concerns. You are simultaneously taking your creativity to the next level, by placing it in harness to others, laying it at their feet for the benefit of partners and of society itself. Most importantly, you are discovering a component of soul intention that complements every gesture you make in the line of more ordinary mundane layers of commitment.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) The beat goes on, Sagittarius, and it seems like the intensity has barely diminished, although perhaps subtly shifted in direction. During this rather intense time, you continue to deal with a flood of radical change. You are exercising increased spiritual creativity in everything that you do. A sense of responsibility to the ordinary requirements of daily life might at times feel like a burden, and yet suddenly it morphs into joy at serving your higher calling. Your understanding of soul-level mission that you have been feeling these last few months has become a factor in assessing how to determine your true priorities; you are finding that some formerly important details and previously treasured habits could fall away, while the ones that you choose to embrace are those that accord with where your inner guidance is directing you.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) This is still the season of your transformation, Capricorn, as it has been all year thus far. The recent crescendo of radical evolutionary change has lessoned slightly and perhaps turned more profoundly inward. You have mellowed into the changes of this timeframe, accepted your seat on the roller coaster, and even begun to enjoy the view of the moving landscape before your ever-widening gaze. Partners provide an interesting catalyst for your own inner exploration that has taken you into some very deep and far down places already in the weeks and even months preceding this current one. You have a creative tension available to you now that takes inner presence into outer achievement almost without conscious effort. Your intuitional inspiration descends from angel guidance and grows easier to understand with each fresh experience of insight.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) Your metamorphosis continues, Aquarius. This has been a season of adjustment with multiple levels of progress, and yet your changes are not complete. This month represents another dip into the transformational tide, rushing through you toward an unknown endpoint, subtly molding and fluffing you in the direction that the cosmos seems to want your life to take. There is a call from deep inside, and you feel that you must heed it, or else falter and remain floating the shallows. This is along the lines of a different and more personal educational experience than anything that has come before. Your future orientation is summoned to a higher responsibility than the mundane task list. This sense of your mission of learning and spiritual growth that has overtaken you is more profound, and will eventually lead you out of your current conundrums and into greater clarity of purpose.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This is another quite interesting monthly cycle for you, Pisces, in regard to your ongoing changes, still incomplete. Each passing day you better hone in on what exactly you are up to. Your matrix of connection to friends and to your social setting has been long evolving, and future plans are similarly transforming as you come to a place of soul-level intentionality. Your idea of what lies ahead suddenly depends for its guiding principle on what makes you feel good inside. The mundane daily run of events become, through another way of looking at things, of sacred portent. Being out in the world has served you well lately, and yet you find that the accolades of the marketplace only represent one part of the story; these fade to meaninglessness unless they allow you to make an all-important connection to Spirit inside you.


Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website. His new book is about Eris, the planet discovered in 2006, beyond Pluto. It is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris.
Look for it this Spring. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website:

The Secret to Everlasting Valentine Spirit

The Secret to Everlasting Valentine Spirit

by Satya Kalradreamstimefree_63169

Do you wish the spirit of Valentine’s Day last longer than just one day, and went beyond balloons, hearts, flowers, cuddly teddy bears and evening dinners?  Let’s first understand the true meaning and purpose of Valentine’s Day:  how to build long lasting relationships and become the everlasting valentine – let’s discover the Secret to Everlasting Valentine Spirit.

February 14, Valentine’s Day, is a day to appreciate and celebrate with your loved ones, to rejuvenate and grow your relationship; a day to say, “I care.”

What message will you send this Valentine’s Day and how can the meaning of this divine day enrich your life all year round?

The words VALENTINE’S DAY express the true meaning and purpose:

V: Vines entwined, heart to heart soul to soul

A: Always heart filled with love

L: Love is Life, life is love; life without love is like a tree without leaves

E: Equanimity in love

N: Never blame

T: True Love with Trust and tolerance

I: Intuitive love

N: Never, Never, Never give up

E: Everlasting love never dies

S: Soulmates

D: Drop your anger, resentments,  let go…

A: Affinity in love

Y: Year around love

Valentine’s Day means the love within ourselves and the love we share with others.  The symbol of Valentine’s Day is the heart.  Heart filled with true love can only build a true relationship.

What does True Love mean?

