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SCM Spring 2015

By Bradley Luky in Sedona Conscious Magazine

32 pages, published 3/29/2015

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Transformational Astrology September 2016

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of September features Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Eris, plus two eclipses. First and foremost is the dramatic New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo that kicks off September, with a bang, in the early morning hours of Thursday, September 1st. This is big energy for moving ahead, that is also however very much muted by the ongoing retrograde of Mercury through this same sign. This is a very strong Mercury Retrograde period, lasting throughout the month (taking the shadow into account) so that rather than paying attention to strictly outer events, we are more attuned to inner realms, and in taking an introspective viewpoint. Mercury only stationed to backward motion at the end of August, in the last degree of Virgo, in close forming conjunction with Jupiter. This last factor is a potent one, magnifying the usual effects of missed connections and mechanical breakdown. This time period is not a great one for getting things done, or for stepping off into new departures from pre-existing plans. It is however the perfect time to review and revise, and to research new possibilities, with the details to be fleshed out more thoroughly in October, after the retrograde period has run its course.

Neptune, too, is quite prominent in this New Moon configuration, being directly opposed by the Sun and Moon. The strength of this numinous archetype is also greatly enhanced by Saturn, in close forming square now with Neptune, bringing a tone of serious and practical intention to his otherworldly excursions, flights of fancy bordering on illusion, and compassionate spiritual presence.

At the same time as escape from (or transcendence of) reality is strongly indicated by this New Moon configuration, so is a sense of limitation, restriction, and resulting frustration, as symbolized by Saturn, squared by the Sun and Moon, and aspected as well by Uranus. Trickster Uranus, still closely conjoined by the new planet, Eris, representing a Feminine Warrior energy for soul purpose, is an unsteady planetary archetype of sudden moves and unexpected enlightenment, and therefore represents still another archetypal contrast with stodgy, reactionary old Saturn. Uranus and Neptune, together, are prone to formulating higher thoughts, taking mankind to a new level of spiritual evolution, for example starting new religions, as astrologer Richard Tarnas has successfully demonstrated in his groundbreaking tome of outer planet combination, Cosmos and Psyche.

To go along with a particularly strong Mercury Retrograde period, that starts off with Mercury conjunct Jupiter, we therefore have higher and more positive thoughts dominating our minds and hearts. This is in contrast to the frustrating four weeks of trying to get things done that is also in the astrological cards for everyone as we cross through the trials and lessons of a dicey September. With Uranus and Eris in combination being highlighted as well in this extremely powerful New Moon eclipse, there is an impulse for following inner guidance to right action. Eris stays close to Uranus through the end of the year, and beyond, conjoining once more in March and April, 2017. All this time we remain in an innovative space for the impulse to act out in responding to our deepest proclivities and yearnings.

The Full Moon of Friday, September 16th, which is also a penumbral, or lesser, eclipse, presents loads of further nudges from the cosmos, and in directions that we have secretly needed to go. For one thing, the Moon in this dramatic Full Moon conjuncts Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Pisces, the same sign as Neptune, while Venus, Uranus, and Eris also aspect this important little planetoid. Chiron is known to be involved with deep inner process, such as diving down and exposing to consciousness the raw wounds of past, unresolved trauma. These likely stem from the time of early childhood. Uranus and Eris are also greatly triggered In this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, being opposed by Venus, and closely aspected by retrograde Mercury.

To summarize, in a month full of stops and starts, with the occasional wild impulse for freedom, and yet an introspective cast of mind that prefers thinking it over several times to anything like direct action, you are also discovering and renewing your faith in the place inside you that wants to break away into what feels more like your own personal destiny. This urge is only stimulated by the notion that some of the traditional, or perhaps outmoded, rules of the social road might need to be broken, or, at the very least, bent. We are making our way through a journey of interesting and challenging development this month, and there is plenty of energy for thinking outside of the proverbial box as we do so.


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Five Rituals to Unearth Your Inner Goddess

By Tehya Sky

There was a time when my idea of being a powerful woman was centered around my intelligence, sexual appeal, and good career. This, I subconsciously believed, was where my value was, and the way to attract the right man. But the more I pursued that idea, the more disconnected I became from myself until the chasm between me and the sacred was so strong that I crashed and burned. Indeed, one fine day I just couldn’t take it anymore: I abruptly left my very good job, sublet my apartment, and headed to Central America to dive straight into the unknown.
That was six years ago. After that pivotal day in 2010, I spent much time on the fringe of society, in places that were quiet enough that I could hear my inner truth once again. In places that supported my return home to myself. And what happened was, the more I dropped into the truth within, the more I discovered this feminine goddess who lived at the core of all that madness the whole time. She was always there. She was beneath all the pain, ideas, and confusion about who I was supposed to be.


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Soul Breathing

by Carrie L’Esperance

Chapter 5
The Alchemy of Destiny

One definition of Alchemy is the knowledge of how to keep all things in life in creative balance through transmutation. That which we aspire toward must be undertaken with a quiet passion day by day. Willpower and ardent desire to align with Spirit combined with persistence is the starting point of self-mastery. It is important to establish that all things do not contain Spirit. Some things are void of Spirit. No experience that influences us through higher spiritual forces can be harmful. There is a silent and supportive power that aligns with those who do not lose hope in the face of discouragement. Conversely, the presence of destructive emotions will generate a dissonant frequency that destroys one’s sense of justice and fairness if not controlled through the chemistry of the mind. Thought backed by a strong desire tends to transmute itself into its physical equivalent.


Distraction is a pre-eminent condition of the age that many people struggle with. It is reasonable to enjoy a certain amount of distraction in one’s life. However, addiction to distraction creates an obstruction to the deeper self. It is a form of self-avoidance and a denial of how one is really feeling about life.

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Medical Intuitive Corner

by Robin Eagle Sage, MI

Have you ever wondered if your physical pain is caused by unresolved emotional experiences? In this issue, world renowned Medical Intuitive Robin Eagle Sage will share one of her medical intuitive readings with you. Using her clairvoyant abilities, this wise Sage will unravel the causes and cures of a patient’s illness. In turn, you will discover the great healing power capable of every individual. Pseudonyms are used to protect the individual.

Patient: Amelia
Medical Issue: Drooping left eyelid and low energy

When I looked into Amelia’s energy field I heard the word “insignificant.” Amelia has a very big heart. To give you some of her history, she came into this world with an over-sized “to-do” list to save humanity and its humble home called Earth. Upon her incarnation, Amelia set out to accomplish her goals; to end war, poverty, hunger, child abuse, rape and the like. Fast forward many decades later to the present year 2016. Now Amelia feels the whole “saving the world” thing is going way too slowly for her taste. This is making her feel dis-empowered, depressed and lethargic. This was revealed to me by a heavy and dark energy that I found in her heart and chest. Amelia is absolutely perfect but her vision of the world is less than perfect as is her self-contempt for not being able to fix it. Not achieving Amelia’s goals is making her feel insignificant.

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