Transendential Astrology December 2017 by Henry Seltzer

An Introspective and Potentially Confusing December

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of December features Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. This continues to be a very Uranian time, since the New Moon that began the month was again in close aspect to the Trickster planet. Pluto too was then emphasized, lord of Death and Rebirth. Then, too, Mercury retrogrades near the beginning of the month, bringing the usual symptoms of missed connections, mechanical breakdown, and deep introspection on where your life is taking you to this end-of-year timing. The house position in your own chart of the Mercury retrograde, as it moves backward through the last half of Sagittarius, will be an interesting clue as to what area of life is coming up for you, for reflection, meditation, and potential revision. It is significant that Mercury, as it stations late evening of December 2nd, early morning of the 3rd, the same day as the Gemini Full Moon, which it rules, makes a precise alignment with Neptune. This was true at the last Mercury retrograde period as well, when Mercury was opposed to Neptune. This time it is a minor aspect, a quintile, or 72-degrees, but it is still quite telling. We are therefore once more in for a rather intense Mercury retrograde period, with a distinct spiritual component. For any difficulties that arise, the question we will want to be asking ourselves is what higher purpose does it serve.

Mercury also conjuncts Saturn as it stations, and then after a few days, moves back across this planetary archetype of limitation and taking on extra burdens. This implies that we will find, amidst all our reflections and intellection, a growing sense of responsibility to natural law and our best intentions. Venus, in mid-Scorpio in the timing of the Scorpio New Moon that began December’s initial cycle, enters Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius on December 1st. With Jupiter still in Scorpio, we are likely to continue to see further investigations into sexual misconduct, along with a greater focus on positive solutions. Mars, representing male energy, enters his own sign of Scorpio, on December 9th, and sextiles Pluto during the first week of the New Year, which may again, as the square did on the weekend of November 18th, bring up issues of anger management and the potential for change in the way that we conduct ourselves during interpersonal confrontation.

It is important to note that the beginning of the month does present some challenges beyond the strong Mercury retrograde presence, namely that the Full Moon of December 3rd makes a very tight T-square to Neptune, with Jupiter in close trine. Because the numinous Neptunian energy does not settle well in the physical plane, this first half of December makes for strange days, and spiritual ones. The best way to accommodate this influence is to learn to embrace paradox; the idea that there is not necessarily only one truth when dealing with issues of the soul. Depending on the situation, we might have to deal with illusion or self-deception, or at times being ourselves deceived, until we arrive at a fuller picture.

With the entrance of Saturn into Capricorn on December 19th, and the Winter Solstice of December 21st, we find that both conservative Saturn and forward-looking Uranus are quite intensely highlighted at this Winter Solstice leading us to the New Year. In the Sagittarius New Moon of December 17th, just preceding these dates, we find a Sagittarius stellium of five planets that includes retrograde Mercury. We also find in the New Moon timing a trine from Sun, Moon, and Venus to Eris and Uranus in late Aries just two degrees apart. Eris represents an amplification of the trickster energy of Uranus, and symbolizes in her own right the warrior impulse to speak truth to power whenever necessary. This therefore signals a joyous and rebellious final two weeks of the month, when the urge is strong to speak out for deep soul-level intention, and when the existing social status quo is even more in question than it has been in recent months. As we head into 2018 and the further political polarization likely to accompany the mid-term USA elections, we have quite a lot of inner searching to do in order to figure out where indeed we stand, and what we are willing, in the face of a conservative agenda to preserve oligarchic power at all costs, to do about our most bottom-line beliefs. As we head into a largely uncertain future for the earth and our place within it, the time is indeed come to stand up and be counted, wherever your own beliefs may land, for the sake of your children, your children’s children, and everyone you know.


ARIES (March 20-April 19). This is another month of twists and turns, Aries, a transitional time that will benefit you greatly if you can stay open to the messages that the universe is sending you. Partners in particular are the subject of deep reflection as well as your basic beliefs, and your attempt to more fully understand your deeper motivations. Travel plans might go awry, while you are simultaneously reviewing your worldview and your educational prospects. The possibilities for unexpected enlightenment continue. The world is very much with you, yet you are being encouraged to pay the closest possible attention to all forms of unconscious process; your dreams are important, and you benefit from keeping a journal handy by your bed, to note down the hints you could receive about the direction that life is taking you. You are on a freight train, bound for your next stage, and it goes better when you can acknowledge this simple and inescapable fact.

The following was written by this month’s guest columnist Adam Elenbaas of  The Nightlight Astrology School:


TAURUS (April 20-May 19). This month ends the time for ignoring what you came here to do, Taurus, and takes you several steps further down the road of your growth and progress. Service to others around you guides your approach. This is a partnership-oriented time for you, so that it may well turn out that significant others in your life have much to do with your continued unfolding. With Mercury retrograding through your sector of relationship closeness and deep inner connection, you are rethinking all the ways that this factor plays out in your self-imposed mission statement of greater good for all, stemming directly from your higher Self. Intimacy with others begins with intimacy within yourself. As your deeper psyche emerges further into consciousness you find that flashes of intuitional insight, to the extent that you can open to these, continue to light your way forward. This is therefore a thoughtful time of great consequence for your future evolutionary development.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). You have before you a new month, Gemini, and yet in some ways you are repeating patterns that you have gone through before, and taking a new angle of approach on these. Your ruler, Mercury, is in retrograde motion nearly all month long, in your sector of partnership, and you might find yourself dreaming on and somewhat revising for yourself the meaning of relationship and intimacy in your life. The strong placement of the planet Pluto signals that something major is shifting for you in these and other areas. Being available to others plays a big role for you now, to include service to your own higher purpose, affecting as well all kinds of interpersonal connection. Neptune too is prominent this month, and located in your sector of career. You may find, through a series of events, trials, and meditations, that only the path with heart, that deeply satisfies, is the one way for you to go.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is another wild and wooly month for you, Cancer, with repercussions for partnership in your life, career inspiration, personal mission, and your own self-expression. You are experiencing a great deal of variability, as well as sudden left turns, in the way that you put yourself out into the world. Concepts of relationship are changing for you as well, ultimately for the better. You are also likely rethinking concepts of service to others, reviewing your commitments there, or perhaps feelings of limitation or criticism with regard to your decisions, or perhaps health issues. The Gemini Full Moon on the first weekend of December brings to you a mystical sense of timelessness and the age-old wisdom that there is far more to life than appears on the surface. This is the concept that there is that which is beyond ordinary knowing and yet somehow underlies all of it, a mystical worldview that you are finding more and more attractive lately.


LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is a month of soul searching, Leo, resulting in changes in the way you see yourself and your interactions with others. This is a particularly strong time of spiritual transformation. Home and family is a major focus for the first half of December, along with introspection, questioning, and refining your sense of identity. You could be engaged in rethinking your self-expression, your relationship with your children, and future plans. The last two weeks of the month will make for a decided focus on remaking yourself and your creative output, and handling self-imposed limitations. As you do, you will be folding in an element of unconscious process and deep intimacy with important others in your life, and with your own inner world. This is a powerful time, imbued with a profound sense of purpose, and you benefit by staying as open as you can to the changes being wrought upon you by the universe, and by your own Higher Self.


VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This is a month with a focus on home and family, Virgo, and is not without its ups and downs. You are submitting to the idea of limitation in your nesting scene and simultaneously breaking away from it. You are all the while redefining yourself in this area, slowly simmering to the perfection of your ultimate destiny. What you are doing out in the world is tied to the way that you see yourself in more inward, private, realms; and your assessment keeps changing. Also featured in their changeability are issues of intimacy and partnership. Regarding partners, idealizations that you make are riding high, then unexpectedly challenged, then laced with reality testing. You are recreating your identity around a sense of mission relating to intimate connection. As you explore the deeper meaning you are poignantly feeling the links between your own inner world and your outer presentation, as well as the way that you bond with others.


LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is another month of twists and turns, Libra, especially where partnership matters are concerned. While being very grounded, physically, and at home in the material world, you are also seeking to move beyond your involvement there, on many levels. While dealing with others with your normal ease, you are, quite significantly, coming to better understand yourself in the deeper and more silent reaches of your own inner world. Communication with your peers, as well as in terms of relationship connection, are subject to refinement and second-guessing, with Mercury, after the first two days of the month, being retrograde in that sector of your chart. You could find yourself more meditative than usual, or caught up in what might feel almost like a dream world. To the extent that you can, it is important to pay attention to the messages that arise from deep within your psyche, as these hold the key to your continued spiritual evolution.


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This month represents in many ways a branching out from where you formerly were, Scorpio. You are in an expansive moment that forges profound links between your physical circumstances, and that which is beyond the physical. There is a largely unseen world within your own unconscious process that is beginning to make itself more strongly felt, affecting your basic values, future plans, and intimacy with significant others. Your creative self-expression reflects this, becoming more mystically derived. Your very identity is shifting in unknown ways, especially when your ruler, Mars, enters Scorpio on December 9th. You are inspired to seek concepts of a mission statement in greater alignment with your changing values. Just after the beginning of the month, Mercury is retrograde and you could see a few weeks of financial confusion coupled with deep meditation on the true meaning of the material world for you as something with a distinct place that is also to be transcended and complemented by more ethereal considerations.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) You are at the start of another exciting month of growth and change, Sagittarius. You have recently been engaged in questioning certain aspects of your very identity, intensifying in early December when Mercury stations retrograde, and also feeling a sense of added responsibility to get it right this time. All these factors come to a head over the first half of December, when also your own inner world is calling you. This month is a great time to pay attention to your dreams, as telling you true about what is actually going on deep inside. Over the final two weeks of the month, including the Christmas holiday, while well aware of interior matters you yet find yourself much more available for social interaction and new creative endeavors. A new you is emerging over this latter period that is informed by depth researches that have gone before, so that by January you find yourself irrevocably changed.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) This month is an essential time for you, Capricorn, as you deal with a simultaneous call to action out in the world and to deep inner work in the private spaces of your mind and heart. You are keenly focused on future planning as the month begins, and yet also quietly meditating on what those very plans might mean for you in your very depths. This area of interior process is subtle, hidden, and yet vital for understanding your true motivations, as you are attempting to do over these next three weeks. The week beginning with December 17th is especially memorable, marking the New Moon, as well as the moment when Saturn enters your sign, on Tuesday, followed by the Sun early on Thursday for the Winter Solstice. This is a time of great presence and power, when you feel quite poignantly what it is that you have to do, and begin to act on it, trusting in your inner guidance over all others.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is a productive and transformative time for you, Aquarius, furthering the inner quest that you have been on for some time now, leading you to more and better knowledge of yourself and your world. You have in recent months been putting yourself out there in earnest communicative advances that articulate your deepest soul-level values. Your curiosity is unmatched to explore every available facet of inner and outer knowingness, in the brave attempt to totally reformulate your beliefs and worldview, and this month that exploration takes a turn to the inside. Based on what is going on in that vast hidden landscape within you, below the surface layers of your personality, you are seeking to discover the underlying basis for your social interaction and prospective plans, seeking to be in greater alignment with all that you hold inside. The likelihood for eventual movement is there, providing that you are coming at your project with the utmost sincerity.


PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This is a pivotal month for you, Pisces, when you are experiencing changes in your prospective outlook, regarding where you intend to put your greatest energy, and to what end. The Mercury retrograde period of time that is initiated on December 3rd in your sector of home and family, reflecting your psyche’s core issues, is an indication that you are searching for better answers to questions about career and public statement. There is a great shift taking place, perhaps only to be ultimately acknowledged in the month and year to follow, whereby you recognize more fully the power of your own inner world and your deep intention to act on this knowledge as you plan and grow. Your commitment is immense to this important task, which supercedes the ordinary and the ego-driven in order that you may emerge into the greater light of wholeness, together with deeds that support this more total integration of Self.


Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website, His new book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris, and is available on Amazon, or from your local bookseller through New Leaf distributing. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at



TRANSFORMATIONAL ASTROLOGY – November 2017 by Henry Seltzer


November 2017

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of November features Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris. This continues to be a very Uranian time. The Libra New Moon from the last twelve days of October was directly opposite Uranus, and in the same degree of its sign as the degree Uranus occupies in Aries, therefore presaging another month of unexpected events and surprising enlightenment “in the strangest of places.” This is especially so, since the November 3rd Full Moon features another partile opposition to Uranus, this time from Venus in late Libra. The New Moon toward the end of the month also closely aspects Uranus. With Neptune and Saturn additionally emphasized at this time, we have quite an outer planet stew available to us, so that the primary result is to help us grow as individuals, and as humans. As well as his role as the Trickster, Uranus is also the Awakener, allowing us to see beyond where we have been able to go thus far. Saturn represents sticking to the known facts of the matter, refusing to enter new emotional or psychic territory, and his prominence creates something of a tug-of-war within us. The push for moving forward is balances by the pull to remain in the safety of shallow waters. Add to this prominent Neptune, aspected by the Sun and Moon at the Full Moon, near the beginning of the month, and we have the signs of a spiritual mission that we each are undertaking, to move beyond previous limitations.

Also this month, the Full Moon in Taurus comes with a numinous factor, namely the close aspect that the Sun and Moon make to the other-dimensional planetary archetype of Neptune. There is practicality in the sign of the Moon itself, and yet this contrasts with the unreality – at least in terms of the physical – that Neptune brings to the equation. With Neptune activated in his own sign of Pisces, we are never entirely sure of our ground, and must learn to embrace paradox as a natural element of life. Things in the earthly plane usually have their binary yes and no, as far as what works, but the nature of the soul presents a subtle misty realm that is either – or both. When we navigate these mystical realms we are exploring the unconscious, which operates by its own rules. It is nevertheless vital that we attempt the exploration.

Another factor in this month’s astrology is the trine between Saturn and Uranus, now coming to its perfection. This reveals the fundamental polarity of these times, between progressive and regressive tendencies within our society; the urge for moving forward with new ideas and the conservative desire to hold back, for reasons of safety. These twin and competing goals are also present in each individual psyche, and you may want to more consciously mediate between them. Do I go or do I stay? Do I take a chance on a new beginning that feels promising, or forever linger in the shallow water of tried and true pathways? It is up to you to decide.

