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SCM Spring 2015

By Bradley Luky in Sedona Conscious Magazine

32 pages, published 3/29/2015

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Transformational Astrology for July 2016

by Henry Seltzer

The astrology of July features Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The most interesting movement is perhaps with Mars, which, having stationed to direct motion only a few days before this month began, is still moving quite slowly, only about one degree per week through the first half of July, instead of his usual three to four, and therefore acting more like an outer planet than an inner. Mars direct indicates that it is easier and more profitable now to move forward with plans that have been inadvertently kept on hold. The other very exciting thing about Mars this month is the set of inter-planetary connections that he makes while moving so slowly in the sky, to Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. Mars has been in an extremely close parallel with Pluto and this holds true as well for the timing of the July 4th New Moon, acting like a conjunction between them. Hidden anger could erupt or fuel passionate discourse. Mars is also closely aspecting Uranus and Eris in their continuing close conjunction, and parallels Saturn in the midst of the close Saturn-Neptune square that is another definite harbinger of contrast, intensity, and change.

Another strong astrological factor this month is the collision between the antithetical energies of Saturn and Neptune, highlighted by the Cancer New Moon. Saturn represents the inherent limitations of our circumstances, unforeseen restrictions, grounding into the physical plane, while Neptune references numinous realities far beyond the physical, reflecting our coming at the world with compassion, perhaps an urge to merge into oneness. Since they are closely square in the timing of this month’s configurations, aspected by the Sun and Moon in early July, and by Mercury and Venus at the mid-month Full Moon, these distinctions are very key for us as we continue to unravel our destinies over the course of this month’s powerful lunation cycle. The secret is compromise and acceptance ourselves and of the universe, including what our deep insides have to tell us.

There is a Grand Trine in Water signs with the New Moon timing as well, involving Chiron, the Wounded Healer, together with Mars and Venus. The indications are that dysfunctional patterns of interpersonal relationship are likely to arise, stemming from early childhood wounding, and if so we now have an excellent chance to make progress with the dark and hidden issues that this planetoid represents. The key is to face whatever comes up for you in this way without judgment, and instead with acceptance and love.

The cultural evolution symbolized by Uranus in square formation with Pluto is also still very much with us during July, each of these important outer planets being very much emphasized in these lunations. Uranus is still in close contact with the new planet, Eris, making him far more powerful, and is also closely aspected by Mars moving quite slowly during the first half of the month, as outlined above. The July 19th Full Moon makes a T-square to Uranus, further emphasizing his trickster energies of the sudden shift in awareness. Pluto is closely aspected by Venus and the New Moon, at the very beginning of the month, and by Mars. We are therefore still attempting to discern what the thoroughgoing metamorphosis indicated by this potent pair in collision truly means for us, both individually and collectively.

The July 4th New Moon takes place on the birthday chart of the United States, quite near the Sun at the 13-degree mark of Cancer. The Full Moon of July 19th lands on the nation’s Mercury, symbolizing its media, with Uranus and Eris in square. This is just in time for the Democratic National Convention, to be followed by the other party in the week that follows. There are bound to be surprising developments, together with startling revelations that will surface at this time. These will perhaps come to pass along the lines of radical self-determination, as symbolized by the new planet, Eris. We shall see.


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WHAT: The ILLUMINATE FILM FESTIVAL 2016 returns to Sedona, AZ for its third year, June 1-5, 2016—presenting films that represent the best in Conscious Cinema. Complimenting the Festival is the Conscious Film Convergence, a series of inspirational and educational film workshops and panels.

Film Highlights include: Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru, Maya Angelou and Still I Rise, Sneak Previewsof Teal: The Making of a Spiritual Teacher and Mantra: Sounds Into Silence and the World Premiere ofLove, Sweat and Tears.

WHO:                   Special Guests to the 2016 Festival include:

WHEN:                  June 1-5, 2016

WHERE:                Sedona, Arizona

HOW:                    Individual tickets for films, panels and events ($11-40) will go on sale May 6.

The last day to buy All-Access Passes is May 5.

All-Access passes offer unlimited access to screenings, panels and parties, including opening and closing events, VIP receptions, spotlight screenings, and Reel Healing “View & Do” screenings, and priority ticketing access into theaters among other benefits.

Conscious Film Convergence passes are $249.

For complete program and to purchase passes and tickets, visitwww.illuminatefilmfestival.com

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PiGuChi low res cover









Pi Gu Chi Kung by Mantak Chia and Christine Harkness-Giles

Chapter 4
Introducing Pi Gu Chi Kung

Chi produces chi; that is a very important concept to understand. It is producing chi for yourself that enables you to absorb more chi from elsewhere to help yourself. That is the importance of Chi Kung in Pi Gu. Chi will keep the body strong and the digestion working well. Some people try to achieve enlightenment at the cost of their bodies but in the end they achieve neither good physical health nor enlightenment.

Pi Gu is a very old way of fasting. Many thousands of Taoist masters have done Pi Gu for long periods without having a body breakdown, but the length of their Pi Gu fast would have depended on the strength of their chi. That is why Pi Gu is most efficient when used in a spiritual retreat and indeed the chi generated helps the concentration during the retreat. Taoists believe that physical health aids spiritual development and enlightenment. Taoism aims to produce chi through the physical body in order to feed the soul and spirit for spiritual work.

Digestive System Stimulation

It is important that the digestive system work well and we can do some Chi Kung to improve it. Taoists have done this exercise for a few thousand years and we teach this as part of the morning exercise session at Tao Garden. It is also known as Stem Cell Chi Kung as it stimulates stem cell production.

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Medical Intuitive Corner

by Robin Eagle Sage, MI

Have you ever wondered if your physical pain is caused by unresolved emotional experiences? In this issue, world renowned Medical Intuitive Robin Eagle Sage will share one of her medical intuitive readings with you. Using her clairvoyant abilities, this wise Sage will unravel the causes and cures of a patient’s illness. In turn, you will discover the great healing power capable of every individual. Pseudonyms are used to protect the individual.

Patient: Lauren
Medical Issue: Lipoma (skin lump of fatty tissue) on right underarm and cyst on right ovary.

Lauren told me that besides having a lump near her armpit and a cyst on her ovary that all of her relationships are going awry. When I looked at her energy I saw that Lauren is in a state of cellular transition, not liking herself or her life right now and also not knowing where she is going. Because Lauren is in a transitory state, not fully in the present, yet not knowing the future either, her relationships won’t work. I explained to her that any time a person embarks on something new, such as becoming a vegetarian or a non-alcohol drinker, there can be a lag-time before the new lifestyle or pattern is fully established into the vibratory pattern of the person. Until a person becomes one with their new situation or habit on a cellular level, it will feel a bit like purgatory, because they are neither in hell nor have they arrived in heaven! This is never a fun place to be as one can feel lonely and without any support. When I first became a non-alcohol drinker, it took time before I found friends who were like me. For a while I felt lonely and out of place, but eventually, as I embraced my new lifestyle choice on a deeper level, I attracted people who were just like me.

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