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SCM Spring 2015

By Bradley Luky in Sedona Conscious Magazine

32 pages, published 3/29/2015

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A Difficult and Enchanting Month of May 

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of May features Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. There is quite a bit of emphasis on Neptune in the April 18th New Moon that began the current monthly cycle, with Jupiter also emphasized, being across the zodiac from most of the other planets, in aspect to Pluto, and in a T-square at the time of the May 3rd Full Moon configuration. Later in the month, Mercury turns to backward motion in its own sign of Gemini. This means that that after the 18th we will have all the usual symptoms of the Mercury Retrograde periods, in Air signs all this year, to include missed communications, mechanical breakdowns and plans that go awry without warning. This second half of May also represents an excellent time for some constructive introspection, and for journaling or other activities designed to put us into a more complete understanding of our current arc of development, as well as how to give this important inwardly-oriented task a boost where needed.

The transformative energies of Pluto are also still very much with us, even while this month sees a temporary retreat from the recent series of close collisions with Uranus. At the timing of the recent mid-April New Moon, a yod was formed from Neptune and Pluto to positive and expansive Jupiter, bringing a definite sense of serious productive change to the way we see our faith blossoming into a beneficial future for ourselves. There is a strong dose of idealism present in this aspect pattern, and as well the danger of seeing the world as not perfect enough, something to escape, rather than to inhabit. The truth is that the world is what we make of it, meaning that we need not be discouraged when it does not match our naïve vision, but only when we do not live up to our own intention to make the best out of any and all circumstances.

Saturn, located in early Sagittarius, is also featured in this month’s astrology, being aspected by the mid-April New Moon that began the cycle corresponding to the month’s first half. There is also a series of oppositions by personal planets to Saturn at key moments in the lunar cycle: Venus at the recent New Moon, Mercury in close opposition at the timing of the May 3rdFull Moon, and Mars at the May 17th New Moon in late Taurus. Saturn is also sesquiquadrate to Uranus, closest at the beginning of the month, which is also made significant by the antithetical nature of this pairing. While Uranus pushes the envelope in every way imaginable, going all out for freedom, the limitations and restrictions of Saturn represent the envelope itself. Because Saturn is so greatly emphasized in the astrology of the current month, we have a very interesting blend of the practical and the ideal. This is the way of the world as we know it, in that we must live within constriction of its limits while we reach beyond it for the stars.

Another antidote to the nuts-and-bolts reality represented by Saturn is its astrological counterpart, Jupiter, also strongly aspected this month by the other planets. Now in direct motion, Jupiter gets closer and closer to a perfect inconjunct or 150-degree aspect to Pluto as the month unfolds. And in the Full Moon at nearly the very beginning of the month, the Sun and Moon in opposition also exactly square Jupiter, within minutes of a degree, making a T-square. Jupiter is the wild-eyed optimist and spiritually activated astrological archetype that can be summarized by the keywords faith, reckless positivity, and love of adventure. With Saturn and Jupiter so activated, we must beware of letting despair get the best of us, inhibiting forward motion, or else spurring ourselves on too hard, only to run up against the jarring defeat of ambitious agendas crashing upon the limitations of the physical world. The secret to this month lies in allowing each their due, choosing our balance point somewhere in between.

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Round N’ Round We Go

by Nancy M. Turcich, NTS, RPP, RPE

On October 16, 1982, I fell forty feet from a cliff and crushed three vertebrae in my upper back. The fall briefly left me paralyzed from the chest down. While in the hospital, I underwent a four hour surgery to place stainless steel Harrington rods on either side of my spine. Bone was taken from my hip to fuse and stabilize my spine. At the time, I was subjected to everything allopathic medicine had to offer- CAT scans, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Drug Therapy, surgery, and a plaster body cast. The medical community succeeded in putting me back together and they reintroduced me to the world of self mobility. Slowly, all the things most people take for granted were once again becoming a part of my daily life. After spending four weeks in the hospital, I was released to continue recovering at home.

I was very fortunate to “recover” quickly, or so it seemed. As time passed, I was able to independently get up and walk although I was far from grace. Over time, my limitations began to manifest themselves and frustration followed. I found myself having to deal with muscle spasms and a nervous system that felt clumsy. For years, I stumbled around thinking I was asking too much for a body that was calm and ran smoothly.

Eventually, my life took a big turn. After getting back on my feet, I decided to help other people to do the same. I enrolled in a pre-Physical Therapy program at NIU to prepare for a career as a Physical Therapist. However, that was not to be.

In 1985, I entered The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque. Prior to my enrollment, I had no knowledge nor awareness of the natural therapy field. The school program began with the exploration of Massage Therapy. Due to nerve damage, I knew my legs and feet were most sensitive and they responded to touch in a big way. Although my body was very spastic, it was accepting positive touch more and more as the program progressed. Natural healing methods truly jump started my inner healing process.

Shiatsu (Japanese Acupressure), Deep Tissue Therapy, Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy were methods of healing explored within the program. Each and every therapy worked wonders upon my system. Slowly but surely, I was getting in touch with my body, my mind, and my soul. I felt wellness was within my reach; a long awaited process.