It is worth noting that Saturn also closely connects with the new planet, Eris. This archetype of Feminine Warrior energy in support of deep soul intention has quite recently emerged to be an important factor in charts, as documented in my book, The Tenth Planet. The basic message is that it is up to each of us to make a difference, in whatever way that we can, if we wish to see a future evolution that is to our liking. With Saturn, issues of fairness come to the fore, as revealed in the “Me too” movement that begins the vast job of correcting the documented misdeeds of the past on the part of persons in power, usually men, against those who are not, usually women. Te impact of “natural law” is thus revealed, and must somehow be made more available in our rapidly changing society.


ARIES (March 20-April 19). This is another interesting month for you, Aries, one with plenty of surprises still left to be discovered. You might feel as though you have something of a split personality. You alternate between throwing caution to the winds to favor action against all odds, and somehow also holding back from action. In any case you are committed to forging a pathway ahead of you that will more truly and definitely correspond to what you independently hold inside, far away from any shred of consensus thinking or from yielding to the opinions of peers or even partners. The information from deep within you is subtle and sometimes difficult to hear, but strongly felt. Meanwhile, the messages from significant others in your life, though madly fluctuating, are also powerfully enunciated and tinged with compelling insight. You will just have to depend on your powerful and finely tuned sense of intuitive understanding to be your guide.


TAURUS (April 20-May 19). This month is another one full of the unexpected, Taurus, and yet also full of profound intuitional wisdom to the extent that you can open to it. You are challenged to take up new positions on partnership matters, and in regard to issues with your own pathway forward, and these intersect. There is great good fortune to be found in examining more closely your relationship dynamic, perhaps resulting in shifts to your most basic beliefs. You are in the midst of a significant development of sorting out what you are up to, where your life process is taking you, and to what end. There is also the importance of tuning in more and more deeply to what your inner guidance is attempting to convey to you. In the end these two different ways of obtaining the information that you need may come to one and the same conclusion.


GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is yet another month of startling occurrences, Gemini, and surprising departures from any kind of norm. Your self-expression is expanding in novel and uniquely different ways that lead you toward new models of service to the surrounding collective. These in turn reflect back to depth explorations of your own inner world, as well as close encounters of the most significant kind. There is a mystical side to your musings that you do well to somehow incorporate into more practical planning and reality assessment. You could also encounter a critical voice inside your head, perhaps externalized as emanating from trusted partners, that can only be lulled into background noise by a determined effort to accentuate the positive, and the progressive, as you make your way forward with new eyes. Everything is on the table, and all bets are off, enabling a far vaster conception of your potential than you ever before believed possible.


CANCER (June 21-July 20) A month of sheltering and paying close attention to your own garden, metaphorically speaking, paradoxically leads you, Cancer, into new horizons with regard to your relationship with others. Over the closing weeks of October, you have been settling into your own skin and leading yourself into what feels a more natural mode of self-expression. Changes on the home front have propelled you into sudden alterations in professional choices, ultimately positive. With the November 3rd Full Moon, you find yourself blossoming with greater surety. As the month continues to unfold, some degree of relationship transformation becomes inevitable. You are all the while coming nearer to your heart’s desire in terms of your true life mission, so that it is vital for you to pay attention to what your angel guides and Higher Self are whispering in your ear. The messages may be subtle, and yet they are extremely valuable as you navigate the tricky waters of these fractious times.


LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is a big month for you, Leo, when surprising new awareness continues, with consequences for both public and more private concerns. You have a set of peer-to-peer interactions and communicative outreach that is productive of great insight when you cultivate and harvest the gains, and which may feel somewhat startling for both its intensity and its departure from the tracks of ordinary consensus views. These interactions flower in career choices that are equally strange and wonderful, and that take inner realms deep within you more sincerely into account. Your tendency for mystical revelation peaks mid-month. Over the final two weeks of November you will be busy with family, nesting, and with keeping your own house in order. All the while you are making great strides in enunciating a more carefully articulated vision of what your life mission might actually consist of, once you separate out the superficial and go for true depth of purpose.


VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) It is an interesting and non-standard month that is coming up for you, Virgo. Your sense of intuitional realities that speak to you from deep inside yourself is very strong, and leads you to some unusual conclusions concerning life and love. Home and family concerns predominate starting Sunday, November 5th. Partners are on a pedestal these days, perhaps the object of fantasy projection, or sometimes just confusing. The important thing to remember is that there are indeed further and more profound dimensions to your experience than you can easily imagine. You are simultaneously and paradoxically also grounded in practicality, with potentially a new beginning this month to your material circumstances, such as a surprise legacy, or maybe it is an inheritance of unexpected wisdom that you are due for. In any case you are growing in awareness of what motivates you from within, which is perhaps your most important take-away.


LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is a watershed month for you, Libra, and one with important shifts in your understanding of your fundamental mission statement. The impact of current or potential partners for you is also up for renewed awareness and reconsideration. You are making something of a fresh start following the recent New Moon in your sign, from the final weeks of October. Mystical forces are coming into greater visibility for you, continuing into the present. Some of the evidence has accumulated from observing surprisingly coincidental events, and other synchronicities, leading to unexpectedly close connections, or perhaps fluctuations within existing relationships. At the time of the November 3rd Full Moon, partnership comes into even greater focus. Unexpected gains are likely in combination with an important other. As the month unfolds, you are led as well to a significant shift in your most basic values. As you come to a better understanding of your true destiny, this involves personal interaction.


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is quite a remarkable month for you, Scorpio. You are birthing yourself into new life over the course of an active month, and in some sense the baby has already appeared. You are taking your inner world more seriously into account as you do so. This is a big month as well for partnership connection, especially in the timing of the November 3rd Full Moon, when surprising information and unexpected encounters become your new norm. Your self-expression has taken a mystical turn lately, rising up almost unbidden from within you, defying gravity. Messages keep arriving from deep inside. As you more thoroughly explore your depths, seeking answers that arise from no other source, you may encounter startling information regarding hidden desires, and what truly motivates you. Although something seems also to hold you back, you are closer than ever to embracing your true purpose for this lifetime and just going with it.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) An interesting November awaits you, Sagittarius, with an intensity of inner realizations and over-all adherence to the norm, although with also exciting departures from it. You are two-sided this month, both in terms of reality testing and also for the variety and strangeness of your self-expression, which operates in fits and starts, sometimes with and sometimes against the grain of the surrounding social milieu. The New Moon from the latter weeks of the previous month triggered new plans and a determination to take your experience to the limit, in the direction that seems most deeply connected with inner longings, an important theme for you right now. By the 18th you are living out a mystical side of yourself, which feels exhilarating although at times perhaps a bit confusing and destabilizing. You benefit from applying yourself to the highest, and from learning to trust the cosmos that directs you, and allows you to fly above your doubts and confusion.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) You are in for another big month, Capricorn, one in which you are very involved with both inner and outer concerns. You are geared for achievement in career and profession, although with unexpected fluctuations there. It is too early to tell their ultimate outcome, so that it is best not to rush to judgment about what is transpiring for you until all the returns are in. The Full Moon of November 3rd provides balance and further information. The interior work in which you are engaged leads you to a better understanding of yourself and of your deepest values, preparing the way to the next stage of your ongoing future evolution. Your most important investment at this juncture might be to these inner realms, springing from hidden reservoirs and underlying all that you accomplish in the surface layers of your psyche. You are finding your way forward into a greater alignment between these two worlds, to your ultimate advantage.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is a month of changing tides, Aquarius, for what you most deeply value and how you demonstrate these bottom line concerns. You are coming into the first half of November with an unrelenting curiosity about the way that things will concretely work out as you face your prospective years ahead. Your world view is sprouting new buds and flowering branches, being also localized within your inner world as well as your outer, and you seek to apply this newly centered understanding where it counts toward attempting to figure out your own evolving future. With the Full Moon of the first week of November you are adopting a mystical point of view as quite natural to you, alongside more practical considerations. You are making real world hay out of subtle other-dimensional fodder. There could be a level of confusion over material issues including finances, although these disappear when you make the figure-and-ground reversal of assuming Spirit as primary.


PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) Your month is sizzling, Pisces, with fluctuations in financial considerations and identity issues that lead to an expansive sense of self. You can either go with this flow, and take your shot at the great rewards of doing so, or choose to stay stuck, thereby exercising your total right to do as you will. You are likely to eventually succumb to the pull of the universe, nudging you into greater possibility and a resultant wider set of responsibilities. The continuation of inner depth researches is quite important to your future well being, transforming your connections to social networks and future plans, as partners benefit. Exploring this mystical side only adds to your practical achievement orientation, also a strong factor for you now. You are engaged in teaching and learning, while your worldview, as well as your fundamental beliefs and values, spirals into a spiritual evolution that shakes up your material steadiness, but for a good cause.


Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website, His new book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris, and is available on Amazon, or from your local bookseller through New Leaf distributing. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website


October 2017 Transformational Astrology

Transformational Astrology – October 2017 

– Henry Seltzer

The astrology of October features Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris. This is a very Uranian time. The Virgo New Moon from the last ten days of September closely aspected Uranus with Jupiter opposed. Then, at the time of the Oct 5th Full Moon, a partile Venus-Mars conjunction in Virgo also aspects Uranus, while squaring Saturn. In a Uranian finale for the month of October, the October 19th Libra New Moon is exactly opposite Uranus, to within a few minutes of a degree. What are we to make of all this Uranian emphasis? And what might we expect, beyond “expecting the unexpected.” Uranus is famous for representing deep intuition, a way of knowing that emanates directly from the unconscious, without words even, that can tell you true when all your other sources of information seem confused. One lesson of this time is therefore to trust your gut – and to stay as open as you can to what comes to you from inner realms deep beneath the surface layers of your personality.

Uranus also implies unexpected curve balls and synchronicities that may have the beneficial effect of confirming your inner sense that you live in what is truly a very magical world, everything happening for a reason, or operating on multiple levels. They say that if you can mine the events of your life for symbolic information, just as you would a meaningful novel or movie, that you will not be disappointed in the result. Our task, then, is that while dealing with the outer world of schedules and business agendas we take the time and make the effort to appreciate the wonder of our lives and the opportunities for enhancing our understanding of what is really going on, around us and through us.

In the fist major lunation of the month, the October 5th Aries Full Moon, with Venus and Mars brought together in a partile conjunction, we find that there are different consequences for each Sun Sign, depending on where the conjunction lands in each solar chart. The houses ruled by Venus, and by Mars, will also be affected. There is a strong push for a wide-spread transformation of the activities surrounding these and other sectors of each natal chart. The Sun and Moon at this powerful Libra Full Moon make a T-square to Pluto, and also closely aspect Neptune by partile inconjunct (quincunx) and semi-sextile. All three standard outer planets are therefore emphasized, enhancing the major transformational changes of this decade, on both collective and individual fronts. The time has come to take necessary action, and that means letting go of certain cherished habits that no longer serve you, or the planet. This also implies taking a stand that you know deep within you that you fully support, from the perspective your own unique inner values.

And this is the message of the new planet, Eris, beyond Pluto, representing a spiritual warrior stance in support of soul intention. Eris in the sky remains close to a greatly emphasized Uranus, and is trined by Saturn in Sagittarius, as well as being aspected by Venus, Mars, and Jupiter at the timing of the October 5th Full Moon. We have seen many evidences of strong feminine leadership lately, including the courageous and compassionate stand of Republican senators Susan Collins and John McCain against the tidal wave of party-line pressure to vote in a disastrous health care bill, and of course the recent success of the Wonder Woman movie, whose super hero central character works with the power of love. Each individual including yourself is being called, now, to contribute what you can, when you can, if necessary flying in the face of consensus thought or fashionable opinion, in total alignment with your own unique core values.