True Love is unconditional love that does not demand, expect, judge, compete or criticize.  it just loves. It deepens our soul-to-soul connection with others.  All relationship and intimacy is built upon one secret ingredient, “True Love” and Valentine’s Day is a reminder of it.

True love is the most powerful energy that emerges from the depths of our Consciousness and guides us to true happiness.  It can only be understood by experiencing it.

LOVE is like a fire, burning down resentments and all the negative feelings.

Love is our true nature that reflects in our behavior of joy and happiness.  Filling your heart with love will gradually erase past hurt and remove the darkness. Love will ultimately override the grudges and resentments.

True Love has no expectations

True Love is

Free from fear and envy

Free from ego and arrogance

Free from attachment

True Love is compassion and caring

True Love is forgiveness

True Love is 

Goodness and positive attitude

Contentment and patience

Respect and righteousness

Calmness and equanimity

True Love is Trust

True Love never gets sick or dies 

It only gets stronger with time

True Love is Divine Love, the Ultimate Love; peace and eternal happiness, “Sat Chit Ananda.” 

(Gita. Chapter 12, Yoga of Devotion)

However, today, the meaning of Valentine’s Day has been somewhat lost.  Relationships are built on body and mind connections, not on connections between hearts.  Although the symbol of Valentine’s Day is a heart, stores are full of gifts for the body, with little to offer the heart.  Deep connections have been lost and instead, the puppy love that flourishes on February 14 has become yet another money-making opportunity for businesses.

How can we be intimate with another person in a chaotic world?  How can we reach the depths of happiness, love and intimacy?

Happy people build happy relationships; unhappy people build unhappy relationships.  Your relationships reflect what’s in your heart and mind.  Today, many people lead unhappy lives:  insecure, fearful, angry, and full of hatred, resentment, jealousy, and negative attitude… and that makes them emotionally weak.

How can unhappy people build a happy relationship?  It’s like trying to build a house on an earthquake fault.  Any tremors of disagreement will shatter the house.

When our relationships are built only on attraction between bodies and minds, we’re drawn to the other person’s superficial details – titles, name and fame – these are temporary relationships. Only relationships built on heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connections will last.  Let’s build those connections instead.

A loving heart is the only heart that can build a true, long-lasting relationship.  

To build an intimate and lasting relationship you must start loving yourself first.

How to develop True Love and a True Relationship in your life

  1. First, fill your heart with love and then extend it to others.
  2. Practice forgiveness.
  3. Take full responsibility of your action.
  4. Self- awareness:  accept your limitations and others’.
  5. Extend goodness and positivity.  No competition/ego, judgments or blaming
  6. Take care of yourself with Yoga, Pranayam (breathing exercises), meditation, affirmations and prayers.
  7. Do your best…and Let go.

Goodness and Positivity.

Shift your perception and focus on the positive.  See good in others; everyone has some good qualities.  Recognize them and do not judge others.  This will build your own self-esteem and soul-to-soul relationships.  “Problems in relationships occur because each person is concentrating on what is missing in the other person.” – Wayne Dyer

Dr. Sandra Murray of the University of Michigan spent years studying “positive illusions.”  When partners let go of bitterness and focused on positive messages about themselves and their partners, “relationships persisted, satisfaction increased, conflicts were averted, doubts abated, and personal insecurities diminished.”

When couples filled their hearts with forgiveness, True Love grew.  You, too, can reap the reward of an everlasting Valentine’s Day.

Do your best – and let go.  

When we love ourselves and others, put our best efforts to build relationship, open our heart, then the divine qualities of True Love develop automatically.  We  enjoy your life more and have good health, everlasting relationship with self and others- not just for one day. As Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita,When we put our best efforts to develop divine qualities- forgiveness, compassion, love, and tolerance, we not only become dear to each other and build intimate relationship but become dear to God also [His Valentine].” (Gita. 12.20)

The Heart filled with True Love is ready to pour out and build long lasting relationships.

A pure heart, filled with forgiveness, letting go and True Love, is an uncontrollable fountain of love that will  pour itself outward,  build long lasting relationships that is  free from demands, judgments, and expectations and have a positive effect on others.  This is the secret of long-lasting relationships.  To enjoy an everlasting “Divine  Spirit of Valentine” in your life, fill your heart with forgiveness and let go.  Forgiving, letting go, plants the seed of True Love in your heart and you will celebrate Valentine’s Day forever.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

Love All, Serve All.  – Satya Sai Baba

Valentine’s Day is all about True and unconditional love. Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, go beyond body-to-body and mind-to-mind relationships and discover true heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connections.  Heal yourself to become a better soul-mate:  offer up your eternal love, rather than dozens of roses that will fade before the weekend’s over.