During the course of study we were introduced to Bach Flower Remedies®. Dr. Bach delicately removed flowers and plants from the environment and placed them in spring water. After allowing them to sit in nature and absorb its energetic vibration, he used them for healing purposes. These remedies facilitate healing on the mental-emotional level. In class, I chose “Star of Bethlehem” as my remedy due to its potency upon trauma. After considering all that I had been through, it seemed like a good place to start. Per instruction, our remedy was taken for a period of three weeks. At first I felt little change, but by the second week I was becoming despondent. That feeling lasted into the following week and then I felt happiness- happy to be alive. I used this remedy several times with a week or two between doses. Each time I had a similar reaction to the first encounter. Yet, through it all, as I sifted through the emotions I discovered missing pieces of myself. I was finally getting in touch with my emotional self and I was much more confident in my abilities on all levels. The “Star” was guiding me towards the light.

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pregnantEarly Development and Food Imprinting for Longterm Health

by Karen Ranzi, M.A.

The food a pregnant woman consumes will lay down the health and genetic code for her child for the rest of his or her life. What the mother eats and how she feels about herself, her emotional life, affects every aspect of the childʼs development.
Breastfeeding follows Natureʼs plan for childrenʼs development. Human milk is perfect for the human babyʼs digestive system, just as cow milk is perfect for the calf, and goat milk is perfect for the kid goatʼs digestion. When animals suckle the milk of their own species, more energy is available for development of the offspringʼs body and brain.
From a 2007 study, the journal Pediatrics reports the importance of the mother eating plentiful amounts of fruits and veggies while breastfeeding, as “Then baby will probably like them.” This study was designed to test the influence of early sensory experiences on the development of healthy eating patterns.

Flavors from the motherʼs diet are transmitted through amniotic fluid and motherʼs milk. Therefore, a baby learns the tastes of specific foods when mother consumes those foods on a regular basis. If babies like the tastes of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, then we get them off to an early start of lifelong healthy eating habits.
Another article in Science Daily December 2010 reveals “a motherʼs own eating habits, and whether she views her child as a picky eater, has a huge impact on whether the child consumes enough fruits and vegetables. What and how mothers eat is the most direct influence on what toddlers eat.”

It is fundamental that the infant receive mainly motherʼs milk for most of the first year of life. The child should not be given solid food to chew until equipped with many teeth.
When starting solid foods the mother should introduce a food similar to the protein in motherʼs milk….fresh, ripe, organic fruit such as ripe banana. Children who begin eating before theyʼre ready often develop allergies.
Victoria Boutenko, in her article “The Imprinting of Eating Habits” writes: “Lifelong food preferences start to develop while a baby is still in the womb. The strongest pattern for future food preferences is formed during the ages of 9 to 18 months. At this time, everything connected with food intake leaves a strong imprint on the childʼs brain.”

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Book Excerpt

by Sandra Ingerman and Llyn Roberts

Chapter 6
Banana Slug and Earthworm 

Banana Slug

Imagine strolling on a mossy trail in a dense, wet forest. You breathe in the freshly scented air, rich in oxygen and negative ions. It is springtime in the rain forest. Everything is green and flowing and blooming.

Seeming to walk with you on the lush and sopping trail, moving so slowly that you barely see it move at all, is a small, plump snail-like creature with no shell. Of the countless nature beings I live with in the Hoh River Valley, the Banana Slug is a prolific and intriguing presence.

Why are Banana Slugs called Banana Slugs? The skin of a Banana Slug is colored yellow with brown spots, like the casing of a ripe banana. . . .

Soft, fleshy, and fragile, the Banana Slug has no protective shell like its snail cousin.

Does Slug mirror our underbelly?

The divine feminine knows there is power in being vulnerable. Does this tiny being cause us to bristle because it hints at those parts of us that we deny or conceal? The sensual, sensitive aspects of the sacred feminine are still something many of us hide as well as hide from. . . .

How do we honor Banana Slug medicine, touch back into tactile Earthiness? One way is to learn from young children who love to lie on the grass gazing up at clouds and stars, run through summer downpours, and squish mud between their toes. The simple, sensual explorations that occupy healthy youngsters signal a hearty connection with body and the Earth. These kids are in touch. . . .

Spirit and body are inseparable. We are also one with our planet’s body. Touch is innate to who we are and how we know self, and world. Banana Slug suggests we get back in touch, with each other and the Earth.

Banana Slugs are vital to the decomposition of plants and spread seeds and spores across the forest floor. They are also amazingly sentient. Come to Slug with malice, and it retracts and plays dead. Speak in a soothing tone, and this fellow being may lift its head and turn to look at you. Chatting with Banana Slugs can make me weep.

Life would take a different spin if we also hugged the land like trusting and tender Slugs, who appear happy to be in their bodies here on Earth. The unguarded Banana Slug freely shares her deep feminine teachings: “Remember the sensual, and the power of little.”

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