ARIES (March 20-April 19). This is another rather amazing month for you, Aries, with plenty of surprises, still, and variations from what was once normal. You have two major ways to go, and one is to resist allowing your basic outlook to appreciably change. The other is perhaps more viable, long-term, and that is to stay as open as possible to the potential for transformation and major readjustment to take its place along your life path, letting go of entire control of the steering wheel as necessary. In the midst of all this ferment and major change, partners are very impactful. They may be of help in redefining your deepest values, and in allowing you to more consciously adopt the attitude that corresponds to these. The viewpoint of partners and friends helps you to better understand your own perspective and evolving worldview, as you move through new concepts of service to others and to your own higher purpose.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19). You are exploring new facets of your creativity this month, Taurus, and this turns out to involve aspects of your process of spiritual evolution. Your individual creative self-expression blossoms anew when you align with Spirit and with the promptings of your own Higher Self. Deep intuition paves the way for you, provided you can stay open to subtle inner promptings. Partners, too, are helpful in fulfilling the shift in perspective and belief system that you find yourself in the midst of. You become aware of major transformation, in the works for you for some time. Your plans are rather vague when you try to pin them down into solid agendas, and you might well encounter curve balls when you expected something more straightforward. You benefit by taking these not as drawbacks, but rather as the mystical side of the universe coming toward you, helping you to balance too great a dependency on the concrete practicality of the here-and-now.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is a month of surprises, Gemini, and of unexpected revelation. It is also a time of huge intuition for you, which may provide better information than logical rational planning. Your ruler, Mercury, having straightened out from its retrograde last month, and also the weeks of its retrograde shadow, you are emerging from a period of introspective mulling over of your very depths. A general sense of mystical authenticity that at times supersedes three-d physical realities pervades your soul, along with new-found awareness of how childhood trauma may have affected you all your adult life, preventing in some cases the forward progress that you have been desiring. This having taken you into reflection regarding both current family dynamics, along with core issues related to family of origin, these internal dynamics remain on your mind through September. You emerge during this month into the light of greater awareness concerning your true situation, involving inner as well as outer agendas.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is a month of learning and growing, Cancer, at some points rather rapidly and unexpectedly. Intuition plays a huge role for you now, so that one of your most significant challenges this month will be to attune to what arises from within you. You will want to stay as open as possible to what the universe has to offer, even when this does not at all match your prior expectations. At the same time, there are astrological indications that the role of partnership in your life is a major focus, along with discovering within yourself a new mandate for better connecting with soul-level intention in this and other matters more directly related to career. This alludes to not only professional and work orientation, but also to what happens strictly as a result of your own internal guidelines for what you intend to accomplish in the world around you.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is a month dizzy with possibilities, Leo. You have issues of philosophical enquiry, and also the practical application of these more ethereal matters in concrete terms, in a time of striving for greater understanding concerning all aspects of your life, including what is subtle and hidden. This affects you in areas of higher mind, your key relationships, and your commitment to your deeper values. Money concerns will likely arise and might come to be dealt with by unusual means. There is a way that you are filled with a cosmic awareness these days, and you win when you pay close attention. You are beginning to recognize the limitations of logical thought process, and have a huge intuitional component now available to add to this more obvious and traditional method of comprehension. You must only allow yourself to stay open to the messages that you receive from deep inside you.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This is a time of great growth and inspiration for you, Virgo. Key relationships in your life are still in play, as they were also last month. From mid-September, with the New Moon in your sign, you have been feeling a shift and a celebration, as well as a consolidation of perspectives gained. You have been dealing with issues of intimacy, closeness, and freedom since that time; surprising enlightenment has shown up in your life and in your loves, while deeply intuitional information is constantly available when you choose to tune in. You are exploring who you are, really, and how to handle your inherent idealism regarding partners. Beware of anger, as emotions can become more volatile in the early weeks of October. As the month unfolds, intuitional awareness increases. You are concerned with finances and with values, both your own and those shared with a significant other.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is a vital month for you, Libra, one that emphasizes a favorite partnership theme. This is in the context of an ongoing spiritual revival from the previous month, when five planets lit up your sector of unconscious process and dream imagination. Your intuition is strong, and connects you with significant others, especially in the timing of the October 5th Full Moon in your opposite sign. The subsequent New Moon, two weeks later, makes for a dynamic final two weeks of October, when surprising and enlightening events transform the very fabric of your relationship dynamic. During all of October, you feel a sense of mission toward unseen realms that are yet very real to you, making their presence known in dreams and visions. It is important that you pay the closest possible attention to intimations from this hidden world within you, representing such a powerful factor in all that you say and do.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You are having another adventurous month, Scorpio, with wheels and your values all in motion. Your dreams and schemes have never been stranger or more powerful. You are reveling in new awareness regarding service to the larger society that surrounds you, on a mission to explore every facet of your true purpose in this lifetime. As an important part of this, you are engaged in inner work. Your interior world reveals your deepest values, and these in turn govern those activities most clearly aligned with soul intention. The Full Moon of October 5th pulls you further into idealism. In addition to delving down into your depths, partnership with others increases your understanding of your own perspective. The latter half of the month sees you in a very good place, confident and almost glowing, enhanced to the extent that you can open to possibilities departing from and extending the scope of your more normalized roadway.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This is an active, and in some ways confounding month for you, Sagittarius, with many changes of plans. Your intuition is incredibly strong now, so that making the best use of this powerful source of information is greatly to your advantage. Signs and omens, when you look for them, help you to steer your course in the direction of soul intention. You continue to be wrapped up in outer world priorities, although the normative set of agendas and concerns will not truly motivate you now. For true satisfaction, you must be in closer touch with all that is going on in the deeper layers of your psyche. This hidden world within you is more accessible to you than ever, especially after the 10th, when Jupiter, your ruling planet, engages your sector of unconscious process and dream imagination. All through October, your self-expression is truly artistic, in that you are drawn to what is uniquely yours, and yours alone, to give.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) You are caught up in the transformational flow, Capricorn. The heavy outer planet presences of unpredictable Uranus as well as changeful Pluto, in your sign, presage movement within your process of self-discovery. You are coming to deep intuitional awareness. Things are not the same this in early fall period as they once were, even as recently as mid-August. There is a fundamental freedom from constraint at the core of your personality that both opens you up to new possibilities and also creates a sense of being unmoored in the midst of a degree of chaos. You are feeling a little wild and liberated, and may miss the more settled way that life has been up until recent weeks. Yet, you are in some way discovering your destiny in this very instability. Your individual fate is bound up not with consensus thinking or conventional attitudes, but rather with who you yourself uniquely are, at these more profound layers of your psyche.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is a powerful month for you, Aquarius, continuing your surge from the last ten days of September, when the Virgo New Moon brought you greater intimacy with your fellow humans, and most importantly with yourself. A potent combination of astrological factors – whose influence extends to the first half of October – has you profoundly engaged in overt curiosity, learning, and educational or travel initiatives of all kinds, with mystical overtones and depth researches into your own inner world. All through October in fact, punctuated by the Libra New Moon of October 19th, you are even more greatly in the spotlight while your love life continues to sizzle, in the largest and most humanitarian sense, and career opportunities abound. You find that your worldview is expanding, and that you benefit from an ongoing sea change in the way that you view the important inner dimension of the darker and more hidden layers of your personality.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) You have an extraordinary October ahead, Pisces, a time of close relationship connection and of a growing familiarity with your own inner world, the basis of all intimacy. The last ten days of September have been key for you in this regard, continuing into the present month. The concept of partnership in your life is now very much emphasized. You are coming to greater awareness of all that you hold inside, which is orthogonal to ordinary reality. Your own way of thinking about personal identity is on the line, and many factors in your life are in the process of altering. Your sense of who you are is expanding; as Whitman says, you “contain multitudes.” As your values, especially in regard to material existence, go through a major awakening, so too do your ideas of how to conduct yourself in terms of outer world pursuits, which you are varying now, accordingly, from strictly business as usual.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website, His new book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris, and is available on Amazon, or from your local bookseller through New Leaf distributing. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at

Tranformational Astrology – September 2017 by Henry Seltzer

Tranformational Astrology – September 2017

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of September features Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Mercury is still retrograde as the month begins, stationing to direct motion on the 5th and finally escaping its retrograde shadow on the 19th. Mars was involved in a grand trine in Fire signs with Saturn and Eris in the timing of the very powerful New Moon and solar eclipse of August 21st that initiated the current thirty-day lunation. Mars also conjuncts retrograde Mercury at the eclipse degree on September 3rd, just before his entrance into Mercury’s sign of Virgo on the 5th. Because the solar eclipse was in partile trine with Uranus, echoed in the New Moon of September 19th, we may expect weird doings all month long, plus unexpected enlightenment, “in the strangest of places.” With the new planet, Eris, emphasized as well, representing a spiritual warrior energy in support of soul intention, we are likely to come much closer to a true understanding of what motivates us at deep levels, especially if we are paying attention.

Neptune is definitely involved in the changes and the challenges of September. For one thing, the Full Moon of September 6th precisely conjuncts Neptune. Then, too, Jupiter aspected Neptune at the August 21st eclipse event, while, when Mercury stationed retrograde, it was opposed to Neptune, initiating an unusually strong retrograde period that is completing by the 19th -taking the retrograde shadow into account. We have seen uncertainty, confusion and deception, including the possibility of self-deception, in various ways, both collectively and individually, while there has also been a marked spiritual component to at least some of the recent happenings. Because Mercury stations to direct motion on September 5th precisely on the eclipse degree, the entire retrograde period continues to be quite strong, and productive of dreamy introspection.

Pluto, too, is significantly invoked, being closely parallel to Saturn all month long, right through his station direct in late September, in minor aspect to the Sun and Moon in the eclipse New Moon, and aspected by Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars in the September 6th Full Moon configuration. Since Uranus is so prominently positioned, in partile trine to the August 21st event, plus in another partile aspect, an inconjunct, to the September 19th Virgo New Moon, we have yet another instance of powerfully placed Uranus with highlighted Pluto, while their distance from each other is once again shrinking. By the methods proposed by seminal astrologer Richard Tarnas, their square lasts until 2020. The remainder of this decade and particularly the last half of 2017 will see further acknowledgment of massive change for each individual, and in the surrounding social structures.

Finally, it is also interesting to note that Chiron, in late Pisces, is almost exactly opposed by the September 19th New Moon, within a degree. Chiron represents the archetype of the Wounded Healer, and thus the latter half of September promises to be filled with even greater general feelings of angst, as well as greater awareness about how trauma stemming from early childhood can invade the present moment. Our very fears, together with feelings of lack of self-worth, may have the effect of holding us back from being all that we can be, even through strong inherent desire to articulate and embody our ideals. In the present context of major changes that affect everyone, this might be considered a form of “future shock,” in which we are fearful because so unsure of where as a society we might be heading. The antidote for all this psychological suffering is two-fold; first we must have faith in an essentially benevolent universe to have our best interest at heart and to sustain us, easier said than done of course, and secondly, we must have faith that we can solve the conundrum of our individual existence by getting in touch with ourselves at soul-level. By tuning in to intuition and our own inner voice, we can inhabit more of our higher self, presenting us with the needed courage to articulate and act upon our most treasured vision.


ARIES (March 20-April 19). This is a volatile and exciting month for you Aries, when you will leave behind certain outmoded parts of yourself, although there will be plenty to deal with along the way. You have enormous resources at hand and you only need the vision to call upon them. Intuition is your guide, and is very strong within you at this time. This month is full of surprises, stemming from the time of the recent solar eclipse through the action-packed first week of the current month, and beyond, and provides deep intuitional power to bear upon your situation. It feels like you have to go slowly at times to make any progress at all, and yet the progress that you make is long lasting. Your life is changing forever, and, just as you cannot step into the same river twice, so too you cannot step into your shoes ever again and be exactly the same person that you once were.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19). This is a big month for internal change, Taurus. The recent solar eclipse lit up your home and family sector, and it is quite possible that you will be dealing with changes and perhaps challenges on the home front. Your family of origin could also come into play, as you dig deeper into your own inner world. You have a huge helping of intuition to guide you, and your dreams might be unusually expressive to you now. All of the information that you can receive concerning what is going on for you below the surface is valuable. You are feeling your way into greater wholeness through self-examination and relationship analysis, especially when Mercury stations to direct motion from the 3rd to the 5th. You are seeking better alignment between inner and outer, and have been looking more carefully into what you value most, including family ties, and seeing how this affects worldview, concepts of partnership, and your own creativity.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is a time of consolidation, Gemini. You have been delving into interior realms within you and second-guessing familiar relationships ever since the last half of August, and this month you are seeking better answers to age-old questions regarding all that you hold inside, both the bitter and the sweet. You professional goals, expanded from the admixture of all this inner work, remain somewhat fuzzy and vague throughout the current month. You can discover more about what you are truly up to by consulting your intuition than by concrete nuts-and-bolts analysis, although this, too, has its place. The practical side of you is bolstered by the opinions of significant others in your life. The first week of September brings significant change, helping you to sort out your priorities in terms of soul-level commitment, while it is likely that the last half of the month will see you attempting to more fully understand your own early wounding.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is a month when you are reaching for a turn-around, Cancer. Things are up in the air for you in matters of career and profession, with sudden fits and starts. You feel spiritually expansive in some ways, yet constrained in others, more dedicated to what you conceive as your life path and to the discipline involved to achieve it. You seek a better alignment between what you do and what on the inside you most profoundly adhere to. Relationship is a rapidly changing landscape for you, as you explore the manner in which cherished partners can contribute to your overall arc of personal evolution. Everything is a bit murky and unknown, especially around the timing of the Pisces Full Moon of September 6th, which conjuncts Neptune. Your values are subject to deep introspection, ultimately leading you to a new understanding of the world around you and your place within it.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is a time of regrouping, Leo, and the consolidation of gains. You have been through a rebirth since the solar eclipse, through the last ten days of the previous month, and with Mercury currently retrograde in your sign, you are reflecting on the past few weeks and, with changes in mind, looking to the future. You need not be concerned if you feel held back from the fullest expression of your creative talents during this period of adjustment, since your true goal is longer lasting. With Mercury’s station to direct motion on he 5th, and the Full moon of the 6th, you may come to greater awareness of your depths, as well as the inner realms of partners. New perspectives abound, influenced by a strong intuitive grasp of realities beyond what the surface layers of your personality normally see. This affects the way that you see your role heading into the remainder of the year, in both professional and personal contexts.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This has been and will continue to be an exciting, illuminating and potentially confusing period of time, Virgo. It has been a dynamic couple of weeks leading up to the beginning of this month, punctuated by the solar eclipse of August 21st in your neighboring sign, and for the first week of September as well. You might feel that you have considerations of identity coming to the fore, and intimations of that which is beyond everyday awareness, subtle messages stemming from the highly intuitional and largely unconscious processes of your own inner world. Through it all, and with the help of these secret communications, you have been refining your understanding of who you really are. Partners might be able to help by lending their perspective, although they themselves have been somewhat mysterious lately so that you may have to stretch your mind a little in order to get the picture complete of what they are attempting to convey.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is an interesting month for you, Libra, with surprising relationship events and unexpected enlightenment. You are figuring out your future, with the aid of others’ perspectives, and also by paying the closest possible attention to the hidden side of your personality that reveals itself in dreams, waking visions, and intuitional flashes of insight. Your professional choices, high on your agenda in the weeks leading up to the current month, become merged with these more private, yet still vital, concerns. With Mercury retrograde as the month begins, you are in almost a spell of deep introspection, so that forging a better alignment between inner and outer becomes a necessary component of your prospective pathway forward. You are renewing your commitment of service to the larger collective that surrounds you, punctuated by the Full Moon of September 6th, and the subsequent Virgo New Moon also, although at both these timings in a rather diffuse and spiritually based, rather than purely practical, manner.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You are finding your way forward this month in some very new and different ways, Scorpio. The career and professional life decisions that you make are based on both mystical and entirely practical considerations, either alternating or an amalgam of both. This is confusing unless and until you learn to let go of entire control and allow the universe to do its part. You will have a better handle on what it is that you hold inside, at depth, after the powerful Mercury retrograde has fully passed, over the course of the first two weeks of the month. There are many surprises in store as you take up what might be considered the roadmap for the rest of your life, with a growing sense of commitment to higher purpose. This serves the surrounding collective as well as making a match with your most cherished values, at least as far as you can discern them.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This is the first month of the rest of your life, Sagittarius, in a very real sense. You are participating in an exciting vision for yourself and for the world around you that takes your creative self-expression in startling new directions and brings enthusiasm to practical plans and goals for a better connection to your own unique internal mandate for constructive change. There is a nay-saying or reluctant part of you that may also be active now and must, in some respects at least, be overcome. You are getting entirely serious about supporting a fresh level of commitment to deeply held values and a changing world view, in spite of whether or not these values are supported by the current trends in consensus thinking. These evolving goals may very well involve a renewed connection to Nature and the environment as your sense of personal contribution continues to expand.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) This is a strange and wonderful time for you, Capricorn, the more so when you can relax and go with the flow. In the wake of the recent powerful solar eclipse from last month, you are evolving a new style of intimacy with significant others and also with yourself. You have a deep commitment now to develop your understanding of who you are on the inside, and you are beginning to see that the internal and largely unconscious part of yourself is quite as important as the conscious side. Your thoughts and words may be fuzzy and vague these days, and communicative mishaps more common, and this is due in part to your concerted focus on soul-level matters. Your life is in fact a waking dream; although, since you are so well grounded in practicalities, this too is difficult to recognize. As psychologist Thomas Moore once stated, the very nature of the soul is paradox.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is another wild and wooly month for you, Aquarius, with communicative outreach and relationship a focus, with the ups and downs of idealism versus misunderstanding an important part of the picture. Stemming from the month of August, punctuated by the powerful solar eclipse of its final weeks, you have had a fascination with the potential as well as the limitations of partnership interaction. A fresh start is indicated. The first week of September brings these issues up with a bang, especially on the 3rd and the 6th. This perhaps includes confusion around shared resources, as well as ideals of self-definition and connection with others. You have at this time a strong love of learning and an intention toward greater communicative outreach as a soul-level commitment. It is vital that you fully explore your intuitive understanding of who you truly are, and allow your relationship activity and outer-world agenda to follow suit.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This is a month of revelation and new understandings for you, Pisces, with shifts in perspective that are facilitated by important others. Your most cherished principles, a subject of interest for months now, take on added significance with your career sector ruler in direct opposition with the new planet Eris, plus Uranus, located in your resources sector. This indicates a shift toward innovation in your values and their potential for being realized. In symbolic resonance with the retrograde of Mercury through your opposite sector, you are reviewing the impact of relationship on your life in general, and partners are also simultaneously involved in shaping your evolving world view. You are in an interesting place of both optimism and pessimism toward outer world events and practical professional considerations, so that you may well find that following your intuition toward alignment with your most deeply held beliefs is your surest pathway forward.



Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website, His new book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris, and is available on Amazon, or from your local bookseller through New Leaf distributing. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at


Transformational Astrology – August 2017 by Henry Seltzer

Transformational Astrology

August 2017

By Henry Seltzer

The astrology of August features Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and two eclipses. Mercury is retrograde the last half of the month. The Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon of Monday, August 7th, features a strong presence of Pluto, as well as Neptune, while the recent Leo New Moon that set the stage for the current lunation cycle, up to the August 21st Solar Eclipse, has a strong presence of Saturn, which is moreover stationing later in the month to direct motion. Saturn remains in close parallel with Pluto all month long, so that structural transformation and conservative empowerment, the hallmarks of Saturn-Pluto, are very important themes for the August period. A grand trine in Fire signs between Saturn, Eris, and Mercury is also present in this recent New Moon, indicating that your sense of mission and commitment is still very present for what you most deeply believe. You win by taking an individual stand for where you think that your evolution is truly headed, and that act forms a piece of the whole, just like your own personal hologram. The society at large benefits greatly – and fails on the lack – of the sincerity of all these individual strands.

An important factor of the Lunar Eclipse of August 7th to be mentioned is Neptune. The eclipse Moon falls directly on the Neptune/Pluto midpoint, while Jupiter, the Sun and Uranus closely aspect Neptune as well. Mercury stations retrograde on the 12th, opposite Neptune, making for an introspective time. With Neptune invoked there is an element of deception, including self-deception, uncertainty and spiritual ramification involved in this important juncture. Eclipses are more powerful lunations, with symbolic effects that last longer, up to six months, than an ordinary Full Moon. The angst that we are, all of us, beginning to feel has these Neptunian components, and on the cultural level, also concern regarding the earth’s oceans. Of course, climate change is becoming a more and more prominent theme, as we speak, as are issues of sea-level rise and the acidification of ocean waters with the consequent dying off of all coral reefs, world-wide. These issues are not going away, and, again, it is very much a question of mass consciousness and political will concerning these very serious global problems.

The August 21st Solar Eclipse, also in the sign of Leo, makes an almost perfect trine with Uranus, while Saturn is also greatly emphasized, bringing the familiar triumvirate of Saturn, Uranus, Pluto which was prominent in the volatile sixties. We have in the latter part of the month not only the highlighted presence of Saturn but also the increase in polarization implied by Saturn-Uranus and as well the major and thorough-going transformation symbolized by Uranus and Pluto in combination, just as their square begins to draw somewhat closer, coming to within 6 degrees by the end of the year. We may expect further fall-out from this decade of change the last half of this year, as we mentally begin to approach the power-packed configurations of 2020 and beyond. There is quite a lot that we have to face in the coming years. It is not only the massive structural changes that we are in the midst of, both culturally and individually, but also, more significantly, the mass recognition of this.

What can one do? Well there are plentiful forms of escape in our modern-day culture, and certainly television and/or drugs among others seem almost perfectly designed to take our minds off what is happening. And, yet, there is also the quiet joy of deeply examining where you are really at, reflecting long and hard on this idea to find your bottom line beliefs, and taking some sort of a stand for these. It might be as simple as writing a letter while you toil away at an unwanted job, or it might be as courageous as leaving that job, headed for unknown outcomes, for the sake of your deeper values. Whatever it may be, each action in support of soul intention is so freeing and empowering that it can ultimately lead to peaceful calm in the midst of the storm.


ARIES (March 20-April 19). You are entering into a time of spiritual rebirth, Aries, especially regarding your self-expression and other manifestations of artistic creativity. You will feel this on many simultaneous levels and each one amplifies all the others, and interweaves with them in the deeper meaning that you might apply. When Mercury retrogrades, that brings up a detail-oriented and introspective time. What is happening over this monthly cycle may be viewed as essentially a transformation of values, in support of activities nearer to your true heart’s desire. It pays to be very attentive to whatever happens to you, including your dreams, and to attempt to decode the events of your life in a way that reflects your evolving worldview. Partners and trusted confidants are helpful in providing new perspectives. These will of necessity involve what is here right before you in the physical plane, and also what is beyond the physical.


TAURUS (April 20-May 19). This is a big month for you, Taurus, especially with the eclipses of August taking place in angular houses in your chart. These are associated with career and home life, and you will find that issues with either the separation of public and private concerns, or their potential merger, will occupy your thoughts for the next six months or more, beginning with the Full Moon and lunar eclipse of August 7th and continuing through the retrograde of Mercury on the 12th which introduces an introspective element to your musings. Your values are shifting, along with your commitment to find higher purpose in everything that you do, including your public works, thereby taking what emerges from the intuitional layers of your inner world into full account as you make career choices. You are not only looking for the deeper meaning of what goes on in your life but also seeking to apply that to your plans and goals to create a better alignment between inner and outer concerns.


GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is an important month for you, Gemini, especially in terms of some of your favorite areas, communication, learning, and evolving worldview. These have been major themes ever since the Leo New Moon, a week before the month began, and right through the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of August 7th when they will get a boost. The eclipses of this month are powerful for you, and dovetail with the retrograde of your ruler, Mercury, through your fourth and ultimately your third house. Issues of home and family will likely come up for introspective meditation and review over the latter half of the month of August, even as the way that you communicate and reach out to others remain front and center throughout the month as well. The shift in your world view takes greater account what comes to you on an intuitional basis from deep inside you, and allows you to more fully partake of plans and goals that allow greater alignment between inner and outer priorities.


CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is a vital month for getting clear on the deeper layers of your personality, Cancer. This might seem less important than the concerns of worldly affairs, but just the opposite is true. Everything comes to you from the inside. Valuable recognitions along these lines might be expected to arrive this month by secret messenger, which you find is really your higher Self, whispering, once it is that you are able to more fully tune in. The Full Moon and lunar eclipse of Monday, August 7th, represents a time of revelation and of getting in closer touch both with partners, and also yourself. Relationship has been a changing landscape for you, and this timing is one peak of that significant cycle. You are digging in for greater commitment to an overriding sense of mission, in closer alignment with what you have been discovering within your own inner world.


LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is a magical time for you, Leo, when you are experiencing rebirth. You profit by thinking quite seriously about who you are and where you are headed. The Full Moon and lunar eclipse of Monday, August 7th is quite powerful for you; a time of increased awareness of your own inner world, as well as the importance of partnership in your life. This is an action-oriented month that also has its element of introspection. This latter becomes more evident with the retrograde of Mercury on August 12th. You are feeling a sense of mission, to make more out of your day-to-day existence than the demands of the marketplace would offer or require. The solar eclipse of the 21st puts you in better touch with profound intuitional realities that have been knocking on your door, and ultimately signals a shift to practical outcomes and a consolidation of the major changes that are sweeping through you.


VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This is a big month for otherworldly experiences, Virgo, upsetting the apple cart of ordinary events before you even have finished counting all the apples. This is not at all bad for you or even difficult, however, once you accept the fundamental truth of your situation. Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde after the 12th, inspiring introspection. What arrives by means of deep intuition is pure gold, couched in terms of unconscious rather than conscious factors. This comes on strong during August, with the first Leo New Moon, before the month began, followed by two eclipses lighting up your dream sector as well as aspecting Uranus in your sector of intimacy and personal evolution, along with numinous Neptune in your relationship sector. You both idealize and are uncertain concerning partnership right now. The information is continuous and startling, when you are able to closely tune in, and takes you much farther down the road of your own spiritual evolution.


LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is a month of seizing your destiny, Libra. The powerful Full Moon and lunar eclipse of August 7th lights up your sector of creative self-expression in the context of a general emphasis on outer world planning. The eclipses of this month align with your sector of future plans, and also bring an element of deep intuition to bear, which could change everything. You play the lead in the drama of your own life, taken as a work of art, and you benefit from taking that role seriously. As you move into greater fields of accomplishment as presaged by your ruler, Venus, at the top of your chart, outer meets inner. Especially around the 12th, when Mercury stands still and then begins to move in retrograde motion, you have a much more introspective stance to be solidly integrated with the focus that is already there on public achievement.

The following was written by this month’s guest columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School:

It doesn’t get much brighter for you, Libra, than having Jupiter in your first house for a full year, but this month is extra special because there will be two eclipses falling into your eleventh and fifth houses, and both will be in a sextile and trine with Jupiter in your first house, which means they both have the potential to be very beneficial for you. Let’s take a closer look at these two eclipses and what you might expect from them this month.

The first eclipse is a lunar eclipse (lunar eclipses always take place at full moons), in the sign of Leo, which happens to be your fifth solar house. The fifth house was traditionally known as the “Joy of Venus,” and it is related to children, pregnancy, creativity, joy, recreation, and pleasure. Lunar eclipses in the fifth house may bring the end or culmination of a creative era in your life, the birth of a child, children leaving the nest, or significant events in the lives of your children. On the other hand, as a house related to pleasure, lunar eclipses in the fifth may also bring endings relative to where or how you take pleasure or joy. For example, I have a Libra client who is starting a forty-day sugar and alcohol cleanse starting this August. I have another Libra client who is completing a creative project she has been working on for years!

This first eclipse in Aquarius is followed by another eclipse in Leo on August 21st, this time a solar eclipse (solar eclipses always happen on new moons). The media is already calling this “the great American eclipse,” as it will be fully visible in many places across the United States. Solar eclipses represent powerful new beginnings, or new opportunities, and this eclipse is falling into your eleventh house. The eleventh house was traditionally called the “joy of Jupiter,” and this is because it was related friends and allies, benefactors and support from people in power, wishes and hopes for the future, and things destined for success in time. The reason it was associated with these themes has to do with the fact that planets in this portion of the sky will advance by the rotation of the earth to the midheaven, the highest point in the sky, next. So, these planets are being brought by the natural “primary motion” (created by the 24-hour revolution of the earth on its axis) to the culmination point of the sky, which was associated with rulers, success, fame, promotion, and so forth. For this reason, planets in the eleventh are associated with all manner of people and events that shape our vision of the future, in terms of our goals and aspirations and those things that help us achieve them.

So, while some doors may be closing in your fifth house of creativity, pleasure, children, or pregnancy, there is also an opening coming through this second eclipse that is quite unique. You may see new dreams, goals, or wishes appearing rather dramatically, or new friends, alliances, or opportunities for support presenting themselves, perhaps unexpectedly. The phrase, “where a door closes, a window opens,” is more than just a cliché for you this month. And remember, with Jupiter in your first house beholding both eclipses from a sextile, whatever new hopes and dreams for the future are coming through this month, whatever new friendships, group allegiances, or forms of support you discover, they have the power to boost your confidence and add to your life in positive and exciting ways. Remember, the eleventh is the natural “joy” of Jupiter, and in fact the eleventh house was traditionally called the house of “good spirit.” So, have a magical and blessed month of August, Libra. Good luck!