Once you let go of bitterness and resentment, develop divine qualities, you’ll enjoy being with your loves ones not just for one day.  You will finally connect to self and enjoy your life more, enjoying everlasting relationships and also attaining the purpose of life, Love, Peace, and Eternal Happiness, “Sat Chit Anandam.”

May this Valentine’s Day be filled with love, peace, and everlasting happiness as you journey through yourself and together!

Keywords:  True Love, Relationships, Meditation, Heart, Soul, Spirit, God, Connection, Gita, Valentine’s Day, Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart, Soul, Peace, Anandam, Sat Chit Ananda, Forgiveness, Self-acceptance, Everlasting

About Author:


Satya Kalra is a former CEO from Biotech Industry and founder of Path to Anandam (Path to Blissful life). She is a philanthropist, spiritual guide, self-transformational and happiness coach, spiritual guide, meditation and self-healing expert, international speaker.

She has published many spiritual articles and 6 bestselling books such as My Questions and God’s Answers-Bhagavad Gita, 108 Mantra to Awaken Your Soul and four of Path to Anandam pocketbook series. Her recent bestselling book is “Prosperity Forever through art of work”.

Over 35 years, Satya has been practicing and propagating blissful living and helping others to become more self-dependent and self-reliant

She teaches how to attain eternal happiness and peace within and reach your unlimited potential by raising your conscious level.

She has coached, taught and trained 1000s of people on radio stations, TV shows, universities, government agencies non-profit organization and entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, youth, and families.

In the Company of Sages – Book Excerpt

company-of-sagesIn the Company of Sages

by Greg Bogart

Book Excerpt


Stage One
Choosing a Teacher

Finding the Lineage and Qualities that Speak to Your Path

Meeting a teacher can impact us so powerfully that we’re seized by a desire to change our lives and embrace the quest for mystical realization. When Rumi, a highly respected scholar, met his teacher Shams of Tabriz, Shams took a book Rumi was writing about philosophy and threw it into a well. Rumi became an ecstatic devotee of Shams and abandoned all else, including scholarship and family responsibilities. After finding a teacher a person may begin to undergo a noticeable transformation and change of habits and lifestyle. One may experience deeper meditations or feel a blissful energy or an opening of the heart, the kindling of an inner fire. Rumi said:

What draws Friends together
does not conform to Laws of Nature.
Form doesn’t know about spiritual closeness. . . .
A hand shifts our birdcages around.
Some are brought closer. Some move apart.
Do not try to reason it out. Be conscious
of who draws you and who not.

A common experience after meeting a teacher is for everything in our lives to fall apart. In the Koran it is said, “I am with those whose hearts are broken for My sake.” Old interests fall away, and old friendships become less compelling as a seeker turns toward the path of spiritual awakening. The disciples of the Indian guru Ramakrishna underwent a profound transformation as a result of their contact with their saintly master. Many were filled with a feverish devotion and burning for enlightenment. Many of them renounced worldly life soon after Ramakrishna’s death and became monks committed to pursuing Self-realization.

We accept a teacher who inspires us to attain the enlightened state through meditation, yoga, and other consciousness-enhancing practices. In deep meditation, the mind quiets down and awareness turns inward, becoming self-reflective, becoming aware of itself as awareness. The diligent practitioner experiences the growth of tranquility, contentment, and wisdom. In Buddhist terms, meditation reveals our dharmakaya nature–the truth body, the pure mind, like a clear mirror. In the Hindu tradition this is known as realization of the Self or Atman, which is one with Brahman, the Absolute.

We need a teacher not only to teach us techniques and doctrine but also to embody the enlightened state, so that we can recognize it in ourselves and attain it. We may also choose a teacher to learn a particular method such as meditation, yoga, or shamanic journeying. Even in cases where a teacher isn’t a fully enlightened Buddha, sage, or siddha guru, we could still grow by studying with that person for a period of time–if the teacher seems clear and balanced and we feel confident that this person can guide us effectively through a stage of our transformation. It’s enough that the teacher embodies a quality of freedom that we wish to emulate.