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is a terrific month for progress, Scorpio, with respect to both internal and external agendas. You are making a fresh start in career and profession, and taking your depths more completely into account as you do so. Even as you plan and act, you are making a trust fall, straight backwards, counting on the universe to catch and sustain you. As you gain greatly in terms of outer world success, you simultaneously find your deep commitment to soul intention, which might in time prove to be the core basis of true fulfillment. All month long you are building toward the climactic moment of the New Moon solar eclipse of August 21st which takes place near the top of your chart, and confirms in you a sense of mission, and of revised values consistent with your most idealized viewpoint on what you have to contribute to the world around you.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) Your future is calling you, Sagittarius, and it is becoming quite different than you have ever before conceived it. The eclipses of August illuminate your sector of foreign travel, education, and higher mind, so that new worldviews are swimming into your ken all through the month of August, while Jupiter, your ruler, is highlighted in your house of group dynamics, friendships and goals. You are quite active socially this month, and there is also a point to it in terms of finding your way forward in a manner that is consistent with your evolving values. Your commitment has been growing to focus on only those issues that emanate from your own core personality, including both conscious and unconscious factors. Once you discover what deeply motivates you beyond all else, a revolution takes place from within. There is no turning back. Your viewpoint on the world around you and your activities within it are forever changed.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) You have a unique set of opportunities and responsibilities looming this month, Capricorn. This is not only about outer world commitments, although in terms of career and professional life, you are sailing along in rare form with the help of partners of various kinds. Due to the placement the two eclipses this month, as well as that of Saturn, your ruler, you also have a mission to be looking to the inside. This refers to the hidden half of your personality, the part that is more or less unknown, and that yet represents the wellspring for much of your easeful feelings of fitting in with the natural energies of the universe. You win when you can pay close attention to these underground parts of yourself, in any way that you can. That studied action leads you through transformation and the whitewater rapids of your life into the calmer waters of true success.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is a huge month for you, Aquarius, with the eclipses of August illuminating your seventh sector of relationship and interpersonal connection. Communicative outreach of all kinds is highlighted for you, especially after the 21st. The first three weeks of August could in some ways be considered as preparation for that final week, a time when significant relationships are emphasized, as well as the new perspectives that they bring. These factors peak with the Full Moon and lunar eclipse of August 7th, which is quite powerful for you, representing a culmination of relationship initiatives and the recognition of new identity for yourself. All this month, relationships are reborn, and also the significant intimacy that you have with your hidden parts. One important lesson of this entire month is that only when you are familiar with your own inner workings are you ready for the next stage of partnership.


PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This is a significant month for you, Pisces, when you will be further refining your understanding of yourself. The eclipses of August take place in your sector of service, and to your discipleship to your higher Self, so that you are engaged in finding your point of interaction with the world, in line with those values to which you most deeply aspire. Moreover, the Mercury retrograde of August 12th affects you strongly because prominent in your chart, and directly opposed to your ruler, Neptune, located in your first or identity sector. Over the last half of the month, punctuated by the solar eclipse New Moon of August 21st in your opposite sign, you may come to some startling conclusions regarding your true calling and the way that this manifests in your work in the world. As C. G. Jung once wrote, “It is not the children of the flesh but the children of the spirit that know freedom.”


Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website, His new book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris, and is available on Amazon, or from your local bookseller through New Leaf distributing. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at



Transformational Astrology – July 2017 by Henry Seltzer

Transformational Astrology

July 2017

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of July features Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Pluto and Eris. The recent Cancer New Moon that set the stage for the current lunation cycle, up to July 23rd, has, once again, strong inner to outer planet connections. In this potent configuration, Venus is in partile or same-degree trine with Pluto, with implications for looking more closely into our relationship dynamic, while Mars in Cancer closely trines Neptune in Pisces, aided and abetted by Jupiter in Libra. With a Cancer Mars the energy of this fiery planet is muted, and directed toward emotional realities rather than external goals. Then, too, Saturn precisely trines Eris, to the degree. Eris, the new planet beyond Pluto only discovered and named as recently as 2006, represents a spiritual warrior energy for promoting soul intention over all else. This represents therefore a greater commitment to attempting to discover, within, your most profound purpose, that which you came into this lifetime to accomplish. Meanwhile, Mercury is conjunct the Sun and Moon at the timing of this watery New Moon, making this a thoughtful and meditative month when you are likely to spend time plumbing the depths of your emotions and becoming more familiar with your inner realms.

The Full Moon of Saturday, July 8th, constitutes an important juncture, when the Sun has moved closer to Mars, deeper in Cancer, and opposite Pluto, with the Moon conjunct. July is thus a very Plutonian time, a time of change, and of letting go of what no longer serves. Pluto transits are trouble to the extent that you resist. When you can quite easily accept the inevitability of change, and move on, Pluto becomes your friend.

In addition to the might of Pluto being thrust into prominence this Cancer cycle, there is also another major power planet, namely Neptune. This numinous and delicately complex planet has a transformational aspect to him as well, like Pluto, although far more subtle. Neptune is featured in the New Moon that began the Cancer cycle, and also the July 8th Full Moon, when Jupiter has moved to an even more perfect trine with Neptune. The July 23rd New Moon in the first degree of Leo also aspects Neptune by sesquiquadrate, so that we have a Neptune-filled month. This archetype is closely connected to the vast unconscious realms within you, which are also brought forward by Mars in Cancer. This is the seat of our emotions, and many of our emotional strengths, as well as our potential hang-ups. This latter is mainly the case when we allow complexes to build up inside us, by not paying sufficient attention to the messages that the unconscious parts of ourselves are trying to get across to us. The lesson for this month is to pay close attention to everything that happens, dreams included, and to take even chance occurrences quite seriously. Neptune also helps us to see the world around us as paradoxical, rather than black and white, either or. A famous psychologist of the 20th century, Thomas Moore, who wrote Care of the Soul, has written: “the nature of the soul is paradox.”

Another event that is taking place this month is the station of Eris to retrograde motion, on July 20th, just in the timing of the Leo New Moon a few days later, and closely trine Saturn. Saturn too is slowing down, preparing to station direct in August, and remains within 2 degrees of a perfect trine to Eris for the remainder of the month. This brings to greater prominence their combination, which could be summarized as a strong commitment to discovering soul intention. There is something within you, of which you might already be aware, that urges you on to a particular outcome. This depends on your most profound values, your most cherished goals; whatever it is that, once you are fully aware of it, you cannot NOT do. It is possible that this month will supply clues to this important factor that arises from deep within you.


ARIES (March 20-April 19). You are centered on home and family concerns this month, Aries, as indicated by the placement of the recent New Moon from the final weeks of June, having taken place in this sector of your solar chart. The thirty days of the current Cancer lunation cycle will have this flavor for you, and might bring unexplored awareness to you concerning this general set of issues, including current family dynamics as well as family of origin, and reflecting back on your own depth psychology. Relationship partners of all kinds help you to become grounded in your process. The final week of July becomes more playful. You are also intent upon better defining a growing sense of mission that speaks to what you alone uniquely bring to the table, and that partly emanates from the deeper layers of your personality, below the level of overt conscious understanding. This may guide you to a spiritual sense of meaningful activity in this world.


TAURUS (April 20-May 19). You are coming into yourself in a new way, Taurus. A spiritual sense of mission drives you from almost unconscious levels, as you make attempt to reconcile these stirrings with your more natural tendencies. This includes acknowledging the importance of career achievement, and the practicalities of making a living, and yet also that something uniquely your own calls you from within. You seek new grounding for your idealistic visions, and a new basis for emotional security. As you try to sort all this out, communication with peers and with intimate partners is vital to you now. This is also an excellent month for you to journal regarding your ideas for finding your way into a more livable future. Your worldview is evolving and your plans along with it, so that new perspectives are helpful, as you accommodate to a grander vision of your possibilities, and of where your life is taking you.


GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is time of outer world activity and inner awareness, Gemini. Your career moves are greatly emphasized this month, with both the usual practical concerns and also a subtler shift in attitude, in favor of considerations of life purpose. You are feeling a growing sense of mission over recent months, and are coming to believe that this sense of deep intention has to take priority over the details of making a living and progress in worldly affairs. You are energized toward a new grounding and the way that you define yourself to include a built-in sense of security that does not depend on your bank balance alone. Your own unconscious is very present to you, and holds volumes when you tune your mind to listen. Dream journals might be a helpful adjunct now. Your inner spaces could speak to you more truely than all your overt thought process and mental logic.


CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is an interesting and rather intense month for you, Cancer. The recent New Moon in your sign was significant for your understanding of who you are, adding new waves of thoughtful self-definition. Your have had plenty of energy ever since, especially concerning potential career moves. This is especially so with feisty Mars, along with the Sun and Mercury, located in your first, or identity sector. There is a certain sense of vagueness and indecision going on with your plans though, that could seem troubling. This is likely connected with the urge to go deeper into your truest values. You are feeling serious about where your ultimate destiny is taking you, seeming to involve discovering more of your own unique pathway forward, what you alone might be able to bring to the table. There is a feeling of mystical possibility that has been slowly emerging as an active component to your evolving worldview.


LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is a mysterious month of inner exploration, Leo. Due to the recent Cancer New Moon in your sector of unconscious process, as well as the highlighted presence of Mercury and Mars passing through this same sector, you are very much pulled to the inside. This is where entire worlds within worlds exist, relatively unknown to your conscious self, yet still influencing your behavior from below. You can get ahead of the curve of stultified consensus thinking by paying close attention to what you hold inside. Communication with peers is vital for you right now, or perhaps journaling, including your dreams. You might find as well this month that your outer world persona is transforming in uncharted ways. You are not sure where this is headed so that It might be best to take a wait-and-see attitude, as you actualize and fit into new ways of seeing the world around you.


VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This is an exciting month for figuring out your future, Virgo. Due to the placement of the recent Cancer New Moon conjunct Mercury, your ruler, you are more attuned than ever to your prospective direction. This is in the light of your evolving world view and the recognition of your deepest values, what in fact is most important to you, long term. Partnership ideals also play a large role for you right now in helping to define your values. You sense major transformational activity just below the level of your conscious awareness and you do well to encourage further explorations of all your possibilities by a process of intuition combined with the hard-and-fast logic that your sign is known for. This affects career moves as well as those representing more personal choices. Everything that you choose right now has implications for a broader application to a more studied life path.


LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is a month for interesting and innovative career choices, idealized partnership interaction, and refining your mission statement, Libra. You are getting serious about finding a life purpose that speaks to your innermost Self, in part through the agency of partnership interaction. You have what is perhaps an idealized viewpoint on relationship that can get you into trouble, but that also has a spiritual component when you can take the high road in all your partnership interactions. First and foremost, it is important to recognize that you are changing at the core, and that idealism in service to this concept of greater self-knowledge is well placed. As you sort out what are your most treasured goals, and how to plan your activities in the outer world consistent with your deeper values, to the extent that you can discern these, it helps when you can maintain the courage of your convictions.


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is another rather intense month for you, Scorpio, one in which you are seeking the deeper significance of everything that you do. You can perhaps find spiritual meaning even in the midst of the most mundane details. You are also coming into a new conception of who you are in this world, the persona that you choose, not so much as a mask, but rather as a transmitter, to meet up with others around you. Intimate relationship in particular will be especially empowered in this way. As you discover the darkest, most inner secrets of interpersonal connection you better understand its import for you currently. This inevitably leads you back to your own inner world. The eventual result of these depth researches is that you become more aware of your most treasured values, and that in turn gives you a more complete basis for an emerging sense of life purpose.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This is an unusual month for you, Sagittarius, filled with emotional stirrings of soul-level progress more than surface play. This is not dire but it is deeply felt. There is transformation involved for you in this month’s happenings, as you turn more directly inward. Your finances or your attitude toward your resources could also be affected. The recent Cancer New Moon represents, for you, a time of greater intimacy with partners, or with the potential for relationship, along with becoming more familiar with your own vast inner realms. As circumstances require you to delve within, feelings of resistance could come up although you do well to move beyond these knee-jerk reactions to a more profound exploration of what you hold on the inside. This takes intuition rather than logical analysis. Your life course forward is equally involved, as you navigate these tricky waters and attempt to make your future path more fully aligned with inner values.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) You are still transforming, Capricorn. Pluto in your sign is even more greatly highlighted this month than the last. Then, too, the cosmic currents imply some sort of fresh start in your partnership activities, stemming from late last month. The potent Full Moon of July 8th will bring this process to one peak, perhaps a moment of fulfillment, and yet also potentially one of trial that will test the depth of your commitment. Although relationship is involved with your current set of changes, it is your particularized personal arc of development that remains front and center. If you have a choice, working on your own end of the dyad is the recommended approach, and the only one that you can actually control. These deeper changes within you have been going on for quite some time now and it is difficult to be patient; but it won’t be over till it’s over.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is a powerful month for you, Aquarius, especially with regard to work that you can do on yourself starting from the inside out. The cosmic currents are pointing you toward deep-seated changes emanating directly from your inner realms, if you make the time and have the subtlety and the patience to attune to the messages that you receive in this way. Everything has significance: dreams, seemingly chance occurrences, notions that occur to you, all of this has meaning for you and carries some part of what your unconscious is attempting to convey. If you have been feeling like you have been getting off track lately, these changes from below your normal level of awareness might be just the ticket to help you to regain your footing. You may also feel called to concepts of service, and to discover the spiritual essence of ordinary existence.


PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This is a vital time for you, Pisces, when you are feeling a greater sense of responsibility in areas of career and professional life. These feelings may also encompass a wider range of commitment than just to the working world. You are exploring new facets of identity, coming to a new view of your possibilities that includes intimations from unconscious realms beyond your more obvious surface concerns. It is important that you pay attention to these inner stirrings, as best you can discern them. If fully incorporated into your future plans, the very concept of your work might open up for you, to accommodate this broader vision. Along with the lure of additional possibilities with regard to your outer world role, you might be feeling restrictions of your choices. Sometimes yielding to necessity can lead to the right doors opening up for you, provided you can keep faith with the universe to guide you.


Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website, His new book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris, and is available on Amazon, or from your local bookseller through New Leaf distributing. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at

Transformational Astrology – June 2017 by Henry Seltzer

Transformational Astrology – June 2017

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of June features Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris. Venus finally enters her own sign of Taurus this month, on June 6th, after her long stay in Aries due to her March-April retrograde. Before the month began, from mid-Aries, Venus perfectly squared Pluto in the May 25th New Moon that initiated the current lunation cycle, and subsequently makes a perfect trine to Saturn in the First Quarter Moon of June 1st. Meanwhile Mercury enters its sign of Gemini on the afternoon of the same day. The inner planets are all powerfully placed in this dynamic month, so that our actions in relationship and in expressing our personal prerogatives are favored. Mars in the New Moon occupies an interesting degree, of 23 Gemini, placing him in direct opposition to Saturn, and in perfect sextile to the new planet, Eris, still at that degree of Aries, with Uranus nearby. Saturn is also therefore in close trine with Eris, and especially with Uranus, less than one degree separating them at the significant New Moon timing. All this adds up to an emphasis on Saturn, once again, and on the contrast between this conservative archetype of obstacles and serious intention versus freedom-loving anything-goes Uranus. This latter archetype represents – in his conjunction with Eris – the principle of taking a potentially rebellious and position corresponding to what each one of us uniquely holds as unwavering set of cherished values, deep inside. When we can manage to take that stand, then nothing can really harm us in the arbitrary workings of the world around us, including the polarities that surround us of conservative reaction versus progressive change.

There is thus likely to be no let up as the summer commences in the extreme divergence of the national mood, both here in the United Sates and as echoed in current European politics as well. Saturn and Uranus perfectly reflect the two sides, conservative and progressive, in our ongoing conflict of opposing viewpoints. Saturn has his place however in curbing the involuntary excesses of strong Uranus, when the impulsivity reaches dangerous levels. This is true in our personal lives as well as in the collective, when the question becomes whether a contemplated action is just too much, deserving the dampening effect of applied caution.

The New Moon that began the current cycle being in Gemini, this is a thoughtful time when we are engaged in providing a logical basis for our idea and actions, although prominent Uranus does also bring a strong and perhaps illogical flavor of intuition to the proceedings. Furthermore, with Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, in Venus-ruled Taurus, there is an emotional and relationship-oriented component now to all our musings.

The death and rebirth symbolized by strong Pluto is a factor now as well, along with Uranus, so that radical transformation is still very much with us this month, as represented by the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, the defining outer planet aspect of our troubled decade. We will want to be asking ourselves where we need to allow significant structural changes to take place in spite of our resistance to such change, and what outmoded habitual parts of ourselves need to be let go of in the process.

Finally, we must not forget that third significant outer planet archetype of Neptune, strongly aspected as well in this month’s astrological energies. The June 1st First Quarter Moon opposes Neptune, and in the Full Moon of June 9th, the Sun and Moon make a T-square to this otherworldly archetype, while Jupiter is in close inconjunct or quincunx aspect to Neptune for the entire monthly cycle. All month long, numinous Neptune colors our reality-thinking with the higher reality that takes us far beyond the grasp of the physical plane into other-dimensional fantasies and holistic perspectives. It is no longer quite so simple. With Neptune in the picture, false dichotomies of either-or, black or white, blue or red, commingle into a paradoxical way of seeing the world around us as both-and. This important and largely spiritual astrological factor can therefore provide a welcome relief from the seeming constrictive polarities of our situation.

ARIES (March 20-April 19). Ready or not, you are in for an interesting and educational ride this month, Aries. The astrological currents are still running strong, and provide you with both difficulties and also opportunities for understanding more about you true situation. Because your ruler, Mars, is opposed right now to Saturn, it might feel at times as though you are slogging through mud to get things done. Several repetitions may well be required, as unexpected challenges come out of left field just when you thought that you had everything wrapped up. You may be stymied in your sense of proper speed in accomplishment, but the lessons are there to be absorbed if you allow yourself to slow down enough to appreciate them. This is all part of your ongoing major structural transformation that was planned by your angel guidance and your higher self, long ago, perhaps, on another plane of reality.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19). This is a difficult month is some ways, Taurus, because you are being asked to let go of some aspects of your life that are no longer serving you. This goes much better, though, if you can accept and allow. These changes might involve feelings of security that are based not on material considerations, but rather what comes from faith in the universe, or a higher power, to see you through. There are relatively unconscious parts of yourself that are there for you, and ready to do their part in allowing you to evolve in the way that you have all along intended. In this sense, amazing things can happen unexpectedly when you can stay open to possibility. It is more of a magical universe than we are often able to credit, and it can be something of a relief when you can step back and simply allow your process to take you forward.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is a month of new beginnings for you, Gemini, as is appropriate for your birthday time of the year. This is also a particularly eventful one, with outer planet energies stirring up your chart, and with Mars prominent in your sign. You have an idealized sense of what you are after career-wise that can also be confusing. You are feeling a powerful initiative to be up and doing, with sudden impulses and wild ideas, that you must either stifle or else go with. There are also definite impediments to be encountered along the way, as unexpected blockages arise. It is best when you can take everything philosophically, because there are important lessons to be learned in navigating these obstacles to your ultimate satisfaction. This is a time of deep change taking place within you, so that no matter how much artistry you bring, your own inner metamorphosis is your most important product.

CANCER (June 21-July 20). This is a time of outer world activation, Cancer, and also for bringing what is going on inside into greater consciousness. This latter concept is the major thrust, for you, in this complex and transformational month. Your strong career orientation has the distinct flavoring of your process of even more greatly delving into your own inner world. You have loads of energy for moving ahead with new life direction agendas that depend on becoming more clear regarding your deepest goals and desires. As Mars moves into your sign in this first week, individuality reigns, and yet the ongoing transformation of your partnership practices is getting a sharp boost as well. You are learning what it means to give priority to the relationship dance, be it personal, professional, or potential, without giving up the important emphasis on your own very significant current arc of developmental growth. You cannot have the one without the other.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21). This is a yet another intense, interesting, and powerfully transformative month for you, Leo.  You are very outer-world oriented at this time, and seeking a better idea regarding your pathway forward, a path that is consistent with your rapidly evolving worldview and your renewed understanding of all that you hold deep inside. Career and profession call to you, but only career choices that partake of this broader perspective are of any real interest to you now. You are also delving into concepts of service to the larger collective that surrounds you, something that you have been wrestling with for quite some time now, and that finds another stage of fruition as this current month’s cycle unfolds. You are very idealistic and impulse-driven especially along lines of greater learning, however this freedom loving side becomes tempered with greater caution as you get into working through the nitty-gritty details of practical considerations.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This month you are feeling like action, Virgo, and are seeking where and how to direct the outer-oriented energy that is bubbling over. This is also an important time of taking stock, and of casting your gaze back over the magnitude of what you have recently gone through. This has involved reassessments in several areas, not least of these the relationship front, where difficulties have exposed opportunities for growth. Your entire worldview has been put through the blender and a new concoction is now emerging for you to savor. As you navigate this month’s cycles, you are aware of business agendas that remain, as well, largely personal. You are seeing your way clear to your true values and your more profound goals, and as you begin to acknowledge the depth of your ongoing transformation, it makes for changes to your relationship to your own inner spaces.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is This is yet another month for you of learning and growing, Libra. You have been delving into partnership, and issues of intimacy, and this has provided you with many lessons. You might find yourself now reflecting with fresh eyes on all that has gone before. Your understanding of your own inner world has been changing, as has your belief system itself. What is slowly transforming over time is your familial relationships, both current and as stemming from family of origin. You are getting serious about integrating your intuitional responses in all these areas into your evolving sense of who, at base, you really are, and becoming more aware than ever of structural changes taking place in the deeper layers of your psyche. Where all this is going is anybody’s guess, so that you do well to stay as open as you can to all of your possibilities.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This month you are called to partnership in a deep way, Scorpio, one that involves a reintegration of your own inner workings along lines that transcend traditional thought. You have been, over these past several weeks, in somewhat of a meditative space regarding your mission statement, and as well the contribution to this that important persons in your life might be able to make. The role of significant others has been on your mind, but you must not neglect the more primary goal of integrating your own deep center with what takes place at the surface layers of your psyche. You are beginning to recognize the call of your own profound inner process, a summons that takes you far beyond mere rationality, involving instead a process of deep intuition. Follow that path wherever it might lead, and you will prosper, not in terms of more obvious material remuneration, but, more importantly, the rewards of the Spirit.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This month you are taken somewhat out of yourself, Sagittarius, as partners in your life become increasingly important to you in all kinds of ways. Romantic relationship certainly, but also business partnerships, mentoring, significant friendships, those who are helpful to you in clarifying your true aspiration. You are quite serious regarding this, as you study your path forward. In the thrust of these intense times, you are making a determined effort to better understand your major contribution to the society around you, and how you can join with like-minded groups having similar objectives to your own. You are also involved in shaping your creative productivity along the lines that are indicated by your deepest values and goals. You have been through a period of reassessment in this area, and are now coming into greater clarity. As you do it remains vitally important that carefully consult your intuition, as more effective than the simplistic logic of more ordinary surface thinking.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) This continues to be a powerful time of change for you Capricorn, one in which your very identity is shifting. These past few weeks of intensity have prepared you to take significant steps in unknown directions, toward an uncertain outcome. To feel secure about these experimental moves you must be willing to trust in your own process, and have faith in the presence of a benevolent universe to see you through. In this, intuition is key. When you are able to attune to its message, the information bubbling up from deep inside you tells you true, more so that all the logical flow of normal consensus thought. You might be suspicious of what arrives to you from mysterious origins, and may need to follow caution when you feel it. Nevertheless, you benefit by staying as open as you can to all your possibilities, as these develop amidst your growing awareness.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) You are coming into yourself in a new way, Aquarius, after many weeks of introspection regarding where your life is currently taking you. You tend to stay with the surface layers of your psyche, applying mental machinations to the situation, and now, this month, you are instead journeying through your inner world. Recent depth experiences are changing you from the inside out. It is not so much that you are choosing this mode of deep reflection, as that something within you is calling these shots. In some ways your experiences are choosing you right now, so that all you have to do is to get out of the way.   It helps when you can pay attention to everything that is going on within you and outside of yourself. Then, with luck, you can follow the inward turning road, and thereby unlock the full creative potential of your scintillating self-expression.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This month is another interesting and changeful time for you, Pisces, prompting you to delve even further into your fecund depths. You are getting beyond a time of questioning the foundation of your emotional security and are now taking as a new starting point that your best answer comes from what lies within. Your connection to home and family concerns is at hand, front and center in your awareness this month, leading you to reconsider familial connection in both present tense situations and from the ancient past. This opens you up to an even more thorough exploration of all that you hold inside. You are also simultaneously firming up the conclusions of your months-long investigation into what you most sincerely believe. As you come to a better understanding of your own soul intention, you are proceeding to discover that your true basis for security derives from inner strength of purpose.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website, His new book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris, and is available on Amazon, or from your local bookseller through New Leaf distributing. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at

Transformational Astrology for May, 2017 by Henry Seltzer

Transformational Astrology

for  May, 2017

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of May features Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris. The biggest news is Mercury, in that the Taurus New Moon from the middle of the last week of April, and that therefore kicked off the current lunation cycle, revealed a prominent Mercury-Uranus conjunction, with Mercury still in retrograde just one degree away, moving quite slowly and about to turn around to direct motion just as this month gets underway. While covering only two degrees of late Aries the entire time, Mercury remains in close conjunction with Uranus through mid-May. Coincidentally, Mercury was also closely conjunct Uranus at the previous Aries New Moon, so that we have here a couple of months of Mercury-Uranus, generating unexpected happenings, vital insights, and very stimulating thoughts and ideas, while greatly emphasizing the Mercury Retrograde period just ending.  Because the Mercury Retrograde period is in any case known for reflection and introspection, we will be spending lots of mental energy sorting out tentative conclusions from the previous month as May continues to unfold.

Venus, too, is still recovering from her recent station to direct motion, which involved close long-term aspects to both Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Pisces and, as well, Saturn in late Sagittarius. She finally left the final degree of Pisces on Friday, April 28th, crossing once more into Aries where she will spend the first half of May. In highlighting the ongoing Chiron-Saturn square Venus has brought forward into our awareness the wound of misplaced authority, whereby we fear the agency of those set up to be our governors and protectors, that they will not truly have our best interest in mind as they take action.  We can see this all around us, and perhaps in the saga of our individual lives as well. All and all, this is thus quite an April legacy to be in recovery from.

The current astrological energy points to a re-stabilization of our very basis for security, both in terms of how we think about our situation, and also what we hold inside us as our most cherished values. When we truly understand what that is, as I frequently aver, then nothing external to ourselves can hurt us, because we know where we stand. This is the message of prominent Eris-Uranus, as has been the case all year, indeed, since last summer. There is a quiet rebellion of ideas and values going on (and at times not so quiet) as reflected in collective events and individual attitudes, and this month is an important part of that larger process.

The other major feature of this month’s energies is the prominence, along with Uranus, of both Saturn and Pluto. Both these planets recently retrograded, last month, and while their meaning is essentially unchanged, being outer planets, they are very nearly stationary in the sky, over the entire month. Also, they remain in parallel aspect to each other, indicating that major transformation of the structure of our lives is still coming down, again on both individual and collective levels. At the timing of the late April New Moon, Mars was also closely parallel to Pluto, highlighting that energetic wrecking ball of an astrological archetype, while the Sun and Moon in the May 10th Scorpio Full Moon closely aspect Pluto by trine and sextile.

Having a lot of Uranus and Pluto in the current month, what do we do about it? There are ways that we have each accepted the massive changes taking place within us, reflected also in our world, and yet also ways that we have of ducking the most important of these, and the only ones that we can directly control, namely the personal metamorphoses that we are each going through in our individual lives. This month calls us forth to become more aware of these changes. The fact that conservative Saturn is prominent as well means that we are deadly serious now about what is before us, unpleasant though it might be to move forward with major transformation, which inevitably implies leaving some part of ourselves behind, habitual patterns that have become outmoded or other significant factors that no longer serve us. It might help us to reflect that life itself is change. As Bob Dylan succinctly put it during the volatile 1960s “Everybody is busy being born or busy dying.” Can we face these changes squarely and come to see their necessity, or do we find further and ever more elaborate escapes? The choice is ours.