Teachers appear in many guises. When I met my hatha yoga teacher, Allan Bateman, in 1979, I found that he was quite an unusual individual. Self-taught in yoga, Allan looked like a muscle-bound jock. He moved around his studio in a bikini, sang opera arias, and held in the palm of his hand an enormous cat named Godzilla, who lay on his back stretching out his paws in a magnificent backbend, in full spinal extension. Allan bragged modestly about this and that, and talked about his cattle ranch upstate where he had a herd of Beefalo. I learned so much yoga from this man, I didn’t care if he was some great pundit or intellectual. He wasn’t trying to be saintly. He used his body in his teaching. He was very graceful and respectful and supportive of intelligent movement. He was a free and sexy guy, very confident, and a positive male role model.

John Welwood, author of Awakening the Heart, notes, “Since genuine spiritual teachers come in many different shapes and forms, we’ll no doubt fail if we try to spell out how a good guru should behave.” David Frawley, founder and director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies, echoes this view, saying, “Great gurus may be saints with impeccable characters and lifestyles. However, they may also look like madmen and refuse to conform to any social norms. Society may consider them scoundrels.” We shouldn’t accept a teacher just because everybody else says this is an enlightened sage; nor should we immediately reject all teachers who don’t conform to our expectations or conceptions of holiness. The teacher doesn’t have to be famous, or an impoverished ascetic, or surrounded by important disciples. What’s important is that the teacher’s personal example inspires us, the teacher’s words speak to us deeply, and the teacher’s presence affects us intensely. The guide shows us glimpses of the goal of the spiritual journey, as well as a path we can follow to reach this goal.

In this book we’ll consider how spiritual teachers have been described in a number of world religions. From the insights derived from these traditions, we’ll reach a number of conclusions:

1. Spiritual apprenticeship begins with a personal relationship with a teacher who tangibly affects our awareness and inspires us to practice a contemplative discipline in order to attain enlightenment.

2. Initiation connects the student to the influence of a spiritual lineage that transcends the individual teacher.

3. The student-teacher relationship involves the mutual meditation of the student and teacher upon one another, and may entail the deliberate cultivation of a form of psychic merger or unity that can have a transformative effect upon the student.

4. The relationship may involve experiences of grace in which the teacher functions as a conduit for transmission of transpersonal forces.

When choosing a guide, proceed with care. It’s important to take sufficient time to examine the teacher’s character and note any internal changes that occur as a result of contact with this being. A powerful inner shift of consciousness after meeting a teacher signals us to seek further contact and instruction.

Author bio:
Greg Bogart, Ph.D., MFT, is a psychotherapist in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a lecturer in psychology at Sonoma State University, a teacher at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and the author of numerous books on astrology, dreams, yoga, and spiritual depth psychology.

Transformational Astrology – January 2015 – by Henry Seltzer

astrologyA Difficult and Yet Illuminating January

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of January features Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. This large list is due to a very active New Moon chart from the 21st of December, when this start of the current monthly cycle coincided with the Winter Solstice, that in one way of thinking represents a symbolic beginning for the entire year to come. By this measure, we are in for a very intense 2015. The sectors of your chart occupied by Uranus and in particular Pluto will be activated, as well as a general sense of your own personal transformation unfolding. Everyone is in the same boat, although each will respond differently to the evolutionary pressure of this powerhouse combination of planetary energy. It seems that the universe provides what you need at the time that you need it, and that even though what you are going through might be difficult, you always have the ability to rise to the occasion. And, indeed if you do not take this opportunity, you will have another chance.

The process of transformation amounts to letting go of what you no longer need, while strengthening that which you can come to recognize as representing the best part of what you have to offer. This is easy to say, hard to do. And yet we each do what we can of what is before us to accomplish, to the best of our current ability. We are fortunate now in the sense that expansive Jupiter remains quite prominent in the chart for this month and new year, still in trine with a powerfully placed Eris, standing for exploring soul intention. Jupiter also stands apart from the rest of the planets, on one side of the zodiac, therefore stronger by position. Saturn, newly entered into Sagittarius, is also highlighted. There thus is both runaway optimism and an excess of caution available in this month’s astrology. This is a potent combination for finding an opening to your future and yet also getting serious about what is before you.