ARIES (March 20-April 19). This month in some respects makes for a bold new beginning for you Aries, and yet it is in other ways a difficult passage. Unexpected events have become your recent norm, and these continue and even multiply. You are impulsive now, complexified by the uncertainty of prominent Mercury in retrograde, and the introspective attitude that this also implies, though at least the first two weeks. You may be sensing altering needs for establishing feelings of security in new and different ways. This affects your idea of where you comfortably stand, and all your relationships. You are very curious now regarding these changes and where they are leading you, especially in terms of what is taking place in the deep inner parts of your psyche. There is no doubt that you are still in major transition, including worldview, and the way that you put yourself out into the world around you.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19). Welcome to another dynamic month for you, Taurus, in this your birthday time of the year. You are making a fresh start with many areas of your life. The New Moon from late last month that kicked off the current May cycle featured your ruler, Venus, making some rather intense and potentially difficult connections with other planetary energies. You could have been feeling stuck in some ways lately, and yet, with determination, you find that you can make it through. Difficulties breed character. Your intuition is extremely powerful now, and you find that you contain universes within you. Your feelings of emotional security seem to depend on these inner realities fully as much as the world of schedules and ledgers. All that is going on presents a significant opening to further explore what is below the surface of ordinary awareness, a precious gift that allows you to ultimately become more whole.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This month is a somewhat crazy time for you, Gemini, especially at the very beginning. The good news is that you have the chance to make some real differences in your thinking about where you are currently heading. You are also becoming more aware, every day, of what is going on beneath the surface layers of your psyche, those dim but fertile regions that yield their important truths to a process of deep intuition, of which you have an abundance these days. That inner knowing, and as well your fertile imagination, which allows you to travel to worlds beyond the merely physical, brings you ideas that inspire you, and that you also find that you must doubt and resist, at times. The nay-saying side of your personality can find expression through difficult circumstances and also the communication of practical partners. You do need to be practical, but this month is also a time when you must dare to dream.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is a big month for you, Cancer, as the Mercury retrograde period winds down and you gather yourself for your next major stage. Your evolving understanding of how partnership works in your life is one major focus. Changes that have been accumulating on the sidelines are getting ready to burst forth into full-blown momentum, although you may find that you must pick and choose the ones that you are really ready for. Novel ideas keep coming on strong and involve choices at career and professional levels that reflect back on more private concerns. The first two weeks of the month bring continual surprise and uncertainty so that it might be best to let some of the dust settle before absolutely signing off on a proposed course of action. Your inner world is very present to you now, and offers important clues for you to learn how to navigate your somewhat fractured situation.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) Changes and epiphanies continue, Leo, with novel ideas coming into consciousness so fast you can hardly keep track. These arise in part from your deep intuition that transcends logical thought. You are making a fresh start in your work place, perhaps literally as well as metaphorically, and as you do, you are taking into account your burgeoning awareness of your own inner process, normally hidden from view. Deepening this connection in turn has a salutary effect on intimate ties with important others in your life. You find yourself quite purposeful in partnership bonding lately, making interpersonal bonds a significant component of evolving worldview. We tend to think of the physical world around us as already formed, and our ideas about it as more fluid, but it is actually the other way around. When you can arrive at your boldest vision for the future, the world opens up to this, and follows your lead.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This month represents another in a series of intense lunation cycles, Virgo, having begun with the very potent New Moon from the final week of April. Your understanding of the world around you is subtly altering, and this includes relationship with important others, and perhaps most significantly, yourself. The past few weeks have brought you tons of insights, and as this continues over the first half of May, your task for the remainder of the month is to begin to integrate the information and the awareness that you have been able to glean. There is an expansive feeling about what most deeply moves you, while you have been dealing with issues of old wounding arising from partnership interaction and re-evaluating its impact upon your life. You are making inroads on establishing a mission statement for yourself, and ongoing workplace or career decisions based upon it, that enables the full spectrum of your values to be involved.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is another intense month for you, Libra, with a distinct relationship focus and a dreamy commitment to your evolving mission statement as you are beginning to more fully understand it. Partners are changeable, informative, and encouraging, and you are riding that wave into a very different future than you originally contemplated. The Mercury station of May 3rd leads you to direct insight and even revelation regarding the impact of partnership on your life. This entire month represents a period of astonishing events and surprising enlightenment and yet this might be one of the peak moments. You find that you are quite serious about making your learning curve work for you and allowing imaginative vision to rock your outer world presentation and goals. As the month unfolds, and the information you are accumulating in massive bursts continues to sink in, you find yourself transforming in the deep inner layers of your psyche more even than on the outside.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is a month of consternation and revelation, Scorpio, in ways that involve others in your life as well as yourself. As you launch into another month of navigating deep change, with a decided focus on partnership interaction, there is information coming at you from all directions. You want to innovate and yet you want to stay still. Your curiosity regarding the world around you becomes an all-out serious search for meaning. There is an enormous impulse for finding your most appropriate mission – that set of tasks you came into this lifetime to fulfill – and hesitation about committing to one avenue of exploration. With Mercury in retrograde, or just recovering, there is a great deal of introspection. You are changing in important ways, and close connection with intimate others is a mirror for your progress as well as one catalyst for growth. You create balance within yourself by reaching down and by reaching out.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This month is an unusual amalgam of stop and go, Sagittarius. The astrological currents swirling about you now are many and varied, including the prominent recovery of Mercury. You have the impulse to travel along the potential of your multifaceted intention as far as the eye can see. And yet along with these urges comes the reigning-in tendency represented by prominent Saturn in your sign. With enthusiasm for partnership agendas as well as your own, and with ultimate faith in a properly evolving future that you can almost taste, you are fundamentally optimistic. With Mercury only stationing to direct motion on May 3rd, caution is anyway indicated, because the next few weeks are supplied with a great deal of uncertainty. The bottom line is to put all the effort that you can into discerning your most sincere values, and then to stay true to these, no matter what the world manages to throw at you.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) This is another month of intensity of both inner and outer work, Capricorn. You are all for getting ahead and making your mark, and your creative energy is sizzling, but the retrograde of Mercury continues to pull you to the inside, as does the deep placement of your ruler, Saturn. You have an imaginative and somewhat confusing communication style these days, which over the past several weeks has enabled you to get right to the heart of the matter, no matter how painful, and you will want to keep what you have gleaned from these experiences as you continue to explore what lies below the superficial surface regions of your psyche. A basic instability at the core continues into the present cycle, which nevertheless permits you a depth of intuition into your most cherished values, and these are vitally important to hang onto. You may be somewhat at sea regarding emotional stability, although these feelings of lack of security dwindle as the month continues to unfold.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is a very intense month for you, Aquarius, made more so by the early stationing of Mercury with Uranus, your ruler. Because you are all tangled up in the retrograde in this way, your introspective curiosity could be at an all-time high regarding worldview, intellectual pursuits, and where your life is currently headed. You can expect the frustrations that this particular retrograde is known for to an unusual degree, most strongly from the last week of the previous month right on through to May 10th, at least. It might take until the end of May for you to better understand what is going on for you; this involves getting to know yourself below the surface layers. What your soul wants you to get out of this is a more solid connection to your deepest values, those that you will defend to the maximum, no matter what. If you can arrive at some conception of these, all the difficulty will have been worthwhile.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This month is another in the series of interesting and intense monthly cycles for you, Pisces. You may feel, at times, as though the wheels were coming off your life, but the truth is that there is, at depth, a gold lining to these clouds. You might have to do some digging to find it, however. Once you do, the rewards are great indeed. Your entire feeling of self-definition is up for review and revising, along the lines of a more integrated state of psyche. Curiosity and communication are your watchwords now, the better to explore your inner layers and to come to a stronger emotional basis for security. One important focus would be your serious level of work commitment and as well your evolving goals for future activity. These succeed in a new way when you can come to them in alignment with your most cherished values, as you are coming to more fully understand them.



Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website, His new book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris, and is available on Amazon, or from your local bookseller through New Leaf distributing. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at

Transformational Astrology March 2017 by Henry Seltzer

Transformational Astrology

March 2017

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of March features Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris. All the outer planets are once again invoked, presaging the transformation of life structures and urging us to reach beyond the surface events of our lives for the deeper meaning. The very dynamic New Moon and Solar Eclipse of late February has ignited a lunation cycle for the current month that has plenty of strength of movement. In the midst of a series of powerful monthly cycles, we therefore come upon what might be the time of peak intensity for the first half of a very intense year. This is so because the Uranus-Jupiter opposition is still close, emphasized by Eris in close conjunction with Uranus, coming to exact by March 17th, and this opposition is triggered by Mars in conjunction with Uranus in the solar eclipse configuration. This brings into full prominence the Uranus-Pluto square, hallmark outer-planet combination of this decade, so that Pluto moves front and center into the picture, square to both ends of the opposition. Additionally, the Sun and Moon at the eclipse moment closely conjunct Neptune, allowing all the subtlety and the paradox of this numinous other-dimensional planetary archetype to hold sway. This is a quite potent brew, aimed directly at all of us, encouraging us, if we have the courage, to begin letting go of previous assumptions and habitual modes of behavior in favor of the unknown possibility.

My research has shown Eris to be a Feminine Warrior energy for soul intention. Eris and Uranus in combination lead us to the inescapable conclusion that we must strive to the utmost to understand and express our deepest truth, and act upon that knowledge no matter how unusual the messenger or how much this might run counter to the consensus thinking that we see evidenced all around us. This makes for an important catalyst, encouraging us to boldly continue with the radical structural changes of this potent decade, as indicated by Uranus and Pluto in their square alignment in support of meaningful change.
Along with Uranus, and Eris, for the March cycle both Venus and Mars are found in Aries. Mars is in perfect conjunction with Uranus in the eclipse configuration, while Venus in mid-Aries turns to retrograde motion on March 4th, introducing an introspective turn of mind and heart. We may well be looking under the covers of all our relationship motivation. Our values and our basis for feelings of security also come into greater scrutiny. Intuition and impulsiveness run strong. We may need to beware of jumping ahead so fast that mistakes or even accidents take place. Brilliant ideas become the norm, and can be useful for allowing us to think about old difficulties in new ways, or to make an imaginative leap outside the box of former conceptions.
A dynamic month of March awaits us, with the potential for either disruption or radical new beginnings. Instead of choosing to quail before the power of these changing times, let us rather celebrate them as the harbinger of a brighter dawn, for our beleaguered society, and for each one of us individually.


ARIES (March 20-April 19).This is an entirely dynamic month of March for you, Aries. You have an amazing collision of energies in your sign that practically jet-propel you out of existing ruts and onto the trail of new endeavors, while, at the same time, you are also paying even closer attention than in the recent past to your own deep interior process. This is a powerfully transformative time, most of this past year, in some ways peaking now. In another month full of surprises, you could find that you are being challenged to leave behind outmoded dysfunctional behaviors that are holding you back. Partners are extremely helpful, with new perspectives on ancient situations. The New Moon eclipse that preceded the advent of the current month by a few days’ time took pace in your sector of dream imagination and inner work, indicating that most of your transformation is taking place on the inside.


TAURUS (April 20-May 19). This is a month that takes you away from ordinary pursuits, Taurus,  the better to allow you to return, eventually, to your more authentic self. There are several indications in the astrological currents swirling about you now that you are passing through a deeply meditative time when much of what seems to be on the table for you is shifting and morphing. You may have become dissatisfied lately with future prospects, and yet, this month, finding renewed optimism. With a powerful emphasis on inner work, you are looking to the inside for better answers. Your ruler, Venus, is retrograding for most of the month in this same sector, so that you are driven further inward. Due to this retrograde cycle, Venus, now in Aries, will not enter your sign until early June. You are thus in the midst of a months-long period of reassessment, and of increasing meditative awareness, that you do well to make the most of.


GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is an interesting, powerful and somewhat crazy time for you, Gemini, in the midst of months of such intensity. The surprises keep magnifying upon each other and exceeding the previous high-water mark for the unexpected. To keep sane, the trick is that you can read the events your life just like a novel, the symbolism is so direct, even stark, and that they can lead you to some overwhelming conclusions if you will let them. You are finding your way forward in an innovative manner that allows business as usual to take place, and yet to also be transcended by that which is of greater value. Your self-expression is powerfully invoked, along with all the many layers of your career aspirations, and yet there is a sense that it must be more. When your creativity fits itself into a pattern of concretely available societal evolution, only then does it becomes truly satisfying.


CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is another month of intensity for you Cancer, and yet also of the opportunity to take away some fresh insights, as you are able to read between the lines of events and stories. Even though your work in the outer world is buzzing like a super productive hive, although at times in unexpected directions, your primary mission is to glean wisdom from everything that is happening to you now, including on the relationship front. In spite of business accolades you are very tied to your own inner world, just as the astrological currents have stimulated your thirst for an expanded worldview that depends on more fully understanding yourself in these deeper layers of your psyche. In the midst of turns and twists of circumstance, and in spite of preconceived ideas, you are being gently nudged to embrace the fundamental paradox of existence and to surrender to what is.


LEO  (July 21-Aug. 20) This is a month of discovering, growing and transforming, Leo, like many of the past six months or more. There yet is a way that you will reach new levels of growth over the course of a wild cycle of surprising and even startling enlightenment. Your learning curve is steep right now and so too are the rewards you will glean from following your inner instincts in this quest for knowledge and self-understanding. You have likely been a bit stuck in certain ways, reluctant to fully let go of some element of your behavior that has long passed its usefulness, and if so it is time to accept your flaws and move on. In furthering your continuing psychic momentum, communication and perception are key. The more you take in, the greater the opportunity for allowing that to ferment inside you in order to produce meaningful, and lasting, change.


VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) This month in many ways concerns partnership, Virgo, and its effect on your life, but it is also about your own self-development. It might be that a huge role is played by a process of mentorship and the helpful perspectives that important others bring. The issue of partnership is symbolized throughout the March lunation cycle, as this was kicked of by a powerful New Moon eclipse in your opposite sign. You could be celebrating the importance of your relationship connections, or become engaged in mulling over the ways that others impinge upon and enrich your own experience. This month is also all about getting a better handle on values, goals, and settling into a sense of psychological security that is based on inner knowing rather than any form of outer validation. As you look within, and study your relationship interactions, you will be making headway in better understanding yourself.


LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is an interesting month for you, Libra, one of attempting to more firmly establish a sense of personal mission for yourself. Your process there is fraught with many unexpected twists, turns, and confusions. Your ruler, Venus, located in your relationship sector as the month begins, turns to retrograde motion on the 4th and does not re-enter your opposite sign until nearly the end of April, symbolizing that this is essentially a month and a half of introspection and of getting your bearings. You might spend an extraordinary amount of time mulling over recent events, and your responses to them, trying to find the golden thread connecting these to your true destiny. This involves inner values over outer concerns, and takes partnership interaction very definitely into account as well. You benefit by paying close attention to intuition. You are in an essentially fortunate place of good instincts and of forging ahead to the destination your angel guides are nudging you toward.


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is a month of finding your path forward in innovative ways, Scorpio, while exercising your individual talents to the max in favor of societal evolution. Holding on to more established tracks has its appeal, and yet some aspect of that idea may be gradually yielding. You have an unusually strong configuration of planets, including Mars, your ruler, nudging you toward more completely defining your sense of personal mission. As you deal with surprises amidst day-to-day ordinary events, you also find unexpected enlightenment in so doing. All the while your self-expression is sizzling, along with your communicative outreach. Your sense of how to get your point across is continuing to evolve, finding strength in inner work equally as much as in outer. The bottom line is that you are tired of productivity for the sake of productivity and are searching for a means to convert your efforts into benefits for the social setting that surrounds you.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This month is yet another instance of intensity, uncertainty, and introspection, Sagittarius, the culmination of a series of such months. Surprising and perhaps startlingly unexpected events abound, and yet these all have something to teach you, when you look at them objectively. If you have the habit of projecting your own ideas into interpreting the details of whatever you experience, now would be a good time to abandon that practice, preferring to take each moment of the day as an entirely fresh start. You are exploring new beginnings in home and family matters, and the better understanding of what drives your behavior from below the level of consciousness. Old patterns can trip you up unless and until you are willing to consider ditching them for a different alternative. All the while you are very focused on establishing a life plan for yourself that takes inner priorities more firmly into account.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) You have a very intense month of March coming up for you, Capricorn, in the midst of a succession of such months. In particular, you are being challenged to stretch the boundaries of your beliefs and values, in response to new information. This month initiates an even steeper learning curve whereby you will more deeply explore both your own internal states, below the level of conscious control, and also question certain aspects of what you are doing with yourself out in the world. There could be a way that you have fallen out of alignment with what you most deeply aspire to, and if so, adjustment is required. You are at an important crossroads, and have the introspective cast of mind to begin to more closely examine your life and where it is truly headed. Only the path with heart will truly satisfy you now.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) You are coming into another month of intensity, Aquarius, but you will be taking something away from it in terms of increased understanding of your innermost values. There is a major axis in the current astrology along which brilliant concepts can flow, that has been growing in influence in recent weeks, peaking in March. If you are feeling stuck in certain ways, or on the horns of a dilemma, innovative ideas and creative solutions are available that can help you to find a third alternative. You are very invested now in discovering the true underlying motivation of all that you do. Your values are shifting and your relationship to your finances also. You could encounter challenge to your ideals, or vague goals, or might even encounter outright deception to deal with. As you look more thoroughly below the surface layers of your psyche, you are potentially exploring every aspect of what makes you tick. You win when you pay the closest possible attention to everything that happens to you.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) You are changing, Pisces, no longer any doubt about that. This month represents a significant stage on your developmental arc leading from one version of yourself to what will be quite another. While you are making great strides in the world of concrete achievement you find that you must also take inner priorities into greater account. A major shift in self-identity is indicated by the recent powerful Solar Eclipse in your sign, conjoined your ruler, Neptune. Deep-seated changes are taking place within you, although the full extent of your transformation might only become evident with the passage of time. Your values and your basis for feelings of security are altering. This also involves adventures in intimacy with important persons in your life, a growing closeness that depends on more fully understanding your own inner world. When you find familiarity within yourself you are more available to discover it with others.

Transformational Astrology – February 2017 by Henry Seltzer

Transformational Astrology – February 2017

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of February features Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris, and two eclipses. By now, Mercury has fully recovered from its recent retrograde, as of last January 27th, and as it does so, conjuncts Pluto in mid-Capricorn in the chart of the January 27th New Moon that holds the keys to this month’s astrological cycle.  Many of the themes from January, involving outer planet combinations, are true for this month of February as well, and with even greater intensity. Jupiter stations at 23 Libra in the first week of February, late on Sunday evening, and thus maintains his recent and very strong opposition to Uranus and Eris, the new planet beyond Pluto. Uranus and Eris continue to be separated by less than two degrees, increasing the active potency of both archetypes. In particular, with Uranus conjunct Eris, opposed to Jupiter, and also still in square with Pluto, there are loads of brilliant new ideas and insights flooding in, with consequences for individual and collective agendas. Things will not go at all the way that was planned, but what is equally true is that there will be a great deal of learning in the side roads that are unexpectedly taken.
Then too, we have the very powerful Lunar Eclipse in Leo of February 10th, which aspects Eris, by trine and sextile, within 10 minutes of a degree, and therefore also triggers the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, and Uranus square Pluto. The February 26th New Moon at 8 Pisces also makes many powerful outer planet connections, indicating that our massive structural transformation continues into the following month. Of these, the most notable is to numinous Neptune. Everything, it is said, is an illusion here below, which might explain the recent rise of “alternative facts.”

Because Mercury conjuncts Pluto in the chart of the New Moon that initiates the current cycle, having taken place a few days before the start of the month, this implies greater conscious participation, all through February, in the deep-seated and massive changes that are going on for you. Mercury has been in its retrograde cycle until this same day, counting the shadow period, so that a new vista is also opening up for each one of us that takes the lessons of the recent retrograde and begins to apply them to current needs. Mars hovering near the Aries point at the January 27th New Moon further enhances the active nature of this month, and the strength of Uranus in Aries, which he rules. With the revolutionary impact of Uranus square Pluto – the aspect that defines our decade – so thoroughly triggered, nothing escapes being changed; there is a transformational component to everything that is currently taking place. You benefit when you can slow down to meditate, paying an almost literary attention to your own life, as if it was a form of carefully crafted movie.

Chiron is prominent this month as well, being aspected by Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Eris. Mars is also closely parallel to Chiron, so that this archetype of the Wounded Healer is an important part of what we are dealing with. Indeed some of the actions of the new administration here in the U.S. seem to arise from painful feelings of powerlessness that seek an outlet, and also there are painful consequences to the more extreme positions that are being taken. Individually we can at least deal with our own issues, and by our inner work heal others around us as well.

We live in the strangest of times. And yet we might take solace in the thought that everything happens for a reason. The eventual lessons of the first two months of the year, with its mixture of both positive and negative examples, will ultimately bear fruit. It is already a more conscious 2017 than was generally available during all of the twelve months previous to it.

ARIES (March 20-April 19). This is a month of further adventures in transformation for you, Aries. You have the highlighted presence of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in key sectors of your chart to indicate that major structural change is still an enormous factor as 2017 continues to unfold. You are also in the process of redefining yourself somewhat over the course of another very interesting and intense month. You find that your belief in yourself is powerful, and becomes even stronger the more you consult inner guidance for what it is that you truly want, deep inside, in allowing your private inner life to unfold just as it should. As a consequence, your activities out in the world will follow suit. Whatever you sincerely promote this month as possible future self is quite likely to come true for you, so that you benefit when you make sure to think carefully, and choose wisely.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19). This is a month of contrasts and contradictions, Taurus, as you come out strongly for what you want in terms of business accomplishment and your own creative self-expression. This is a great month for progress on outer world fronts, yet most of the real action is taking place on the inside. Your inner world has much to tell you over the course of another quite interesting lunar cycle, although this takes remaining open to the powerful intuitional information that you receive in this way. It is as though your angel guidance was whispering in your ear the entire month, on a frequency that only you can understand. Your faith in yourself is thus severely tested because the great temptation is to think more practical thoughts, and to behave according to the way the world around you behaves. It’s a little subversive, but you win when you can turn inside to listen and close your eyes to see.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20). This is an informative month for you, Gemini, particularly if you are willing to open yourself up to all forms of knowledge that are coming to you. This is a continuation of past weeks, back to December, but with a potent twist, in that Mercury has now escaped its shadow, while the recent New Moon landed in your sector of higher mind. This implies that what is vital for you right now is understanding, in the most complete terms, everything that is going on both within you and outside of you. You are filled with a mystical mandate to fearlessly explore all that you can perceive, with logic and also through intuitional means. In the course of your investigations you are likely to encounter evidence of prior trauma, old wounds that affect you still. If so, this presents a terrific opportunity for you to move beyond these, with acceptance, forgiveness and self-love, into healing.

CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is another rather intense monthly journey for you, Cancer.  You are very invested in being out in the world in some startling new ways, a continuation and a culmination of a movement within you that has been ongoing for many weeks. This month, also, you could reencounter inner wounding, the residue of prior undigested trauma, as part of your discoveries, and recognize that this could be holding you back from being all that you can be. Your internal realms are there for you to better comprehend and feel into. Your ongoing transformation proceeds apace, and involves the way that you connect with important others in your life. This is long-term and yet also very immediate, in the sense that everything you learn about partnership informs you of yourself, and about this hidden inner world operating just below the level of consciousness that is such a significant part of your psychological makeup.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) This is yet another month of amazing twists and turns for you, Leo, with many insights and learning along the way. Right now, too, much of your spirit of investigation has as its focus the subject of relationship connection. You are very aware of the contribution of significant persons in your life to your own shifts in your ways of seeing and even of influencing the world around you. They say that “two heads are better than one,” providing complementary viewpoints to your own. A richer amalgam than can be cooked up by yourself in solo is the result. You are all out for learning, and for serious expression, so that the joys and the potential conflicts that partners – or intended partners – bring to the table can also be seen in the context of your own process of growth and awareness. This has been building over recent months and still has legs, so enjoy the ride.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) You are coming into yourself in a new way, Virgo, over the course of another very interesting and somewhat intense month. In a midst of what must feel like distinct shift from January, you are exploring issues of service to others, and of your own mission statement, as you recognize in all of these the opportunity for further growth. Indeed your transformation proceeds apace, and must be aligned with your deepest and most sincerely felt values in order to be satisfying. You are in something of an emotional push-pull between taking the most outrageous action that you can think of, versus a more conservative approach. Part of you feels like isolating, while part of you feels like reaching out. It’s a time of major transition. You are plugging away at all this, walking your ordinary road, and suddenly finding diamonds in the dust of your trail.

LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) This is an important month of transition, Libra. Your creative self-expression takes center stage, and as well the way that you have for reaching out to important others in your life. With Jupiter opposite Uranus and Eris across the axis of your chart that symbolizes self and other, insights have been flying fast and furious; and because these cosmic triggers are still quite active, the flood of intuitional information is far from over. Partners are potent for you in this month’s cycles. Some of the messages that the universe has been giving to you are likely being delivered by means of these significant others. As the month continues to unfold, you are investigating to serious purpose a variety of ideas. You might also be coming to some painful realizations concerning prior patterns that you are more than ready to let go of, and that have their corrective in greater acceptance and awareness. The deep transformation in which you are engaged arises from within.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This is another month of relative intensity for you, Scorpio, with nearly all the action happening on the inside. You continue to have many astrological indicators of depth connection. You have recently have been reexamining your values and questioning your resources, perhaps your entire connection to the material world, and this form of mental exploration does not let up in February, although it shifts into a new phase. Then, too, after the first nine days of the month, an extremely potent Full Moon eclipse in the sector of your public persona allows you to focus on your mission statement in this life, aligning your evolving awareness from inner realms with professional and career choices that will have significant implications for the remainder of your year. It’s an exciting and changeful cycle in which you are engaged, and you do well to make the very most of the realizations that are coming your way.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) This is another exciting month for you, Sagittarius, with the emphasis on learning and growth of awareness. Your months-long process there is on-going, and takes on further twists over the course of the rather intense lunations of February. Your curiosity about the world around you is high, and dovetails nicely with your feelings of activism that have been flavoring the tone of your self-expression and spurring you to constructive action. Your own unique point of view has never been quirkier, nor more important to your well being. This is a confusing time, and your task is to deeply tune in, and go with the messages that your deep intuition brings you. You have had occasion during the beginning of the year to reflect upon your most basic values, and now the time has come to act upon this renewed understanding, without looking back.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) Welcome to the transformational stew, Capricorn. This month greater consciousness is calling you, concerning the major life changes you find yourself in the midst of. This may be a turning point for the way that you see your worldview continuing to evolve over the remainder of the year. You are opening to new possibilities arising directly from your deep intuition, even though they may seem destabilizing, and accommodating a variety of approaches to real world and business concerns that take your inner point of view more completely into account. After weeks of questioning who you really are, you have come to some interesting conclusions, and might be willing to try a new and more productive approach. As you internally debate your actual values, and what you get from others, and strive to escape the limitations of well-worn ruts, you may find that you have to have the full courage of your deepest convictions.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is another wild and wooly month for you, Aquarius. Your very sense of your identity is on the line, and in connection with important partners. It isn’t easy being you if you are intent on staying stuck, but terrific breakthrough is also more than likely. In the midst of your huge learning curve these past few weeks and months, you are at this point in time beginning to see things in some very different ways. This is true to the extent that you remain open to new possibilities and beliefs. There are competing feelings that you still must navigate between moving ahead with novel ideas versus holding back for a safer and a more sustainable future. The best answers to your conundrum might lie within you. Your intuition has always been strong, and now is the time to trust in this ability more completely, remembering that the way up and the way down are one and the same.

PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This is a month of renewed optimism for your ongoing identity crisis, Neptune. You have been hard at work making things happen in the world of affairs and events, while also paying closer attention to what is going on deep inside, where your true answers reside, those that inform and underlie the decisions of your public persona. You may also be applying a form of meditation to some painful episodes arising out of the past, on the road to greater integration and healing. You are fortunate now, because, with your co-ruler Jupiter aligned with your twelfth sector ruler, all last month and this, the connection between your inner and outer worlds is very strong. Brilliant ideas are your trademark, as your beliefs, values and future plans continue to morph and evolve. You win when you pay the closest possible attention to everything that is happening to you, leaving no possibility unturned.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs and a variety of astrology reports are available on his website, His new book about Eris, the planet beyond Pluto only recently discovered, in 2006, is entitled: The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris, and is available on Amazon, or from your local bookseller through New Leaf distributing. Henry also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at

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