In the chart of the Capricorn Solstice New Moon that kicked off the current lunation cycle, the Sun is parallel to Venus, and the Moon is parallel to Mars, as these two planets also make aspects to Uranus and Pluto in square alignment, that are square as well to the nodal axis. This is one reason to suspect that this month will be rather intense in terms of the transformational effects of Uranus and Pluto in combination, while another is the closeness of their cardinal degrees, never more than a degree apart from exact for the entire month, and beyond. Uranus and Pluto are separated from the perfection of their square alignment by less than one degree during all the early part of this year, through mid-March. This timing now and over the next few months is in one sense the peak of the entire Uranus-Pluto square alignment, which has lasted from 2009, through the first exact hit in 2012, until now.

January also has its downtime with another Mercury retrograde period in the offing.  Mercury stations in mid-Aquarius on January 21st, just one day after the Aquarius New Moon of Sunday, January 20th, and thus the last ten days of January have both the fresh energy and future orientation characterizing a New Moon, and the reflective and meditative thoughtfulness implied by Mercury retrograding through the very same sign. Pluto remains prominent so that the pace of major radical transformation does not let up, urging us to be all that we can be as we tackle the challenges of another intense year of change.

No matter where your evolutionary path might lead, this entire year is definitely a time for stepping up to greater understanding of what you feel in your heart that you must do, in order to fulfill to the promise of your incarnation.

ARIES (March 20-April 19).  This is a firecracker of a month for you, Aries, involving both personal and professional growth. Your outer world presence is really taking off in this new year, and taking on added dimensions as well. Individualist though you may be, you find that going it entirely alone is not really an option for you if you are to make happen what you know deep inside to be the result to go for. Group activity of all kinds is also powerful for you now, in the context of your overall achievement orientation. In the final analysis, it is not accomplishment in the eyes of the world that you truly crave. Your triumph comes in small ways as well as large, and your relative success will depend to an extraordinary degree upon your soul intention, of which only you can estimate the true value.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19).  You have before you a philosophically acute month and year, Taurus. This is a powerful time of learning for you; an education of a most mysterious and deeply informative kind. This course of study will not lead to a degree, and it as much about inner as outer. Your unconscious is extremely active for you now, and is working behind the scenes in your own best interest.  An intuitive process brings you insights that come to your listening ear almost unbidden. Your principles normally tend toward the practical and yet you are in the process of reexamining these in the light of recent circumstances. A new idea is emerging of what is truly practical; what it is that in fact actually works for you over the long haul to move your life forward.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is a pivotal time for you, Gemini, in your fierce drive toward greater wholeness. This month you enter into a more mysterious segment of your already intense learning curve from the previous year. You are descending into your own depths, there to discover the darker side to your normally light-filled personality. As you do, you are going for an even greater degree of connection with important others. There is quite a lot that you can and will learn from partners, and by the exercise of your intuition and by your willingness to probe beneath the surface of your everyday awareness. A process of philosophical speculation drives this home even more profoundly as the month continues to unfold. Plans might go awry and yet still be on target for increasing your awareness of what it is that truly counts.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is an important month for you, Cancer, and for your process. Your rather intense arc of development from the previous year continues, with significant persons in your life taking on a larger role. Relationship has been huge for you from the holiday season on, culminating with the January 4th Full Moon in your sign. You are also getting serious about finding your true work in the world, that which, along with providing for your more obvious needs, satisfies your soul. Important persons in your life provide a contrast and an aid to your own efforts, as you seek a greater integration of all your parts. You may currently be feeling the weight of this responsibility for moving toward meaningful change, as well as the joy of beginning to know what it is that you are actually after.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) Welcome to a forward-looking month of intense activity, Leo. You are feeling optimistic and fortunate now, and this continues to the extent that you make your own luck with your choices. This is a very philosophically inspiring and service-oriented month for you, as symbolized by the dramatic recent Capricorn New Moon. You are discovering the worldview that allows you to move ahead with your most sincere effort, while coming from your deepest understanding, in a way that enhances your experience and that of others around you as well. You are dedicated and sincere with your idealism and also must remember to bring to the fore every bit of your practicality and caution you can muster. This allows you to shine your light more fully, even as you allow yourself to be held back in following your most extreme impulse.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This is the start of an exciting month, Virgo, launching another amazing year of transformational change. Your vision for what you believe that you need to accomplish is rapidly evolving in what seems like a whirlwind, and this includes your ideals regarding the way that you can incorporate the input of significant persons into your own arc of development. You have two powerful concentrations of energy and one involves delving into mystical inner places, with the inspiration of partners, where you discover hidden secrets governing the wellsprings of your more overt behavior. You might find yourself going at this study with a take-no-prisoners attitude of succeed or die in the attempt. The other energy center is very strong right now, and connected with full-on glorious self-expression that yet constantly transforms itself even as you attempt to focus your gaze upon its workings.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is an interesting, fundamentally optimistic and yet in some ways difficult month, Libra. The degree of ease or of difficulty depends entirely upon how well you have been doing your spiritual homework over these past few years. In any case, things might be coming to a head over the course of this month, and somewhere inside yourself you are very aware of this simple and inescapable fact. Key relationships in your life continue to provide surprises, and unexpected enlightenment, as you dream your way into new beginnings regarding your pathway forward. You are changing in the very depths of your being and at some point must acknowledge how radical and how remarkable is your metamorphosis. In the process you are discovering further facets of your path, and coming into greater alignment with your soul intention for this lifetime.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is a good month for you, Scorpio, and for communications of all kinds, written, spoken, and as well as the thoughts within the confines of your own mind and heart that will carry you further along the lines of your soul intention. Your psychic environment also includes a great deal of good fortune with professional and career aims that is available for you now to leverage into a broader notion of what success truly means for you. An additional focus is on home and family concerns, and the deep transformation that comes to you through this important area of life, as you evolve and grow. The learning curve that you are ascending is a steep one, and leads you to peaks and vistas that are beyond the ordinary triumphs that are called success in the eyes of the world. Yet they are yours.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This is another interesting and rather intense month for you Sagittarius, furthering your ongoing transformation of values.  You have tons of wherewithal at your disposal, and the ability to place your energy in many different directions of accomplishment. Your understanding of what you have, including your finances, is also radically shifting, completing an arc of development that has been years in the making. With concerted effort you have built up your spiritual reserves, while the ordinary run of your worldly affairs is suffused with additional dimensions of meaning. You are exceedingly practical now, and yet retain at least one foot out the door, beyond simplistic reality. By persevering you will move through uncertainty toward a new synthesis that enables you to come at the world more whole, and available to create from an evolved standpoint that includes all of who you are

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) Your birthday time continues, Capricorn, and it is rebirth that you seek. You are in for another vibrant month of change as you resume your self-imposed task of soul growth in this powerful season. You are still in motion, your sense of yourself on the line, as much as you have been all this past year. Surprises on the home front are also clues that foster a thought process that is vital for your continued well being. You cannot hesitate but must find within yourself the intrepid explorer, delving down within to bring up the pearl of wisdom.  The fear that does not allow you to relax and let go into the chaos that inevitably precedes new birth is perhaps only a mirage. This is to be banished by an act of will arising out of the very depths of your being.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is an important month for you Aquarius, for what is hinted at in subtle ways and all might be surmised, as you continue the development of your understanding of what lies hidden in the depths of your interior world. This is something of a mysterious cycle that you are in, following upon the recent Capricorn Solstice New Moon in your sector of unconscious process and inner work.  Your dreams are likely quite vivid these nights and could conceivably provide clues to what is bubbling up from deep inside you. Your communicative outreach is also enhanced at this time, as is, paradoxically, a sense of introspection later in the month, during your birthday timing. You are therefore extending out to others and simultaneously reaching deep inside, in a form of emotional yoga that leaves you stretched and more fully integrated.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This is a month of intense transformational power for you, Pisces. You are aiming for an entirely different future than the one that you were heading for a few short weeks ago. You are fundamentally optimistic in a spiritual way; even fluctuations in finances have their positive slant for you. This is an active time of friendships that appear purposeful and group activity in collusion with a burgeoning new directive awareness that arises from your very depths. You are feeling your way into concepts of greater societal involvement and service to others, with the implication of a growing sense of self-identity on a different scale of values from anything prior is emerging in this new month and year. A budding spirit within you that has been on the verge for many months has suddenly taken wing.



Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at

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